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The Rare One

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kait Kimishi, Sep 25, 2014.

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  1. demon x fallen (the rare one)
    The demons are the ones that control this world. Humans used to control the earth before the demons came out. The demons found a way to get all demons to earth and now is totally controlling the planet. There are only a few places the Demons don't usually go... One is the Odd Ball Forest. This place is where The creatures other than demon's themselves reside. The demons don't usually like this place. It has Werewolves, witches, Some humans, elves and some more. Vampires are with the demons but demons don't even like vampires. When the day came and the Demons came to earth everyone was pushed away. No one was really aloud to do anything without the Demons knowing. The Fallen angels were the ones also stuck on earth. The fallen angels were the rebellious. The Fallen angels did whatever they wanted. The fallen didn't want the demons to take over but they couldn't do anything about it. After the first few years of the demons control the fallen were disappearing one by one. No one knows who is doing it and where they are. A lot of the other mythical creatures believe it is the demons that is making the Fallen disappear. There are now not as many Fallen in the world. there may be 20 of them in the world but no one knows for sure. When the Fallen were disappearing the demons figured out a way to capture a Fallen and keep it like a pet. You can use a metal called the Honin. It is a blue-silver color metal that restrains and make sure the fallen cant use its powers. The demons are now trying to find and capture all fallen and enslave them so they can be like one of the ones that have the now rare creatures...
  2. Hayato felt a yawn come onto his body. He sighed lightly. Everything changed when he was born. He liked the first few years of his life before his parents disappeared. It was then that the demons started invading the earth. Hayato was only so small so he hid and ran for most of his life only knowing a world of running. Now years later Hayato knew the whole entire world was covered with demons and vampires. The only few spots left where Hayato was safe was this area are spots with lots of suppernatural other then demans and vampires. These places were where the last of the witches, shifters, werewolves, elves, ect. The only thing that wasn't more then one was him. He knew he was the last fallen left on the earth. He couldn't feel any of the other ones. He was a rare item and something demons chase after. Hayato has been at the oddball forest for about a day so far. He's only been sitting in a tree and listening at the border in case a demon tries to come in.
  3. Akuhei was a demon born on the Earth. He was raised to hate everyone who wasn't a demon. But now that he was older he could really care less about fallen angels and humans and supernaturals. If he had ever come across a vampire or any other supernatural he would just brush it off.

    He was actually carefree about everything. About his lifestyle, and what he did. Nothing was going to stop him either. Mostly because he was a demon and he could do pretty much whatever he pleased.

    He was interested in the Fallen though. He wanted to meet one. Not to enslave, because that was way too much trouble and he didn't like troubling things. He figured one would be at that Oddball Forest place. So, he decided to go there.

    He lazily walked there, not really knowing where he was going. He figured he was going in the right direction though, since he was seeing trees, not that it really meant he was there. But he managed to actually be going the right way because there was the entrance to the forest and a boy sitting atop a tree at the border.
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  4. Sitting here in this tree at the border was quiet most of the time. No sounds of birds, leaves, raccoons and other animals that venture into the forest. Hayato suddenly felt a presence coming into the haven of trees across from him. Those trees were coated in darkness. How they survived he had no idea how but he knew they were alive.

    When he saw someone walking to them the person didn't look scared so that rattled off at least humans, witches and warlocks. When he noticed the natural grace he could tell that this one was demon. One was the scent finally caught to him and the second was the way little specks of darkness crowded and pushing away from the males feet.

    Hayato started climbing down the tree and stood right at the border. He hid his power level so the other would think he was something else. He also didn't show his wings so it would make it difficult to even know. "Your not allowed past the border. I'm sorry regulations require us to stop everyone and check what they are." He lied. He already knew the person in front of him was a demon but he didn't want the demon to know he knew.
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  5. He stared at the male as he climbed down the tree with bored eyes. "Regulations huh? Well your regulations sound stupid," he claims in a a bored tone.

    He crossed his arms and examined the male in front of him. He was quite the looker. He smirked slightly as he continued to eye the male's figure.

    "Well after you check what I am, does that mean I get to go into the forest?" He asked still crossing his arms. He soon stopped crossing his arms so he could run a hand through his silky obsidian colored locks. Once he finished, he re-crossed his arms.
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  6. "It's only if you pass them which I doubt you will." He said without thinking. He turned going around in circle before looking at his feet and his hands. He looked at his neck. He was trying to find a spot that is different or a tattoo. Usually demons have tattoos but he could be hiding them. He kept walking knowing he could see the darkness coming out of his feet but he knew no one else would so he needed more proof.

    "What are you looking for anyways. Not a lot of people would go out of a supernatural zone of their own to find a different one." He said. He didn't want to let the demon in but he couldn't find any evidence to hold him at the border. He clenched and unclenched his hands before standing in front of him.

    "You passed the inspection I can't really hold you at the border. Just fallow this trail and you will hit town. I'll stay here because this is my spot and I watch the border." He said wanting to deny the other male but he didn't see any marks that would make the male look like a demon or something.
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  7. "Why not? Do I look like a thug at first glance or something? Or is my intense gaze bothering you?" He asked with a smirk. "I don't know if you noticed, but I was checking you out. And trust me when I say that I don't usually check other guys out," the male claims nonchalantly.

    The male didn't get tattoos like most demons. It was stupid. He didn't usually feel the need to do what everyone else did. He didn't care to do it. Besides if he didn't like the tattoo after a while he couldn't get rid of it, so it'd just be an eye sore.

    "What am I looking for? A fallen. I hear they're rare creatures. So I want to meet one before demons capture them all. It would be such a hassle to capture one wouldn't it. I think it's hassle that they have to hate every living creature. Too hateful..... I guess that makes all the demon women really ugly cause they're all so hateful," he sighs.

    "I pass? Interesting I thought for sure you would've told me that I hadn't and that I had to go home," he sighed. "but it's nice that you didn't......" He murmured. "Can I talk to you more before I look through the forest? I feel like talking and well you seem like an easy person to talk to," he claimed leaning against a tree.
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  8. " you look like a demon if I'm honest with you. The way you walk and talk kinda sound like a demon. And there are black shadows coming from your feet. I can see them as you step. That's so nice you never check guys out. You will probably never go out with me demon" he said not caring the other knew he could tell they the other male was a demon. He hummped as he turned away from the demon as the demon said that he was looking for a fallen. "Well you came to the right place. There is a fallen here but the fallen isn't very sociable." He said not saying it was him but was giving him a hint that he might be able to find out that it's him later. "I want to tell you you shouldn't be here but I can't because there isn't any physical proof that your a demon. How can anyone else see those shadows and sparks of darkness in your step." He said. He started walking back to the tree he was sitting on before. "Why not go try to find the fallen." He said leaning against the trunk of the tree.
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  9. "I look like a demon? Heh, you're very observant. Though I can tell you honestly that I'm a demon okay. It's too much of a hassle to keep it from you if you're going to think I'm one anyways. But I'm not malevolent unlike most. I don't like to trouble myself with unnecessary things like being evil and all that other stuff," Akuhei told the male with a sigh.

    "And why's that? Just cause I'm a demon? I can say you're just as unwilling as the Demons. Try to get to know me before you jump to conclusions," he sighed, running a hand through his ebony locks.

    "Really? I'm glad that I don't have to do any more traveling other than this place. I've looked all over trying to meet this fallen because they intrest me..... It really is a pity how such pretty creatures get captured and get turned into slaves....... But that's none of my business and it isn't like I can free those fallen..... But maybe if I find this one..... I could save it from the same fate as the others of his kind......" He claimed sighing softly.

    "And there's no need to be worried," he joked since he noted that the male said he probably shouldn't be going through the forest. I could really care less about what happens to me. Because it's not like I'm here to hurt anyone, I just want to me that fallen and when I do, then I'll talk to them and leave," Akuhei informed the male with a shrug.
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  10. Hayato looked at the demon before growling slightly he admitted himself as a demon that was a start. He never had a demon admit that they were a demon. "They are not being enslaved yet. Not one has been captured since the disappearance started. They are not kidnapping the fallen the fallen are disappearing because it's there time. They will be reborn as an angel or a demon depending on how much they did on earth. I'm not like those fallen though. I was never in heaven so they can't take me. This is my home. I'm the last fallen on the earth. That's the reason why the demons are so frantic to get one because there is only one left. The others don't remember they used to be fallen because they were reborn." He said shrugging as he didn't care that he gave away that he was the last and only fallen left and why they were disappearing. He couldn't help but look at the sky. "Do you realize that even fallen's have judgement days. They were cast down from heaven to endure pain and as the human control was dying out they were disappearing because they were done with their torment of not seeing heaven." He said shrugging before looking back at the demon.
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  11. "Dissapearence? Humph that's intresting....." He murmured. "So everyone who's a demon is basically your enemy. I'd really hate to be you..." He murmured shrugging. "And I see. That's intresting. Good for them. Seeing as though they get to be in a place like that rather than this cruddy world," the Akuhei scoffed.

    "I wouldn't mind sticking by your side for the rest of my life.... Demons are really distasteful, so I wouldn't mind protecting you from any of those guys. Since they really are only after you..... because like I said I don't like to bring myself unnecessary trouble when I don't want it, but I also wanted to meet a fallen..... And more or less protect it from becoming a slave..... So would you allow me to? I wouldn't care if you bluntly lashed out a no since I'm a demon..... But I'm taking more of a liking to you so if you say no..... I'm not going to leave you alone~" the demon purred.
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  12. Hayato looked at the demon as the demon talked. He shrugged lightly. "I'd say this world is distasteful and not really anything worth living in." He said. He couldn't help but laugh when the demon said whoever is a demon was his enemy. It was true he can't deny that. "Well of course if your chased after you would think the people who are chasing you are your enemy. Isn't that's how it works." Hayato said looking at the demon again.

    "Let's introduce ourselves. My name is Hayato." He said shrugging slightly and not holding out a hand. He didn't like touching people so he wouldn't shake someone's hand. "If you want to protect me you can I won't stop you," he replied but then heard when he said after that. "Then I'll go with you. I don't like to be bothered too much." He said shrugging slightly. He was usually the quiet one in the background.
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  13. "You're right. There really isn't much worth in living here......." Akuhei sighed. "And yes you're right.... I mean the whole world isn't against you........ But still even if it was...... At least you'd have me on your side,"he murmured with a sort of pained look on his face.

    The male quickly shook his head and made a rather normal face again. "Well anyways I'm enchanted to meet you Hayato~ My name's Akuhei," he informed the male with a slight smirk. "Alright then. I'm sure you wouldn't want to go into demon terratory, so I'm guessing we're going to stay here..... Where do you live in this place?" The demon asked him quite curious.
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  14. Hayato looked at the demon and looked at the supernatural hide out. "No one likes me. They want me gone. They rather not test having demons come in here because they think I'm a beacon for demons. They are looking for fallen so maybe I am. They rather I'm gone. They hate me. I don't hate them but I can see where they are going with it. They want to protect their family and place." He said. He shrugged, since he was never wanted. Ever since the demons controlled the world he was never liked. He stepped out of the barrier. "It won't matter where I go and if I go in there demons expect me to hide in a supernatural hide out." He said. He started walking into the forest. "Do you have a place in this world or are you a wonderer like me" Hayato asked the demon as he stopped and looked back.
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  15. ((I'm so sorry I've been so busy))

    Akuhei listened to his story. What he was saying was probably all very true. Not many demons liked him just because what he thought was different. They didn't like his very easy-going and nonchalant attitude towards everything.

    The demon sighed at his question. "I guess you could say that I'm a wanderer..... I don't really fit in with the other demons because if you couldn't tell already I'm very different from them....." He muttered. "But it doesn't matter where I go the demons don't like me and others don't like me. Sort of like you....... Everybody hates me in a way....." He sighed.

    "It doesn't matter. I don't care....... I just wanted someone to be beside me. That's the reason I wanted to find you. I wanted to have a purpose in life to distract me from all the other supernaturals in the world........ And if you feel sorry for me.... Don't be." He said curtly.
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