The Rare Bond (private for halie and Dragon)

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    Sir Crypto had finished his rounds around the large kingdom on his horse he called his sister. He was called forth from his duty to the royal family and smiling he walked through the empty halls and smiles as his armor clanked slightly. his sword stapped to his hip as well above his shoulder was his staff that was made from dragon scales and a piece of her dragons talons.He smiles as he came into the maine throne room and bowed his head to the royal family "you summoned me?" asked slowly as she was confused why they would want him.

    "Yes my fair Servant" the king said his eyes looking at the male knight like female that has been in the royal family for ages and it was strange . He said slowly "A kingdom has been found but they refuse to allow anyone to enter the place unless they wish to be killed. I would like it if you would advise one of our children to this kingdom" he said as the sons came in slowly and he raised an eyebrow and nodded his head slightly.

    "very interesting but would they be willing to ride a legendary beast ? I am sure they respect my dragon eclipse -" he was cut of as the king said sharply "enough with that dragon . We have not seen that creature in our lives and its enough with it. Now would any of our sons be willing to have him escort them ?" asked the sons in the throne room. he sighed hated how the king didn't like his dragon, just because they never seen the dragon didn't mean it wasn't real.
  2. When Darian had been called to the throne room from his daily sparring practice, he didn't understand what his father had wanted with him and his brothers. It wasn't often they were all gathered in one place together. More often than not, he was left out of the deal. The youngest of the royal family- the third son and last in line for the throne, he wasn't often taken into consideration when royal affairs came about. He was a figure head, more than anything. A symbol of his parent's fertility and good fortune. It bothered him when he was younger, back when he was hopeful that one day he would rule the land, or at the very least go on some sort of adventure, like the princes in his story books. But kingdoms were for the first son, and adventures for the second. Nothing came for the third but expectations that couldn't be filled.

    Regardless, he came without argument, though sat at his particular chair in a slouched and improper position for someone of his status. 'I'm tired of this nonsense. I want to leave.' He thought to himself, lazily fiddling with the cuffs of his shirt when Sir Crypto entered the room. He rolled his eyes at the sound of the man's voice- so full of undeserved, smug pride. Did he not know he was the laughing stock of the guard? Him and that dragon of his. The man had been around since he was a child, and nearly every conversation of his had something to do with that dragon. Nobody had ever seen it. If it was as impressive as he told it to be, where one earth would he have hid it? Darian was convinced that if the man wasn't a good fighter, his father would've long ago relieved him of his duties, pegged him for a madman.

    His eyes went wide, however, at the mention of being escorted to a hostile, neighboring kingdom. The prince saw this as an opportunity for both the wealth and adventure he'd been denied as a child. "I'll go. I'll do it; he can take me." He stood to his feet in a dramatic fashion, walking slowly over towards Sir Crypto. Turning to his father, he asked, "Just what are wee trying to accomplish? Are they preparing for war? Are we expanding our reign?"
  3. "we are merely are going to make peace to the kingdom, guards went to the kingdom came back with the castle saying they ather shoot us dead" said slowly the king as he looked at then slowly. Crypto smiles and nodded his head slowly "very well your majesty, come on brat" he said smirking as he walked away into the halls and outside of the kingdom and smiles as he got onto his golden black stallion that whinnies sharply. He streached and smiles gently as he waited for the prince to fallow, the male cloaked figure hid his amazing skills he had with not only fighting but with magic as well. no one had seen him proform magic in the royal family of late but many familes behind had seen him use it and his dragon wheild the elements.

    He saw the prince come after him "lets go" he said heading toward the city gate and smiles gently as he rode toward the forest slowly his smile brighter then ever as he stood on the horses back as it trotted down the pathway as he looked and used small amount of his magic to make branches lift up and then he smiles as they came to large cliff and smiles getting off the horse "hmmm now how to get across" he smiles gently, this was not his actual plan and looked at the prince "alright you ready to go on a high stakes adventure with Crypto and his beloved dragon ?" he asked smiling gently as she looked back at the cliff and saw it was very deep and knew he could do it . He looked at the prince, he never minded the stupid comments about his dragon, but he was about to learn just how real this dragon was.
  4. Darian frowned. Perhaps the adventure wouldn't be so fulfilling as he'd thought. Boring. Make peace with the neighbors. How dull. He sighed and slumped his shoulders slightly, following after the man. Cryptic Crypto, he thought to himself, trying to remember what he'd called the man as a child. His brows furrowed when the man called him a brat, and his posture straightened so that he stood to his full height. "Watch your tone! You may be the head of the guard, but don't think for a minute you've got any authority to call me what you please." And with that, he followed after him.

    "You know," He said, after a while of silence before they'd reached his horse, "my father's been thinking of demoting you for some time. Everyone in the castle thinks you're a madman." Without argument, he took his place on the horse, though he really wished that he could've been the one controlling the reins. During the ride to the gate, Darian went on about how everyone thought Crypto to be insane. "I mean, really, that dragon of yours? If it's so impressive as you say, why has nobody ever seen it?" As he spoke, he entirely ignored the impressive display of magic, too engrossed in his own rambling.

    The prince rolled his eyes at Sir Crypto's comment about how to get across the cliff. "See this! This is what I'm talking about! You're crazy! Who talks about themselves in third person? You've lost your mind!"
  5. "don't care about others ideas of me . your stuck with me for this trip so lets start" he shoved the price right off the prince and jumped off as well smiling as they fell he smiles relaxed as ever while he listened to the prince scream and shrek. he grabbed the princes arm and then yelled up looking at the sky "ECLIPSE my dragon " he said happily into the wind, for a bit nothing happned and they just free fell. Then the world rumbled from the roar that came from the beast that came visble through the clouds dive bombing them.

    The Knight grinned and as the dragon got close he got onto its back with the prince with him and it roared once more and flew up sharply as they flew for a bit before landing on the ground in a meadow near by. The knight smiles and pets the dragons neck happily "well done eclipse sucha good girl" he smiles as now the prince would find himself sitting on the back of a massive legendary creature known as the dragon. To the dragon they where no more then the size of a horse , they where not around just on the back 34 feet above the ground its black scales rippled in the sunlight. The black dragon turned its massive head and roared at them and licked the knights face and purred gently like a cat.

    "Say hello to my dragon eclipse my fellow prince" smiles gently as the dragn looked at the prince and growled at him slightly fangs bared as it had heard about the prince and the royal family. The way they disrespected the rider and how they called him crazy.
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  6. "Oh, I don't care about other's ideas." Darian explained. "I say you're mad regardless of what anyone else says." He got off the horse, and walked towards the man, apprehensively eyeing the sheer drop. When he was pushed, he was too shocked at first to react. His heart skipped a beat and his lungs were in his throat. At the sound of Crypto's voice, calling out for his dragon, Darian wanted to cry. "You bloody bastard!" He screamed, twisting and turning to face the man as they fell to what he assumed to be their untimely demise.

    But when he landed heavily and awkwardly and most importantly alive on something hardly resemblant of the ground, Darian clung to it for dear life. Dragon or not. He kept his eyes firmly shut as the dragon propelled the two of them higher in the air, soaring well past the initial drop off of the cliff. Even after she'd landed on solid ground and Crypto had praised the beast, Darian still clung pitifully to the scales of her back, or wherever he was perched on her. "I'm dead. I'm dead. You killed me and I'm dead." He repeated the phrase over and over again, sobbing pitifully.

    Eclipse's roar brought him back to reality and Darian slowly opened his eyes and sat up. His jaw dropped in shock and terror and he didn't say anything for a long time; he simply stared at the beast. "It's-it's-it's--it's..." He stammered. "You're not... It's." He couldn't bring himself to finish what he was saying. No sooner had he opened his eyes, Darian slumped over on the dragon's back- unconscious in a state of shock. Everything that'd just happened was too much for the sheltered man to process.
  7. The knight sighed as he placed the male down back on the ground as the dragon laid down lifting a large wing arched over them making the air around them warm. It then huffed and laid its head down and watched them slowly with sparkling blue glowing eyes. The knight sat beside the large scaled beast and looked at the prince he laid in front of him "wake up" he grumbled gently as time passed and he sighed as he used hs mature magic to snap the prince awake and sighed gently. the dragon growled slightly at the prince unhappy with him.
  8. Darian didn't stir as Crypto moved him and set him down, though if he'd been awake to know the man was setting him on the ground of all places, he would've pitched an ungodly fit. He was out cold, however, up until the knight's magic started to work with him and revive him into consciousness. He choked on his own spit and clutched at his chest, gasping for air as he sat up. "You!" He seethed, ready to grab the man by the throat, up until he realized the dragon was right beside him, growling at him. Darian's hands fell to his sides and he frowned. "I'm not dead... am I?"
  9. "no you are very much alive" he said slowly looking at the prince slowly as he smiles at the large dragon that laid beside him looking at the prince sharply with glowing blue orbs of lght and fire. The knight smiles "calm down Eclipse he needs a nice smooth ride to this kingdom" he said slowly, the dragon looked at its rider and growling lowly But the scumbag has dishonered the dragon and it;s rider it will have to earn to get on my back With that the large dragon got up at full height and then took a deep breath and sat down and streached slightly. The Knight smiles "see thats what you get for doubting dragons"
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