The Rapture IC (R)

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Only a handful of Pleasures lived in K'See-ti, they made sure to not break or damage any plants, and that their small housing would not inhibit any growth. Every morning, they tended to anything that may be in a odd position. If there were too many new growths in one area, which were all inhibiting the others, they would all be moved to different locations, so they could all still grow within the warmth of the comforting paradise. Nearby the edge of the colorful foliage, a fire smoldered from the following night, three men sleeping near the warmth, two of the three had women under their arms. The had kept watch for the night, and the second that light had peaked on the horizon, they finally allowed themselves to sleep. Nearby that, one woman was collecting thin bones from a pile, while another seemed to be grinding something in a bowl with a blunt-looking stone, while a man laid down on his stomach, pulling up his clothes to expose his back. The woman at the bone pile came back with one and when over to the other. The circled the man, chanting as they came closer, the chanting became loudest when they finally sat directly next to him. It became clear that this was a tattooing ritual. The woman with bone began working on the man, dipping the tip into the ink that had been made. It was a tedious process, given the fact that all through this, they never once stopped chanting. Eventually, the ritual had come to an end, and the man now had an impressive tattoo on his back. He wandered off back towards the smoldering fire.

This was something Anatisi had watched over and over again. As soon as that newly tattooed man sat down, she watched as the women packed away their tools. She then looked over towards the bigger housing area, listening to what appeared to be a birthing, because it sounded much more painful than a woman's first time. All Pleasures were born here. It was... a sense of pride. She was lucky, though, to be able to see this paradise, not many people in the world were able to, and especially if you were an outsider. Anatisi had been accepted into the tribe without question in her childhood, but there were instantly differences in treatment between her and that newly born child. In some forms, she was still a bit of an outsider, especially due to the fact that her parents had been Christian, and she had recently seen some of the worst that it can do. There were sometimes insults, and battles over territory, even though Pleasures, when traveling, never stayed in the same place for two days. They always moved, especially when asked, but sometimes, that was not enough for some. The cold had made people greedy and bitter. Any hope of warmth was what they wanted, and what they would die fighting to get. They were mostly the type that would conquer what was believed to be a warm spot and then viciously protect it from everyone else. There was no such thing as sharing with them. Whereas, with Pleasures, everything was asked for and everything was shared. There were very little disputes on anything.

Anatisi watched, just as silent, as men and women wandered back from the other boundaries of K'See-ti, while another group strode past them. They were the ones that patrolled and protected the outer reaches of the paradise. The ones returning were instantly dragged over to different areas, for food, care, or rest. Some were wounded. Anatisi watched all of this from the steps of her, more or less, guardians and parents' housing. She watched as one of injured was guided into the housing area where Anatisi had heard the birthing. No doubt, it was the father. There were joyful cries as soon as he entered and she smiled. In a year, that family would start traveling. That baby would be traveling until it's group was called back. It would never remember where it was born and raised during its first year. It would brave the cold and for a purpose none of the other groups seemed to understand. They were trying to take plants and seeds and small shoots to other lands, and plant them to try and see if they'd grow, maybe those places would be habitable one day too.

They traveled as their superiors told them to. The one's in charge were meticulous, they were trying to find a way to make other places warmer. They would send groups out to settle plants in other areas, and stay there and try to help it grow, then another group would be sent after to relieve them so they could come back and receive new orders. None of the plants grew anywhere else. And no one could figure out why, especially after the last try. They not only had planted those little seedlings and also, using devices that the superiors had created somehow, dispersed light and small amounts of warmth. The people that sometimes traveled with them, never saw this. Until the last trip.... they didn't know that they were being watched.... and the second that happened, they didn't know that someone had an intent on following them back to their home. And then it just happened. That stupid group actually RAN into K'See-ti, TRAMPLING all of the new growth. They had managed to fight them off, but their damage caused the depression of some of the people who tended to the growth. The new shoots refused to grow any further, and what's more, the contamination of the foorprints wouldn't allow anything to grow in those spots.

'If only other groups could understand them...... us.....' Anatisi thought to herself silently as she finally got up and walked into what others were fighting to conquer, the paradise. She helped trying to turn the soil in the footprints, to put some leaf matter into it. She stopped for a bit when she saw one of the wounded come by, a bandage oddly covering her chest.

"What happened?" Anatisi asked quietly, gesturing to the wound as the woman seemed puzzled.

"Some.... kind of projectile got lodged in my chest...." She murmured back, moving slowly, but gently, attempting to help the growth. "Something called a .... "Gun".... Extill was.... killed on the border....." Her voice sounded heavy, lifeless.

"I'm..... so sorry...." Anatlsi started, intending on trying to comfort her, but the woman waved her off. "His body will help nourish the border.... maybe more growth will occur.... maybe... if it becomes big enough, we can let those groups have half.... but safeguard this part in case they fuck up...."

Anatisi grew silent as a more people switched out. This battle was saddening, especially to see the injured.


On the battle feild, things were getting worse. The other groups would not give up, and had pushed the Pleasures up against the foliage, and were trying to get further when one of the Pleasures finally slingshot something into the middle of the opposing force. Immediately upon impact, the item released a natural pollen that attacked the respiratory system. It was formed by one of the more secluded areas of K'See-ti. The opposing group was finally pushed back, yet again.
Blue eyes scanned the surroundings which the young man suddenly found himself occupying were the same cold woods from the night before. Only. . . the young man dressed and bandaged in white only remembered falling asleep inside a tent. His body still looked emaciated yet he possessed enough strength to walk. Suddenly all around him there were flowers in full bloom, the sun on his face in a way that went beyond just illuminating the area. For the first time in forever it actually gave warmth as relaxing as the embrace of a loved one. It felt so right and gave a glimpse into what the world must have really been like so long ago. But then voices started to echo around him from unseen people. Several voices which were only whispers at first until they started to steadily grew louder with each passing second. Vision started to blur. . . it left him feeling fuzzy until. . . his eyes opened.

Now he was in that tent again. . .

. . . But where was the tent?

Leon didn't know just for how long he had been drifting in & out of consciousness since he had collapsed. All he could really remember was eating some type of food, which to those with common sense meant someone had been feeding him. From the limited perspective which were his real eyes it appeared as though his actual body had gotten somewhat better. But how long had he been here? Maybe how long didn't really matter as much as the simple fact he had been rescued from death's door. That raised the question of who had done the task of keeping him well. When he tried to move however, it did not yield easily attainable results.

Where. . .am I?
Distant gunfire is a sound I haven't heard in a good while. It's a sound I had learned meant people.

More often than not the people turned out to be hostile. Like all others convincing them to let me partake of their supplies was as easy as pulling the trigger. What little supplies they had meant a few more days for me.

But really is that all I want? A couple more days alive in this hell?


I want someplace where I can rest. Someplace where I can relax and not worry about whether the rations I'm carrying aren't expired or about who may try and kill me.

And yet I feel compelled to go toward the source of gunfire, as if there may be a respite from this hell there. And so I continue on, my AKM hanging over my shoulder, ready for either a fight or a good night's rest.
Re: The Rapture IC (R)

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The snow and ice lay across the earth like a thick blanket, and a freezing cold wind ripped through the little ruin.
It had once been a home, but that was ancient history, something the figure atop the leather mat had little time for.

The Kalishnakov was seperated into peices and each was cleaned then oiled before the man put the weapon back together, testing that each peice would function as he did so.

when he was finished, the man propped the rifle against a wall, and began to pack his belongings back into his rucksack, picking up the rifle as he went to leave.

He Too had heard the gunshots, but to him they meant something simple, something beautiful.

They meant the location of the perfect trap was nearby.
A few hundred meters from Feydorov's position, a snowpile sat, silently waiting. Soon, the sounds of gunfire drifted to the ears of this snowpile. Mere moments later, the snowpile had moved several meters towards the gunfire, only now it was clear that this was no snowpile, but rather a man with makeshift camoflage. A man with camoflage, and a gun. He continued creeping through the snow, towards the sounds of battle. "I'm sure Feydorov has heard the fighting by now. Knowing him, he's already on his way there. Best head there too," the man thought to himself. This man was named Yuri, and he didn't know whether or not to believe in God, he knew that one could only believe in the guy next to you, and for him, that was Feydorov.
Many of the Pleasures fought their hardest to protect what they held as sacred land and yet, they weren't as compelled to truely bring themselves to try to hurt the people that were so set on trying to find a place to rest where they wouldn't be worried about the cold, resources, or others. But every time that one of them went down, the Pleasures around it would find a store of frustration and anger at the display of violence, reacting with more than expected in return. The Pleasures, not expecting to be faced with the deaths of their kin for simply trying to talk to these outsiders. They didn't understand the reason for their deaths. To them, this was purely a show of unneeded power. A gesture that they were unwilling, but forced to show in return.

They had started out with barely lethal weapons, more than likely just precautionary, back when they thought that they could negotiate some kind of agreement or deal. They had expected some kind of ability to at least be able to talk, but all they had seen so far was the odd reaction of how, once these people caught sight of the smallest thing, such as the simple grass; it set them off. The sight of the vivid colors, the prescence of warmth..... In a way, it was too much, it was too much of an overload for some, it seemed. Others, who weren't reacting in such a way kept behind, waiting for an oportunity. They became untouchable, unreachable. Almost..... savage....

For some reason, they wasted time, trying to convince these people into talking this out. They lost five of their force to that move.

It took them too long to understand what they had to do, but the second that they got it, they started fighting back in earnest. This was their home. This was their ground. They used it to their advantage. After finally making the decision, they backed up a considerable ammount, letting the intruders enter the outer reaches of K'See-ti. Some retreated into the undergrowth while others took to the tall trees. From these unseen positions, they began to let loose a volly of hand-thrown almost, javalin-type objects. Weights attatched to certain parts of the rod added to velocity and speed, while other weights atributed to the weight that would control the level of their impact and how they would hit the ground. It was all measured out, close to precise. But not anywhere near perfect.

They paused their attack to switch out on weapons. Their next course of action was to barrage the outsiders in a mixture of spores that caused trauma to the nervous system. They hadn't wanted to, but durring their first attack, four more had been taken out, and there seemed to be no hope to talk this out. So as they made the spore airborne, they doned masks and watched as the opposing forces dwindled temporarily. More quickly coming to take the fallen's places.

This wasn't going to end any less quickly...