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  1. Due to a going through a period lacking activity, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and start compiling ideas into a single thread for people to browse through. This list will obviously grow and shrink according to the rate at which I can pump out ideas and those ideas get snapped up.
    The Raptor's Nest of Roleplays

    Warhammer 40,000: The Albion Cataclysm
    Setting: Imperium of Man Pleasure World Albion
    Genre: Fandom, Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi
    Plot: The RP would follow the dramatic domino effect of war that occurred on Albion following the invasion of the world by WAAAGH! Rozghul and a splinter fleet of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan. A number of Space Marine Chapters and Imperial Guard Regiments are called in to assist the Planetary Defense Force, and are faced not only with the chaotic melee between the Greenskins and Tyranids, but also with a large number of Chaos Cultists. And as if the massive war between the four factions wasn't enough, yet another terror lurks beneath the surface...

    League of Legends: Piltover Pandemonium
    Setting: Runeterra, City of Piltover
    Fantasy, Steampunk, Action-Adventure
    Plot: For years, the city of Piltover was one of, if not the center of technological advancement on Runeterra, rivaled only by the degenerate mad scientists of neighboring Zaun. It was a pristine and peaceful city, the organized crime syndicates largely quelled by the Sheriff Caitlyn and local enforcer, Vi. And then, she came. Bringing explosions, death, and pink-painted chaos to the streets of Piltover, the madwoman Jinx serves as the rival of the two chiefs of justice in the city, and the catalyst for the gradual downfall of Piltover. However, her arrival has also brought on a new onslaught of crazed inventors and anarchists who seek to outdo or collaborate with the insane "artist".

    Dark Vale Unlimited

    Setting: Modern day Earth, virtual reality of the Dark Vale Unlimited VRMMORPG.
    Genre: Fandom, Sci-Fi, Modern, Action-Adventure
    Plot: Everyone knows the story by now. Sword Art Online, one of the flagship launches in the VR gaming industry, trapped it's 10,000 players inside the game for two years until one player, tag name Kirito, beat the creator of SAO in a duel. A year later, another game comes out called Alfheim Online. This too became embroiled in controversy as it was revealed that a number of SAO players had been virtually kidnapped when the Alfheim creators gained control of SAO's servers. Once again, Kirito saved the players. He also saved the industry itself when it seemed on the verge of collapse by releasing the Seed on the internet, allowing for safer and independent creation of VRMMO games. He continued to serve the public good in later adventures until he was rendered comatose in a vicious attack by a murderer from SAO. After enduring years spent inside of yet another virtual reality established by the Japanese government, Kirito was forcibly recruited into the VR security branch of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Years later, one game rises to prominence: Dark Vale Unlimited, a flagship release for the Black Blood corporation and one of the very first VR survival-horror games. The first 1,000 players log on, expecting to enjoy the game's new mechanics immediately. Instead, they are frozen in terror at the appearance of an impossibly powerful boss monster in combat against what seemed to be a high-level player character. The battle ended swiftly, with the player and monster ending their fight by locking themselves in an inaccessible cage, which swiftly disappeared from the spawn area. The 1,000 players are automatically advanced to level 5, and given a hefty amount of in-game currency and equipment. No one else experiences the event, but everyone knows that the end goal of the game is to find and survive the horrors of the hidden Cage, and to unlock the secrets within it.

    Setting: Alternate reality Earth
    Genre: Modern Fantasy, Alternate Universe, Action, Drama
    Plot: The world didn't always have superheroes. But the world did always have gods. Two, to be specific. And both are dead. The two had always been at war, one being the embodiment of Creation and the other of Destruction. They finally met their end over the Atlantic, the resulting explosion powerful enough to cause tsunamis all over the American East Coast and the shores of Spain, France, and North Africa. But even gods have to follow their own laws. Nothing can truly be destroyed. Only changed. Their change specifically was the creation of the Shards; living pieces embodying a singular aspect of the god from which they originated, they chose their bearers and changed them. From these unions were born the first heroes and villains, mortal demigods created to continue the mission of their greater wholes. However, things got a little off track when it came to heroism and villainy...
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  2. I like Dark Vale Unlimited but Ascension is very very intriguing
  3. I counted on both being hooks, but I've got a feeling some people might not like the power system I've got planned for Ascension.
  4. I am interested in Ascension.
  5. I would like to point out that all of these roleplays are Adept-level minimum.
  6. I don't know anything about warhammer, but the other three are interesting.
  7. Which would you be most interested in?
  8. I'd say ascension.
  9. Since people seem so interested in Ascension, I'll see about bringing up an OOC later this week.
  10. Jinx! I loove the piltover one x3
  11. We'll need to wait for more people before that OOC, but I appreciate the support!
  12. Due to the more Adult nature of the RP, I may have to deny you off the bat.
  13. Those people who expressed interest in Ascension, the OOC is up.
  14. So... I see we have my favorite character in league on here. Ah, Jinx, she's basically my spirit...person.
  15. So, you're interested?
  16. Indeed
  17. Well, that makes three of us. I'll see about an OOC tomorrow, since I was only planning on having four people for that particular concept.
  18. @Zone-Tan, @Minami

    Before we begin, you are both aware of the writing level requirements on my roleplays?
  19. But of course. Adept at least
  20. Good. OOC is going to be up tomorrow, or the day after.