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  1. Just out of curiosity who here is an avid AMV maker and has their channel on youtube. I've been dabbling in the program Sony Vegas for over 7 years now and still seem to be ehhh at it. Anyone else make AMV's here's one of my better ones I made a while back here

    Everyone else share your best work as well and let's get some subs for each other :)
  2. Aaaaa! The call of my people!!

    I will edit this post from my laptop in a minute! Too many links to copy/paste on a phone!

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  3. lmao wow OK I can't wait to see what kind of work you made ^^
  4. Oh, I missed the bit where it has to be stuff we made :/ That shrinks the list considerably
  5. I love log horizon!!!!! One of my favorite anime!!!
  6. Isn't it awesome I love it better than SAO :P
  7. If you'd like I can teach you my ways and help you get the program I use ^^

  8. Anime: Fate/Zero
    Music: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    Artist: Two Steps From Hell

    Holy shit, does this AMV "trailer" beat out all others, including the actual Fate/Zero trailers!

    I get pumped to re-watch Zero every time I see this vid.

  9. Anime: The Big O
    Music: Batman: The Animated Series Main Theme
    Artist: Shirley Walker

    Because the Big O is fucking Batman: TAS + Sam Spade + GAINAX Ending. And Roger Smith is Anime!Bruce Wayne.

    Anime: Darker Than Black
    Music: The Dark Knight trailer
    Artist: Hans Zimmer

    Because (despite the AMV putting him the role of the Joker) Hei is Chinese Electric Batman.

    Anime: Fate/Zero
    Music: EMIYA Kawai Kenji ver.
    Artist: Kawai Kenji

    Because Kiritsugu is Anime!Batman. And there is no reason why the Kiritsugu vs. Kotomine fight should have happened WITHOUT the Emiya theme! Also, if there was any doubt that Kiritsugu is Batman...just look at where the fight is taking place. The Dark Knight film's auxillary Batcave, anyone?
  10. Nope! These are all old AF; I don't do this anymore.

  11. [​IMG]
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