The Random Object Challenge

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  1. "Sometimes even the strangest items, work the biggest wonders."

    How this works: I'm going to name off some random objects that I would like you to make a post in this thread. The objects must all be in the same post and how you use them..That's the fun of it! You can use them anyway you'd like to and you're not limited in creativity,
    EXCEPT that you can't use them for their intended uses.

    The goal is to see what your mind can do with these objects and the scenarios they can be placed in.

    Your random objects:
    A cardboard box
    A broken shovel
    A rice hat


    -Try to write at least 1 paragraph.
    -Being descriptive helps a ton.
    -Just relax and let yourself have fun with this.

  2. The cardboard did not make a very good fire. It was more useful as a box, but it at least got the metal of the now use-less shovel hot. I was then able to shape it to a more menacing shape, and it now resembles a machete more than a tool used to move earth. I then took a rice hat, not as watertight as it was meant to be, and pulled it to pieces. I then wrapped the grasses around the rough wooden handle, making an easily gripped pommel for the sword-like weapon. It wasn't the best in the world, but it would do. I whipped the weapon around a bit, and nodded, satisfied, and then proceeded to walk through the path through the woods, known as the Bandit Hallow. They'd think twice before attacking me now.
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  3. "Go away! I already told you to leave me alone!" Ariana grabbed the rice hat her boyfriend had bought her when he was in Japan and broke stomped on it. A second later she gather it up and thew it at him while he was still yelling "I didn't cheat on you! You are wrong! Where are you getting this facts from?!?". You would have think a man had pride but this one had nothing but bullshit. "Oh really? That wasn't what I saw when I saw you banging on her sofa! You dirty son of a bit-" she paced inside their, her room and grabbed the nearest thing which was a control remote and sung it at him but he dodge it."That was not me! I swear" The pig couldn't look any guiltier but her still lied to her. "Oh have you no shame!" she stormed out of the room and the house just in time to see the broken shovel she had used before when she 'repaired' his car. It was laying on the freshly cut grass as if knowing what she was going to do. "I swear Nick, if you take one more step near me, I will not hold back" she warned him holding the shovel metal piece in front of her. He faked to get it and instead grabbed her by the hair" You bitch! Let me go!" she scream, swooped around the shovel met his head, the crushing sound excited her. The blow seemed to have knocked him out making him land on the floor unconsciously. Lucky for her, she lived far away from society. "You are going to pay Nick, I warned you." she threw the useless shovel on the floor, bend down to grab him by his hand and walked slowly to the back of her house. She whistle happily while looking at the night thinking about making a human bon fire. Ariana dropped Nick on the back, went inside her house to look for anything flammable and found a cardboard box "Perfect" she whispered while she grabbed a box of matches that were also in the kitchen. Behind the house laid Nick on the grass, sleeping like a baby. Even then, he stilled look gorgeous. Never fall for pretty faces they are the worst. After finishing cutting the cardboard box into piece and spreading it around the body, Ariana light up the match and let it fall. "See you in hell, my dear. That is were you belong. Don't get too happy if you see your whore there too after I am done with you" with that she watched him burn. Her laughs were the last thing that was heard that night.