The Rancor of a Frozen Heart

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  2. Fang Frostpaw trudged dejectedly through the snow that coated the forest floor. His thick white fur kept him comfortable in the icy weather, though ice had begun to form a thin crust around his eyes and nose. His ice blue eyes searched for shelter in the whited out landscape. His bones ached with the cold, sore from all the fighting he'd seen in the past days. Assassins had been sent after him day after day, each stronger than the last. His former mate had betrayed him, chosen power over the love he'd shown her. The accursed vampires of the Sinn family had corrupted her. She'd been so pure and kind and now...

    He shook his head, shaking away the painful memory of his lover's cold laughter as he was muzzled and dragged into a cage. He'd escaped, killing a few of Pride Sinn's henchmen in the process. That was the reason he was here now, alone in the frozen wasteland and far from the comfort of his home and family. He'd been unable to hunt, each time he'd pause to look for a meal it seemed another assassin would appear, ready to slaughter him and bring his hide to Pride as a prize. He could feel his strength failing him now, it had almost been a week since his mate had turned her name to Lust Sinn and forsaken his love. He knew in his heart if he didn't find shelter and food soon, the next assassin would succeed, if the elements didn't kill him first.

    His wings felt as though they were frozen solid, drooping so low that they dragged along the snow. Each step felt like he was lifting the entire planet on his back, heavy and painful. He still saw no sign of shelter and most game had moved below ground to wait out the winter cold. Fang's ears perked up as a rustle in the trees caught his attention. Perhaps he'd have dinner after all. He stopped moving, standing as alert as possible in his condition. It soon became clear that the sound was not caused by game but by the humanoid figure standing in the trees a few meters ahead of him. He growled lowly and braced himself for the last fight of his life.
  3. ChiChiri glided over the freshly fallen snow, keeping the tracks of her pray visible. Coming to a slow stop her mind wandered back, "I want you to Kill the white fox. Skin him and bring me the coat" Lust Sinn sneered. ChiChiri held a hatred for her and the tone in her voice, she wished to refuse and yet there she was tracking this person down. Taking a few more steps towards the heavy smell of fox, she peered around a tree to take a long look at him. Tired, frozen, and hurt ChiChiri felt a heaviness about what was needed to be done. The Rage inside her heart burned her every fiber hearing the words that came from Lust's mouth over and over. She looked up to see the fox staring towards her. Shaking her and with a heavy sigh, she walked out calmly with her hands visible. "I mean you no harm." Offering a small gentle smile.
  4. Fang kept his guard up, air clouding before him as he huffed at her. His tail swayed slowly behind him as he cautiously took a step to the side. He slowly moved around her, never taking his eyes from the female. "Forgive me if I don't believe you. It's not hard for vampires and their kin to lie. If you truly mean me no harm, then allow me to continue on my way. Night fast approaches and I've yet to find a place to lay." He continued moving cautiously until he was entirely behind the female.

    Fang paused, speaking again his voice carried to the female's ears on a gust of wind, "I know Lust sent you. Her scent lingers on you even now." He shook his head, debating silently whether to continue speaking or to run before the female could complete her task. "What did they promise you? A fortune? Power? Tell me what Lust believes my life is worth." The last sentence fell from his mouth in a hoarse whisper. His heart shattered over and over again, with each thought of his mate's betrayal.

    His thoughts stung at him as he waited in silence for the assassin's reply. Why do I continue to run? To fight for a life not worth living anymore? His body shuddered as tears fell from his eyes, freezing as they dropped. He felt so broken. Shattered. Frozen. What am I living for now? Living for fear of death? Am I a coward then, fleeing from the reaper time and again? He waited for an answer, waited for his end to come. He resigned himself to death. Now all there was to do was wait.
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