The Ranch in the Mountains

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  1. (So you actually looked into this! Yay! Glad you weren't thrown away by the name. This is actually a Pokemon roleplay. Well, Gijinka, really. Gijinkas are human Pokemon, if you didn't know. This is basically just a roleplay of a ranch on the outskirts of all the regions, a place where Gijinka have been created but contained. The very large ranch has all kinds of terrains for all kinds of Pokemon. It has snow, desert, everything a Pokemon would need. The only humans are two scientists in a small house at the edge of the ranch, the people who created this ranch of Gijinka. Other humans are allowed for the roleplay, I guess, but they can't have known about the place and must simply stumble upon it. No, I will not be controlling the scientists. They are kind people and probably won't have a big role in the roleplay unless someone controls them to be a big part. Anywho, now that I'm done ranting, I want only three things from you when you join. The pokemon you are, your name, and a picture/very good description of your person. You don't have to do a little character sheet, just make sure that information is included in your starting post. Also, no legendaries without my permission. PM me if you want to be a legendary. Any questions can come to me in the PM. Anything that gets erotic should get sent to the PMs. This is not the mature forum, though I might post a copy of it there. One more rule. You must start out as a basic Pokemon. No evolutions without, as usual, permission from me. Now, without further stalling, here is the first post! By me!)

    A young girl, looking about fifteen or sixteen years old, walked through a dark part of the forest of the large ranch she resided on, floating along and looking around with a hand lightly over her mouth. She was a Duskull Gijinka that didn't really know what her name was, only her Gijinka race, and so she simply called herself Skull. She had often been alone, not having met another Pokemon ever since she woke up in the middle of the dark forest. More often then she was alone, however, she was lost. She was constantly lost in the dark of the forest. She could see perfectly, but she had no idea where she was going. Not ever in the two days of memory she had. She paused when she saw a strange sight. There was the dark part of the forest, but then there was a fading of the darkness to light. She floated towards it, stopping at the edge of the darkness and looking around. She quietly called out. "Hello? Anyone there?"
  2. Doun leaned back against a tree. He was a houndour, a lean boy who looked seventeen or so. His skull-like silver mask sat over his forehead, pushed up to reveal an expression that seemed to be a permanent scowl, differing only in the degree of displeasure it revealed. High cheekbones and a pointed chin gave him a refined look, though his hair was black and spiky, with a pair of pointed, black-furred canine ears sticking up through it.

    At the sound of a voice, he sighed and reached with black-gloved hands to turn up the collar on the black trenchcoat he wore. It hung open in front, revealing an orange shirt, and his pants matched the coat, both adorned with silver cuffs turned up around ankles and wrists. The trenchcoat had two bands of silver across his lower back, and it hung to about knee length.

    After a moment, Doun pushed himself away from the tree and strode toward where the voice came from, his black boots crunching the leaves unhurriedly. The truth was, he was lonely; Houndour live in packs, but he'd met no other Gijinka of his kind, or even other Pokemon he considered worth the company. This, he thought, wasn't likely to change that - or even be worth the effort, really - but it's not like he had anything better to do. He put his hands in his pockets, approaching the Duskull. "Yo."
  3. The young girl looked up when she heard a voice and she paused when she saw a Houndour. She held her hands in front of her and rubbed her hands together lightly. She looked down shyly. She had wanted to speak to someone, but she hadn't really expected to. She didn't really know how to speak to someone, and she certainly didn't want to ruin her chance at a friendship.

    Skull looked back up at the boy and then held her hands behind her back, one of the eyes of the skull mask on the side of her face/head being red. "Uh... hi?" She smiled just barely, floating a few inches off of the ground like she always did. She was a ghost Pokemon, one that hovered above ground. She could stand if she wanted to, but she didn't know if her legs could support her. "I-I'm Skull..."
  4. ((He's Houndour, not Houndoom.))

    Ghost-type Pokemon might be frightening to some, but Doun didn't seem to care. His hands stayed tucked in his pockets as he gazed at the Duskull girl, and his mouth kept its perpetual scowl... but only faintly, lips curved just below the neutral line. "Skull, huh?" He paused a moment, as though considering the name, then let out a brief bark of laughter. "Figures." His shoulders rolled back in a shrug.

    "I'm Doun." It was a name of his own devising, taking parts of his species and putting them together in a new way. Houndour were often considered clever, and to judge by the way one corner of his mouth curved past the central line into a smirk as he introduced himself, this one thought himself no exception. The smirk didn't last for long, and though his position was slouched, his brown eyes held traces of curiosity. Enough to keep him here, at least. "So, what, you new here?"
  5. As annabell was jumping through the trees of this strange forset, she spots two creatures similer to her own kind. " Finally" she says outloud. "Creatures of my own kind, kind of" As she noticed that one was floating and the other had a mask on.

    Once she reached there distination, she jumps down with a 'thud'.

    Hoping she didnt get heard, she approches them from the showdows.

  6. Skull looked down and shrugged lightly, biting her bottom lip. "I-I guess..." She looked back out at the Houndour and took a small step away. "I-I don't remember anything other than waking up a few days ago and finding myself in the dark, and you're kinda the first person I've met." She rubbed the back of her head lightly and her mask floated from her face, floating around him a bit as if studying him before reattaching itself to the side of her head. "A-and what about you? You don't seem to have anyone around..."
  7. Doun smirked, a tug of his lips upward in one corner that exposed a brief flash of teeth. "That's what new means, innit? You weren't here, and now you are." He didn't pursue the Duskull, nor remove the hands from his pockets. He didn't even bother to move as her mask inspected him with glowy red eyes.

    One of his canine ears flicked to the side at the sound of a thump, but that was all the notice he gave it. There were plenty of things that might cause such a sound around here, and he was disinclined to give it much of a reaction yet, instead keeping his attention on the conversation with the Duskull.

    "Naw," he said to her question, lifting one shoulder in a shrug before letting it settle again. "There's others around, but I'm not with them." A trace of the smirk reappeared. "Why, you looking for company?"