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  1. *opens door and leads everyone in. Everyone has their things from the ATF II OOC*

    Here we are..haha. Plenty of room to play around, blow things up, just no hurting people! *warning glare, then smile* have fun. *sits*
  2. *sits down and lights a cigar* Welp. Hi.
  3. *walks in and looks around, arms crossed*

    Well, that takes the fun out of things. *smirks*
  4. Hello. *leans against wall and puts one headphone in, listening to never too late by secondhand serenade*
  5. *blows smoke in Vi's direction* I find your lack of good taste in music disturbing.
  6. * crashes through the ceiling * MOTHAFUCKIN SUPPLIES!....AAAAAAHG!!!!!! * He rolls around on the floor throwing a tantrum "
  7. *teleports behind Valerion and holds a scythe blade to his neck* *demonic voice* "Surprise!"
  8. *stands* A- I like to say I have a very wide taste in music, sir. And Osi, STEP AWAY FROM AKUMA. *steps forwards glaring menacingly, disturb's idestructable starts playing*
  9. Its okay * he smirks, he places his hand on the blade and drops his shoulder shoving his back into osi which would cause him to come over my shoulder, letting osi fall onto the floor * Surprise...* he dust's his hands off walking towards a chair *
  10. *nods and shrugs* Okay then. *sits back down and leans on wall* Can't wait until the rest shows up...that'll be interesting. *rolls a throwing star around in hand*
  11. *walks in checking military watch*

    When's this thing going to start?
  12. *peeks in through the doorway and looks around* seems safe enough *walks in and plops down in the middle of the room*
  13. Hello! My name is Cerulean, and I mod over the Miscellaneous section.

    I understand that you guys are all having fun and all that, however this play fighting has to stop. Those section is so you guys have a place to discuss your rps, not to happy slappy chit chat.

    I do, however, have an alternative. If you guys decide to make a group, I can copy this thread into said group. Then you guys can play fight all you want. =D

    If a group doesn't sound like a good choice, then I am just going to graveyard this thread. This is not the right place, for this.

    So what do you say?
  14. We're fighting? This was just supposed to be a 'talk about what the plot should be like' thing.
  15. A- Yeah, Shadow has sorta the right idea
    B- I thought this was the threads section? I though 'Misc Threads' where for rps that didn't really fit anywhere, and the 'Misc Thread Discussion' was for the ooc discussion mostly...
    I sorry if I made a mistake, really. o.o..
  16. Shadowheart, I am referring to the couple of pages when you all were just "picking on eachother" and doing other random silly things. Almost none of it even seemed to come close to talking about the rp, which is what OOC threads are for. They are there to talk about the rp plot, questions to the gm, reactions to things IN the rp.

    DarkJae, the thought is nice. However, like I said, this isn't the place. this particular section is where you actual rp should reside. The Misc. Signups and Plot discussion is where you have all of your OOC chatter thread. Link: The IC thread is where the actual roleplaying takes place. Link: However, The goofing around needs to be cut out. this is why I offered up the group idea. You guys can be goofy all you want there. Heck, I want you guys to have fun. I just can't let it happen in these sections.

    So, would you guys rather make a group or what?
  17. *whistle* Uh.....Dark? Yeah, they scare me.
  18. This isn't a plot!! Do you not realize this!!
  19. i say we make a group o.o
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