The Rainbow [Action-Adventure Soldier/Merc RP]

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Who should the villain be?

  1. Ex-Rainbow Operative just as deadly as us

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  2. Terrorist power like ISIS, Taliban, etc.

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  3. INTERPOL's Most Wanted

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  4. Heads of illegal government programs (sleeper cells, new world order, psychic experiments, etc.)

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  5. Chuck Norris.

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  1. I'm in that place where I've been wanting to branch out to other genres and types when it comes to writing and rping. Even know people that rp with me a lot are starting to see a change in my preference of character and rp's so that I can push myself even further. That's not all this interest check is, but partly. The other part is an excitement I got inspired from watching one of my best friends play some game called Rainbow Six: Siege. The premise is basically forming an elite task unit from all military organizations around the world into an elite unit called Rainbow Six. Each soldier is its own specialized class (or expertise) and has a special skillset that no one else is proficient at. Together they use tactics and skill to overcome terrorist threats and objectives. Of course I can transform this into a massive plot based story using those specially trained characters into something epic, full of action and all that jazziness.

    I really want to do this, but I need to know it's worth starting up (hence this InCheck) so feel free to respond below! I AM open to creating/using OC's with original skills in this RP, so long as they're different from the established characters' skillsets. Here's a list of the characters below. I don't really know how many people I'll take for this group, just dependent on the interest. This will be full of action, gore, and adult themes so mature minds only. And also no droppers...sigh please have the respect and dignity to not express interest if you know a day later you're going to be inactive or drop because "you don't like something."

    [BCOLOR=#3366ff]The Characters[/BCOLOR]

    • Sledge (Seamus Crowden) - "The Caber" Breaching Hammer: can break down/through absolutely anything.
    • Thatcher (Mike Baker) - EMP Grenade: gamma radiated explosoves that disable any electronic system permanently.
    • Smoke (James Porter) - Poison Gas: grenades/mines with biological agents in them capable of breaking down cellular function via smoke clouds.
    • Mute (Mark Chandar) - Signal Disruptor: Uses a Moni signal jammer to corrupt and distort electronic systems and devices remotely.
    • Ash (Eliza Cohen) - Breaching Round: Fires explosive rounds that burrows into surfaces and detonates.
    • Thermite (Jordan Trace) - Exothermic Charge: Sets an exothermic charge that can melt and breach through armored materials.
    • Castle (Miles Campbell) - Armor Panel: Sets bulletproof barricades, virtually unstoppable by any gunfire.
    • Pulse (Jack Estrada) - Cardiac Sensor: Detects Heartbeats at a proximate distance through obstacles.
    • Twitch (Emmanuelle Pichon) - Shock Drone: Uses a shock drone to disable traps and injure enemies.
    • Montagne (Gilles Toure) - Extendable Shield: Can extend his shield to offer full protection while standing.
    • Doc (Gustave Kateb) - Stim Pistol: Fires a hypodermic shot to heal himself or teammates from a distance.
    • Rook (Julian Nizan) - Armor Pack: Supplies reinforced diamond-ceramic armor plates for team, nigh invincible to guns.
    • Glaz (Timur Glazkov) - Flip Sight: Toggles a magnification scope to increase sniping accuracy for up to a few miles away. Night vision, IR, and thermal included.
    • Fuze (Shuhrat Kessikbayev) - Cluster Charge: Uses cluster charges that pierce surfaces and sticks to walls, releasing sub-grenades on the opposite side.
    • Kapkan (Maxim Basuda)- Entry Denial Device: Sets booby traps on windows and door frames with an invisible IR laser to trigger.
    • Tachanka (Alexsandr Senaviev) - Mounted LMG: Deploys a mounted LMG usable by the whole team.
    GSG 9
    • Blitz (Elias Kotz) - Flash Shield: Triggers a bright flash on shield to ballistically blind enemies.
    • IQ (Monika Weiss) - Electronics Detector: Uses electronics detector to locate any electronics in range through obstacles.
    • Jager (Marius Streicher) - Active Defense: Uses an AD system to intercept grenades before they detonate.
    • Bandit (Dominic Brunsmier) - Shock Wire: Sets high-tension shock wire to gadgets and metal, to deal electricity to tangos.
    • Blackbeard (Craig Jenson) - Rifle-Shield: Can deploy a mounted shield on his weapon.
    • Valkyrie (Meghan Castellano) - Black Eye: Can set up "black eye" cameras, feed accessible by the whole team remotely. Night vision, IR, and thermal included.
    • Buck (Sebastien Cote) - Skeleton Key: Toggles underbarrel shotgun attachment on his weapon that can penetrate even the toughest armor and reinforced material.
    • Frost (Tina Lin Tsang) - Welcome Mat: Uses mechanical traps to incapacitate enemies.

    Again, OC's are welcomed but must make sense and not be some ridiculous skill (i.e. laser cannon, iron man suit, etc.) & must be approved by me.
  2. For the record, I would probably play Ash in this rp.
  3. Question , are we allowed to change their looks if we wanted to?
  4. What do you mean?
  5. The listed characters you currently have named and FC'd. Are we able to change their appearances at all?
  6. Earplug (open)

    Codename: Earplug
    Nationality: Australian
    Agency: SASR
    Age: 23
    Diamond Back Suit. (open)

    Outside of suit:
    Outside of Suit (open)

    Lower Exo-Skeleton: Allows for increased weight allowing user to carry LRAD Power pack.
    Miniaturized Long Rang Acoustic Device (LRAD): Miniaturized version of the Acoustic Device powered by Earplugs backpack power supply. When placed down the MLRAD will emit high frequency noise that can depending on intensity Kill, Incapacitate or Deter enemies within fifty feet of the devices direct front. When standing behind the device the noise can barely be heard.

    9mm Beretta
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  7. There are no Face claims, that's for you to decide. But the armor and gear will stay the same yes. (Like for Valkyrie, get a blond FC for her, etc)
  8. You choose whatever FC you like, just as long as it fits the profile.
  9. I might toss my hat into this one if thats not a problem!

    We're allowed to create our own operators if I read correctly, right?
  10. No problem at all, and that is correct, if they make sense.
  11. interesting. i would definitely be interested.
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  12. Any character in particular?
  13. not sure, i rainbow 6 and i love this rp premise. I would probably try to make my own character. When the OOC thread goes up i will make a cs.

    edit: my OC would probably be some sort of incendiary warfare character
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  14. I guess I'll follow the same game plan about waiting for the OOC. I for one am considering either a SWAT or a DEVGRU operator.. Not exactly sure just yet!
  15. I'd still say hash out ideas and details here, as opposed to just posting a CS that I determine isn't an approved operator and then you have to rework it tidiously.
  16. Ok, i will have a post up soon.
  17. Right I'll try and hash out the details later tonight whenever I can get it together
  18. Would a private military operative be ok?
  19. Preferably with an organization above or a military org, but a PMC is fine as long as the character's skillset is unique and acceptable
  20. which would be better? incendiary ammo, incendiary grenade, or small flamethrower?
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