The Ragnarok Virus

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  1. Claudia glances at the faces that sit across from her and beside her, this is her team. Most were hand picked by her, as she wouldn't have allowed anyone else. Everyone except the security, as it were. Though she is completely aware of the possible dangerous situation, it' not going to be solved by guns, but with medicine and good ol' fashioned science.

    The helicopter touches down on the blanket of white beneath them, sending a cloud of snow into the air. The research team begin to double check the buttons and zippers on their coats, assure their safety from the cold when they are all stopped in their tracks.

    "I'm sorry, but we won't be able to return to pick you up for at least a week. There's a storm coming this way." Claudia's eyes widen slightly, as this information was 'conveniently' withheld from her by her superiors. Would this fact change her decision to investigate? Absolutely not, but it would have caused her to ask for a little more hands on deck. Obviously, the CDC didn't want to dish out the money for a larger team. Internally, she curses her boss with a very colorful language, but on the outside she holds stern, sure of herself. She has to, her team is fixed on her.

    "This changes nothing. We still go in there and help these people, we discover what this sudden outbreak is. However, our satellite phones, you all have none. I'm the only one with a satellite phone. Understand?" Three more individuals on her team have satellite phones, but they all understand her implication, indicating with a soft nod. "Good, then lets go."

    She is confident in herself, and she is confident in her team, not to panic. Everyone's emotional state in the base will most likely be turned on high, on the verge of panic, if not panicked already. She turns to 'The Gun' beside her. "You should stay low, these people will already be heightened, don't need you adding to the situation."


    "Sir, the CDC will be here in 15."

    "Thank you. I'll be there momentarily. Please, meet me by the entrance." Johnathan Reese continues to look out the curved wall of windows in his office. This company, Vir2Lex is everything to him, his complete and total life. They saw potential in him when no one else would. A charity case no doubt, but he owes this company his life and his devotion has paid off well. Look at all he's accomplished, sure it looks like nothing more than a white desert to the untrained eye, but to him it's a blank slate full of....potential and possibilities. Jonathan is the director of this facility, and though he should feel proud, there is this lingering knot in his stomach. A knot of disappointment, of feeling shame, like a child shames a parent.

    He runs his hand through his hair before pulling it over his face. Now is the time to do some damage control. The veterinary facility, located on the farthest corner of the curved building has been closed off to all personel, including the technicians who worked their. Not only is it off limits physically, but verbally as well. The vectors, only a handful of doctors and technicians who worked closely with the virus, have not been able to be located, though the number of staff missing has slowly increased.

    His new objective, to keep the CDC in the dark as much as possible and to get the virus to his employers.
  2. "Fair enough, but these people are going to freak themselves out anyway. I'm simply here to make sure the least amount of people get killed and take notes. If that frightens them, then I don't think they'll last seeing the infected first hand." He looked around at everyone and it was obvious that everyone was on edge. It was understandable given the circumstances, not everyone was used to being in high level situations like this. Being in the marines had made his nerves solid, he had seen things that most human beings would never see in their lifetime. The only difference with this being the whole "infection".

    What's are first move miss, you're the one giving commands." Tom was actually used to being in charge, but he didn't mind the change in rank; plus he probably wasn't the best for authority in this scenario anyway. He had limited knowledge in some aspects of this, but he'd find out all that he needed to know soon enough. For now, he was to follow Claudia's orders and keep the people here safe. Simple enough he guessed
  3. Luna fiddled with her thumbs, she'd been merely a young doctor knowing when to turn her head and to keep her mouth shut. Having heard a few whispers here and a few rumors there, her mind was wondering how anyone would get out of this mess alive, including herself. But her face had no signs of worry, she wasn't meant to be concerned, she was there for medical help and emergency aid, that was all. She went over procedures in her head, from how to address certain injuries and how much medical supplies she'd need. This was nothing like her office.

    She'd seen humans die in her hands, sometimes die because of her hands due to stern orders from unknown high places. She'd watched men go insane, turn violent at a moment's notice, foam at the mouth from trying to end their lives with a starch of pills. Gore was not an issue, it was being in an unfamiliar setting outside of her working space was what made her leg twitch and her breathing quicken. Every corner would be unknown, every step an uncertain one, every breath could be her last. Yet she awaited any orders given, be them accurate and wise, or rash and foolish, it didn't matter. As long as someone asked something of her, she'd do it.
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