The Ragnarok Virus

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  1. “Something went incredibly wrong.” The young man awkwardly ran his hand through his damp hair, droplets of sweat beading along his brow. “The virus was harmless on its own, but with the aid of other viruses…” He shakes his head, his eyes darting from side to side as if he would find an answer floating in the air. And though he seemed exhausted and worn, his voice was strained and full of urgency. “It became….commander, using the other viruses like a well trained army to achieve its means.” The man jumped as a large bang echoed, the frosted window in the door behind him slowly became consumed with shadows. the lamp located off screen was the only source of light in the room. “Oh god.” His shaky voice broke as his eyes welled with tears. He broke, if but only for a moment, consumed with frantic emotion before pulling himself to together. “The entire lower level has been sealed off. They act like wild animals, but they’re smart.” Loud bangs threaten to drown out his voice. “My name is Carl Ferrell, my sister’s name is Jackie. I think she made it to the upper levels. Dear God, please let this message make it.” The young man reached towards the camera just as this horrible noise filled everyone’s ears, almost human, but not quite. His face wore an expression of defeat, before the screen went black.

    The lights in the meeting room raised slowly to an appropriate brightness, and all that could be heard for a long time was deafening silence. The director of the CDC waited for the reality of the situation to sink in to the doctors before him, before asking for volunteers.

    Wondering if anyone would be interested in the above concept. I am looking for just a handful of people (as too many may convolute the story), who are willing to write at least a paragraph per post. Please keep in mind that any character may fall victim to the virus, becoming an antagonist, a vector. There will be at least a partial cure for the virus, though a complete cure remains to be seen.
  2. (owo/) *raises hand*

    May I join? I'm particularly interested in the plot so far.
  3. Awesome, I'll post a link when I have it all set up. We have 3 participants so far, just waiting for a few more takers.
  4. Sure this sounds fun, I'd like to join as well haha
  5. Awesome, I will have everything up by this weekend, with character sheets. Keep in mind characters should also include an armed force of some sort, not only scientists and lab technicians.
  6. I didn't even see the other place to post. I'll try posting something but I hope this isn't dead.
  7. Yeah the IC and everything is up. @Twisted Dreamer and I put up our first posts.
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