The Radio Show needs you!

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  1. Members and Memdettes of Iwaku!

    For over two years the radio show has come out every month thanks to the tireless work of October, CWD, Kitti among many others. They have worked tirelessly to entertain you, but the show has always had one problem. Manpower. It doesn't matter who you are, what you sound like, what you can do everyone is welcome to pitch in. It is a COMMUNITY project, which means the entire community can help.

    It is also a project like no other, being heard and not all read. If you're interested in writing, voicing, making, doing, or just are interesting in how the show is put together head on down to the IWAKU RADIO SHOW GROUP and sign up!
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  2. By the way, you can also advertise your roleplays on the show! >:3 All you have to do is give Mister @CosmicWeinerDog your roleplay information!
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  3. This sounds cool... could you tell me more about what it does? Do they announce things, or have radio stories, or... what? Also, what kind of Technology would I need?
  4. This is true! Generally we do this in a format akin to movie trailers. While it's a parody, you can see more information about how I do this in the July Episode of the radio show from last year:

    Ad info starts about 0:42 mark.

    Ocha also got some advertising in for her Crimson Soul's RP this way. We get in quite a few listeners through the site, so it's a great addition to other advertisements like the banners system.

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  5. Generally, the Iwaku radio show is a group project that airs on the 15th of every month and is a program to inform as to all things Iwaku. We do interviews with members and staff, let people know about new projects, Advertise roleplays, talk about various avenues of writing and how they effect their readers, Parody, put on iwaku original music and much more. It's sort of a smelting pot for all things site related and I very much enjoy doing it.

    While I enjoy doing it, It's just kind of a big undertaking and I would love to have some more members to help make it a thing every month. Immediately following the posting of each video, I put up a thread in the group listing stating the theme and what I'm looking for as far as the next show goes. This being said, I'm always completely open (And and often request) new ideas and even the alterations of the ones I list. From there I take submissions provide, mix them together, toss visuals on them and post them via youtube for all you peoples to hear.

    As for technology you need, It's pretty simple and you can knock it out with just about any microphone you have access to. Even laptop microphones these days are often good enough for recording purposes. While you could use any audio recording program, There is freeware online called Audacity that serves more than enough for what we're doing. Just hit the red button, record your segment, tweak it to your hearts desire and export it as an MP3. You can then send that file to me or Post it to our site's Dropbox.

    You can download audacity for free right here:
  6. Aye, thanks man, I'll take a look at the group!
  7. I've always thought doing radio radio would be fun. I have no artistic skills, but I do have a voice! So, I would be happy to help with that in any way I can. I don't really know what I could do to be of assistance but please let me know if there's anything I can. I sometimes use Skype but the only microphone I have is part of my phone so I won't sound very good but I make do.
  8. I'm famous for my voice, albeit in small circles (of about the hundreds)

    I'd be glad to help however I can.
  9. I cant' record anything on my IPad, (don't have a computer) but I would be happy to lend my writing skills :P
  10. Go look at apps. I record exclusively on my iPad because my computer mic is crap. You can fine free or paid apps depending on your needs.
  11. No. Explanations I will not give, but I have the,.
  12. Ah, I'd love to participate, but I'm afraid the fact that I'm a foreigner renders my english skills quite... unfitting for a radio broadcast.
  13. Don't you know accents are sexy?
  14. I'm foreign. >=(
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  15. Vay's done segments too! As have several other people outside of predominant english speaking countries. Generally speaking they go over well as americans are suckers for accents.
  16. Well, in this case I would love to participate. Where can I get some more information on the radio show?

    EDIT: Nevermind, the last time I clicked of the link to the group my browser crashed. It worked now.
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  17. I'll join once I have some free time
  18. May I join as well? May I lend my voice to something either ridiculous or dead serious, like a [comic] debate or a radio drama[comedy]?
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  19. Everyone can join! 8D Go to the group and start brainstorming and/or sending in segments!

    If you send in lots of segments that aren't time sensitive, it helps A LOT because then Cosmic will have a stock of things to work with for months he doesn't get enough submissions. <3
  20. I'd be interesting in joining, I tend to be very creative and even though I have no role plays going currently. I can make up interesting stories and such for the radio show if that's acceptable.