The Raccoon Family

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    The sun shone brightly over the raccoon family tree, sunlight piercing every hole and every room inside the large tree. It was a truly pleasant sight--

    "UUAAAGHHH!" Liam groaned as he rolled over and slapped a paw across his banded face. "I freaking hate sunlight! Why do we have to live in this lame tree? Why can't we live in a cave or something cooler than this piece of junk!" He complained as he crawled out of his nest of dead leaves and soft dirt. He shook the dust and twigs out of his fur, before darting down to the lower level of the tree that served as the family room and the eating place. Upon seeing that no one was awake yet, he flopped down onto his belly and began grumbling angrily to himself.
    "Yeah, no one's awake because no one's room is facing where the sunrises! Lana should have the stupid sun room since she likes adventure so much! But nooo, Liam has to get the short end of the stick ALL THE TIME..."

    - -

    Jared, rolled onto his side and stretched, his large paws poking his wife's back. He pulled them back quikcly, not wanting to wake her up, and turned over and went back to sleep. He thought he heard Liam yelling about something, but he figured he could deal with that in a few more hours...Z Z Z Z Z...
  2. Ears twitching as she listened to her dastardly brother's moans of complaint, Lana slowly peeked opened her eyes, muttering out a groan of her own, though hers more of annoyance than anything. Did Liam have to be up at this time, complaining as usual? Honestly, shouldn't he be used to the conditions that he was put through every day with the sun shining into his little hole?

    Faintly, Lana could have sworn that she heard her name come from his mouth, but she shook the notion off since she hadn't really been able to tell. Still, couldn't he be quieter? She sighed. Apparently not. Then again, her quick annoyance to her older sibling this morning could be accounted for her lack of sleep, since she really had only just got back to the tree about an hour or two ago after her late night excursion around the landscape. Oh, but the journey had been awesome! True, she had seen the same place that she snuck off to so many nights, but with every new night she couldn't help but find something new and exhilarating about it.

    She smiled at the thought, rolling on her back as she tried to get herself go back to sleep, but as she continued to hear her brother's voice she found that action becoming less and less possible. Ugh, looked like it would be another long, sleepy day for her. "Oh, will you stop complaining about everything?!" She shouted to her brother as she entered the lower level of the tree, sending a glare his way as she shook her fur, yawning in the process.
  3. Sala opened her sticky eyes. "Oh my sweet raccoon god, why must those two be so loud in the mornings." She muttered.
    Sala clambered out of her hole into the main opening. "Why? Jared, I could have slept even a few more minutes! You are never quiet, you were also the loudest baby." She complained as she rooted through the leaves on the ground.
    "And, you little Missy, don't shout so early in the morning, I will feed you both to the bears, they would love that." She chuckled.

    "Hmm, we don't have much food, just little bits of berries. Brilliant." She sat there for a moment. "Actually, you two could go out and get some food, since you are up. If you are don't go to far, Lana I'm looking at you. " she said with a small frown.
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