The Rabbit's Hole.

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  1. Every single world possible, near and far, big and small, this bar is connected to. That mysterious door that leads to a location unknown, this bar is that very unknown location. A bar infinitely huge, endless rooms, and never ending hallways. How the owner of this bar pulled this off is well....unknown. So come as a character of yours or yourself it doesn't matter. Think of this place as a character break room. Taking the time to relax from their story lines. A place for both IC and OOC. So come in and stay awhile. No rules what so ever, how can you turn that down?

    "Psssssh!!! I bet I can name like ten people who would turn that down! Me being one of them!!!"

    Question Mark knock it off!! I'm trying to write up something cool and interesting. And how could you turn this down you own the bar!

    "I what!?!?! When!?!?! How!?!?! Why!?!!? I don't wanna own a bar....wait....can I have strippers?"

    ......strippers?....uhhh...well...It is your bar I guess and I did say no rules. I don't wanna turn this into some kind of strip club though.

    "Uhhh my bar Role player! Not yours, I am Question Mark and it does say Question Mark's bar!"

    Damn it...I should have seen this coming....

    "SHUT UP ROLE PLAYER!!! Time for me to take over!"

    "So yes!!! Come one come all!! I don't care who the hell you are. Just come and grab a drink, stick around for some lovely chit chatting! Watch women....and men strip! NO RULES!!! So I wanna see some good old bar fights! As for music....nothing stupid. I swear if I hear something stupid you'll know. I'll shot ya! Anyways...COME ON!!! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!"
  2. So uhhh how's the bar going Question Mark?

    "SHUT IT!!! People will come, if you build it they will come. They're just shy, unable to handle the awesomeness me and this bar have. Plus they might just think of you as a bad role player. Which you are."

    At least I'm real and have friends.

    "Not cool bro....not cool...."
  3. ((ohhh another interdimensional bar i have another one in another dimensiĆ³n lulululululu. i dont know if this is good but what demons lets do it))

    one big monster with four arms enters the bar, the one-eyed creature is left eye is disintegrated and the mouth is full of sharp teeth, monstrous being is at the very least in the guise of a giant beetle that walks on two legs.

  4. Question Mark looks over at the monstrous creature that enters his bar. He cocks his head to the side and crosses his arms over his chest. "Ummm wow...." He was speechless, not out of fear, he just didn't know what to say to the creature. "You're really lucky this bar doesn't have any no ugly signs. Though I do suppose it'd be a good idea to put one up." Wow really Question Mark? You're first quest and you insult them? You're such a dick. Question sighed and rolled his eyes under gas mask. "Relax role player I bet the damn thing can't even understand me."
  5. A man Saunters into the bar, His head phones in his his leaver jacket a bit wet. He shakes hi head letting the water fall from it and he rubs his eyes looking around and says " I think im lost.." He had a smirk on his face when he said " I could of sworn i heard this place was going to be filled with people " He let a small laugh go and he made his way deeper into the bar. Taking a seat at a table and kicking back letting himself lean so the chair it on its back two legs, He ran his tongue on his lips and said " So what is there to drink in this fine establishment? ". Akuma was definitely interested in meeting some new people from around the galaxy and so on...but he began to wonder if there would be people that would actually come here to just chit chat with him
  6. Akuma- Question Mark's attention was quickly pulled away from the creature and was now on another new comer in the bar. He raised an eye brow at the man and chuckled under his mask. "What's there to drink? Why don't you get up and find out. It's a never ending bar, the possibly of drinks are endless. You have two legs get up and use them buddy." Wow, the second person comes in and you're just as rude to them as you were the first person. What the hell is wrong with you man? Question Mark shrugged and took a seat chuckling under his mask. "Role player give it a break. If people came here thinking there'd be butterflies, rainbows, and fuffy kittens. If they came there thinking I'd wait on them hand and feet. If they came here thinking I'd be nice...they are so wrong. About all those things." Fluffy kittens? Have a thing for cute things Question Mark? "NO!!!!......maybe...."
  7. Bleyd- Question Mark stares blankly at the creature as it speaks. Trying so hard to hold back a laugh but he can't. He burst out in loud laughter as he falls to the floor holding his gut. "You eat me!?!?! Me get you something to eat!?!? I'm sure your brain is no where as big as your ego alien thing." He said catching his breath and pushing himself to his feet. "You come in and and threaten the owner of a never ending bar? Not smart. Oh and if you ate me I'd bust out of your gut without breaking a sweat. So get you're own damn food lazy"
  8. RAVEN IN THE HOUSE" little Raven bracks the door down "boom" shows her mushls witch she has no of "boom"shows the other arm the dose fire powers ""fire power. little Raven as wareing her clack under neath was a black dress. she notice the door and puts her hand behind her head saying with a nervos laugh "haha sorry about the door"
  9. His eyes then locked onto the Tyranid...he should of known it was a tryanid by the time he walked in, but he quickly ignored everything and got out of his seat. He lept over some type of bar and landed on the floor, Opening a cabinet and noticing a Dos Equis, He smirked and grabbed it standing back up He stretched a bit. Before he leaned on the bar and smacked the end of the Cap on the side of it causing it to fling off, He caught the cap in his hand and took a swig of the Dos Equis. He then said " Man that thing is ugly " directing it towards the tyranid
  10. Raven- Question Mark turns his head to watch the female bust right through the door. He tilted his head and watched the door fall to the floor. Hearing her say RAVEN IN THE HOUSE he smirked under his mask. "You must be Raven...and don't worry about the door. It's an endless bar so one broken door isn't going to do me harm. Though since you are female you might wanna be careful here now." Question Mark points to Bleyd and chuckles a little bit. "This alien thing might go all hentai tentacle on you." Really!?!?! You had to go there Question Mark. "Yup...I had to role player."
  11. Akuma spat beer out his mouth when Question mark made the Hentai comment, He held his gut and was leaning down laughing. He couldnt believe he said that to a young girl, He finished his laughter standing up and leaping onto the bar and taking a seat so his leg hung off of it. He was still just catching up on how everyone looked to he was taking his time before he really began introducing himself.
  12. Akuma- Question Mark looks at the creature an then back at Akuma. "Well....I bet we look just as ugly to it as well. I'm so ugly I wear my gas mask." He laughs and points to his gas mask. It's true he's very ugly under that gas mask. All kinds of scares and shit. His face looks like ass. "HEY!!! What the hell Role player I ain't that ugly!!!" You do know these people can't here me right? So talking to me isn't making you look good. "Well shut your stupid ass up and maybe I wouldn't be talking to you."
  13. Often garbage service, so do not earn money and you will have happy customers,

    Nom Nom Nom the monster star eat chairs
  14. Bleyd- "Don't eat my chairs dude. I know people are going to want to sit on this dirty as floor." Question Mark takes his favorite chair 'Benny' and hides it some place safe.
  15. Akuma- Question Mark shrugs and chuckles to himself. "I say what I want. I hold no punches."
  16. " That thing is destructive...along with that little girl " He runs his hand through his red hair letting it settle a bit messier than usual. He kept looking at the beast waiting just in case this thing needs its ass to be whooped...But destroying part of this room now would be stupid. He takes a sip of his beer again and swirls it a bit after the sip, His Crimson eyes then scan the room quickly he looks for something else to occupy his mind
  17. "Well gee maybe I should learn how to hold my punches, I just scared the girl away I think. Oh well...I'm poofing anyways I need food. Later!"
  18. "DONT WORRY I CAN KICK ANYONES ASS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK AND HELL NO YOU DID NOT SCARE ME AWAY" lies all lies buch of bulshit. "now im hunger and inneed fsomthing to drink" she runs to the bar with a smile
  19. ""ok ok i dont eat more chairs, but i go to sleep, "".

    the monster lies in a corner of the bar and falls asleep snoring loudly