The Rabbit and the Snake

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  1. Katie was always nervous, and a light sleeper. She was a nervous wreck, as her friends called her. Always jumping at the slightest scare or even the word "boo" or a sudden loud bang. She worked as a waitress and often dropped things because of her nerves, her nose always twitching. She was also very quiet, not much of a talker. She had just slung her purse over her shoulder and was leaving work and going to her car.
  2. Zack was sort of a jerk. He was the type that would say all those snide comments that would piss a guy off, but once the guy took action, Zack would welcome their agression with a good kick to the face. He had extremely fast reflexes and could climb walls. On top of that, his tongue was insanely long and his top two canine teeth were so big that they peeked out slightly from his upper lip. He was looking for a place in which he could grab a bite or perhaps a human would suffice. Preferably one that was easily scared. Zack noticed a woman walking to her car and approached her. Beautiful woman she was... Probably wouldn't taste to bad either, shame he was going to eat such a beautiful specimen.

    "Well hello there." Zack said coolly.
  3. She flinched a little in surprise, not having heard him come up behind her. "Oh. Um, hi." She said nervoulsy, turning to face him. She nervously tucked a loose lock of bleech blonde hair behind he hair, fidgiting to be off and go home were it was safe.
  4. "No need to be afraid... I just don't find it safe that you are traveling alone... perhaps you would like some company?" Zack asked slyly.
    His words were sincere. He did not find it safe for her to be traveling about on her own. It was dangerous for one to do and in fact deadly. Zack of all people knew how dangerous travling alone could be. It didn't matter if you were in a car or not. There were insane people that lurked about the streets. Especially at this time of night.
  5. She gave him a nervous smile. "Thanks but I...I'm fine on my own. I'm just heading to my car to go home." She turned and started to walk away.
  6. Zack was not in the mood to chase his food down and instead was left standing there. He sighed. What did it take for one to get a simple meal? However, that girl reminded him of a frightened rabbit. He chuckled to himself thinking this and started climbing up the side of a building on his way home, the thrilling way. He was going to free run the entire way there.
  7. She drove home and parked in the driveway, taking a minute to get out of her car, her purse once again going over her shoulder. She stepped out and put her keys in her purse and thudded the door shut, looking forward to a salad and lemonade. She was a vegitarian and had never eaten meat nor had any desire to. She pushed the thought aside as she started to unlock her front door to go into her house.
  8. Zack realized that the girl's home was actually close to his and his free running was getting him to his own place rather quickly. He wondered if she noticed him climbing the walls, but probably not seeing as the girl was a frightened rabbit in his eyes. He clung to the window of his house before entering it through the window. There was a door to his house though he rarely ever used it.
  9. Once she got the door unlocked and got herself into her house, she set her purse down on the kitchen counter and locked up again. Her pet cat meowed softly, making her jump. She smiled and knelt down, scratching the tabby's head. "Well hello there Copper." She said, scratching her cat before standing up. She got the cat food and poured it in Copper's bowl and the cat meowed happily and went to his food, tail held happily in the air. "Now for my dinner." She said, and started bustling around in the kitchen to fix her salad.
  10. Zack's stomach growled impatiently so the only other option was to feed off that girl from earlier. He groaned. He really didn't feel like going through the hassle of stalking his food. Zack silently wondered if the window was open. He hopped onto the side of the girl's house and started climbing onto it, looking for an open window. He ended up finding the girl's bedroom, but he was thinking it would be locked. Seeing as the girl was paranoid, he wouldn't be surprised if all the windows were locked. Zack hissed under his breath. He'd have to break in as much as he didn't want to. So silently he waited on the side of her house... Like a snake waiting for its prey...
  11. By the time she had prepared and eaten her dinner, it was quite late and she was ready for bed. She washed her dirty dishes and set them aside on a drying rack to air dry and went upstairs to her bedroom and started rummaging around for some pajamas after showering.
  12. Seeing as the woman had gone upstairs, Zack took it upon himself to go through the front door. He very quietly and skillfully broke in. He didn't make a single sound. Zack had only done this a few times before and it was not his favorite way to get food, but what other options did he have. Zack crept quietly up the stairs again not making a single sound, much like a snake made no sound when it moved. He peeked through the door and saw that she had just gotten out of the shower. A gorgeous body she had... he thought to himself. It was too bad he was going to eat her. Zack looked around, if he had any alternatives, it would be her cat, but he didn't quite like furred mammals... Always hard to digest, unless it was a mouse or something. Zack was waiting yet again for the perfect opprotunity, not daring to move from the shadows.
  13. Her hair was wrapped in a light blue towel and she turned her back towards her door and slipped into undergarments and then pajamas, finally unwrapping the towel from around her head and letting her blonde hair fall down her back.
  14. To Zack, it was evident that the girl did not notice him and her body was more feminine then her previous get up had lead him to believe. Zack crept into the room, low to the ground, just barely opening the door. He did it in such a stealthy way making sure that his footsteps could not be heard. He glided across the room his footsteps masked by the girl's own breathing.
  15. She turned to go to bed when she saw him then. She screamed, grabbing a vase and chucking it at him. What in the world was he doing here crawling around on her floor? She wondered, making a dash for it back downstairs, her heart pounding loudly in her chest.
  16. Zack did not move, but simply disappeared into the darkness.
    "Don't run from me you foolish girl..."
    Zack was downstairs waiting for her, eating something else. However it was hard to indentify what it was. He loved it when they ran and screamed. It made it easier for the fleeing prey to make a mistake. Though it would be a travesty to kill one as beautiful as this. Perhaps he would keep her alive or better yet keep her as something that would benefit him.
    "It would be a travest to eat such a girl as beautiful as you. Tell you what, I'll let you live for now should you prove your worthy of living. Good bye."
    With that Zack disappeared. He would need to win her over to truly get an evaluation. So it seemed that a transformation would be in order. He was glad that he could shed this appearance and simply have new one if he desired...
  17. She watched him as she left, trembling in her fear and adrenaline. What he said made her know he would come back. It was just a matter of if. Not when. She decided to call the police. "Hello?" She said, her voice shaky.

    "How can we help you Ma'am?" Came the reply. A male's voice, calm and full of authority.

    "S-someone broke into my house and threatened to - to kill me." She studdered.

    "We'll be right over Ma'am. Stay where you are." They said, and hung up.

    She waited in her living room, antsy and paranoid.
  18. Zack was not worried about the police in the least. His appearance had changed entirely and his face, voice, all completely different. He had literally shed his old skin. He had the option of keeping the same appearance, but there was too much risk now that she had called the police. Zack walked about the street seeing the police he did not do anything. He loved it when they crouched in fear thinking that the authorities could save them. It was a sad act of fear really. Humans were such mindless beings and it amused him so when they tried do something smart. Zack was actually headed off to work. He had several jobs, but for this appearance, he would work as a bartender.
  19. She greeted the two officers that came to her house about a half hour after Zack had left. They sat her down in the living room.

    "Ma'am can you tell us what happened?" One of them asked.

    She told them about Zack breaking in, though they didn't seem to believe her, but then she noticed her cat missing.

    "Ma'am, calm down. Please." They told her, sitting her back down on the couch.
  20. Zack hadn't eaten her cat. There was just too much fur there. It probably ran out of the door when he walked in, but quite frankly he didn't care. Then he noticed a really tabby cat hiding behind a trash can. Well, perhaps this would be his good deed for the day. He picked up the cat and it purred. Guess his smell was different or the cat might of hissed at him. He looked at the police around the room.

    "Excuse me ma'am, is this your cat per chance? Gentlemen, good evening." Zack asked, his voice pleasant and smile welcoming.

    His appearance and voice was different so it was highly unlikely that he would be recognized. Zack placed the cat on the ground and then left seriously going to work this time.