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  1. The prestigious Kaname family is known across Japan for their long family line of star actors and producers. However, the youngest Kaname offspring is none of those, just a simple girl forced into making her debut as a star Violinist. All she wants is a normal family relationship. But her family is never around, and all she has is her kindhearted but very strict manager. She made a promise to her family to make a friend before she graduated High School, but starting her first year is going to be much harder then she thought, especially since she ends up falling in love with her popular female classmate...
  2. Name: Hiyori Kaname
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10
    Town: Tokyo
    She is very quiet and doesn't talk much, though while she's on TV she has a bright and optimistic attitude that makes her hard to spot outside of work. She hates crowds and likes being alone
    Family: Arisa (mother), Kenji (father), Izumi (older brother, 28), Miyako (older sister, 21), Kyo Futatane (manager, 32)
    Strengths: Hiyori is an amazing Violinist, but she also excels at drawing and math
    Weaknesses: Hiyori is terrible at sports and is also very clumsy, often tripping and hurting herself
    Phobias: Thunder, Cages
    Likes: Anime, Manga, Music, Playing the Violin, Reading, Math
    Dislikes: Being popular, Sports, Her siblings
    Other: She made her debut when she was 10, starting out as a background character in a movie her parents were starring in. She became popular rather quickly after playing the Violin at a children's concert at age 12, and since then she's gotten very popular and has her own show that airs on the first day of every month. When she's on set, she curls her hair and wears a pair of teal blue wings. She changes her appearance to make it hard for people to recognize her when she's in the regular world. When she isn't on set she keeps her hair straight and almost always wears her school uniform.
    Show uniform:
    Dere-Dere type: She's a huge dandere and very shy
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