The Question was why

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  1. (( R.P Entrance, LOL sorry If Ive got this wrong... New here))

    one Person stood In the cold Of the night.. In the middle Of nowhere. mountains looming In the misty distance.. Tears trickled down the mans cheeks, He was boyishly handsome, If not It was ruined By the one black glass eye.. The other a beautiful pale sky blue.. His pale duckling curls fell around His head like a halo.. He shivered In the blackness.. He was afraid.. He hated the dark... He was as still as a statue with cold creeping Up his spine Like someone has crossed his GRAVE. But me sang very very quietly.. He was to afraid to move in the thick blackness, But beautiful singing reached its hands into the thick night..

    "dont Listen to a word I say... the screams all sound the same.."

    The voice was quiet Like a feather, Beautiful Like a dawn, keeping its master from running blindly In the deserted moonlight.