The Quest for Olympus (A Demi-God RP)

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  1. The Quest for Olympus
    :A Demi-God RP:

    "My Dear Son or Daughter,
    Though I haven't been around much I've been watching you grow up from my home here on Olympus.
    I want to get to know you my child, this is why I'm inviting you to join me for the summer in Olympus. I've already talked to your mother/father and they have agreed.
    I'll see you in Greece, Until then.
    All my love,
    Your Immortal Parent."

    You've been pushed and pull and now here you are, on a plane in first class heading to Greece to see your immortal parent. You will be meeting a few other demigod and goddess as well. Will you all survive this summer in Greece? Or will the earth fall into the hands of the titans once again?

    "Please remain seated with your seatbelt on as the plane takes off." The flight attend announced over the P.A. system. Autumn settled into her first class seat as she opened up the issue of the airline magazine and flipped though the pages, bored.

    Luckily for her she had brought her iPod and headphones so as soon as the rest of the plane was loaded she could take it out. Wondering who would take the seat next to her she looked out the plane window and sighed. "I hope Greece is fun.."​
  2. Kyle had gone on a couple vacations with is brother, to a local lake and the beach, but nothing like this. They never really had the money to fly anywhere, let alone out of the country, but here he was. The thought was strange to him, being on a giant aircraft moving hundreds of miles an hour but he kind of liked it.

    As he boarded the plane the flight attendant said something he didn't catch, but he didn't really think it was that important. His eyes darted around the room looking for a place to sit and he saw an open seat next to a girl that seemed about his age. Not knowing were else to go he asked, "Is this seat taken?" ​
  3. Selene looked around at the plane that she was sitting in. She loved flying and first class was pretty nice, though she preferred her little private plane better. She sighed and thumbed through her bag, trying to find her phone. So far, no one had sat next to her, though there was another girl just across the aisle. She was pretty and seemed to be around her age. She felt a sort of drawing towards her but Selene just brushed it off.

    As she looked through her phone, she couldn't help but wonder how long she would be away from home for. Not that it really mattered, Selene couldn't wait to get away from there. She doubted her father would even really notice that she was gone. It wasn't like he was ever home to notice when she was there.

    Again, she looked over at the girl. But this time, there was a boy standing next to the seat. She looked up at him. He seemed to be about her age as well. Come to think of it, there were quite a few teens in first class. That was strange. And just like with the girl, Selene felt a strange pull towards this boy. Like there was something different about them just like her. Suddenly, it clicked in her mind. These were the other demigods and goddesses. She cleared her throat and looked at the two of them. "So you two wouldn't be happening to going to Greece to visit family, would you?"
  4. Helia grinned as she entered the first class row, her eyes watching each present teen trough her aviator sunglasses. She was rather excited, to say the least. It has been a long time since she had traveled somewhere that didn't involve her mother's business. And now, she was going to Greece, to see her dad! That was awesome!

    Helia searched for a place to sit and saw that the seat besides a pretty girl was empty. Well, if she's going to spend the next hours sitting next to someone, better to chose this someone wisely. She wanted a good view, you know. So she strode towards the girl, who she would later know to be Selene.

    "Hey there, cutie. Hope this seat's not taken, 'cause..." Suddenly, she threw her backpack on the floor and sat on the seat, actually, she plumped down on it. Rather ungracefully. Without taking the grin out of her face, Hel finished her sentence. "...if it is, then too bad. You're stuck with me."

    Well, nobody said something about Helia being a pleasant person.
  5. Titos was certainly relieved to find the seats on this flight far more roomier. Business class was certainly made with him in mind. With large and cushy seats and ample leg and elbow room, it was nothing like the sardine packed seats used on the plane he came in on, before boarding this one. Admittedly he hardly noticed it at first, but after the wonder of flying somewhere had worn off, the elbow in his ribs every five minutes definitely started to bother. Here he was at least likely to get some reading done, since there were no crying children or screaming parents.

    The room slowly filled once he had settled in his seat, near the front of the room. Mostly teenagers to his surprise. He had always thought that business class was filled with men in suits carrying briefcases, off to some corporate meeting. It wasn't the case though as yet another teen made her way in, plopping into a seat somewhere behind him.

    Briefly he wondered where they were off to and where their parents were. Were they too meeting them for the first time or were these just school kids on their first vacation from home? Not that it had anything to do with him. He broke open a white sleeved book, having rummaged it from his backpack.

    Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking. A book his mother had gifted him before he boarded. He wasn't quite certain if it at been a jest, but he would read it nonetheless.
  6. Logan wasn't used to planes, he had never been on one. He was a mix between excited and scared out of his mind. He had barely ever been out of the city and now he was going across the ocean? It was carzy. As he boareded the plane he took a deep breath, there was no reason to be nervous. That is until he saw that the plane was filled with other teenagers. He walked over to a guy who looked around his age who was reading and sat down next to him "Hope this seat isnt taken?" He asked softly.

    He leaned back in the chair, just slightly, just to get a feel of it. His mom would of been so shocked, these chairs were comfier then half the chairs in there house. Alothough his mom hadn't been all that happy to send him out here but its not like you can really fight with god on things.
  7. Autumn looked up to see who had spoken to her and smiled at the teen boy. "Nope, not taken. Go ahead" She said, motioning to the empty airline seat next to her. She watched a few others bored the plane and watched in interest when a drop dead gorgeous girl took her seat across the aisle to her. The girl looked back at Autumn and she quickly looked away, staring was creepy right?

    But the girl's question perked Autumn's interest, and she leaned over to look at the girl. "I am.. I'm going to visit my father.. are you?" She asked the girl, leaning a bit closer and almost in the boy's lap. "Oops! Sorry!!" She said, flailing a bit as she sat up in her seat.
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  8. Kyle lifted up his backpack into the over-head carry on storage, grabbing his copy of, The Minor Gods of Greek Mythology. After finding out his mother was a Goddess he couldn't not want to learn more about it. As he took his seat he looked around shocked by the amount of teens on their way to Greece as well. For a second he thought it was just a bunch of snobby rich kids taking their monthly vacation to their own exotic penthouse but maybe they weren't. Kyle fastened his seat belt and looked at the girl across the aisle. He mind started to race, did she really just ask that? Could they really be?

    He looked at the other girl hearing her response, to see her practically on his lap. He gave her a weird look, as she jumped back realizing what she did. Not wanting to make a big deal he said, "No no your fine," opening his book to avoid eye contact. He didn't want to make this any more awkward than it already was. "I'm visiting my mother for the summer," he said to the girl across the aisle.
  9. Selene held back a laugh as the girl seemed to almost fall into the boy's lap before flailing a little and righting herself. She nodded as they both answered the question. Yes. They were visiting family. And yet, none of them looked Greek. It couldn't be though... could it?

    Selene really didn't have much time to ponder that thought before another girl plopped down into the seat on her other side. Sel looked at the girl in half shock. She had called her a cutie? She was not cute. Selene eyed the girl a little and shook her head. "Nope. It's all yours." She wasn't quite sure what to make of this new girl. She was loud and confident and it was actually quite nice. Most people that Selene knew were too stuck up to even speak to others let alone make such bold remarks.

    She turned back to the other girl and guy across the aisle. How could she word this... She furrowed her brow a bit and cocked her head while staring at them. She realized she was staring though and blinked a few times before meekly asking, "They.. wouldn't happen to be... uh.." She pursed her lips and took a breath, trying to regather her thoughts. Suddenly, she saw the boy's book. The Minor Gods of Greek Mythology. Okay. Now this was almost definitely a plane full of demi-gods. But still she couldn't just blurt it out, could she? She nodded towards the book instead. "You're interested in Greek gods. How come?" She shifted in her seat, clearly unsure of herself. But she just had to know! These must be the others that her mother had told her about. It only made sense.
  10. Kyle had gotten almost a chapter into the book, when yet another teen came walking down the aisle, taking the seat next to the girl across the aisle. This girl was the kind of people he wasn't too fond of, loud and obnoxious. If there was one thing he hated most in people it was when they were full of themselves. This girl didn't seem too bad, maybe she just made the wrong first impression but Kyle began to think that this trip was going ot be longer than he thought.

    He started to read a little more, every now and then looking around to see if anyone else looked uneasy, when he heard the same girl ask about his interested in Greek Mythology. "Uhh.. well we're going to Greece and my mom is really into this kind of stuff so i thought I might just prepare myself before i see her. Why do you ask are you interseted in it too? I'm Kyle by the way." Kyle was starting to wonder why this girl kept asking these questions out of the blue. Could she have been a Demi-God too? And if she is a Demi-God then how many more of them could be on this plane?

    Kyle turned to the girl next to him, but she hadn't said anything since she nearly fell on him. He wondered "Hey you said you're going to Greece to visit your dad right? Why is he all the way in Greece while you're here in America?" After saying this he suddenly felt dumb, for she could ask him the same exact thing. His mind started to race, this could get more exciting then he had ever thought.
  11. Autumn was fixing her hair when the next question was asked. "Hmm? Oh I'm Autumn by the way" She said with a cute smile. She turned to the boy she'd just fallen on and replied. "He uh, moved when I was little..." Her voice trailed off before she shook her thoughts away and replaced it with a smile again. This time a little more forced as she said. "But uh why is your mom in Greece? Kyle.. right?" She asked with a tilt of her head in curiosity. "I'm just wondering of course! No specific reason or anything" She said quickly. 'Could they be.. Demi-gods like me..?' She thought to herself.
  12. To Kyle every teen on this plane seemed like a Demi-God. How can you explain a bunch of teens, riding first class, all alone, to go to Greece, to meet just a single parent. He wanted to just stand up and say something but what if they weren't? Then they would just think of him as some fool for him thinking his parent was a god.

    "Yea my name's Kyle, the one and only!" he said in a sarcastic tone. it was like he was almost mocking the girl next to him across the aisle. "Well I've never actually met my Mom... I've seen her once but i don't really know her." Kyle had been thinking about this a lot lately. Why would his mother, a god, want to meet with him. He wasn't really angry with her for basically abandoning him and his brother, he just felt like it was an odd reason for her to choose now for him to do some mother and son bonding.. "So you're father moved when you were younger, and I've never really met my mother so i guess were in the same boat. Are you excited to meet him?"

    Kyle was to nervous to just straight out ask her if her father was a good. She would just think he was some kind of freak if he wasn't, so he decided to narrow down the gods starting with the Major gods. One look at her and you could almost guess her god parent would Aphrodite, but there was no way that could be. She was going to Greece to meet her father so that leaves it to either one of the major Gods or one of the dozens of minor gods. 'At least I have a book with info on almost all the minor gods,' he thought with a sigh. If we was too nervous to ask this was going to be a long search.
  13. Helia pretended to clean her sunglasses as she listened to the conversation between the teens. However, she being herself, couldn't keep the thoughts to herself only. She was starting to suspect of them being like her, actually, she was almost pretty sure of it. Well, it seemed like almost everybody here was going to Greece to see their mother or father. It was too much to just be a coincidence.

    "Huh, what a coincidence. My dad's in Greece as well." Hel grinned without taking her eyes away from her glasses, still cleaning them. "Strange how life put us all together in this plane." Finally, she let her eyes fall on the book in Kyle's hands, before looking up to meet his eyes. "The thing is, this is too much to be a mere coincidence." And then, casually, the girl finally put away her sunglasses, putting them in her backpack before taking a PSP from inside it. She stood up to put the bag on the compartment above their head, Helia then turned to look at Selene.

    "Hey, cutie. You have anythin' you want to store?" She asked while pointing to the compartment.
  14. Selene was almost positive that these two at least were demi-gods too. She could sense a sort of kinship with the girl but she had said she was visiting her father. So she couldn't be from Aphrodite like Selene was. And the boy she couldn't even begin to guess. The girl next to her then spoke up about visiting her father too. And then continued to call her cutie. Selene bristled a little. She was far from cute. Her eyes glinted as she looked at the girl. "Nope. Not a thing. Thanks." She bit off her words as she said them. She kind of like the girl aside from when she called her cutie. Blech.

    She looked back to the other two. "I'm Selene by the way." She leaned forward a bit and rested her elbows on her legs and put her chin in her hands, looking at the two. "So... each of you has a parent that just happens to live in Greece. And so do I. And so does she." Selene nodded her head back to the girl next to her. "This is a coincidence now, isn't it." Selene's mind whirled as she tried to figure out how she could possibly make them open up to her about their parents. She didn't think they would just openly tell her that they were demi-gods. Selene knew she wouldn't just openly tell a stranger something like that.

    Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. It was a bit unfair to them but it would solve her little problem of not getting her answers. She turned on her Charm. Something she saved for special occasions. But this served as a special occasion, she thought. She just had to coax out some answers. And if it turned out that she was completely wrong and they thought she was off her rocker, then she would just persuade them to not remember her question. Simple. So why was she so nervous? She sat up a bit and focused her eyes on the boy's and locked gazes with him. "Is there anything special about your mother, Kyle?" She just needed to give him a little nudge to open up.
  15. Kyle was already flipping through his book, looking for the god he thought Autumn's parent might be when he heard the question. The question was simple but was so tempting to answer. "Uhh... Kinda... I mean she's a..." He was able to stop himself in time but felt like he had to tell her. Before he said anything else he flipped to the page in his book his mother was on. He stood up, and walked over to Selene handing the book to her, nearly hitting the girl sitting next to her with it.

    "Wouldn't it be easier to just show you?" The words seemed to just slip out but he was glad it happened this way. Less open but still fairly obvious. This girl had done something strange with how she ask, he just didn't know what. He sat down in his seat, and waited for her to reply. His secret was out but for some reason he didn't care. No mortal could use any kind of magic like she had just used, so she had to be a Demi-God. Or at least he hoped.
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  16. Logan heard the others talking and turned around in his seat "Hey, I'm going to Greece too. Though i'm going to see my dad" He said. He watched as Kyle got up, as if he was under a trance. 'They might be demi-gods too...' he could help but think. He had taken out his headphones in case it got boring and he would want to listen to music but if this trip was going to be intertesing then there was no point, He placed in his pocket.

    Logan bit his lip, if these kids were all also demi-gods, then they were all like him. But if they werent, he didn't want to scare them or anything. But if the girl was able to get Kyle to say it then Logan supposed that he would be able to say it next. He just wasn't a leader, and he never would be.
  17. Titos had nodded and waved a hand to show the seat was available as the boy planted himself. He seemed a bit younger than Titos and considerably smaller in frame, although their height was almost similar he guessed. He seemed to be enjoying the seat just like Titos.

    Unfortunately for Titos though, by the time he had finished examining the other passenger and reopened his book to page 3 the others had started a conversation. Not that he couldn't just block it out, but just the snippet he heard from the conversation was enough to hold his interest. It seemed that they had thought the teen filled cabin was curious as well. As far as he could gather from trying to listen without being noticed, they were visiting a parent each as well.

    He turned his gaze back to the slender male next to him, having heard he too was to visit his father.

    'No,' he thought, 'it can't be. The chances were too slim.'

    He opted to listen further, considering the young people were chatting so openly. As far as he could tell, most were fishing for some answer with their various questions.
  18. Helia smirked to Selene's reply. Well, she didn't seem too happy. Not a surprise to Hel. And then, the she asked a question to Kyle, however, the way she asked it wasn't normal. Now, Helia might be dense, but she was not stupid. She hissed a "hey" as the boy almost hit her, but she was too focused on what was happening to let that bother her. He handed the book to Selene.

    I see.

    Was all she thought. Helia let her eyes wander through the rest of the aisle, watching everyone present. She didn't know if there was anybody else, but she was rather sure that Selene and Kyle were just like her. Demi-gods. The pink haired girl leaned in to try and take a better look at the book, the old smirk now replaced by a small grin.

    "Huh. Interesting. If I knew it would be this easy, I would have asked myself." She then turned her gaze towards Selene. "Though you do seem to have a way with the words. What a talent."Was all she whispered, though the grin on her face spoke more than thousand words. She leaned back on her seat and said nothing more. Even if she was sure that those two were demi-gods, she didn't know about the rest. Once again, she turned to watch everybody, her eyes landing on the big guy sitting not too far from her. She narrowed her eyes, but shrugged, lowering her head to watch the screen of the PSP coming to life. She kept it mute, so that she could still hear the conversations that were going on. Helia didn't want to lose even a tiny piece of information.
  19. Selene grinned at Kyle. "Thank you! It definitely is easier." She looked down at the book he had placed in her hands. It was open to a page on Nemesis, the goddess of revenge and fortune. Interesting. So he was a demi-god. And what a lucky one he was at that. Selene half chuckled at her own joke but was interrupted by Helia next to her. She whispered to her about her "talent" and Selene turned half towards her and smirked. "I'm just easy to talk to I guess."

    She turned back to Kyle and gave him back the book. "Your mother certainly is special." This was a lot easier now that Selene knew she wasn't the only one. But she still didn't know about the others. She turned back to Kyle, locking him in her gaze once again. She lowered her voice so that only Kyle and Helia could hear her. "So your mother is a goddess?" she asked excitedly. She had never met someone like her. This was huge! Selene threw caution to the wind and just asked him. Who cares if these people thought she was crazy? It wasn't like she would ever see them again after this flight. Unless they were like her.
  20. Autumn's face lit up at the teens as they discussed their parents. Their immortal parents. "Wow! Small world huh? My dad's a god too. God of love and procreation actually, Eros" She said with a proud smile. The group of teens had gathered together now it seemed like the misfit group was.. talking? The pilot's voice rang over the speaker with the farmilar. "Prepare for take off." As the plane started gaining speed and lifted off the airstrip into the clouds. Autumn watched the world disappear as they rose above the clouds. Biting her tongue as her ears popped again and again.

    "I hate flying sometimes..." She muttered as she leaned over Kyle again. "Well, this is a long flight ahead of us.. Might as well get to know each other!" Autumn said with a cheerful smile.
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