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Hey. hey, hey. I'm on the hunt again for another 1x1 partner, preferably female. Here are some general requirements for my 1x1s:

  • Be fairly literate. I'm not asking for you to write me an essay with each post, just 3-5+ solid paragraphs will do the trick, and if you wish to write more, then that's good for me. I usually prefer more detail oriented roleplays than I do the one liners and small paragraphs. Explore your mind and expand your creativity, man.
  • Please, please, let me know if you get bored or plan to be absent for a while. I really don't want to be driving one day, and suddenly realize that I haven't seen (insert RP name here) in my inbox in a while.
  • I would like for you to be 17+, this is mostly for me since I don't feel comfortable doing romance RPs with kids. Makes me feel hella creepy.
  • No Gary Stus or Mary Sues.
  • I'm not into yaoi or yuri, and I prefer MxF or FxM, however you wish to order it.
  • Please be committed to finish the roleplay, and be willing to stick around for the long run. There is no post limit or minimum, and as long as you post to keep the story going then I'll enjoy it.

Now here are some plots/pairings I'd be interested in. Most of these would require some brainstorming as to a good storyline as they are just plot ideas and are not really thought out as of yet. Most of these RP ideas will have an ending, and if we get along well and you're fairly interesting and good with your writing, then we can do another one. THE ONES WITH ASTERISKS ARE AVAILABLE.



  • *Lost in Forever - An important man is driving home late one night, and falls asleep at the wheel, and drives off the road and hits a tree a few yards away. The man survives but is put into a deep coma, in his coma he lives in a worlds that isn't quite right, and something must be done to right it. Along the way, he comes across a woman who decides to help him on his quest to right this new world.
  • *A Cold Night for Revenge- A man returns from the Civil War only to find that his family has been brutally murdered, and his family's murderer awaits the arrival of the father and then attacks him, and bites him on the neck. The man awakes a few days later in the undertaker's shop, and notices that he's not the human he once was. He returns to his home, and begins his quest to find the murderer and bring him his own version of justice, while fighting against an Order hellbent on destroying anything they deem an abomination.
  • *The Wandering Stranger - A strange man rides into a lone town in Mexico, and carries with him a strange aura. He is hunting for something, some place straight out of an old legend.
  • *Time Lord - The year is 3105, and the invention of machines able to time travel has opened up a whole new source of revenue, called Time Tourism. With the era of the time machine comes yet another agency known as the FTA or the Federal Time Agency. This police force is sent throughout history to stop people who try to tinker with the past and change things in their favor. This plot will follow a lowly Time Agent and his partner on a strange case that turns out to be much more than anyone could ever think of.
  • *Deep Six - An archeological team stumbles upon an ancient civilization one day underwater off the coast of Portugal, thought to be the lost civilization of Atlantis. In their haste, they quickly dive down with a two man submersible and release an ancient evil from ages long past, which is the main reason Atlantis sunk.
  • *A Last Chance - In 1955, a washed out boxer had his seven minutes of fame, and has faded from the public eyes and into obscurity, and as a result has fallen to drugs and alcohol to ease his sorrow and pain. Will your character, his wife, lift him up again and set him straight to win a second chance fight that has been given to him? Or will she allow him to sink further into depression and addiction?
  • *Noire - Noire follows a Detective in 1940's New York just a few years after World War II. While investigating a "small time" case, the detective comes across a much deeper and bigger plot than he had first thought involving a very large Sicilian crime family, and across a very interesting woman, who he develops a relationship with.
  • *A Hardened Heart - Set in the year 2050, this plot follows a young man out for revenge against the Kingpin who murdered his family, and who also happens to be gifted with unique and terrible powers. Along the way, he meets a woman who will either set him down the path of hatred, pain and revenge, or a path of redemption. Takes place in the same universe as A Bounty Collected.
  • *High Tide - A Pirate King with the intent of uniting all pirate crews comes into contact with a mysterious woman at a tavern in a port city, they hit it off quite well and part ways. They come into contact later on the Seas, only to find out that they've both proclaimed themselves as The Pirate King and The Pirate Queen, and their goal is similar, to find an artifact from a civilization long past and to unite the Pirate crews. Will they kill each other or end up working together?
  • *A Bounty Collected - A world where law and order as we know it has all but disappeared, there stands only one order against thousands of large crime families, hellbent on returning Law and Order back to the uncivilized world. There's only one problem, in the event of a new mutation in the human race, powers that have come to be known as Chaos Powers have surfaced, giving people the power to do things thought previously impossible. Powers such as bending fire, shadow, and other things to ones will, immense strength, incredible reflexes, anything you can think of. This story will follow my character, the leader of the order, and your character, a hopeful in training or a low ranking gang member seeking revenge.
  • *The Tiger and the Dragon - A young man now graced with a inherited power finds himself facing off against his ancestor's greatest enemy. Along the way he meets a special girl from an ancient ninja clan who decides to help him with his quest.
  • *An Ancient Pairing - A couple on their honeymoon have flown to a resort in Venezuela, but on their first outing out, they are shot down by rebels rebelling against the tyrannical government in hopes of a more democratic one. You are captured by the rebel forces, and thought to be the fabled pair of warriors from ancient times to come and return the country to a more peaceful one. Will we prove their legend right? Or die trying?
  • *A Return to Grace - An archangel is thrown to earth for past crimes, and is witnessed by a human. Will you help him return to grace, or walk away?
  • *A War on the Homefront - It was a normal day, our characters go to work just like any other day and work their morning away. On Lunch break they both happen to be at the same restaurant, and everything is normal until someone points out that there are several large planes flying overhead, and they seem to be dropping troops. Many people in the diner dismiss this as a military drill gone wrong, until the shooting starts.
  • 53 - Set in a distant dystopian future, a top secret special operative was shot down over a warzone, and his body was taken back to be rebuilt into a cyborg super soldier by a msyterious organization known as The Agency. Your character is a target he is after, and after much convincing your character begins to show the soldier that the people he fights for are corrupt and evil.

  • *Game of Thrones - Set during the series, Joffrey has just been murdered at his own wedding to Margaery Tyrell, and Tommen has taken his place as the new King. We will play as OC, and will develop our own storyline with this universe. You will obviously need some knowledge of the canon story to RP as this one.
  • Star Wars
  • *Fallout - Will have to brainstorm.
  • *Naruto - Not too familiar with Shippuden, but will try my best.
  • Avatar, The Last Airbender - An Avatar long forgotten has to band together with a (insert type here)bender to fight an evil that the history books forgot to mention.
  • *The Elder Scrolls
  • *World of Warcraft - I have a few ideas for this one, and they all are going to take place somewhere before the expansions before the Tauren settled in Mulgore.
  • *Fate/Stay Night -My character is a master and your a servant, during the fighting they begin to realize that they have more in common than they thought. Would require you to roleplay as maybe 3-5 more characters than your main. Would use dice.
If you've any other ideas, feel free to run them by me. I promise I won't bite too hard.

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