The Queen's Raining Fire

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  1. Undying Fire, #990012 The cave was cold, droplets of water raining down upon the red scales of the coiled beast, a rumble of thunder echoing off the walls from the beast's disapproval. Chains rattled as the massive creature shifted his weight, his scales scraping against the stone walls of his prison, his spikes breaking chips of stone off from the surfaces. Trapped deep in the belly of some far away mountain, chained head to tail so that his movements were limited, and his power not in his own control. How had such a magnificent beast been reduced to such a sad sad sight? For what seemed like the hundredth time that day, his jaws parted in a furious roar, the mountain shaking with it's might, and the chains rattled once again at the attempt to stretch his wings. They ached to fly, to sore above the clouds once more, to feel the wind beneath him and dive a thousand feet only to be brought back up and fly higher than before.

    Raziel longed for the sunlight outside his cold stone prison, to feel the gentle breeze over his scales and bathe himself in the sun's rays, and listen to the daily sounds of life that he used to hear. But no, he was trapped here, forced to wait for his mistress. The collar around his neck was a constant reminder of who he now belonged to, forced to do what he was ordered and carry out his mistress's wishes, unable to harm her or disobey. With this collar, she had total control over him, a rare event indeed for a dragon to be tamed so easily. With it she could make him revert into human form, and have control over any other power of his as well, unable to resist. He couldn't fly without her say so, couldn't eat without her say so, couldn't even speak without her say so. For many years it has been like this, and he nearly lost all hope of escape, his life now to obey his mistress.

    So here he waited for her, his claws gently scraping the hard stone ground, cutting through it like butter. Leaving claw marks on the stone floor. Sometimes she kept him in here if she had business else where and had no need of him, though most of the time he was by her side, like the good and loyal pet he is. Or supposed to be. Though he was under her complete control, he always made it pretty clear that he didn't enjoy her company at all, and show just how furious he was. A trail of smoke rose from his flaring nostrils, his patience growing thinner and thinner, shifting his body once more. He was growing bored in his prison.
  2. Just above the large cave where she kept her beast a woman sat on a stone throne. A castle had been carved into the mountain many many years ago. And not many have discovered it. Although most would fear the castle because if the masters pet that was kept below it. Her fingers tapped on the arm rest of the large cold throne as she thought to herself. She muttered to herself as the mountain shook, her beast screaming below her. It was time to let him out. She needed to go to a villiage anyway.

    Sahara, the powerful mistress of the dragon, is a very beautiful creature. She is a sourcerer who has been walking this earth for almost 200 years. Yet she looks to be young and perfect. Her eyes were the colors of the night sky, dark purple with little speckles of white like the stares. Her skin is a perfectly smooth and a light tan shade. Her hair hangs loosly to about her thighs, a silky pitch black color. Sahara may be a beautiful sight, but her smile is full of evil. She thinks of no one but herself. And would sacrafice anything or anyone for what she desires.

    Sahara walked down the many steps, her heals clicking on the stone. The sound of her thick black high heals echoed through the stair way and down towards the cave. Her dress dragged behind her, by only a few inches. In the front was very short reveiling her smooth legs. The dark purple fabric, a few shades darker then her eyes. She entered the cave that was lit by a few torches. Her fingertip rubbed across his scales as she stepped towards his face.

    Sahara rested her hand on his nose, her long finger nails had been painted a blood red. "Good morning, my pet." She cooed, her strong yet gentle voice echoed slightly in the cave. She put her right hand up, the one that had been on hos nose, and the chains that restrained him fell to the ground. "You better be a good boy." She reminded him and stepped back. "Take the shape of a human. We must go to a villiage so I can collect some souls for I have grown weak since I have not done so for weeks."

    Unlike people, Sahara doesn't need food to survive. She survives off of souls that she will take from weak and pathetic hamans. If she does not do this she begins to grow weak and fragile. And with a sickness deep down in her heart she has to do it more often then before.
  3. Undying Fire, #990012 Upon feeling her gentle touch on his snout, the beast cracked open his scaly eyelid, the golden orb of his eye moving to look down at her. His pupil was a deep black crevice in shape of a thin diamond, and his lips curled back to reveal pearl-white fangs, a low growl emanating from deep within his chest. Of course he did nothing when the chains were instantly removed from him, having already tried doing so many times before, and ended in ultimate failure. So instead he simply pushed himself up onto all fours, his wings expanding to their full length, stretching out their cramped muscles. It felt good to have them fully open again. He could easily crush his mistress at this moment, but again he didn't even bother, an attempt he knew would prove futile.

    He growled in complaint at her command, but he had no choice in the matter, so his large form instantly grew smaller as he shifted human. In place of the great scaled beast was now a young man, clearly looking peeved and unhappy, his brow furrowed in a scowl. His hair was short and held the same red color as the scales of his true form, and he had the same eyes. He wore a long-sleeve red jacket with the top buttons undone, the jacket embedded with golden designs and the buttons were gold as well, and wore deep blue pants with black boots. He glared hatefully at his mistress, clearly still holding a grudge that she had taken away his freedom, crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Do I get to fly today?" He questioned, though he was ashamed by it, hating that he had to ask permission to do such a thing. He was a dragon, magnificent and awe-spiring beast who took no orders from anyone, yet here he was. Asking to do something that should come as a daily thing to him.
  4. Sahara watched as the dragon grew smaller into the human. She didn't respond at first when he asked and walked towards the entrance of the cave. Once light from the sun touched her skin she finally spoke, "we will see." She said simply.

    Sahara looked down at a near by villiage that had been revently built. It looked rather small. And you could see weren't the steongest villiage around. "Lets go." She ordered and headed down towards the village.
  5. Undying Fire, #990012 Raziel was clearly displeased, his lips curling back in distaste at her answer while his golden eyes glared after her, not moving at first when she walked away. But he had no choice, so eventually was forced to move, walking up beside her to stare down at the sorry village before them. It'd be so easy for him to burn the place to the ground, to burn every house into nothing but ash, lost and forgotten as it blew away in the wind. There would be nothing left once he was finished, causing destruction and mayhem in his wake, the mortal men nothing compared to his strength and wisdom. All except this sorceress who stood beside him, holding power that could contain him by a simple device that clung easily to his neck, unbreakable by any normal means.

    As Shara began her descent to the village below, Raziel followed after her, unable to do anything else otherwise. How he longed to just revert back to his true form and take off, never to see this blasted sorceress again, maybe even attempt to melt her skin from her body before disappearing forever in the sky. But as it was, no such thing could happen, and he could only follow her orders. When they finally reached the village, he could see mothers quickly gathering their children and leading them away, while fathers stayed behind in an attempt to keep their families safe. But they were tense, and even from where Raziel stood, he could see sweat running down their necks.

    The corner of Raziel's lip curled up in delight, enjoying the scene of frightened villagers as they glanced their way, all stopping what they were doing and were either fleeing to hide or were still with fear. Of course they heard rumors of the dark queen living up on her mountain, which was also rumored to contain a horrible beast deep in it's caverns, of course none of them knowing that the beast was standing right before them. But of course he wasn't much of a sight right now, being in this weak and feeble form, but if they saw his true self then they would surely quake with fear. He could only wait for his mistress to give the order though, so he was forced to stand there and wait, looking at her expectantly and to watch to see what she would do. She did have to feed after all first.
  6. Sahara grinned as the villiage panicked got closer to them. They must have been desperate for a place to put their village. It was actually a rather safe from other kingdoms, but not from the sorcerer and her beast. She finally reached the gates of the villiage and stopped in her tracks. Someone else was here. Someone stronger then the rest. Of coarse is is stronger, but since she has nod fed ogf of any souls in a while she was vunerable.

    Sahara ignored this fornow and walked into the village. "Fetch me some men then gaurd me while I do my thing." She ordered her pet.
  7. Undying Fire, #990012 Raziel growled but obeyed, walking right down the road to fetch some villagers. It was fairly easy obtaining the sorceress's meals, having gone to the first villager he saw and grabbed him. All it took was a simple tight hold around the wrist, twisting the arm to their back, then grabbing hold of their other arm. Their struggles were futile, for Raziel's strength was far greater than any mortal man's, so he dragged the poor guy easily over to his mistress. He tied him down and pushed him onto his knees, then went off to go fetch more prey for Sahara, and one by one he brought them all.

    However he sensed a different presence here as well. There was someone else here in the village, their very presence stronger than the villagers here, though he wasn't too concerned. No one could be strong enough to stop him or Sahara. Still, when he finished bringing enough people for Sahara to feed off of, he stood beside her and every sense of his was on high alert, keeping a lookout for this 'stranger'. If he came to try to stop Sahara, then Raziel will be ready to fend him off.
  8. Sahara smiled at the gathered villagers. They all sat in a group tied up. She took in a deep breath and made a few hand signs and muttered some foreign words. A glowing circle surrounding the group, as well as Saharas eyes. The men screamed in pain as ghostly figures of themself slowly began to pull out of their bodys. It was a rather slow and painful process. She also cannot be interupted.


    A young girl, about 19 years old stood hidden. she had dirty blond hair that went to her shoulders. She had average brown eyes and olive tan skin.

    Elizabeth looked around the corner of a house. She watched what was happening and frowned hearing theen scream. No one dared to move from their safe homes. But knowing these two the homes won't stay safe for long. She held up her hands charging a ball of power infront of the palms of her hand. The ball of energy grew the size of her fist and she released it causing it to fly at the sourcerer.
  9. Undying Fire, #990012 Raziel didn't have his gaze on the scene before him. He had seen this many times and knew the process of it all, was familiar with all the screams of the dying, and the ghostly forms that left the shell of the bodies that once housed them. Instead he was focused on the surroundings, keeping a watchful eye for any danger that may harm his mistress and disrupt her feeding, catching anything out of the ordinary. His posture was strong and still, remaining in one place as he kept watch, eyes glinting in the sunlight. Nearly nothing will get passed his watchful eye or sharp senses.

    Then there it was, a ball of energy flying right towards Sahara, and so Raziel moved in a blur. In an instant he became a massive form, once again in his full dragon form as he used his body to shield Sahara, covering her with his wings and tail. The energy ball smacked right into his tail, leaving a slight mark, but didn't cause too much damage. He removed his wings and uncoiled his tail, eyes glaring in the direction the attack had come from, spotting the small figure crouched behind it. He curled back his lips, growling low as he began sucking air, his jaws parting slowly. Fire began flaring up from his throat, heat and gas gathering into his jaws, till he unleashed a large fireball and sent it hurtling towards the location his attacker crouched at.
  10. Elizabeths eyes grew wide. She heldbher breath and sunk into the ground after seeing the beast was going to breath out fire. Of course since she had to hold her breath she couldn't stay underground for long. She carfully moved through the dirt under ground andwent back upto surface behind another house. Gasping for air she hid from the beast. So the rumors of the evil queen and her dragon was true. But it looked worse then she would have guessed. These two were powerful. Being near them she could feel it. The dark aura that came from the two were almost over whelming. And the sent of death was to atrong for the demon. Elizabeth looked around the corner and took a deep breath. How was she going to do this? How could she save those men? If she stepped in that circle at all she would end up loosing her sould as well. If she can somehow interfere with the spell and interupt the evil queen she could probably stop it.
  11. Undying Fire, #990012 The fireball blasted into the building where the figure had been crouched, engulfing the structure in blazing fire as pieces of rubble broke off from the blast, landing on the ground. Razier narrowed his eyes at the destruction, trying to spot the burning corpse of his prey, but he saw nothing. He lifted his snout towards the direction and began sniffing the air, but he didn't catch her scent either. Upon closer inspection, he spotted a hole in the ground, his eyes glinting in realization. She had burrowed herself out of the way of the blast. He parted his jaws in a snarl, turning his head away from the destruction and continued to sniff the air, trying to catch her scent.

    "Reveal yourself!" He called out to her, moving a bit away from Sahara as his eyes scanned the buildings around them, but stayed close to her in case another attack was sent out at his mistress. "I know you're out there, and I will tear down every building till I find you!"

    As if to prove a point, Razier began unleashing fire balls at the buildings around them, blasting one home after another. Fire engulfed them as walls crumbled, demolishing the buildings where they stood, becoming nothing now but a torch. Smoke trailed from Razier's mouth and nostrils after the blasts, examining his work with pleasure, though still he did not find the culprit who had sent that energy ball. Where were they...? This being definitely wasn't like any of the villagers here, otherwise his nose would have found them already.
  12. (Alright lets try this again)

    Elizabeth pulled out her sword. She took in a deep breath and made sure the dragon wad looking elsewhere before leaving the protection of the house. She moved swiftly and silently from one building to another. She watched the dragon carfully as she got closer and closer to Sahara. Her heart beat quickened seeing that she was succeeding. Finally she was as close as she was going to get with using the protections of the little houses. Her breath was heavy and her red cheeks, not just from the running or the heat of the flames. But from the fear that ran through her blood. Elizabeth could have easily just left, but something kept her here. Maybe it was the fact that this queen and her beast could very easily become more dangerous if something wasn't done. Seeing the spell was almost complete and the men were almost lost Elizabeth watched the dragon for the moment to move. She had little time to get to the woman. The dragon was fast and powerful so her chances were slim. But even if she doesn't make it to the end of the battle, maybe these men will. Finally She just went for it and ran at Sahar he blade in hand.

    The short distance between her and Sahara felt like it was milemiles. Each time she stwpped dust kicked up dust. A mixture of smoke and dust from the dry earth spread through the air around the village. Most of the people had managed to escape into the saftey of the woods. But a small hanful wernt so lucky and had been burned from the flames of the large dragon, leaving their bodies on the ground. The smell of burning flesh was strong in the air, and it made Elizabeth want to hurl. With the smoke and adrenaline in the mixture her stomach turned. But this unsettling feeling had to be pushed aside while she tried to save the men that still had a chance to keep living.
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  13. Undying Fire, #990012 Razier's eyes quickly darted to the running figure that was heading right towards his mistress, a weapon raised to strike her down, and he narrowed his eyes. Though he would have loved for this brave-though foolish-being to strike down his queen and free him at last, he could not allow such a thing to happen, forced to protect the queen even though he didn't want to. He was still though, watching the female get closer and closer, almost laughing at her futile attempt. Once she was near his tail struck out with lightning fast speed, smacking right into the girl that would send her flying through the air. But he wasn't done. He went after her, his eyes narrowing at their target, lips parting to reveal his fangs. Smoke trailing from his nostrils.

    When he reached her he swiped out his claw, planning to pin her down, and if he succeeded then he would keep a tight hold on her. However if not, then he let out a series of claw swipes, trying to grab her and would swing his tail at her as well. There was no escaping him, he always captured his prey. This girl would be no different, though there was something different about her. Different than his usual prey.
  14. Elizabeth's eyes grew wide seeing she didn't make it. She has failed, the men are going to be dead because she couldn't seem to kill them. "I told you you cou do it." A voice in her head whispered as the first strike came. "Now we both get to suffer." Elizabeth didn't respond. She could hear the mens last cries as her body hit the ground. The wind was knocked out of her causing the fear in the back of her mind worse. With the beasts large body ontop of her, his large sharp claws caging her body to the ground, leaving her with little hope. But yet she still struggled. Her arms wrapped around a claw and attempted to loosen his grip at least a little. Sadly she didnt have enough energy left in her to go through the ground like she had before. A spell to make her body travel through objects takes many years to profect. And for the lost demon girl it was even harder since she wasn't born with magic.

    Elizabeth continued to struggle ignoring the voice in her mind. But the more she faught the more pain she felt in her broken ribs, and the more hope she lost. Her dark brown eyes looked up at the guardian of the evil queen. She curled back her lips into a smile her pearl demon fangs glowing in the light produced by the fire.
  15. Undying Fire, #990012 The beast chuckled with delight, seeing the fear in his enemy's eyes, gazing up at him with no hope left glimmering in their depths. He had won. His prey knew it, yet she still struggled, a futile attempt indeed. He simply pressed down slightly, squeezing her against the ground with his claw, as if he were going to squish her like a blood. He enjoyed playing with his foes, seeing their fear and knowing that their life was about to end, the last thing they'll ever see being his deep golden eyes gazing down at them. Reflecting their own fear and hopelessness back at them. It was time to end this.

    He was getting ready to crush her completely, when an orb of light suddenly slammed into the side of his face, causing a roar of to erupt from the monster's throat as he stumbled off of Elizabeth. The force powerful enough to cause the great beast to stumble. He caught himself however, shaking his head to clear the daze and whirled it around, trying to spot the source of such a blast. Then there he was, standing not too far away among all the rubble, was a man wearing a long gray robe. He carried a simple wooden staff, but Razier could feel the power emanating from it, and knew instantly that it was full of magic. The man was young, his hair a black mane around his head with light gray eyes with specs of darker gray. He was only an average mage, that much Razier could tell, but he'll still be trouble.

    "Run Elizabeth!" The man called to her. He was a friend of her's, an ally, his name being Daniel. Though he preferred being called Dan.

    Razier knew that his prey would try to escape, so he turned quickly back to her, but another orb of light shot right into his muzzle. Forcing his head to turn and he released another furious roar. That blasted mage! Dan unleashed a series of the attacks, distracting Razier so that his friend may escape, concentrating with all his might. Being only an average mage he knew many spells, but none powerful enough to take Razier completely down. They were mere trickeries to the beast, but at least still did some slight damage. Only the elite spells could cause any actual harm to a dragon.
  16. Elizabeth managed to get free and quickly pushed herself up. She held her side as her feet carried her away from the large beast. Elizabeth was releaived to be out of the dragons grasp and hoped to not be in that position again.

    Sahara finished her spell. The men fell to the ground their bodies limp. She smiled feeling so much stronger and more alive. Her eyes opened seeing what was happening. Her smile faded seeing what was happening to her dragon her lips curled in a scowl. Her hand went up and the earth below the mans feet. Crackling sounds came from the rock ground and it split under his feet. At first it was very narrow but it didn't take long for the crack to ger bigger and split revealing a dark and long fall. "Raizer lets go!" Sahara yelled. These two were strong and she could tell. They will be trouble later on, but she still hasn't reached her full strength so she will deal with them later.
  17. Undying Fire, #990012 The man suddenly felt the earth beneath his feet tremble, and he glanced down just in time to see a fissure start to form, the ground splitting apart to form a large crack. A yell of surprise escaped him as he suddenly fell into the earth, but he reacted fast, reaching up with his staff as he fell and quickly turned it sideways. Both ends caught the edges of the crack, catching him in his fall so that he now hung in midair, staring down into nothingness. His face went pale, afraid to even think about what might be down below, so quickly began to pull himself up out of the crack.

    Razier heard his queen and turned his attention away from the mage. He still wanted to tear the maggot apart, but he couldn't disobey. His wings expanded to their full length, his legs bending as he crouched low to the ground, then pushed off against it to leap into the air. The instnat he was air born his wings came down in powerful flaps, carrying him through the air and towards Sahara, flying just low enough so that he could reach down and grab her with his claw. Once he had her he began flying up higher and higher into the sky, keeping his claw close to his chest, no longer holding onto Sahara so that she could ride on the palm while holding onto his leg.

    "Are we returning to the lair, or do you wish to ravage another village?" He asked, glancing down at his passenger.
  18. Sahara smiled and watched the two below. The village was mostly distroyed and was covered in ash. A smile grew on her face, oh she just couldn't wait for the day she becomes the most powerful being. The day everyone bows down before her. "Lets return home for now. I need rest." She said. Herr long hair blew in the wind behind her, her hand held onto her beast so she wouldnt loos her balance.

    Elizabeth dropped to her knees thankful that the two her gone. She coughed in pain her hand still holding her broke ribs. "What the hell took you so long?" She snapped at her friend. Her eyes fell on the dead men. Her eyes looked back down in sadness. "Who was that woman?" She muttered to herself as she bagan to push herself up.
  19. Undying Fire, #990012 Razier grumbled, displeased by the idea of returning and being stuck on the ground once again, but even more displeased by the thought of possibly going back into his cell. Though he hated the human form he would have to take for his queen, it was a lot better than being trapped in a closed in cave where he only had an inch of room, chains wrapped around him to prevent even more movement. Nevertheless, he veered his body to the side, heading for the direction of their mountain. The peak grew bigger and bigger the closer they got, and his wings began to beat harder to carry them higher to the highest point, where a large stone ledge stretched out from in front of a cave opening. He flew right over to it, bringing up his hind legs first to grasp the very edge with the tips of his claws, pulling himself over it and walked along the stone surface, lowering his front claw to let his mistress walk off and onto the ground.

    Once she was off he lowered himself onto all fours, folding his wings even as his body began to shift, growing smaller and smaller. He was once again just a man, standing just a little bit behind his queen, holding that same irritated look of his in dragon form. His collar, full of magic of it's own, had shrunk down with him and remained tightly around his neck.

    "What is it you wish of me now, my queen?" He asked with a slight bow of his head, though he felt like he wanted to puke of addressing this woman in such a way.


    Dan quickly ran over to Elizabeth, stopping beside her. "I'm sorry, I tried to hurry as fast as I could. I was evacuating the village while the beast and that woman were busy over here." He looked at her with worry, looking over her injuries. "Just hold still."

    He raised his staff and hand, the palm of it facing her, and he closed his eyes. His lips began to move, words whispering from his mouth so quietly and quickly that it was impossible to tell what he was saying. His staff and hand began to glow, and thin tendrils of light moved from them and around her, snaking around her body before sinking into her wounds. Her injuries began to glow, then began mending back together, the wounds closing and bones snapping back together. His brow furrowed as he concentrated, continuing to to heal her till there was nothing left to heal, and so the light left her body and returned to his hands.

    He let out an exhausted breath, lowering his staff and hand, the light fading. "There, how's that?" He asked, panting.