The Queen of Obscure Pairings...HAS ARRIVED!

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  1. I never know what to say in these things....

    Hello, my real name is Amy. 26 of age, at the moment. I love coffee, animals and roleplaying. When am not roleplaying you can find me busy editing my fan videos, for youtube, under the penname CoffeeXVictorain.

    I have joined many other mature and or roleplay sites in the past, but I have always been on the look out for Anthro x Human themed communities, or more a place that embraces it. Where many with the same fetish lurk with in it. I think, I have that community today, have I? <3

    My Anthro x Human ships as follow..
    - Anthro Rat
    - Spider monster like man
    - A Moth Man (but not THEE moth man)

    To get to know me better, you can ask like " THE TOP 10 QUESTIONS" Below.

    I will start off...
    My Fav Anthro film of all time "Tale of Despereaux" My major, always 1# Anthro crush is Botticelli. He's the Villain in TOD.

    To tell the truth, that is the reason why joined this site. In hopes to find someone who will play my Bottcielli, long side my human OC Mina. Magic potions will be involved, to make her Rat size of course. For the king's amusement.

    And being new here, I find self very lost...Where do I post "RP Listing/Want ads" <3

    *marries Amy*

    Welcome to the site, milovely wife! If you have any questions feel free to ask me or the staff members <3
  3. Well now! THAT WAS FAST! Am already wed. You better have picked our honeymoon spot...Alright then :-P
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  4. For two player roleplayers, you'll find a partner request forum in the One on One and the Mature forum! >:3

    Welcome to the site, Amy! :D
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