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When Seth entered their home he looked to have been drained of all his forces. Ava raised an eyebrow curiously as she finished turning down the bed for the evening. "I'm glad to see you too," she said as she smoothed out the sheets so the two could crawl in together. She turned to him with a smile and walked over, assisting him in removing his armor. "Difficult day?" she asked, as her eyes met his own. It still made her slightly uncomfortable that Seth worked so closely to the Queen. The woman was breathtakingly beautiful and Ava could never shake the fact that she thought something was different when Seth and the Queen were in close proximity to one another. She tried to convince herself otherwise and did her best not to dwell on the ridiculous thoughts. Seth loved her and always came home to her. She had nothing to worry about, yet still, those thoughts crossed her mind every time he came home although she never let him know how she felt.

"Dinner is on the table love. Eat up then come to bed with me. I know just how to make you feel better," she finished, kissing his lips softly and giving him a wink. He was hers. She had nothing to worry about...right?
The next morning found Leannah flustered and on edge. Having barely slept the night before thinking of Seth and Garrett made her more irritable than usual. The queen was in her closet, pulling dresses off their hangers and tossing them to the ground. "No not this one. Garrett favors this one....But Seth favors this pale blue one..but if I wear this one then Garrett will assume I wore it for him...UGH!" The floor of the closet and parts of the Queen's chamber was littered with clothing tossed carelessly around as she searched for an outfit that would catch Seth's eye and not Garrett's but it was an impossible feat. "Why did I agree to this?!"

The queen's maidens found her a short while later and did their best to settle her nerves and pick something that was simple and flattering but not overly so. Leannah wasn't pleased but she didn't want to make a big fuss around her maidens. It wasn't as if she could speak to any of them of what she was going through anyway. It was truly lonely to be her. She had no friends, no one to trust, no one to confide in. It was a horrible feeling but one that would quickly go away once Seth came around. He loved her. She could trust him and confide in him. He just needed to see how much she wanted him in return.

In the afternoon, Leannah heard the knock on her door. Opening it she found Seth waiting for her. Her flustered expression quickly softened at the sight of him and her frown turned into a soft smile. "Hello love," she said softly. For a second she just looked at him, just memorizing his features and even the new scars that adorned him. Her eyes locked upon his as she spoke once more. "Please...whatever happens today does not change the way I feel for you. I need to do this for now...Please...understand. I don't have much of a choice. I love y-." Before she could finish, Garrett turned the corner and approached her. Leannah turned to him and smiled, giving her cheek to him instead of their usual kiss. She would not kiss him in front of Seth. "Garrett," she said with a half smile. She had never felt so uncomfortable in her life. "Lead the way."