The Queen Has Returned

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    ~The Queen has Returned~
    June 30th,
    I write to say that I am all right dearest cousin, Alena, and I am in good hands here. It has been a month since I have returned to the sacred land of our ancestors, and two weeks since I have abandoned it. Rodomonte has taken me into his Kingdom, and has allowed me to practice my magic once again. I thank him for that. Though I must wonder, how is my Kingdom doing? With Edvard not allowing any witch to cross the kingdom's borders, I have been shut out and have no knowledge of the current events that are taking place. But with hope, the commoners of IronHaven should not have forgot who their true Queen is, instead of that pompous simpleton that wears my crown upon her head. I must warn you, and your brother, that I hear the winds say that a war is coming, one of great trump and despair, so please cousin stay safe. Do not trust those that belong to the shadows, and watch those who play in the light.
    Your cousin,
    Symphony L.

    It had been two days, three hours, and thirty four minutes, since Symphony Livingston had sent that letter to her cousin, Lady Alena, who lived within the walls of IronHaven. Symphony, being the rightful ruler of IronHaven, had been shut out for reasons unknown to her and those closest to her. At this moment she sets within the garden walls of Hollow Fay, Kingdom of beasts. This Kingdom is where Symphony had taken refuge and found a love within their King Rodomonte, a kind a gentle soul with a thirst for Knowledge, which is something they both had in common. From a early age, Symphony was a prodigy within the royal witch coven, and ascended faster than any before her; soon she was creating new spells and potions that would be used in everyday healing, as well as political assassinations. By the age of fourteen, she had mastered the art of fire magic and was able to teach few in the coven. Still she looks for new ways of magic, and new spells and potions to be created.
    Looking around the garden for mandrake root, for a potion that would be sent to her cousin for private reasons, she spotted one on the opposite side to where she stood. "There it is." She had spoken aloud to herself, as she walked over and knelt down before the plant. Pulling out the roots, she placed them into her satchel. Standing, she walked to a golden colored bench, took a seat and pulled out her book of shadows. Examining the potions ingredients, all she would need is the snake skin of a king cobra, which would not be hard to find seeing she had a spell to track them. Looking up from her book, she smiled at the feeling that spread through out her back, she was being watched. "There is no use in hiding in the shadows, come out and make yourself known."
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  2. "Standing in a door way is hardly hiding in shadows." What had grown to be a familiar voice chided lightly. Rodomonte obliged, none the less, stepping further out into the garden. "Raiding the court yards for ingredients again." He noted, eying her bag with slightly raised eyebrow.

    Originally, he had welcomed the woman simply to spite King Edvard and his Queen, finding the entire situation laughable. However, over the duration of her stay, he'd grown to admire Symphony on a personal level. She was bright, kept up with his banter, and seemed to always be busying herself with something worthwhile-- unlike so many other women who seemed to do nothing but chat mindlessly.

    "Are you busy, or might you be willing to lend me your ear for a spell?" the ebony haired man asked, well aware of his adviser watching from the arching windows that overlooked the garden.

    Greavin. He was a tall man with a slim build, tawny ears and a tail that never seemed to want to remain well kept. He was well into his 50's, a ripe age for an old dog, yet he remained loyal and ever vigilant. Perhaps a little too vigilant in the Kings opinion. More then once the old man had cautioned him to be weary of the witch and her powers. How easily it would be to fall prey to a spell without ever knowing...
  3. Symphony looked over her shoulder at Rodomonte, who began to make his way to her. "Don't I always." She smiled and placed her book into a pouch in her satchel. Standing she smiled. "I can always make time for you, Rodomonte. What would you like to discuss?" She looked up to Greavin and waved in a friendly gesture. Looking back to garden around her she decided to yet again go exploring within the endless pathways of a growing garden.
    "Come, there is more I must find, but I would like to hear you out." She motioned him to follow her. After ten feet she leaned up to him. "He should learn that I am no threat to you or your Kingdom, but rather a threat to those who wish to destroy me and what I stand for." She returned to a normal stance, and continued to walk further into the garden.
    The larger plants grew healthy here and played vital roles in many potions and recipes that Symphony had her hands on. "So, speak up Rodomonte, let me hear the news of which you want to speak." She smiled as she reached down and felt the petals of a blood lily.
  4. The King grinned lightly, knowing what she meant. "He's simply over protective." He assured her, immediately missing her closeness as she returned to sweeping her gaze over the garden.

    "Sunset this evening there will be a meeting of the Alphas." He stated. It meant, in short, an audience of all the tribes leaders of the Kingdom. Rodomonte's equivalent of lords and ladies. Rather then governors, each sub-set of citizens had their own alpha's, each representing the different areas they inhabited. He'd sent out the summons a few days prior, and word always moved quickly through Hollow Faye. "It might behoove you to attend... Leaders from near your boarder will be reporting." He prompted, his emerald green eyes resting on her heavily, watching for any sort of reaction.
  5. Symphony's hands gently stroked the petals of the flower, watching the way it accepted her. Though when Rodomonte's words touched the tips of her ears, he face slightly perked up. Taking her eyes off of the flower and onto Rodomonte himself, she smiled. "I see." She moved passed him over to a small rose bush, which was dying. Knelling down to the wilting flowers, she touched each flower and allowed her energy to bring it back to life, while her eyes glowed pure white. "In that case, I would like to attend. Though as an adviser." She looked up to the tall man that stood in front of her.
    Standing up, she brushed the waist of her dress. "May I ask, why the sudden meeting?" She eyed him as her eyes lost there glow and she waited patiently for an answer. The only thing that intrigued her was the mentioning of her Kingdom's boarders. If one of them could know a small piece of information about IronHaven, it could prove useful to her attempts to take back what is rightfully hers. After all she grew up in the castle halls and formed relations with almost each and everyone within its walls, and was the crown princess of IronHaven since birth.
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  6. "The past two reports from my ambassadors to Iron Haven have yet to come in." The King frowned, crossing his arms. "Same for the Ambassadors I had in BlackKeep. When one of my own go missing, my hackles go up. When two go missing, I take action."

    In his unspoken words held a dangerous assumption.

    "The meeting tonight is to discuss the current treaties in place, which are soon to be outdated. What's more, we've seen an influx of magic practitioners in the Foxholes. They claim to be economic refugees. Something about 'insurmountable taxation.'" The raven haired man uncrossed his arms. "The Alpha's have been arriving since this morning. By now," he glanced up. "I would say you have a few more hours to be dressed and prepared to join the meeting."
  7. Symphony frowned at the news. If she knew Edvard, and she did, he was planning something highly dangerous to everyone. "Insurmountable taxation? But IronHaven has less to none." Symphony moved to a overlooking balcony that allowed her to see the tips of her castle in the distance. What are you planning, Edvard? She had thought to herself. Looking back at Rodomonte she frowned. "I must warn you, the winds speak of war growing underground. I can not let your Kingdom parish for me." She moved towards him, she laid a hand on his shoulder. "Rodomonte, just say the word and I can find refuge some where else. I do have places within the forbidden forest." The forbidden forest was an enchanted forest that only few could access, and she was one of them. "Walking and talk with me, If I am to be ready we must hid out of the garden."
  8. "You're a Monarch, uprooted from her throne thanks to your own family's greed-- and yet you're still more worried about my people then your own position." Rodomonte sounded amused. "That's reason enough for me to let you stay. There's strength in numbers. There always has been, always will be." He said confidently. "Until such time that you no longer want to be here, I suggest you accept my hospitality."

    "That aside, do you really think my kingdom would suffer undue harm?" He grinned. "You ought to have more faith."
  9. "Noted." She smiled up at him, looking into the emeralds of his eyes. Looking away, she noticed a change in atmosphere. "I do have faith in your Kingdom, other wise I would not be here." Her voice had conviction. Looking over to the west, she saw the sun begin its decent. "If you will excuse me, Rodomonte, I must go and change into a more proper entire than what I wear now." She smiled patting his back gently she moved passed him towards the castle.

    Looking back up to Grevin, she laughed a little "Hello Grevin. It is nice to see you to." Shaking her head she made her way down a long hallway and up a staircase. Once she ascended the stairs, she took a immediate right down another, shorter, hallway and stepped into the first door on her left. Crossing the room, she stood close to the wardrobe, she opened the doors and reached into her satchel's smallest pocket, pulling out a tiny sapphire and placed it within the wardrobe. Closing the doors delicately, she smiled. "Beauty." She whispered softly to herself, and a faint glow came from the wardrobe. Pulling open the doors, a magnificent dress hung within. "Perfect." She spoke with a sly grin on her face. Her creation spell had worked, and she immediately started to write down her success within the pages of her book of shadows.

    The meeting would be beginning soon and Symphony needed to be ready for it. Slipping into her gown, she dressed herself. After which she exited the room, and made her way to the meeting.
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  10. She arrived to the oak doors that lead to the council chamber. Just outside stood a tall woman with mousey brown, short hair. She smiled upon seeing the Queen and bowed. "The meeting hasn't started yet." She prompted. "But His Majesty asked for me to escort you to him. He's expecting you." She said pleasantly.

    The woman's name was Suzu. Since Symphony's arrival, she had been assigned as her hand maid-- though seeing as the Queen was so self-sufficient she had hardly any tasks assigned to her. She was a young, carefree woman and had a knack for predicting the weather even days in advance.

    "This way please." She chirped, happy to be of use. She lead the queen around to a smaller door, covered in intricate carvings of birds-- the center most engraving that of a crow. She knocked twice before pushing the door open, bowing yet again. "Queen Symphony has arrived." She announced before stepping aside, allowing the woman to enter.

    Rodomonte was seated on a remarkably simple chair, overlooking a small balcony. The room was one large circle, with rings of chairs and wooden ledges creating a circuit, only open at small intermittent areas that lead to the center speaking floor. It looked like the room was nearly full-- most of the seats already inhabited by men and women. Alpha's, as the King had referee to them. Some looked human-- others very much not.
  11. Symphony took her cue and walked into the room. Looking around to most of the people it reminded her of her own council. There were seven witches, including her and excluding Edvard, who made up the council. Two were elder's ghost, three were elders, and three where around Symphony's age. The council did more than report information about the seven regions that made up IronHaven, they were to protect an ancient artifact called the Core. The Core was the source of all magic within the supernatural realm, and the seven were charged with taking care of it no matter what. However, Symphony no longer knew the whereabouts of the other six, and had no way to contact them.

    Focusing her mind back in, Symphony had made her way over to where Rodomonte sat. "I see everyone is here." She motioned around her. The meeting had not started and yet she couldn't help but feel late. Everyone was here, waiting and here she was coming in, eyes gazing upon her, how could one not feel belated.

    Taking a seat a little ways away from Rodomonte, she looked over to him and than back to the rest of the room. Pushing herself further into the seat, she felt out of place here for some reason, it was like everyone judged her for reasons she linked with the migrating people from her kingdom. As she thought more about her people moving to where they knew their queen was, she wondered why Edvard had the tax amount raised. There was no reason that came to mind that could make his actions plausible because IronHaven had no need to tax anyone because what they gained from taxation could be earned in a completely different way, especially when magic was involved.
  12. "The deer are missing..." Rodomonte said, keeping his voice down. It rumbled like a bass, growling in annoyance.

    He waited a few moments more before standing.

    "The meeting of the Alpha's is now commenced!" Grevin announced. He bowed, then stepped back.

    "Where is Tribbin and his mate?" The King asked, his voice booming over the circular room. "Did they not think my call worth heeding?"

    "Brother," a woman spoke up. She stood tall, roughly seven-- one of the few in the room easily able to dwarf the King's own height. She paused, as though waiting permission to speak.

    "Sister Orso, speak." He said flattly.

    "Alpha Tribbin and his doe are unable to attend. The river in the Southern Wood has swelled, preventing their timely arrival." The bear-woman said.

    "A flood? This time of year?" Another man scoffed. Unlike Grevin, this wolven man had dark gray hair and sharp features. His yellow hues shifted from the tall woman to the King before standing. "My brother, you have discontent stirring among the prey-kind."

    "And who are you calling prey?" Another man snipped.

    "Enough." Rodomonte cut off the bickering before it could get out of hand. The wolf and bear sat down. "Sister Iontra." He looked now to a woman sitting very near to their balcony. Her long slicked back hair was a dark rusty shade, her eyes a deep azure. She looked up, then stood. "What do you know of the flooding in the south?" The King asked, a frown pasted to his lips. "The rains shouldn't be here until summer, it's only the middle of spring."

    The otter-descent woman considered her Kings question before speaking. "It isn't a natural occurrence, My King. The River has been quiet for the past few months-- and the melted snow of winter wouldn't provide enough water to cause such a flood. I would suggest it could be caused by magic-- or a barrier down stream, which can at times cause back up."

    "Why do we care so much about this flood?" A man stood up. "Brother," He addressed the King, "Why did you summon us here?"

    Across the way a set of twins stood. "The influx of forigners that have come to Volpine Lands." The female spoke up. "Though I must too question the concern of the river."

    Rodomonte frowned, looking to Symphony. His glance was only fleeting, as though considering if magic could be to blame. It was said magic did not function quite as well in the bestial lands of nature as it did in other areas of the world. "Sit." He said firmly. Those standing obeyed quietly. "Is it so wrong for a King to worry for his kin?" He frowned. "... Alphas Lucertola and Tasso, stand."
  13. Symphony sat quite within her chair, there was need to speak now, unless spoken to. Though when the Alpha's brought up the possibility of magic being to blame for the flooding, Symphony wanted to shut that accusation down, but in all honest she had clue if it was true. Looking over to Rodomonte as he stood tall, Symphony was reminded why he was attracted to the strong man that stood near. He was intelligent and a great leader, who was level headed. He was nothing like all the other men she had been courted by.

    As the meeting pushed forward, Suzu entered quietly and handed Symphony and letter, that had her name and a urgent stamp to the top. She nodded and took the letter, allowing Suzu to be excused. She looked down at the envelope, she chose to wait to search through the letter for any news thinking it to be rude to read something during a political meeting. Placing the letter in a pocket on her right side, Symphony crossed her legs and refocused on the discussion at hand. She was lost in what they seemed to blabber on about, though she found it interesting to see how they handled items on the agenda differently than the seven did.
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  14. The topic slowly wound around to the missing ambassadors.

    "Enough." The King sighed, standing once more-- having been listening to his Alpha court banter. "For now, I will call for a recess. We will reconvene tomorrow at dawn. For now, you're dismissed. Go, sleep, eat, and clear your heads."

    Order washed over the assembly as the group all stood, bowed, and processed out.

    Rodomonte stood, watching them until the only two left in the room were himself and Symphony. "... So?" He finally turned his attention back to his guest. "Did you have any input?" He asked, sinking back down into his seat.
  15. By now Symphony's mind had left the room, and focused on the unopened letter that resided in her hand. She had completely missed Rodomonte's closer to the court. She wondered what the letter spoke of, and if it brought great news; however, Symphony highly doubted it brought news of which she hoped. Though as Rodomonte asked her for her thoughts on the meeting, Symphony looked up at him blankly.
    After looking into the king's eyes for a while, she spoke softly. "Um..." Symphony looked down at the letter in hand. Shaking her head she looked back at Rodomonte, "Some news struck me as odd for my kind. Surely if my kind knew that their magic was at fault with the flooding they would move on, unless they had no where else to live...or hide." She paused for a second. "But after that, I can not lie and say I heard much of the meeting." She shifted the letter in her hand. "Well, this had arrived for me. It is from my cousin, though it is not in her handwriting, which worries me." Symphony's finger tips slid across the small cannons that were the mark of the quill pen. "I waited to open case it brought bad news, and well now I can't seem to bring myself to perform the task. I can't bare to think of the saddening news that lays within." Symphony placed the letter on her lap.
    Looking the other way, she started to wonder about what might have happened to her cousin, that would make her send a letter not in her own penmanship. Mustering up her own courage, Symphony picked up the envelope and tore through its seal. Reading the contents, she saw words like war, and death. Symphony's eyes began to water. Just as she feared, her very being here put the kingdom of Hollow Faye at risk, and well the consequences were certain. There would be a war between two of the supernatural realms largest and most dangerous kingdoms in existence.
    After finishing the grim letter, Symphony's hands could not bare the weight anymore and it floated to the dark floor. No words escaped Symphony's mouth, though the despair on her face spoke many words. While she sat frozen, tears flooded her face, as did the river with the land, and for once the queen could not find her way to speak.