The Pursuit of Justice (IC)

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    Azriel Sahib

    A young man stood with his back to the brick wall of a small building, his eyes focused on a fairly large building across the street. It was well designed and even somewhat futuristic looking, with broad windows and a large upscale lobby. A passerby spared a glance at him barely able to see his face because of the hood over his face. He must of had a foul look on his face because the young woman just walked away, quickly averting her gaze. The young man sighed softly, pulling the hood down, revealing his concerned expression, his light blue eyes, and his dark brown hair. The building had been quiet for the last couple hours. Apparently there had been no activity outside of the ordinary.

    Why had he been seeing the graffiti in the alleys? The words "Brothers and sisters, beware Star" had been painted on various alley walls throughout the city. Of course, he wouldn't have noticed any of these if not for his decision to spend a great deal of time in the more seedy areas of town. Particularly in alleyways. This being of course, because he had taken it upon himself to help people in need as much as possible. He couldn't think of a single thing that the message could mean aside from star labs. Especially considering how recently the horrid events involving them occured.

    Yet, here he was, watching them and nothing interesting was occurring. Then again, it was probable that anything illicit or dangerous would be occuring inside, and he couldn't really risk just walking in and asking around about it. For now, he just needed to observe. A few footsteps behind him picked up his attention, prompting him to turn around to see the source. Approaching him was another young man, flashing him a smile when he noticed him.

    "Yo, Az, what's up, man?"

    The newcomer's short blonde hair was partially covered by a cap, his goofy grin was a signature feature, easily recognizable by anyone who had ever met him. His eyes were covered by sunglasses, as they almost always were.

    "Padre, hey. Just killing time." Azriel responded, slightly shrugging. The man he called Padre spared a glance at Star Labs, looking back to his friend.

    "Can't believe that place hasn't been assaulted yet. After the explosion the entire city hates them." Padre said quietly with a shake of his head. Azriel simply shrugged again, looking at the lab.

    "Yeah, well, some people haven't forgotten the good they've done. Plus, it was documented as an accident. Still, something weird is going on there."

    Padre nodded his head until the last sentence, in which he responded by raising a brow and looking to him quizzically. "What's that, Az? Something on your mind?"

    Azriel looked at the building a few seconds longer before signing audibly, pulling his hood back over his head. "Nah, man. I'll catch you later." With that, he offered his friend a simple wave, turning to walk back towards his apartment. Why did he have a feeling something bad was going on here?​
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  2. Powerful flash of light, after which whole room fell into darkness... Marinette was sitting on floor, hugging a pillow hardly, while Jack, covering himself with inappropriately large blanket, was sitting on nearby sofa. Character on screen screamed painfully, running through hallway, as he was followed by dark figure.

    "Wh-why are we watching this, may I ask?" Trembling voice of Jack cut through creepy silence, as Marinette lightly jumped on place.
    "Because, we are trying to not fall asleep, while waiting for my parents to get home" Marinette answered annoyingly, getting comfy again. Screen flashed once again, briefly lightening room's furniture: it was quite small bedroom, with huge glass door, and windows to the floor.

    They continued to watch the movie, but when they finally got comfy, movie ended. Marinette let out a disgusted sigh, turning on the lights. She smirked sarcastically, getting on her knees, and offering Jack a hand.

    "May I offer you myself as a guider to your home, my lady?" She deeply said, deeply moving head down. Jack smirked sadly, getting up, and walking to door.
    "Okay, see you later Mari!" Jack said, taking on his coat, and closing door. Marinette wanted to say something, but just whispered.
    "Be... Careful..."

    On the streets, Jack felt that he was point of attention of numerous policemen, as some of them opened "special" journals, and started to write something quickly. Boy let out annoying sigh, continuing to walk to his house. Yes, most of people were happy with newly bought powers, but Jack couldn't say the same about himself. And everything started just when that stupid lab exploded...

    While Jack was thinking, some feminine-looking, tall boy approached to him, lightly whispering into his ear from behind.

    "Mind if I will be your guider?" Jack almost jumped from fear, turning around quickly. But when he recognized the person, he let out an angry grunt.
    "What do you want George?" His voice was fulfilled with anger, as his fists would shake from the same emotion. George pathetically smirked, quickly overlooking Jack.
    "Look what you turned into? - your family is not so rich lately, huh? You're basically hanging out with a hobo" If each word could transform into things, whole George's speech would transform into giant spit ball, and launch into Jack. With a simple thought, Jack made pressure in water pipe underneath the road reach maximum level, but he tried to hold him from kicking that smiling grin off George's face.
    "I repeat - what do you want?" Jack said without a single muscle moving, instead, of course, mouth. George giggled like some girl who found a bag of sweets, putting hand on Jack's shoulder from behind.
    "Why do you hangout with those "good" hobos? Your family could easily become rulers of this city, you just need to..." George moved his mouth as close as he could to Jack's ear, whispering softly.
    "... ask."

    For several moments, Jack was just trembling from anger, as he gave up. Pressure gradually rose in water pipe, until...
    Powerful stream of water crushed through road, throwing George into lamp post. Jack slowly turned, holding himself from killing the bastard.

    "Listen up, money slut. My family, and that includes me, do not want to do anything with your ass-licking parents, and that means with you, as well. If that's to hard for you to understand, let me explain it simply" Jack hardly moved arm up, raising big water sphere from big crack in ground. George hardly got up, looking on his opponent with pure anger.
    "Imagine that lamp post is you." Jack said, moving hand on nearby lamp post. Water sphere smashed into it, cringing it into metallic shards.
    "Do I need to explain further? Good. Goodbye George." Jack moved his hand down, as momentally, water started to burst out of broken water pipe in ground. Two persons slowly exited scene - both with thoughts on killing each other.

    Clouds were moving...
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    Mariela Young

    Darkness had fallen much faster than she expected, or had she really been avoiding her duties for that long? Needless to remind herself, but she was running a little behind schedule. She still had to go back to the office to finish up some paperwork that she had been neglecting since this morning. Coffee cup in hand, Mariela strode down the sidewalk, making her way back toward the PD. Her utility belt hung heavy on her hips, maybe from the wear of the long day, and she still wore the blue uniform she was issued. The material somehow already appeared to be a little worn, though that could be because of the scuffle today during an arrest. Her second arrest since joining this department. A smirk lifted her lips and her steps developed a bit of a joyful skip to them. She was proud of herself of course. Her footsteps then slowed and finally stopped, her head turning to look at Star Labs – or what was left of it - as the building towered over the city, casting a shadow on the path she walked. This building had caused a dramatic change in her life recently.

    Just looking at it brought back the memory of the explosion. In the middle of a routine traffic stop, Mari was standing on the driver’s side of the car they had pulled over. The driver in question appeared to be intoxicated and she had asked him to step out of the car but he refused. As she was demanding once again that he get out of the car, an explosive sound echoed throughout the city and a bright light swept through the sky and the streets, consuming everything in its path. Her memory ended there and she brought herself back to the current time and place. Was she the only one affected by that light? Since then, people were just acting strange around her. Her attempts to confer with her brother were pointless; he continued to deny that anything had changed.

    Mariela took a step forward and then another, her eyes locked on Star. Something strange happened that night, she just wasn’t sure what. Suddenly, she felt the urge to do something she had not done in a long time. To sing – or hum or something. She didn’t bother even glancing around; what did it matter if someone heard her? Just a police officer standing in the middle of the sidewalk and whistling while staring intently at the building that caused the deaths of many of the prominent members of the city not too long ago. As Mari began to whistle, an alluring sound filled the air which would unwittingly draw anyone who could hear it to the source.

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    Vincent Forman
    AKA: M.V.P
    "Alright Eric this is the 6th time this week. Why do you bad guys never learn?" Currently the loud, deep voice was coming from a rather impatient individual who, for the 6th time as mentioned, had cornered a group of 5 poorly dressed individuals. He didn't much care for arresting them again, but he did have a job to do for the people and taking purses from old ladies was on his no-no list. Taking a step forward made the lot flinch and bit and prepare themselves with their impromptu weaponry which ranged from steel pipes, crowbars, a baseball bat, and lucky Eric had somehow found a gun for himself. "Alright boys you know the drill. Just drop the weapons, and you'll be safe and bruise free. Now don't drop your weapons, and you'll have a fucked-up mugshot once your down at the station alright." As he said this he watched as the poor guys tried to silently get into formation to attack him from all side yet this only prompted him to sigh as they seemed to be done talking. "Well just remember this is going to hurt me, more than it is going to hurt you." Vincent states as he begins to crack his knuckles in anticipation for the coming slug fest.

    Of course with a nod from Eric the whole lot rushed him and swung at his body with all their might...but as usual were surprised when he didn't move or feel the impact. Sighing once more as he took the bat from one of the assailants like a child, and then proceeded to snap it in half with his bare hands like a twig. "Alright who wants it first," he asked as fight-or flight was raging in the minds of men scattered before him, but the quick bark of an order from Eric made them snap out of it and start trying to strike him again. Not really caring to get struck by the crowbar twins he grabs both of their heads, and makes them both connect with enough force to make their unconscious bodies crumble to the floor. Taking both of the blunt sides of the bat he aimed for the chest of the one man who dropped his steel pipe in shock of what he did to his friends, but then promptly went flying into a trashcan not seriously injured, yet not awake enough to attempt to get up again. Looking over towards the last punk who simply just smiled and dropped his weapon, and ran out of the alleyway of where they had currently made a sorta home base.

    Now that the main danger was over he looked back at Eric who was currently cowering in fear in a nearby corner. Walking up to him he watched as the poor thug raised the gun and threatened to shoot him multiple time before he just grabbed the gun, crushed it in his hands, and dropped it before his feet. "Now are we gonna go quietly or do ya wanna struggle some more?" Receiving a meek reply of yes he then gave Eric a slight chop in the neck that knocked him out cold. Taking his favorite green spray can out his pocket, Vince began to mark this area as his territory by spraying, M.V.P., across the walls to make sure that no criminal felt safe here for very long. Just as he finished he heard quite a few sirens heading in his direction which meant it was time to go. Walking out the way he came he blended into the crowd as best he could, thankfully he decided to wear an all black, track outfit today so it didn't seem out of place to say he was just going for a jog. Removing the bandanna he wore to cover his mouth before taking off his hood he sighed graciously, as it seemed like they were tending to the criminals and booking them for arrest. "Looks like today was just another good day." Deciding to end off the day with another cheesy line as usual, he began to make his way back home and finally get some rest after working all day.

  5. Name: Shadow Bengal
    Location: ‘Rat City’
    Tagging: Open!

    Once upon a time…

    Sunrise City… the very name invokes images of happy, shiny people living their days in glee and merriment. Like every day was a new treasure, with each ‘sunrise’ came prosperity and the promise of hope. But such childish nonsense is the stuff of sleepytime stories, told to lull bad children into pleasant dreams. Reality, as it always is, was much more harsh.
    While they were considered part of Sunrise City, there are certainly those that aren’t part of Sunrise City. The vagrants, the mendicants, the indigent, beggars, the destitute. They were looked down upon by most of this glorious city, seen as little more than eyesores upon the grand scheme of things in this fair city. Sunrise City, like any major sprawling metropolis, had its differing districts. The ‘good’ neighborhoods, projects, industrial, slums.. and the part all have forgotten about.
    That’s where this little tale starts, in that part.

    While officially it’s named ‘southeastern Sunrise City’, citizens as a whole know it as ‘Rat City’. A series of alleys, slums, and abandoned homes (oft ‘drug houses’) that are seen as being fit for only the rats. We’re going to focus on the alleys, specifically. A maze of bad odors, awful sights and those that live in it. Like any other, it is a community. Just not the kind of community you would come to expect in Sunrise City. No pleasant picnic tables, no neighborhood watch signs, no smells of pleasant backyard grilling.. just people with nothing existing. Most not even really living, just existing from one day to the next. Despite all that, it is still a community. They look out for one another, and they keep outsiders on the outside. Outsiders usually meant trouble, you see. High school assholes coming to this place for their own enjoyment (paying the homeless to fight for their amusement), cops showing to flex their authority against those that have no chance of being heard… and the criminal element come to ‘do business’. Deals go down, people get hurt, people get killed… and then are forgotten about. That’s the kind of place Rat City is.
    So picture if you will…

    Another bright day in Sunrise City. The happy sun had risen as it always will, happy sunbeams dripping down onto happy people in this happy city. All happy, satisfied.. except for that part. Can you see it? T part that is darkened from the light of the sun. The alleys. The ugly place.

    “Even if one of ‘em seen anything, no one’s gonna b’lieve ‘em, or even listen to ‘em. That’s why we come here to get things done, kid.” A very large and very well dressed man strides down the sidewalk that is adjacent to the area of Rat City. Next to him walks a younger man, he can’t be more than 20 or so, looking up at the dapper man with admiration in his eyes. They work for one of the many of the self-styled ‘Lords’ of the city. Essentially criminals wanting to make their mark, expand their territory and their wealth. No matter who they have to run over. They both are on top of the world at this moment, basking in their sinful success. They pass a particular alleyway, the younger of the two glancing towards the darkness as they do so. And in that darkness, eyes watch them as they pass. Eyes that hope they pass without incident. And once the hoodlums are gone.. the shadows stir. Homeless men and woman emerge from seeming nowhere, having hidden under garbage and behind dumpsters. Word had gotten out that ‘Tony’ and his pal were in the neighborhood, and when they were.. bad things happened. ‘Tony’, as the large and well dressed man is known, has a temper. He needs very little reason to hurt someone, just to do it. More than one of their friends have been hurt badly thanks to ‘Tony’s’ temper, one of this community even killed.

    “They gone now..they gone..” says one man in a fearful tone, his wide eyes watching the opening to the alley. There are 5 of them all together gathered, each staying close to one another. It’s obvious they have nowhere to really live, you can tell just by looking at them. Most of them haven’t had a bath in a month, a decent meal in even longer. But they are alive, and for right now that’s good enough. Debra, Anthony, Alex, Eulic and Lynn are their names. They, for the most part, live in this particular little section of the alleys. It is their ‘turf’, but they are happy to welcome any others in that need help. That’s how they survive, they rely on one another in bad times. And most always is bad times. “Wish someone would jus’ make ‘em go away.. don’t need no trouble..” Lynn says in a shaky tone. Anthony smiles to her as he speaks, reaching under one of his blankets for his bottle. “If they was here for trouble, we’d be in trouble. They’re just walkin, they handled their business last night, ya know?” The small group glance at one another with looks of concern all around. The ‘business’ Anthony refers to is ‘Tony’ beating a man within an inch of his life, and leaving him to bleed to death in an alley only a block away from them. No one is sure exactly why the man was left for dead like that.. but between you and I.. he had a very large debt to ‘Tony’s’ boss, and wasn’t going to pay it.

    Anthony takes a swig from the dark brown colored bottle, and then hands it off to Eulic. As Eulic takes a drink, Alex looks deeper into the alley and speaks. “You could do somethin about ‘em, so why don’t you? You can do things none of us can.. you can stand up to those evil men.” He speaks to someone sitting huddled in the shadows.. oh.. did I say there were 5 living here? Terribly sorry.. there is a 6th. A relatively new arrival, but one that has made quite the impression on all those in Rat City. An impression that starts to be noticed by ‘Tony’s’ boss, amongst others. She is a woman, huddled under a raggedy blanket, sitting in a lean against a brick building. She pulls the blanket tighter around her body, her features hidden under the blanket, almost like a hood. “Hey.. c’mon girl… we’re all friends here. Want a drink? It’s good stuff.” Eulic says with a nod, the others chuckling lightly as they nod in agreement. The 6th just glances up towards them, and then proceeds to stare at the ground once more. If she didn’t want to be around people, she wouldn’t be here. But she also can not bring herself to be… socialable.. with them. No, not yet. “And if you don’t tell us your name, we’re gonna have to just keep calling you Bengal.” Lynn says with a relaxed chuckle, glancing to Debra when she then speaks. “I think Bengal is a wonderful name. I mean.. lookit what she can do.. and..” Debra grins widely as she motions to the worn and raggedy hat she wears, one proudly emblazoned with ‘Cincinnati Bengals’. They started calling the new arrival Bengal, in honor of Debra’s very favorite football team. But it does have a double meaning.. for this group has seen ‘Bengal’ in action.. and she is as vicious as a tiger.

    Now let’s wind the clock forward a bit, hm? Mark off a day or two from the calendar, and that’s where this story picks up. Two days have passed since ‘Tony’ was last seen here.. and now he’s back. And he’s in a foul mood. He purposely came into the alleys looking for a fight. That’s what bullies do, pick on those that they know can’t fight back. But.. he’s heard whispers of a new resident of Rat City, one that apparently maimed a hired gun for a rival group. Group, gang, family, call it what you will. This certainly caught his attention.. the enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all. And if they can get this bruiser to work for them… well that’s just another gun in their already impressive arsenal. ‘Tony’ is not subtle.. to get the attention of the new resident…he has taken to beating the shit out of just about every homeless he has come across. The shouts and cries go unheeded, for no one near here cares what happens to these eyesores of the city. ‘Tony’ then comes across the alley that is the focus of our little story. The group had heard ‘Tony’ was back, and he was hurting people. They did try to hide.. but Tony would have nothing of it. A grin crosses the large man’s lips as he goes to work.

    It’s Eulic that tries to fight back first, charging at ‘Tony’. But sadly…Eulic is no match physically for the brute that is ‘Tony’. With one punch from a very large fist, Eulic is rendered unconscious. ‘Tony’ kicks him in the head for good measure. “Stop it ya maniac!” Alex yells as he motions for the others to run, and he now charges ‘Tony’. Alex is grabbed by the throat, and lifted off the ground as he heaves and spats, trying to get out of the grip of ‘Tony’. “So where is he? The fella that took off Eugene’s arm last week? Where’s this tough guy? If he comes out, I stop.” ‘Tony’ says in a casual tone with a shrug. Alex tries kicking now desperately, but he feels black edging his eyes. “Stop!” Debra cries out through her tears, Lynn kneeling next to Eulic, her vision also blurred by tears. ‘Tony’ grins as he looks towards them casually, Alex’s movements now getting more sluggish. “If he comes out, I” his words are cut off by the other in the alley, a low and serious tone. One without emotion. “Stop.” Tony’s grip of Alex’s neck relaxes a little as he looks towards the voice in the darkness, his grin widening. “So, you’re the one? Seriously? A bitch took out Eugene? You’re shittin me.. seriously, where is he?”

    The stranger they only know as ‘Bengal’ now steps forward, her form still hidden under the tattered blanket. Tony watches her curiously.. does she seriously want to stop him? She wants to fight? Really? Tony now tosses Alex forward, and he hacks and wheezes as he lands hard on his back, gripping his throat as his lungs work desperately for air. Anthony moves to Alex, and now tries to get him away. The ones that are able now stare towards Tony and Bengal, each and every one of them hoping she gives Tony what’s coming to him. “Go away, Tony. We’ve not done a damn thing to you. Go away and you can keep your miserable life.” Her tone is angry, it’s obvious she really doesn’t want him to leave peacefully. No, this has been a long time coming. “So you really are the one that fucked up Eugene? Why you’re just a wee little thing!” Tony says with an amused tone as he turns to face her, brushing his hands off.

    “Fine!” Bengal exclaims, already out of patience. Never takes long, though. She charges towards Tony a low growl coming from her throat. Tony looks confused.. she can’t be the one. He draws a large fist back, and sends it right towards her head as she closes in. With a grunt she is dropped, landing in a heap next to Tony. “So.. once more…” now Tony leans down and grabs her by the throat, lifting her up off of her feet, just as he did Alex. She grabs his arm, making a good show of it as Tony speaks loudly “The fella that fucked up Eugene, come on out and I won’t snap this bitch’s neck. Ya’ll know I got zero problem with it!” He then looks to Bengal as his hand starts to put more and more pressure upon her throat. “I mean no offense, sweetheart. You got some balls comin at me, but I mean what did ya think would happen?” Bengals’ body language changes suddenly, and she speaks in a strained croaking tone “fus.. ant…ed… fet.. clofe… eno.. ff…” Tony blinks and leans in a little, his head turning a little as he tries to listen better, his hand not loosening from her throat. “Sorry?” he says. And then… his eyes widen as he realizes something is very very wrong. He feels his impressive strength suddenly draining from his body… and he looks downwards as his knees start to buckle. And he lets go of Bengal. For when he looks down, he can see her hand is in his upper chest almost knuckle deep, his own blood flowing from the wound and down along her arm freely. She lands on her feet as she draws her free hand back. “I said” she speaks with an angry growl “I just wanted to get close enough to do this!” Her free hand flexes, and with a ‘shluck’ sound, claws emerge from her fingertips. Each one about 3 inches long and look metallic.. though she isn’t real sure what they actually are. Her clawed hand whips forward and across Tony’s face, slicing through it like a warm knife through butter. Flesh, bone and blood fly as she follows through with a snarl, most of Tony’s face…well everywhere. His body slumps to one side as she draws her hands back, and then he falls fully. He is dead waaaay before he hits the ground.

    Bengal stands over Tony’s body with her clawed and bloody hands at her sides, and she breathes heavily as she stares down at him. He deserved this kind of death.. for all the misery he put others through. Even just in the time she has been here, which hasn’t been long. She now slowly crouches as she speaks in a low tone, those claws slowly drawing back into her hands. “Somethin ya shoulda prolly known before you ever stepped foot here.. this place, these people.. they’re under my protection. Not that it does you any good now, asshole.” She then spits on the body, and she pushes herself to her feet. The others.. they just stare at Bengal…hints of fear there in their gazes. But she doesn’t seem to care. “Let’s go.” Eulic and Alex needed medical attention.. and someone would be along shortly for Tony’s body. Either his gang or the cops.. the cops probably first. As a group they now move, helping Eulic and Alex along. Bengal leads the way, her form once more hidden under the tattered blanket..
    They would take Eulic and Alex to a local free clinic, hopefully to get them patched up. They could have ended up worse.. a lot worse. Hopefully those at the free clinic won’t ask to many questions. Hopefully the cops won’t hit the free clinic looking for answers about the bloody murder scene. But if they do.. it’s unlikely they’ll ever find the one that did that to poor Tony. It’s not the first body she’s left behind in Rat City.. probably not the last.

    While the others helped out their friends at the free clinic.. Bengal returned to Rat City by herself. Another part of the alley system, of course. And as with every other night.. she sits silently huddled under her raggedy and torn blue blanket..trying to drive away the newest demons in heart.
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    Azriel Sahib

    Azriel had begun his fairly short trek home, only to stop in his tracks suddenly when a sound caught his ear. It was far off, enough so that he could just barely hear it. The faint sound, it was like a whistling tune, at first. But, it only took a few moments for it to seem to take on this haunting melody. It rang in his ears, rolling throughout his head in some sort of harmonious song. Where was it coming from? He had hear more of it. No, he had to find the source.

    Azriel pivoted on his heel, moving towards that hypnotic singing. It was calling to him, his mind was telling him. Some part of him tried to fight it, his body begining to sieze almost mid step, causing him to lose his balance and catch himself on the wall. What was this? He had never felt so sure that he had to do something. It was a compulsion that he simply couldn't deny. He had to find it. The young man allowed himself to continue, at this point there was little danger in fighting it, his mind offered. After a few minutes, he rounded a corner, spotting the woman who was apparently the source of the beautiful sound.

    Something about her took his breath away. She was beautiful, but, not in the traditional sense. Sure, she was attractive, at least an eight, but this was otherworldly. Something abstractly enthralling. He found himself imagining that this must be like gazing upon a goddess. She almost seemed to shine when he looked at her. That indescribable melody continued to ring in his ears, and after a solid minute, he remembered to breath, inhaling slowly as he composed himself enough to act, ripping back his mind from his enthralled subconscious.

    Azriel cleared his throat, leaning against the wall, looking at her quizically as he spoke; "Uh, hey...what are you doing?"



    The night was cold. Then again, every night was cold here in Rat City. Sunshine, for all of its bright splendor in the more expensive neighborhoods, harbored some terribly dark shadows and secrets within its poorer districts. Within the cold stone and brick walls of one of the many dark back alleys was huddled a small figure, wrapped tightly in a tattered blanket. Nearby an old barrel burned like a torch, shining a flickering orange and yellow light into the alley. From beneath the blanket a small hand emerged, dirty from days being out in the city, exposed to the elements and worse. Small dexterous fingers crumpled up a piece of paper before tossing it into the burning barrel.

    The figure glanced to the far side of the alley, noticing a figure entering. This person was also wrapped in a similar type of dirty cloth, clearly in a similar sort of situation. Then again, there were s lot of people who were reduced to such circumstances. Too many were without homes, all alone in a large city overrun with crime and suffering. The newcomer sat down against the opposite wall, still only about ten feet or so away in the narrow alley. After a few moments of silence, the person spoke to the newcomer, their voice quiet and soft, it's pitch betraying the speaker's intent to hide the high tone;

    "Hello. I'm Cecily. What's your name?"

    The small figure uncurled a bit, revealing a still heavily cloaked figure, clearly of a short height. The thickness of the blanket made it difficult to make out any details, but, she was clearly youthful, and no taller than five feet at the most. Her face was obscured by the cloak and the shadows of the alley. Under the cloak there was a hint of movement as her hand came our again with another crumpled piece of paper, that she promptly through into the fire.

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    Mariela Young

    Mariela came out of her daze at the sight of a guy walking across the street. He seemed to be in a daze himself and blankly wandered across the road, not even trying to weave around any traffic that was coming his way. Her whistling stopped and she leaned toward the road, hollering at the unknown man. “Sir! Please return to the sidewalk!” Her hand reached down to grab the flashlight at her hip and she flicked it on, shining it in the wanderer’s direction as she was speaking. He must be drunk to just so haphazardly meander into the road like that. When her light lit his features, she noticed that he didn’t look drunk at all. He appeared to be a normal well-kept man, wearing a suit and tie, maybe returning home late from work? Except his eyes were blank as if he wasn’t even looking through them. At her command, the man immediately turned around and walked to the sidewalk. Once his feet were planted there, the businessman blinked a few times and glanced around as if confused, and then began to speed-walk away, glancing around him a few times as he disappeared around a corner. In a few seconds he had come and then was gone again. Just like she was thinking earlier, people were acting so strange around her lately.

    "Uh, hey...what are you doing?" Mari jumped a little at the voice coming from behind her. She whipped around, spinning in place and shining her flashlight at the person there. “What am I doing?” She asked, taking a few steps closer. Her gaze ran over the man there, taking in his details. He looked about her own age or a little older - 30 years old maybe? Clear blue eyes not dissimilar to her own. “I could ask you the same thing. What would a guy be doing out here at this time of night?” He didn’t appear to be in any sort of work clothes that she could tell, and no uniform of any sort. Her own outfit would obviously betray that she was a cop – plus, who else carries around a big flashlight like this? She moved the light away from his face to keep from blinding him too much and flicked it off, pushing it back into its holster on her belt. Was there a reason this guy was just leaning against a wall here, watching her? More weird behavior from the Sunrise populace. Her expression showed that she obviously found this guy suspicious, and she casually rested her hands on her hips as she waited for a response.

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  8. Name: Shadow Bengal
    Location: ‘Rat City’
    Tagging: ‘Cecily’

    A few days had passed since the end of ‘Tony’. Since she murdered him.. gleefully almost. The cops had been by, just as she thought they would. And the local gangs had also done some walking around. They were now on alert, the ‘warlords’ of this Sunrise City. Someone was killing their associates, someone in the maze that is Rat City. The Purple Dragons, the Sluggos, the Portsmiths, Vulaj, the Sullivan Family.. to name a few. Bengal knew there would be a chance she could make things worse by killing Tony. She knew it would most likely draw unwanted attention to this place. But..

    The enemy is always there, let them come. Let them come.

    It was dark now.. Alex and Eulic were recovering, her little ‘gang’ of friends had found a church that was offering free rooms for the night. She told them to stay there.. while she returned to Rat City. Until things cooled down, it would have been best for her to distance herself a little from them. Just in case someone puts the puzzle together that she was staying with them. Best to keep them safe, best to keep them at an arm’s distance for the now. Slowly now she makes her way down an alley in Rat City, holding her tattered blanket close around her form. The scents filling the air are mostly offensive.. to put it mildly. But slowly she has been growing accustomed to them. In the darkness she sees the light of fire, dancing oranges, yellows and reds. Something to keep them warm, something to drive away the cold from body and heart, perhaps. She squints as she approaches the fire, her keen eyes taking more than a few moments to adjust to the brighter light that banishes the darkness she had emerged from. And as she gets closer.. she becomes aware of someone there.. someone else. Her eyes focus on the small frame of a blanket, and she sniffs lightly at the air. She can catch that new scent.. but it’s so mingled with the garbage, the waste and the filth all around them. Her eyes are distracted by a piece of paper being thrown into the burning barrel, and she just gives up trying to identify whoever it is there. She’s.. kind of.. confident it’s not one of the new dangers in her life. At least not one she’s aware of.

    With a low thud she lowers herself to sit against one of the brick buildings that wall them in, drawing her knees up. And as she sits, she abruptly starts to mutter to herself, in a voice barely above a whisper…

    “Bhadra grishwara sitaram.. bhagat janapirya sitaram.. jankai ramana sitaram…”

    But she cuts herself off as she hears a voice abruptly, one coming from under that bundle of rags not so far from her. She once more squints as she looks towards the voice… a girl’s voice.. a girl not very old if she’s judging the pitch and tone correctly. But given the relative brightness of the fire, it’s hard for her to see a damn thing there in the dark. She scowls as the girl introduces herself, and she would not hear a response. Not right away, in the least. Cecily could probably have counted to 30 before Bengal’s voice comes forth in a low tone.. the kind of tone one uses to say ‘go away kid ya botherin me’. Though that’s not her intention, of course.

    “They call me Bengal.”

    She says simply to Cecily. She draws her knees tighter to her chest, her arms wrapped around knees. She assumes that was the end of the dialogue. She really wasn’t in the mood to entertain people she doesn’t know. She has a lot on her mind, after all. Murdering people, fighting off all sorts of bad men, keeping those around her alive and unharmed.. the usual. But her voice does come forth once more.. perhaps it’s the fact she thinks Cecily might be very young that spurs her on..

    “You eat yet today, Cecily?”

    She doesn’t look towards the other as she speaks. While it is dark now, she knows more than one person that has yet to have food, a good meal, today. Or this week. Or this month.

    While Bengal tries to pull off the ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude, while she tries to make herself a hardass bitch.. under that she still has a compassionate soul. And then under that she’s a hardass bitch.
  9. Azriel Sahib (open)

    The fog was still in the process of clearing from his mind when the woman spoke to him. Azriel realized he had been leaning against to wall almost as if he were about to fall over, and quickly righted himself. The woman had a point. Not many people would be out at this time. Then again, he wasn't like most people. Of course, the feeling that he was getting was beginning to wear off, and although she was still attractive, that glow was fading. More so, the sound that had been blaring in his skull was virtually gone.

    "Well, I was on my way home, when something...well, I don't really know how to hear it. I heard something, and I just...huh, that's weird. I don't know why but I just had to see what it was."

    Azriel spoke slowly, chuckling briefly at how silly he surely must have sounded. Of course, he really didn't know how to describe that feeling, nor why he had come back.


    Cecily (open)

    The girl shifted slightly when the woman had responded. It didn't seem to be fear, more so it would seem like it was just minor discomfort. She shifted the blanket, revealing the pad of paper she had in her lap. The fire had done it's job of warming her up pretty well.

    "Bengal? Like the Tigers? That's kinda neat."
    Cecily responded quietly, looking over at her while tapping the eraser of her pencil against the pad.

    "Eat? N-no, not tonight. I'm not really hungry." Cecily responded softly, the fairly obvious falsehood of her words was no doubt somewhat humorous. She was obviously a terrible liar. A brief silence followed before she spoke again, like she was making an obvious attempt to change the subject.

    "I know you don't know me, but, is it okay if I draw you? I don't remember much very good anymore. These past few months I can barely remember people's faces. I've started Drawing everyone I meet to help me remember..."

    Cecily's voice trailed off as she began fidgeting slightly as though she had a great deal of pent up energy. Her face was still hidden in the shadows and her hood.
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    Mariela Young
    Mari watched the man as he adjusted himself. So suspicious. But she had to admit that this wasn’t the first time this kind of weirdness had happened since that particle accelerator explosion. People did this kind of thing often now, but she couldn’t figure out why. As he spoke, she leaned in a little bit, looking at his eyes again and even taking a sniff of the air around him. Well, he’s not drunk I don’t think. I don’t smell any alcohol. With a shrug, she leaned back into a more straight-up position.

    “You sure don’t smell drunk, but you’re kind of acting like it. Have you had anything to drink tonight, Sir?” It was partially a joke and her tone showed it, considering she was pretty sure he was not actually drunk. Her hands remained on her hips with her coffee cup dangling from her fingers, her gaze locked on this man in front of her. “Actually… I was whistling just now… Is that what you heard?” She frowned a little, rubbing at the back of her head. “Sorry, I didn’t think I would be disturbing anyone in this area right now.” She lifted her cup, taking a drink out of it. Realizing that she had just drained the last of it, she jogged a few paces to the side to drop the cup in a trash can before turning back to the mystery man. “Are you sure you feel well enough to get home? I don't want you to get hurt or something; it looks like you were having trouble even standing. My cruiser is just around the corner, I can give you a lift. Plus, it’s dangerous to be out on your own this time of night.”

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  11. Name: Shadow Bengal
    Location: ‘Rat City’
    Tagging: ‘Cecily’ (@The Classy Mog)

    Bengal found herself smirking a little. “Yeah.. like the tigers.” Or the football team, which is the actual reason she was called that. At first she.. really… didn’t like it. But it’s growing on her. She couldn’t be called Dawg Pound, instead? No.. as dopey as Bengal sounds, Dawg Pound sounds worse. Why didn’t she like the name Bengal all that much at first? Well that has a little to do with how and where she was raised. But that.. is a story for another day. And another post.

    Bengal’s eyes narrow as Cecily says she’s not very hungry. She’s always been good at telling when people are being deceitful, even if it’s for a good cause. And ever since that reactor mishap.. that sense has grown stronger. Cecily’s voice comes forth once more, and she trains her eyes on the bundle of shadows from whence the question came. Her mind lingers on a few fine points in her statement, her question. The drawing part.. that’s something that makes Bengal smile on the inside. The fact the child (or so she presumes) has been having memory problems. Bengal doesn’t know much, but she knows that isn’t good. Bengal shakes her head as she now pushes herself to her feet, the blanket dropping from around her form onto the ground.

    “Nope, you ain’t got permission ta draw me. Not for free.” Her tone a stern, serious one. Her form can now be better seen amongst the firelight, the warm colors highlighting her features. Short unkempt hair, in better light one could see it is a strawberry blond. Her build is thin, muscular. Part of the result of the life she lived before the… incident.. part from having to survive in Rat City. She is wearing a loose fitting.. well it looks like a jumper suit. Dark brown in color, the sort of outfit you might wear if you were painting your living room. She pats down the pockets absently (the ones without holes in them), and she seems to find something. Another step is taken closer to Cecily, and perhaps now she would be able to make out what is perhaps Bengal’s most striking feature. At least according to those she has befriended in her time here. Her clear blue eyes, bright eyes. Almost glowing in this dim light. The kind of eyes people refer to around the world as ‘tiger eyes’.

    She tosses something at Cecily’s feet as she speaks. “Here's the price. You eat that protein bar, and you can draw me. 'Nother part of the deal.. you stop throwin away papers from your sketch pad. Plenty of shit around here ta burn, Cecily, for us to keep the cold and dark at bay.” She got the protein bar from the church that she escorted her little crew to earlier in the night. They did have a soup kitchen open, which she was glad her friends had access to. But she only took one of the protein bars offered.. she didn’t want to linger to long at the church. By the by, it’s a Special K protein bar, double chocolate flavor. One of Bengal’s fave things in the world.. and one of the fave things in the world of her writer.

    “Go on, now.” She says in a soft.. commanding.. tone as she now crouches down a good few feet from Cecily, her arms draped over her knees as she watches the shadowed girl (again, so she is presuming). “Eat, get yer strength up. Sketches come out shit if you try without energy.” She says with a nod. Something Cecily might not pick up on, but she used the word ‘sketch’ instead of ‘draw’. A little difference in her own mind, but it’s unlikely anyone else would notice.
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  12. Azriel Sahib (open)


    The situation only seemed to become more puzzling. Still, Azriel would have to admit that he was glad the woman didn't simply start throwing accusations or insults at him. This whole thing gave him enough of a strange vibe without adding hate and rudeness into it. The young man couldn't resist a chuckle when asked if he'd been drinking. How typical of an officer to ask that. With a slight shake of his head, he responded politely;

    "No, I'm afraid I haven't touched a drop in months. Though, I'd feel a bit less silly if I had been."

    The woman then mentioned her whistling, and suggested the sound he'd heard had been that. How odd. The sound, he supposed could have just been melodic whistling, but, it seemed so much grander, and powerful. As much as the experience had already faded, he could still remember clearly the sound radiating within his skull. With a quick shrug he offered her a polite and shy smile, his hands resting in his pockets.

    "Don't worry about it. It was...pretty. But, yeah, I don't know, ma'am. I mean this with all respect, but, I don't particularly feel comfortable in squad cars."


    Cecily (open)

    The young girl looked to the woman as she stood, the cloak of cloth adjusting just enough to reveal her left eye, a bright shade of blue, her right obscured by dirty blonde hair. After she spoke about the price for the sketch, Cecily seemed to cringe slightly before protesting in a slightly elevated tone of voice;

    "B-but!..." The young girl began, stopping abruptly in the middle of her thought when the realization that arguing would be pointless struck home. "...okay. I'll eat it. And I'll stop throwing away the ones that turn out bad, I guess."

    Cecily's voice betrayed a sort of childish pouting as she reached down and picked up the protein bar Bengal had thrown her. She leaned back against the wall, her face again entirely obscured while she set the pad aside. Slowly and silently, she ate the bar, rolling the wrapper up afterwards to throw it into the barrel. Sure, she wasn't allowed to burn her paper now, but, she said nothing about garbage.

    Afterward, Cecily picked up her paper again and struck her pencil to it, occasionally making glances at the woman before her. The low lighting made it a bit more difficult to pinpoint details, but, she did her best. Her small but deft hands moved with surprising speed, lines of varying depth and thickness forming across the paper. In what felt like only a few minutes, she stopped, sighing softly as she looked it over, looking at Began again as if she were comparing the two of them.

    "Its not my best, but, I'm thinking turned out okay..." Cecily's voice rang out with the faintest hint of cheer as well as a nervous fear when she continued; " you wanna see?"

    The young girl held out the pad towards her, the top paper showing the newest of her various drawings and portraits.


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  13. Name: Shadow Bengal
    Location: ‘Rat City’
    Tagging: ‘Cecily’ (@The Classy Mog)

    Bengal narrows her eyes in warning down towards the girl as she seems to hesitate for a moment to go through with the price. But, she relents. When the body needs something, it finds a way to get it. Hunger is pretty high on that particular priority list. She nods in approval, and as Cecily inhales the tasty little bar of nutrition, Bengal’s eyes suddenly flicker around them. She thinks she hears something.. someone.. out in that darkness, but it’s just her imagination she supposes. She sniffs faintly.. no new scents she can pick up.

    “Only throw away the junk sketches, that’s fine.” She says as she stands over Cecily, as if keeping silent vigil as the girl eats. She then looks down to her once more, and she takes a step back. In this alley, in this darkness, there’s no such thing as good lighting. The best they both will have to do is the burning barrel. So yeah, that’s a no to the good lighting.

    Bengal would do her best to remain as motionless as possible for the artist to work. The only thing that really moves is her eyes, as if constantly scanning for anything that could be interpreted as danger. Woe to the one that comes now and tries to start trouble. But her eyes also on occasion glance down to the girl as she works that pencil to that paper. Her hands are quick.. impressively quick. If her sketch is of any quality whatsoever, that makes the speed of the artist that much more impressive.

    “Of course I wanna see.” She says in simple response to Cecily’s query. She now takes a small step towards the girl and crouches down before her. She gets a look at the portrait, and it’s obvious that right away she’s rather dumbstruck. “Holy hell.” She mutters as she now reaches out for the sketchpad. She seems to study the face looking back at her.. and it’s in this moment that she realizes she hasn’t actually seen herself, her own reflection or face for a couple months now. But the sketched out face that stares at her.. it’s almost unrecognizable to her. It’s not that Cecily got things wrong.. but she knows she has changed physically since.. the incident.. lo many months ago.

    Her head tilts to one side, and she speaks in a soft tone, her eyes only lifting to Cecily. “If this ain’t your best.. well damn, girl.” She now turns the sketch pad back around, holding it out for her to take back. “I’m really really impressed. Yer pretty amazing, Cecily.” She says with a positive nod. Another discrete sniff of the air around them, still unconsciously keeping herself on full guard mode. “I ain’t just sayin that, I mean that’s about the best I’ve seen in a bit. And ya did it kind of effortlessly.” She nods again to accentuate her point. “Hey.. why the hell you out here by yaself? You don’t hang around with anyone back here?” Now her tone turns to one of concern, obviously. Cecily, in her opinion, is a really nice kid. One that doesn’t seem to want to be a bother to anyone. And out here.. that kind of outlook on life will get you eaten alive. Rat City isn’t a pleasant place, to say the least. It’s rare when one can survive on their own.. be it from the elements or the ever present dangers all around them from the predators. In all actuality, Bengal half wonders just how long Cecily has been out here.. and how she’s managed to make it..
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    Mariela Young
    The guy had a point. It would have been less strange if he were intoxicated. Luckily, he looked to be coming around. Maybe he was feeling better. At least he laughed. Mari kept her eyes on him for a few minutes. Whether it was a habit of being suspicious of people or a habit of trying to watch over people, who knew. In all reality, she was kind of glad someone had wandered on by. Something about tonight made her feel lonely for no reason whatsoever. It could be that she was used to doing any travelling with her brother and patrol partner, and now that she was walking the street alone, she felt truly alone. She did not know it now, but that would be exactly why her voice had called someone to her. Part of her felt it, knew that she wanted company and had called for it, but the idea that it had worked or the way it was done was just not plausible. Her subconscious pushed the idea away without a second thought. But it was happening so often that her mind was starting to sway on the topic. Maybe something beyond the norm was happening.

    Her brow furrowed, and she locked her eyes on the guy in front of her. “Sorry to hear about the lack of alcohol in your life.” She joked, trying to keep the mood light, but that thought was bugging her, buzzing in the back of her mind. “Hey… Do you mind if I ask you something?” She frowned, completely blowing off the comment about squad cars – it didn’t bother her any - and placed one hand on her hip, the other on her head as she suddenly felt awkward. “Person to person – forget that I’m a cop.” She waved the hand from her head, then gestured toward the large building across the way, Star Labs. “I’ll join the crazy train with you for second, because this is going to sound kind of dumb, but…” She blew out a stream of air, staring at the building for a minute and then looking at the guy again. “Do things seem… I don’t know… a little strange since that explosion?” She hated to put some random guy on the spot about this, but everyone else she asked denied any real change. “I just mean that, people are acting weird around me a lot and no one else seems to notice. I was wondering if you’ve had any similar experiences.”

    She turned her gaze back to Star Labs, looking the building up and down as if it would tell her itself. “I guess not just other people. I feel kind of different, too. Not to mention the weird cases I’ve been put on since then.” She sighed and shook her head, glancing back at her company. “So… Any thoughts?”

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    Aura Manipulation


    Marigold District (Home)


    Tired & Curious


    Artist's Outfit







    Artist was laying on his bed, with his head off the edge. He had a long day He had school, then work, and he also had to come home after work to watch his little brother and sisters until both of his parents came home from work, he just got a break from everything a few minutes ago. He was very tired, more than usual. "Fuck... I need to move out of here, soon." He wiped his face and grinned, as he searched his bed for the remote to turn on the T.V. He couldn't find said device and grunted. "I bet one of my little annoying siblings was in my room, they probably hid it somewhere." He rolled off the side of his bed and looked under it, finding nothing. "Where is the remote?" He stood up and fixed his pajamas, pulling the hood off of his head. "Wait..." Artist had almost forgotten that he had these sick and amazing powers that could channel the aura of anything or anyone, inanimate things counted as well. He closed his eyes and felt his power coursing through his body as he used the aura sensing to find just exactly where the remote was. "In my little brat of sister's room. I am going to kill Kayla one of these days." Out of all three of his younger siblings, Kayla was the main one that loved to mess with him and his things.

    He stomped out of his room and headed to her door, which was cracked to let light in. He peeked in the room and spotted the remote in her hands. "Oh come on." He whispered to himself. Sighing, he shot his hand into the room and with his Telekinesis, he delicately wiggled the remote free from Kayla's vice like grip. "My powers are amazing... too bad I can't show them off." Artist might seem like the type to use his abilities for the simplest of tasks, threatening to expose himself and possibly anyone else that had powers in Sunrise, but he knows to be careful when using his powers. Artist has always been in love with superheroes since he was three and saw the X-Men movies and read the comics and watched his first Superman Movie. Every Halloween he dressed up like some superhero from DC and Marvel, now he could be a real life superhero... maybe.

    Until that day came to fruition, Artist crept back to his own room, making sure not to wake any of his family members in the process. "Phenom defeats evil again." He cheered himself on, as he closed his bedroom door and turned on his T.V., flopping onto his bed. "I wonder what's on today." The first thing he saw was some show talking about Star Labs. "This crap again?" He rolled his eyes, he was about to turn, when he heard them talking about the explosion again. It seemed every channel was STILL talking about the explosion that happened months ago. "Can't they come up with some other stories now?" He asked to himself.

    Artist knew that a lot of places in Sunrise didn't have the same luck that Marigold District had, not being as damaged as other places, like Rat City and the poorer districts. A few days after the incident, he started volunteering at the Local Church, knowing that he couldn't do a lot for the ones who lost their homes and lives, but he knew that his friendship and compassion at least did something for them. People need moral support just as much as money and other means to live. He was going to the Local Church to Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen tomorrow, for now, he needed a well deserved slumber. "Goodnight world." He grinned, as he turned off the T.V. and felt his eyelids close.

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  16. [​IMG]
    Vincent Forman
    "Once again the streets are line with the insignia of the masked, "savior of the streets," as the citizens have come to call him these past few weeks. The police are reminding citizens that this behavior is not to be encouraged, and should one see this vigilante running away from the scene of the crime please notify your local protectors about his whereabouts. In coming news, the investigation of the Star Lab incident a few months prior is still heavy underwa..."

    Not caring to listen to it much more Vince decided to switch the television off before tossing the remote back onto the couch. Sighing as he began to remove his clothing from his outside excursion to make himself a bit more presentable as he did have to get to work rather soon. Today it was a job helping out with lifting some crates at the local warehouse which was rather easy pay for him to do in his off time. Throwing on the standard work outfit he grabbed a water and apple from out of his fridge to get ready to head out and make his way to his temp job. Recounting the events going through his day did have something odd pop into his mind about the way his friend was acting earlier. Eric was known crackhead who just needed to get money for his next fix, but that gun he got did trigger some thought with the fact that Eric always hated guns because of how easy it was to kill. He'd have to be seriouly in need to even think to stoop that low to consider that as a viable tactic. "Well Desmond was saying that with the gangs competing drug prices had risen a bit. This city is just getting worse everyday I swear." Sighing as he had to come to terms with the fact that this city was always changing and going even further into a spiraling abyss, yet all he could do was use his new gifts to somehow make this world a little bit more right. Opening the door he made sure to lock everything down before carrying on about his way to go and help brighten the days of the poor saps that prayed he came by to assist with his lifting. Sometimes it was a hard job trying to hold back with helping with daily life, but slowly but surely he was getting used to it.
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