The purge

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  1. Imagine this. One night a year, for twelve consecutive hours, all crime was legal and there were no emergency services available. This night made America a better place, this night was the purge.

    Unemployment is below 1%
    The economy is flourishing
    Crime is almost non-existent outside of the purge
    The amount of homeless people is at an all time low (seeing as allot of them are killed during the purge)
    America is overall doing better than it ever has thanks to the sacrifice of those who lose their lives during the purge in order to help Americans relieve themselves of the hatred that has plagued them all year.

    James Sandin ( purge victim ): "Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them."


    So, the piece above gives you a pretty good idea on how things work during the purge. All crime is legal, murder, theft, rape, and all other crime statistics shoot through the roof during the purge. People go all year holding in all of their hate and anger to release it on the "special" night. Whether you choose to kill or you just try to survive, no one is ever safe from the purge.

    I'm looking for at least four people to join me in this roleplay, all are welcome. If I get enough interests, I'll post the OOC soon for everyone to get started.

    That'll be all, I'm bad at conclusions

  2. Sounds interesting. I'm all for this RP.
  3. Nice, hopefully I'll get more people and we can get started
  4. I kinda Wanna join this.
  5. Alright, welcome aboard. Just two more people and we can get started
  6. I'm interested!
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  7. Sounds cool, may I join?
  8. Of course,always a pleasure to encounter your characters @dunruffle
  9. Real life pictures, though, right?
  10. I wouldn't mind starting now.
  11. To be honest, I'm not that interested anymore. So.. yeah. Sorry. *Tumbles into a hole*
  12. Umm..yeah same...sorry...i kinda realized I have a lot on my plate already.
    *vanishes in a puff of smoke*
  13. .-. I wil be leaving too, I'm currently just waiting for Characters on one of my roleplays, not including my other one, I'm sorry I do have to drop from this.
  14. I wannnnnnnna join. 8o
  15. Alright, nice. Two out of the three people I had previously, bailed on me so if you want, you can invite others
  16. Gah... I'll be honest here, man. I lost interest because I was ignored, it really bothered me and y'know.. I'm just human. Just telling you.
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  17. This sounds pretty cool and I think I'm free enough to join if it's all the same to you
  18. My interest never faded Mr. Darkest Assassin. :L
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