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  1. Imagine this. One night a year, for twelve consecutive hours, all crime was legal and there were no emergency services available. This night made America a better place, this night was the purge.

    Unemployment is below 1%
    The economy is flourishing
    Crime is almost non-existent outside of the purge
    The amount of homeless people is at an all time low (seeing as allot of them are killed during the purge)
    America is overall doing better than it ever has thanks to the sacrifice of those who lose their lives during the purge in order to help Americans relieve themselves of the hatred that has plagued them all year.

    James Sandin ( purge victim ): "Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them."


    Alright, this will be where all characters and OOC conversations will be held. There will also be a few rules I'd like everyone to recognize so that we can all have fun and things can run smoothly.

    1: Please follow all site rules, this might be borderline mature simply due to the killing and anarchy, but I don't think there will be any sexual encounters. (Though rape is technically legal during the purge, I'd rather not have that included.)

    2. No controlling other people's characters. You may try to persuade or influence, but don't make someone else's characters act in a way that you want; that's not fair to the controller.

    3. You may have a maximum of three characters if you truly want to but you may also stick with just one if you choose.

    4. When making your character please be realistic. Don't make your character some kick ass military assassin in a tank, because honestly; what are the chances of that? It would be normal for someone to have a few guns in the house, but not a military grade arsenal. During the purge, weapons of class B or lower are allowed. (Class B would contain large assault rifles, sniper rifles, and some Light Machine Guns but please, be realistic with your weapon choices)

    That's all for the rules. As far as a character skeleton.




    Picture or description:


    Active purge participant or survive the night (is your character out killing and causing chaos or hiding out in their house. You can be borderline as well if you'd like):

    ((Optional)) A quote from your character about the purge:

    Any questions, feel free to ask.
  2. Is it ok if my character decides to sort of protect others from the chaos? So like a new section of killer and survivor?
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Cillian + Alessandra (last name)

    Age: 28 / 27

    Gender: Male / Female

    Occupation: Full time Lawyer ; Part time Accountant and banker some times. A rich motherfeather. Alessandra on the other hand is a model. A Victoria secrets model.

    Active Purger or Surviver?: He has this thing where he switches on and off. One year he's a survivor/protector , next year he's a purger. This year, he's a polite purger as usual with a mask on and a lot of stress to release as it's been 5 whole years of saving up his stress level for this years purge. But he changed. He is no longer killing the useless, he's helping the useless and because his 'polite stranger' character is very well known and famous amongst the purge he's ready to make a devastating comeback with a twist.

    So the polite family is reborn. Purging with his wife after years of hiding and going on a hiatus. Believed that the 'polite couple' was dead. But this years polite couple is different. They're protecting the survivalists and innocent while purging the purgers. They kill to survive and protect the useless now rather then kill them and surely no one will mess with cillian as 'The polite stranger'.

    Already, rumors started about the polite couple coming back, and the surprise they're waiting for will surely be something shocking. No purger protects the useless, but why now? Cause they saw the light.
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  4. Name: Angela Maria Cardona

    Age: 29

    Gender: Female

    Picture or description: I will never be able to find a lady that will match her description on Google images. They're all too young with a lot of make up. I shall only make this really brief.

    Ariella is a short woman who stands at 5'1" and weighs approximately 135 lbs. She possesses fairly tan skin along with shoulder length black hair, deep brown eyes (almond eye shape), along with a heart shaped jaw. Is usually found wearing casual clothing and is holding a blunt object for protection.

    Occupation: Kindergarten teacher; part time babysitter

    Active purge participant or survive the night: Mainly Surviving, but has stolen items.
  5. Absolutely
  6. What do you mean exactly?
  7. Accepted
  8. Name: Cole Adams

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Picture: image.jpg

    Occupation: College student

    Preference: survive the night

    Quote: "Turns out red white and blue does bleed."
  9. Name:

    Dean McAdams










    Active Purge Participant


    "Repressing emotions only makes it worse. Just let it out."​
  10. Accepted
  11. Why thank you kind Sir
  12. Ok, should have my character by either later tonight or tomorrow
  13. Alright we'll get. Started when you and @PardonMeSir make characters
  14. Alright, if that's so I will make it as quickly as possible
  15. Basing my character off of the polite stranger from the first purge btw :0
  16. The homeless man? Or the ones who saved the Sandin family, then tried to kill them
  17. The purger yo. The "Let us purgee.~" guy
  18. O
    ooooh alright lol, cool. I'd love to see that
  19. You guys didn't give up on me did you?
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