The Pure and the Cursed

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  1. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everyone was smiling. Well, almost everyone. A young brunette seemed to be quite upset on this very bright day. Though she was surrounded by three people, to the outside eye she was all alone. She had tears in her eyes as she listened to her companions' woes. She often had to wipe her eyes, trying to keep the tears at bay.

    "Oh, you sweet child, are you sure you will help us?" The first person, an old woman with gray hair and bright eyes asked, her tan, wrinkled hand reaching for her. The other two people, a young boy with dark hair and large shorts and a large latina woman with many, many bracelets, looked at the green eyed girl with hope, ready to be crushed if she said no.

    "Of course I'll help you." The soft-spoken girl said, smiling gently at the three. "I mean, I would want someone to help me if I had a problem like yours." Her hat bounced a little as she walked. She was heading towards a large bakery, a place the old woman had wanted to go to. A few people glanced over at the brunette. She was talking to herself. "Don't worry, it will all be fine." The people around the girl phased through a couple that passed the girl.

    "Thank you, Erinn!" The young boy said, hugging the girl. The girl, Erinn, smiled back. She patted the boy's head, ignoring the harsh looks that some people were giving her. Most were giving her strange looks, wondering just who she was talking to. She didn't mind. It wasn't often that people could talk and see ghosts.
  2. It was just a normal day for Dazielle. He had been hanging out with a few other angels watching the world on patrol. Dazielle then noticed a good sized town that a had a good number of spirits still roaming around. He sighed softly and told the others about. Tey checked it out and told him since he was the highest ranking in the room it was his job to report it. That was when morning changed.

    Dazielle walked to where he assumed one of the 2nd rankings would be. When he finally tracked one down, he told them of his findings. They then sent him to the archangel dealing with over population of spirits. That was strange to him. Usually, the 2nd ranking would tell him what to do about it. As he went to the area the archangel would he found, he noticed a few others waiting to speak to them. After the wait for everyone else to speak to him first he stepped up the archangel.

    "Hello, Rapheal. I found an odd spike in spirits in the small town of Harpsville," he explained. Rapheal looked him over and then have a smile. "Well, Dazi! You will just have to go fix that. Everyone had been really busy lately and you are capable enough," Rapheal rrplied. If Dazielle had in ability to argue with an archangel he would have. It did not work that way though. "I am putting you on the list of those on earth. You better be off," Rapheal said and waved, "have fun!" He turned around and muttered under his breath about how it was not right. He was capable and it was his job. It was just so last minutes notice. He had been enjoying the peace of just watching and not interfering lately.

    He had no other options to go to earth so he dressed quickly in human clothes consisting of jeans and a tee shirt and went down to earth. He had noticed three all in one area when he had been looking. The all had seemed to be around a female human also so he decided to check that out first. So when he got to the small town, he walked to the large bakery. He popped and the spirits where drawn to look at him with his angelic nature. He sat down at a table be himself and watched them circling the girl not wanting to interfere wen they were so close to a human.
  3. When the angel appeared, the ghosts seemed to stop. They wanted to go to him, but Erinn had promised to help them. In the middle of the bakery was a stand holding a picture of the old woman. She used to own the bakery and wanted to make sure that her daughter had inherited the bakery like she asked. Standing next to the little memorial was a young woman who looked a lot like the old ghost. She was holding free samples of her mother's favorite dessert, smiling as people apologized for her loss. The old woman smiled before looking over to Erinn. "Can I talk to her? Through you?" Erinn was hesitant but nodded before getting up and walking toward the woman.

    The woman smiled. "Welcome to Margaret's bakery! Would you like to try our special?" She asked, holding out the tray of goodies. Erinn smiled before taking the tray and laying it on the table that held the picture. "Um, can I help you, Ma'am?" The brunette took the black haired woman's hands in her own and closed her eyes. The woman watched confused as Margaret, the old ghost, possessed Erinn's body.

    Erinn opened her eyes, her irises and pupils now clouded over. She smiled as she started to speak in the old woman's voice. "Lindsey... My sweet Lin-Lin... Thank you so much... I know you didn't like this bakery, but you kept it..."

    Lindsey gasped. "Mama? Mama is that you?" She asked, tears in her eyes. "I'd never give the bakery up, Mama... I love you so much..." The woman was crying now, hugging the younger girl close to her. "I'm so sorry... I love you, Mama..."

    Erinn hugged Lindsey back. "I know, Lin-Lin. I forgive you. I have to go though. Heaven's callin' me. Keep strong, my baby girl. I love you so much." The ghost removed Erinn from her possession and disappeared, Erinn closed her eyes before opening them back up to their usual green. She let the older woman hug her for as long as she needed until she finally started to wipe away her tears.

    "Thank you." Lindsey said quietly. "Thank you so much for that." Erinn, nervous, just smiled and nodded. Lindsey gave her another hug before grabbing a bag, filling it with the cookies her mother loved so much, and handed it to the brunette. "Here. Mama would have wanted you to have it."

    The gift was surprising. "Thank you, but helping her was definitely reward enough." She took the gift after the woman insisted and started to walk out of the bakery. She had two more ghosts to help after all. She noticed a man with pretty white wings and smiled at him before leaning down and whispering, "I like your wings." She then left the building, the two ghosts still following, though they were staring at the angel in fascination.
  4. Dazielle watched in sort of an awe of the human girl. He had heard of humans like her but did not believe it until now. He watched her out of the corner of his eye. He had many thoughts running through his head about her. He thought she was living too dangerously allowing the spirit into her body, but he also admired her for it. He wondered if she was born with the gift or if it had been given to her. The way she handle the situation was of great experience in his eyes. He wondered how many other spirits she had helped.

    He felt a little joy for the mother as she said her goodbyes. He still thought the girl was living dangerously. Not all spirits were as friendly as they came off as being. Then he watched as they departed. It made him shiver as the female approached him and he was left in shock when she commented on his wings. No human ever noticed them. She had some gift or something that was worth checking out. He almost went after without dealing with the soul he had in his hand, the soul of the mother.

    He quickly dealt with the woman leading her into the light he opened up. Then he turned heels and raced after the female. He finally caught up to her and jumped in front of her. "I require your name," he said standing talk and strong in her path with his wings spread blocking more of it. He felt like he must be around the girl more if not just watch her more.
  5. Erinn was just heading to the park to help the small boy when the winged man suddenly jumped in front of her. She let out a small yell and stepped back, intimidated by the man. She looked around before finally getting her name out. "I-I'm Erinn. Erinn Krieger. If you would excuse me, I need to get going." She gestured toward where the park was, hoping that she could get there and help the last ghost before she had to go home. She felt very small compared to the winged man, but she would have to ask him to move if she wanted to help the other two.

    "Hey, you're one of the angels Granny used to talk about!" The boy said, walking up to him. "Are you here to take us away? Because I don't want to be taken away!" He frowned and crossed his arms across his chest. "I don't want to go see Mommy and Daddy yet! I wanna go to the park!" He stomped his foot in defiance, pouting as he stood in front of Erinn.

    "Chico, if the man would like to take us to heaven, we go." The latina woman said, laying a hand on his shoulder. "Gracias por the help, Erinn. Seeing Margaret so happy was nice." She looked back to the angel, curious as to what would happen after she got to Heaven or wherever they were going. Erinn smiled at the two, though she wasn't sure if the winged man was an angel or just another spirit.
  6. "Excuse you. I am Dazielle, and I am here to take care of the spirits. They do need to finish up here, but this is angel's job. Not some small human female," he said trying to get her attention again. He had to admit she was doing a great job for a human. He was impressed, but also worried. As an angel, he naturally cared for every human, and the one in front him was included. She was putting herself in a situation she did not fully understand. Dazielle pulled up his white gloves he had kept one even with his human attire then held out his hand to the young spirit.
  7. An angel. Erinn hadn't seen one up close before. She looked at the spirits, a bit worried. The woman just smiled and went over to the angel. The young spirit was not happy, however. "No! You can't..." He started to grow horns and a long tail. "Take me..." His eyes now had red pupils. "From her!" He growled as a bit of flames started to lick up at him. Erinn backed up, scared out of her mind. She tripped, her hat falling off as she fell to the ground. The boy pounced on her, ready to try and take her soul for food and maybe use her body as a host. The latina woman had disappeared, already having accepted her death.
  8. Dazielle had accepted the woman's soul into his hand. Then he sighed softly watching the young soul transform. He put his hand to his chest and the pole of his scythe appeared in it. As his pole came out the world around then paused in a sort. He quickly pulled out his scythe. In one swift but flashy movement, he sliced through the corrupted spirit right before it entered her body. The corrupted spirit then flickered and burst into red light and quickly disappeared. Dazielle then out his scythe away and offered Erinn a hand to get up.
  9. This had never happened before to Erinn. She took a shaky breath as she grabbed her hat. Taking the angel's hand gratefully, she let him help her up. The girl was shaking like a leaf. What could have happened to make the small boy become like... that. She glanced up at the angel before looking down. "Thank you..." She said quietly, putting her hat back on her head. She could still feel panic and adrenaline pushing through her veins as she tried to calm down. Tears pricked at her eyes, but she was not going to cry! She wouldn't cry even though that spirit had attacked her. It was just a little boy. Why would the boy do that? Questions flew through her head as she tried to make sense of everything that was going on.
  10. Dazielle wrapped what appeared to everyone else as just an arm around Erinn but was actually an arm and a wing, and the world seemed to start up again. "No need for thanks. You should be more carefully though. Now, let me take you home," he said calmly in a very caring way. He began to walk. "I am glad that happened when I was here. The way you help souls is very nice but it can also invoke a want to hang around and a greed to be living which can corrupt the soul. It was bound to happen. You were lucky I was here," he talked with lots of confidence as if the whole world was just saved by his deeds.
  11. Erinn glanced back at the spot where the spirit attacked her before starting to walk home with the angel. "That's never happened before though... It's always just I help with their last regret then they move on..." She kept an eye out for other spirits while they walked, glad for the supporting arm. She couldn't seem to stop shaking though. It had happened so quickly. "I'm curious why you're here, though. I don't see many angels around here." She saw a few people give them odd looks since she looked fairly young and this man, and angel for pete's sake!, looked in his twenties. Everything seemed a bit louder to Erinn, making her move closer to the angel for comfort.
  12. "Well, that is angel business you do not need to worry about," he said to her softly leading her to her home. He noticed the people's stares but did not understand. He just nodded to people with a goofy smile. His expression and action probably scared people even more. He did not understand the way human age worked. It had never been something important. He held her closer feeling her shake. "Calm down, Erinn. The heavens are now here," he said as if he was the heavens.
  13. Erinn frowned. This angel seemed to be a bit full of himself. "Then why can I see them if it's 'angel' business. Nobody else I know can see them." She also was bugged by the spirits if she didn't help them so that was something that kept her helping them. She turned to start walking toward some apartment buildings. When he said that the heavens were now there, she laughed. "How can the heavens be here? All I see is one angel." She felt her shaking calm down a bit as she finally started to feel safe again.
  14. "Simple. I am a high ranking angel so I am a great deal of heaven. Also, I am connection to if more angels need to come," he explained matter-of-factly. He held her close and walked her to the apartments. There was something about the girl he start to really sense was almost off. Her soul was different than others in a way. He felt like he should keep a close eye on her.
  15. "I didn't think angels would have ranks." Erinn glanced around until finally finding her apartment building. "Well, thank you for walking me home." She gave him a smile before waving a goodbye and walking in. Her dad probably would still be at work by now, so she would be alone for quite the while. She nodded to the people who walked by her, taking the steps two at a time. It was good to be home.
  16. Dazielle watched her off with a light smile. She was really interesting. Then he got an idea realizing it was an apartment complex with many housing units. He walked from her door to the apartment offices. Then he went to the front desk and asked the woman behind the desk about rent one. He was glad he had read up the other week modern housing.
  17. The woman, a bored doorman, just sighed. "If you would like to rent an apartment, you will need to contact the landlord." She handed him a slip of paper. "Right now if you apply for an apartment, it will take at least three weeks to check your background and make sure you aren't a rapist or a pedophile or something to that extent." The woman continued on about all the rules and regulations and other things he would need to do to get an apartment.

    Erinn gave a happy sigh as she was finally back in her own apartment. She flopped down on the worn old couch, turning on the tv. It was stuck on the news since they had lost the remote quite a while ago, but Erinn didn't mind. A spirit slowly floated into the room. It was the elderly man who lived across from Erinn. "Erinn! I need you to help me!" The man called, trying to get Erinn to pay attention to him. She started, looking over at the man in curiosity. She had seen him just earlier today. What had happened?
  18. Dazielle sighed. He knew all he had to do is work a little angel magic to get through this but this was not the right person to work it on. He knew he would need a place to stay for a short while. He then left without taking another look at the papers. He wondered if Erinn would let him stay at her place. Her parents would be easy to convince with a little magic, but he would hate to have to use any on her. It was worth a try. He promptly went to her door and laid his fist gently on it a few times.
  19. "Just a minute!" Erinn called, trying to help her neighbor. The man was asking her to call his daughter, the one person he hadn't seen since she moved out of the house. She was more concerned about the fact that there was most likely a dead man across from her. The green eyed girl quickly ushered the ghost into her room, hoping it wasn't another one of her neighbors. She opened the door to find the angel standing outside of her door. Did he have a sensor for ghosts or something? "Um, can I help you?" She asked, nervous since there was currently a ghost hiding out in her room.
  20. Dazielle sighed and looked up at the door frame with a goofy smile. "You know, it would be very nice of you to let an angel in need stay in your apartment," he suggested lightly. He could sense spirits to a certain extent. He could tell one was near. Then he looked down at her with a serious expression. "You are hiding a spirit in here, are you?" he asked in a very serious but disappointed tone.
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