The Puppetmaster: The Nightmare Begins

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  1. Setting: A small town in Pennsylvania,U.S.A.
    Plot: A group of teens tries to investigate a series of disappearances caused by someone named 'The Puppetmaster". About a week after the disappearances, a doll resembling the victim would appear. No one knows what happens to the victim, but speculations rage that the doll is actually the victim's soul, while the body remans hidden. Do you have the courage to confront the Puppetmaster?

    Jessie Parker brushed her brunette hair over her shoulder. She thought to herself the cause of the disappearances
    by "The Puppetmaster." She just finished her AP World History homework when she got a call from a friend to say that her little brother hasn't returned home yet. Bound by friendship, Jessie went to her friend's house to help her.
  2. The glass jar shattered into a million pieces as it made contact with the brick wall to his right as he let out a loud scream of frustration, making his twin sister, Claire, flinch from where she stood in there small run down hotel room they called home. "Sorry" he sighed he collapsed onto the old worn down couch, closing his eyes as he took a few deep breaths. "I called Jessie, you remember her? she been helping me on the case" His sisters words broke the pregnant silence between them. He remembered Jessie Parker the little spit his sister called a friend. casting his gaze to the pictures of each crime scene his sister and her crime buddies collected gods know how he couldn't help but feel his tempter rise. "Please hurry home brother" He sighed as he ran a hand through his shoulder length red hair as he tired to reign his wild temper. Deep down he knew his brother was the next victim of the puppetmaster.
    "Jessie here"
    Claire's words barley registered through his mind as one photo caught his attention, beautiful dolls sat motionless against a pale wall, there eyes looked rather life like as they stared straight towards the camera. He seen a similar photo in one of his many black magic books , he just couldn't remember what one.
  3. Jessie entered the hotel and located Claire's room. She slid the access card in the slot, but surprisingly it was unlocked. "At least she was willing enough to leave the door unlocked." she thought to herself. She entered Clarie's room, not knowing what clues she had. They sat at a small coffee table as they tried to make sense of the newspaper clippings she had. "All I got was this." She said as she laid out the newspaper "You got anything?" Jessie asked looking at Clarie.
  4. Claire:

    She felt sorry for Ashton, he was the oldest out the three of them but only by a minute, he had taken it upon himself to take care of her and there youngest brother when both of there parents had taken there own life's instead of facing the enormous amount f debt they had collected and ended up leaving all the debt in Ashton name. Jessie words brought her of the dark memory of her parents as her best friend laid the newspaper articles on the table. Funny she didn't hear the loud beep that echoed through out there small hotel room when ever someone used a visitor card, She made a mental note to remind Ashton to lock the doors. "I got nothing" she admitted as she began to read the articles, she was to busy worrying that her baby brother, Cooper, was going to be the next victim of the the horrible PuppetMaster. "If the PuppetMaster did take Cooper then it will be his first male victim" she whispered loud enough to be only to heard by Jessie. She hated herself for even thinking that her little Cooper might die but she had to be logical here, no one ever went missing in the small town of Loot for more then a day and half the time if was just dumb teenagers going off camping and not telling there parents. "Maybe he adding more to his collection" she words drifted off as she watched Ashton stalk of into his room, slamming the door hard enough to make the wall vibrate.


    It is dark and i can see anything, sometimes i hear a soft cry for help but every time i go to move something stop me like a invisible wall is put in place. I know where i am, i am in the mountains in a cave, i tried to yell for help but every time i open my mouth nothing comes out. Please i just want go home.

    (If you you have a problem with me Portraying 3 People, please feel free to say No, Just thought it make things for fun i guess)
  5. Jessie rode her bike over to the local university where her older cousin, Samantha, was attending. She dashed into her dorm but bumped into her cousin. Jessie was telling her cousin of the disappearances. "Actually, me and Dr. Elliots are studying the disappearances." Samantha said as she showed Jessie the case files on the victims. One thing she noticed is that most of the victims were under 18 years of age. "We have pin-pointed the Puppetmaster's hideout to be a cave in the mountains." Jessie smiled as she found out more information and rushed to the library to hopefully find out more about the Puppetmaster.
  6. Far away in the distant mountains, there's an inconspicuous waterfall placed in front of a seemingly solid rock wall with hardly any blemishes at all except for close to the waterfall where the water hits the cracks and breaks them even further apart in the winters when water expands. However, if you were to go past the waterfall, you would be able to see a very old, crumbling stairwell that leads in a 45 degree angle downwards straight into darkness that requires a powerful flashlight. Then as you come off the final steps and look up, you'd see a beautiful underground area lit up from a wide gap in the ceiling where sunlight filters through to provide light and nourishment for the things growing there, such as green moss growing on the walls and stones, and roots surrounding a dark entrance underneath a huge tree. Here, it smells of dank earth and rotting things... but the scent of death and the permeating cold seems to be emanating from the hole in the wall there...
    The entrance leads to a cavern, which is the beginning of a huge honeycomb of a cave system, complete with the overwhelming sense of despair and the sounds of screaming, yelling, moaning, and the many noises people make when in extreme pain. Even the smell is too great for being natural, the smell of blood and death with different levels of decay totally flooding your nose. The stone walls that make up every square inch that surrounds you, even the floors, is cold even when lit by the flickering torches hung at irregular intervals, leaving some places unnecessarily bright with others very dark. But always, there's the never-ending sense of claustrophobia that people get when in close spaces, because of the small space and stuffy smells, and the nerve-racking echoing that gives the sense of being so close yet very far away from the sources of the sounds of torture.

    As you walk into the cave system, you kiss all hopes of leaving goodbye as you get hopelessly lost from the unending corridors and hallways with misleading doors, a complete labyrinth that throws off all sense of reality as time goes by slowly yet quickly, and the lack of oxygen giving you the ability to see colors you never thought possible. As you traverse the caverns, you begin to have a sense of what the others feel, completely alone with no hope of ever escaping the hellhole you entered, and the hours pass as minutes, the seconds passing by as if they were whole days, as you retrace your steps only to get even more hopelessly lost in the ever-present death and cold.

    And only when you fall to the floor, starving and exhausted, do you close your eyes in defeat. You can see your memories, and you don't know if you're dreaming or dying, but it must be the end of the line for you. And only then, do you feel a strong body pick you up. And only then do you finally feel a spark of hope. What seems only milliseconds, or has it been years, you are placed on a cold table and your wrists are bound tightly to rough stone.

  7. Amy awoke in a dark room. As her eyes adjusted she could see a young child standing in front of her. She was stunned, not sure if it is a trick by the infamous Puppetmaster. "Hurry, he's coming!" She seemed to say. Amy asked who was coming, but the child had disappeared. Amy heard the laughter and asked who was there and where she was. Little did she know about the horrifying fate that awaited her.