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  1. Pictures- (open)

    Alexander Damien Evans

    'Alex' -or- 'Lex'

    Hero Name:


    -Summon human & animal spirits

    Extra Information:
    -Half cat(golden-brown ears and tail)
    ~Wears beanies and hats to cover his cat ears

    Alex had been hiding for three years from Theodore. Hiding and trying to become a better person. Not a villian but a hero, somebody he could be proud of and look in the mirror and not feel so disgusted. Although he wasn't completely there yet, things were much better than what they once were. Alexander's other secret side of himself, Spectral went around helping people at night as much as he could. Spirits of loved ones who call out for help to protect their family and friends who he tries to save as best as he could with what abilities he had. During the day he tried to be a regular human being, not a hero, but someone just trying to get by and be happy with what he was doing.

    Alexander currently worked as a freelance photographer who set up an anonymous website to share his work and other art with the world while still remaining hidden. Even though he thought he wouldn't be seeing Theodore Danvers anytime soon, it still didn't stop him from being as cautious as he could be. Alex had went as far as changing his name a couple times throughout the years of moving around and trying to remain off Theodore's radar. Now that a few years had past Alex had relaxed a little, though still had a security system installed in his apartment and made sure they had good security guards at the front doors... Not that it would do too much given Theo's 'talent' with manipulating people's minds.

    Just the thought of him made the breakfast he had just eaten turn leaden in his stomach and brought a sour taste in his mouth. Alex hated the man, he'd never forgive him for what he had done to Alex when he had been so young, only around sixteen years old when the whole mess started.

    Out of habit Alex couldn't help but look at his ring finger to find the bare digit where there once was a gold ring. Fiancé's, they had almost gotten married. A shudder rippled through the young hero as bile rose in his throat, cat tail bristling while his ears flattened even more so under his hat. Another thing that had utterly fascinated Theo had been Alex's unusual extra appendages. He had cat ears and a tail, he had no clue why, he always had them ever since he was a young, and they were an absolute pain in his ass. Though his 'fiancé' had adored them when they had been 'together.' Before Alex went out he'd always have to wear a hat to cover his ears, and shove his tail in his pants. Not only was it annoyingly stifling, it drove him crazy having to keep them hidden practically 24/7.

    Alex sighed heavily as he took his tail and tucked it neatly into his pants before turning and grabbed his camera. He slung the strap around his neck and let it hang there before slipping on his coat and buttoning it up. He tugged on his gloves and flung on a scarf since it was a bit nippy out with Autumn in full blast. It was his favorite time of year however because the trees in the city parks were such lovely varying shades and the soft sunlight fluttering through the leaves created a captivating picture.

    Thinking about photography was an easy way to dismiss thoughts about Theodore almost instantaneously. Grinning a bit and clutching his camera the young male exited his apartment and hurried down the stairs from on the third floor. He rushed out to grab a cab and told him to drive straight to the closest park, wanting to make sure Theo did pop up in his head again for the day and get absorbed in his work.
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  2. Thank God it wasn't monsoon season yet. The air was crisp sort of cold but not so cold he couldn't enjoy his coffee he held so tenderly in his gloved hands. He could feel the heat seep through the cup and warm his palms despite the rest of his body being a pleasant cool every time the cafe door opened. He could have probably brought something thicker and stylish to wear but at the moment he had to blend in with the scum of the earth so he wouldn't get noticed. He also had to refrain from doing anything too exciting, well, maybe once he had what he came for he'd cause some trouble before heading back home. The thought brought a smile to his lips as he leaned back and against the wall. The way he was sitting his legs were sprawled out along the booth he was in. The place was crowded, there was a family slowly edging over to him as they waited for their own sweet treats.

    Closing his light blue eyes he pretended not to notice and instead pulled his navy blue hoodie over his eyes more before bringing the cup to his lips. When he opened his eyes again he wasn't in the cafe but rather outside and looking out into a shitty little lobby. Tilting his head he ran his dull brown gaze over the lobby just in time to see the lights of an elevator change before opening. A young couple stepped out hand in hand as they walked towards him laughing softly. With a roll of his eyes he looked away from the two and back towards the elevator. Nothing, still nothing. Closing his eyes once more he set his coffee down and blinked a few times before narrowing his gaze at the confused looking doorman across the street he had just been in. "Useless, completely useless." He had been watching his kitten's apartment half the day now with only a taunting pulse of a heartbeat inside his mind to tell him he was close.

    They were bonded, connected, tied together in a way far beyond human compression yet for almost five years that bond had been severed. Five years until two days ago when he suddenly felt his little kitten again. He didn't question what happened or how it happen but rather took the next flight out to get his love back into his arms where he belonged and when he wasn't in his arms he'd be changed to a bed just like he was before. The thought of having his little play thing back brought a soft smile to his lips as he took another drink of his coffee. Closing his eyes once more he went back into the doorman's mind and through his eyes watched as the elevator remained closed. The distance sound of footsteps drew his attention instantly and he turned his gaze to the stairwell where none other than his kitten descended to gracefully. The boy looked so happy so healthy, it made him sick.

    Silently he watched as Lex passed him and went out the doors. With that he pulled out of the doorman's mind once more and with his coffee cup in hand he slid out his booth and walked for the door. Like the sea, the crowd in front of him parted without a second thought with rather vacant looks in their eyes. Once he got to the door they all moved back to where they were. Subtly he watched as his kitten entered such a nasty looking cab. If he was with him like they used to be he'd never have to set foot inside another once of those diseased filled things. Hailing a cab of his own he reluctantly got in and without so much as an exchange of words the driver began to follow after Alex but stayed far enough behind not to be noticed. Not once during the ride did Theodore bother to pull his hood down but focused on drinking his sweet coffee and not the broken seat and gum stains around him.
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  3. Alexander's mind continued to wander back to Theodore throughout the car ride despite him trying to focus on anything else but him. He thought about what he had been forced to do, how they had been fiancé's... And about the bond they had once shared. Alex tried not to think of it as a 'bond' more like a connection he had been forced into making with that man for all those years. It grew stronger with each command Lex followed through with that Theo had given... And each time they had sex. More like each time Alex was raped.

    As it grew stronger Alex's mind grew weaker and much easier to be broken into by Theodore. He was able to seamlessly slip into his mind and control him with each passing moment he had spent with him. Until one day he had finally snapped when Theo had tried to make him do the unthinkable... Kill someone. Fortunately for Alex he had had just enough strength to rip himself away and make a run for it... And then here he was now. Free from Theodore's reign of terror and his controlling possessive nature that drove him absolutely insane. For a moment their twisted 'relationship' Alexander had thought he had fallen for the man, only to be terribly mistaken... Before he knew the real and horrendous truth. He would never forget again.

    Once the cab was pulled over and had stopped Alex quickly paid the driver and climbed up. Shaking thoughts of Theo from his head for the last time he headed right on into the park. A smile was once again gracing his pink lips as his eyes scanned the full area of the park. Leaves littered the grassy ground. They were rich vibrant colors of red, golden brown, and with twinges of emerald green. The natural light was perfect, filtering through the trees sturdy branches, with the trees scattered in small patches of two or three around the park. Black metal benches were set under the tree clusters to provide some shade in the spring and summer time. This was a perfect place to capture some lively and scenic pictures for his website.

    Excitement coursing through his veins the young photographer held up his camera to his face. He paused, taking in the scenery through the careful lense of his camera. He always believed he saw much more through the lense of a camera. Like he could see every minuscule detail in the leaves of the trees, or the individual blades of grass, or the cracks of paint in the benches. With that calming thought Alex began snapping away, a smile still present on his lips which he hoped would stay for good this time.
  4. Two cars behind Lex's car was Theo just far enough to where they couldn't see each other but he could still feel the boy. "Where are you going little one." The cabby murmured lowly as his distance eyes stayed fixated on the road. Maybe once he got out of this diseased filled rotting tin he could recommend where the man went next. The bottom of a lake didn't sound too bad. With just a glance to the signs around him he realized they were nearing a park. So open so filled with nosey people was it possible Lex knew he was in town, even in the state for that matter? No, the connection was only one way just as he liked it. By the time they got to the park his lovely Lex was halfway to a pair of cozy little benches. With a raise of his brow the car slowly came to a stop and he pushed open the door before getting out. Without a word the driver took off with only one thought in mind. Theo had no doubt he'd see the man later in the news after he went for a dip.

    Swirling the last of his sugar filled coffee he drank the rest of it before tossing it to the floor and walking deeper into the park. A swing set for the little shit heads to play on and a manmade lake in the middle that gave the whole park the faint smell of duck feces. Leaves stained the grass and the trees were becoming bare. Why did his kitten come to such a ratty run down little place? He could take Lex to much nicer places and he did in the past. His love's mind although easy to control was never once he understood very much. The closer he got to Lex the more his heart began to quicken. So close, he was so close to having the boy his again. For the first time he decided to reach out to the other's mind to let him know just how close he was. I've missed you. He taunted lightly inside the other's mind as he looked through the boy's head, wanting to know exactly what he'd been up to and how he managed to elude him all this time.

    Remember the good ol days? Remember how I used to make you beg for more? With those words he sent images of the two of them locked together. Erotic scenes of Lex bound to the bed with tear streaked eyes. All the while he compelled the boy not to move a single inch. Last thing he needed was to make a scene and for Lex to take off running. By the time he came up behind the smaller male he moved his arms around him and gave him a rough squeeze. "You're not wearing your ring." He said out loud as he still compelled the over not to move. Casually he slipped off his left glove and showed Lex his ring finger where a solid gold ring glinted with the help of the sun. "I still have mine on." With no shame or regard for who was around he moved his hips so his crotch pressed against the younger man’s rear. Something firm and hard prodded against the boy's ass as Theo's lips moved to Lex's neck.

    Moving his lips to Lex's covered cat ears he grinned lightly. "Resist me and someone might just get hurt." With those words he pressed another kiss to the boy's head. Across the park was a small boy, no older than five playing beside the lakes edge? "A nice day for a swim, no?" He chuckled lightly as he ran his fingers over Lex's camera, wanting to see exactly where his love had been.
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  5. Alexander was happily snapping away pictures, content even though it was busy and a tad bit noisy. Everything was great, he was happy to just be there now with no worries what-so-ever besides making sure he got enough photos for his website by the end of the week. The male didn't even hear the cab screech to a halt, or hear anyone get out and proceed to walk towards him, too absorbed in his camera... He hadn't realized his biggest nightmare had snuck up on him in broad daylight. And then he heard him. The deep, resonating voice he had desperately prayed he would never hear again... Inside his head.

    Alex's whole body locked when he heard Theo. 'I've missed you.' The voice spoke in his head. Alex immediately stopped snapping pictures, eyes wide and filled with terror. "Theo...?" He whispered as he lowered his camera slightly but didn't turn around, his body trembling slightly. After a moment Alex threw up walls in his mind, trying to make his mind go completely blank like he had been practicing over the years just in case... Just in case something like this were to occur.

    He heard Theodore's voice again in his head and couldn't help but cringe at his words, fingers tightening around his camera until his knuckles turned bone white. Before he could even make a break for it his whole body locked up and he couldn't even shake at the images projected in his mind. Alex in such vulnerable, humiliating positions with Theo in complete control again. His terror spiked again and a small whimper left his lips before he could muffle it. "G-Get the hell out of my head Theodore" he breathed out, wanting to squeeze his eyes shut but being unable to. He felt strong arms wrap around his slim waist and squeeze him roughly, wanting so badly to shove him away... But he had been so caught off guard, so unprepared.

    Alex wished he had never left his apartment. He remembered the first few months after having escaped Theo. He had locked himself in his apartment with all the top notch security alarms and just hunkered down there. During that time he was barely a shell of what he was now. He had been so lost, but then he had pulled himself out of that state and had gotten help... Now he was sinking again, and there was no escaping it a second time.

    "That's because I hated it, it reminded me of you and what you did to me you bastard" he snarled under his breath as he remained still. Alex let in a sharp intake of breath as Theo's crotch pressed against his ass, grinding his teeth together until it was painful as the other male threatened to hurt someone if he didn't cooperate. "I hate you" he breathed out, unable to help himself as tears sprung to his eyes, hating himself more though for being so weak. "Don't you dare hurt an innocent five year old boy you fucking asshole, I swear to God I'll kill you!" He growled, pure rage making his voice tremble even more as his eyes darted to the little boy in the corner, his heart already breaking into jagged pieces all over again.
  6. Such a soft whimper left his kittens lips yet it was enough to bring back the ache in his heart he felt when his cock sleeve vanished the first time around. He defiantly wanted more of where that came from no matter what it took. Or what? He countered when he was told to get out of the boy's head. That ghost of a smile never left his lips, not until Lex snarled at him why he didn't wear the ring that showed the world he belonged to someone. "What I did to you? Don't make me laugh, Kitten." He chuckled lightly. "All I ever did was love you and care for you." If you could call being locked in a room and chained to a bed being cared for. In Theo's twisted head though that's exactly what he was doing to his lovely. Hearing the sharp intake of breath the younger male took brought a light sigh of content to his lips. "Oh, how I missed your lovely little sounds."

    Three little words, just three simple words could make his blood boil and Lex managed to spew them from that little mouth of his. Bringing one of his hands to the boy's mouth he took his cheek and squeezed it roughly. "You don't hate me, you don't mean it do you?" Suddenly he felt warm moisture on his hand that could be none other than tears. "Shh, who made you cry love? Tell me and I'll make sure they never hurt you again. After all I'm the only one that could bring tears to your precious eyes." Hearing Lex speak of a child he furrowed his brows. "Me, hurting a little boy?" what sounded like genuine shock filled his voice. "You're the one who'll be the death of him, my dear. It's your behavior that'll dictate what twist of fate his little life takes." Pressing a light kiss to Lex's neck he pulled away a moment later and spun the younger man around so they were facing each other.

    Just like before he moved an arm around Lex as the other went to the boy's tear streaked cheeks. Lightly he brushed away the tears. "Such foul words, such lies spilling from your lips. Would you really kill me? Would you swear to your God that you would kill me because if it means so much to you I'll let you. Only you." Once he finished brushing those tears away he cupped Lex's cheek tenderly. "If I'm to die by anyone’s hands I wish to die by yours. Then the world can be safe just like you've been doing for the last five years. You'll never have to worry about a bastard like me ruining your perfect life or bringing tears to those beautiful eyes of yours." Suddenly he felt his heart slow down now that he had Lex in his arms again. For once he was completely honest; for once he didn't look as insane and as twisted as he was. "I've offered you this before and I'm offering it again."

    For all the lying, cheating and tricks he pulled in this moment he was completely serious, completely honest. Never had he been so sure of anything in his life until it came to this. He truly did love Lex despite his actions half the time and if the boy truly wanted him gone he didn't have to ever struggle with that. With his hand behind Lex he lightly massaged the small of the boy's back.
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  7. Alex felt his anger spike once more as the man proceeded to tell him that all he ever did was care for him. "Do you call chaining me up like an animal and raping love in that warped head of yours?" He asked, his voice shaking with rage he was trying to contain, eyes flashing. He felt his tail beginning to bristle already while his ears flattened to his head under his hat as he tried to control himself-- if only for the sake of the little boy-- then he would not lash out. He knew how quick Theodore's mood and temper were quick to change, he had taken the brunt of such mood swings at times in the past... He'd never forgive himself however if an innocent bystander, a little boy was at the end of Theo's anger. He couldn't help but shudder at the thought.

    Alex's lips pressed together to form a thin line as the other asked if he truly did hate him, trying not to wince as his cheeks were grabbed and roughly squeezed. He didn't reply, he didn't need to did he? He had already clearly stated his feelings towards the other... What wasn't there to get? How could he not understand? Why couldn't he just leave him alone? Alex didn't know how much more of Theodore could take. His first torturous years with him ha left him in shambles, a ruined mess that took ages to pick up and put back together. Alex didn't know if there would be much left of himself if it were to occur again. "You... Your... Your an idiot" he breathed out, still unable to move even when he itched to clench his gusts together. Could he not see that his little 'surprise' visit was absolutely destroying him? Who other than him could make him cry like this? No one.

    The younger male tensed as cold lips brushed his neck. He continued to press his lips together, determined not to make another sound Theodore would surely enjoy before he was spun around. Alexander's eyes flicked up finally to gaze upon Theodore's face. He looked the same, that charming, devilishly handsome face he had immediately gotten sucked into. Who wouldn't fall for someone like Theo at first glance? He seemed like a perfectly normal, extremely attractive and charismatic guy... Which was true, but Lex hadn't known the other side to him yet either... But he found out eventually, that was for sure.

    'So gentle...' The words drifted up in his mind before he could stop them. That simple action of wiping away his tears lightly had the younger male blinking a bit dumbfounded. He had forgotten that Theo had that weirdly gentle side to him he let show at rare occasions, only to Alex. He had never seen him show that side to anyone else but him. 'You missed it... You missed him... Admit it already!' Inner demons hissed up at him from the dark depths of his mind, clawing for a spot at the surface. 'You like his strong arms around you... You feel safe with him, so safe... Come on... Lean in, lean in...' They continued to snarl at him. Lex barely heard Theodore speaking of letting him kill him.

    'No... No, I don't want this! I don't want HIM! NO!' He yelled back at the demons still clawing. "NO!" He accidentally yelled out loud, breaking from Theodore's binds on him and shoving the man away, stumbling back and breathing heavily. Breaking from Theo's mind control was no small feat... Especially since it had been quite awhile.

    Alex let out another heavy breath, shuddering and his knees felt rather shaky. He slowly straightened himself out though, finally looking Theodore in the eye. "I... I wanted to kill you" he admitted in a cold voice. "For the longest time I did, for what you did to me, you absolutely broke me... And when I left I had to pick up all those tiny pieces... But I realized something, that if I killed you, I would become like you, Theodore, and that was one thing I never want to do... Become the thing I hate most" he continued, tearing a restless hand through his hair. "I want you to leave me alone, for good" he said, comic dropping lowly. "But if you continue to come after me, you will force my hand, and in turn I'll come after you. But I won't kill you, I'm going to break you, and I'm going to lock you up, somewhere where you will never be able to hurt me, or anyone else again... So, do whatever you think is right, but you better be damn sure it's what you want, because I already know what I want, and I won't lose this time if you chose the wrong choice" he finished, eyes hard and his shaking had stopped, leaving Akex stand firm and tall, tears gone. He needed to face this, face Theodore, he wasn't going to back down nor was he going to submit without a fight.
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  8. Rape? He was accused of rape? Well, it wasn't a complete lie though in Theodore's mind it was anything but that. "A parent that forces vegetables on their child isn't called a child abuser, my dear. They do it because they love their little shits. In the same token when I forced myself on you it wasn't rape at all, I was simply educating your body on what it needed, what was good for it." He knew Lex was aware of his distaste for children. What the hell, he had a distaste for everyone that wasn't Lex! There was always a flaw, always something that he found wrong with anyone that wasn't his kitten. The boy didn't have to think or even speak allowed for Theo to feel such destructive waves coming from the boy. Such an angry little thing his love had become since he last held him in his arms. He'd defiantly need to be put in his place again; this complacent attitude of his wasn't going to go on any longer now that he was back.

    Like a river Lex's thoughts came to him with easy as they had in that past and it was rather comforting to say the least. For a moment he forgot about where they were and who was around them. He both heard and felt his kitten battle with himself and he couldn't help a wide grin that came to his lips. That's it my love, listen to those voices and stop fighting what you truly want. In the beginning he thought they'd be the perfect team and for a while they were. He'd be a liar if he told himself he didn't enjoy Lex fighting back every time they made love. The boy's kicking and screaming and clawing was all too arousing. He didn't even want to get started thinking about those sounds that brought music to his ears. He waited very patiently for the other to make up his mind. Why fight with your demons when they were the only thing that made sense?

    That's why Theodore was so impulsive and rash, why his mood could flip on a dime so easily. He had no control over his demons anymore, he'd rather let them run ramped and out of control. His way of dealing with things was much funner and before Lex left he was trying to get him to see that too. Oh why did his kitten have to leave? No, no, there was no one to blame but himself for leaving the doors open and unchaining him. He wouldn't make that mistake again. He hadn't expected Lex to shout, he was too caught up in his own thoughts to realize what his little love was doing until it was too late. He felt himself being pushed away and stumbled back a bit in the process though managed to regain his footing. Just like that his resolve changed and his eyes turned deadly yet he didn't utter a word as Lex slowly composed himself.

    How dare the little fuck push him away? Did he forget who he was? Did he forget who he belonged to? Slowly he slipped his glove back onto his hand, glancing at the gold ring just for a moment before it vanished. Upon hearing Lex's voice he looked back to the other though his expression didn't waver. That cold voice, that daring look in his eyes. If only he could get Lex to look and speak to others that way. Hearing how 'broken' Lex was when he left only brought the lightest of a smile to his lips. So the kid picked up all those tiny pieces of him but he didn't say whether he managed to put them all together again, whether he managed to 'fix' himself. At the demand to be left alone Theo smiled a little more. "Not going to happen." Some part of himself was slowly breaking and he recognized the feeling all too well. Pushing the feeling back he forced himself to hear Lex out, wanting to see just how bold the boy got in his absence.

    "Ooo," He taunted when he was told he was going to be the prey now. That got him a little hot and bothered. Little Lex breaking him? Such bold words. "Breaking and locking me up? Where could I sign up?" He taunted even further, finding the idea of being bound and used all too arousing. Of course, that's probably not what Lex meant. He waited until his kitten was finished this time before slowly looking away from the man and off towards the rest of the park. "You know, since you've been gone I haven't strayed once. Well, maybe once but I wasn't able to get it up and I found other uses for their body but that's not the point." And by other uses he meant painting a mural in the man's blood on the wall and using his severed limbs and intestines to spell out 'Hex'. "Actual fucking I haven't been able to do." He continued with a light grin as be brought his gloved hand to his cheek and rubbed it lightly.

    "I guess this means the engagement is off. Oh dear, what will mother think?" Mother was a near vegetable in a nursing home. "Father really liked you." The man was six feet under buried on his property, Lex should know after all he fucked his kitten on top of his grave one summer. Finally he dropped his hand from his face as he looked to Lex's lovely eyes again then down his body. "I want us to kiss one last time and you'll never see me again I swear on my life." And he held his life above all others besides Lex's so that was saying something. Walking forward, he stopped when he was only an inch away from his kitten. "I don't want a peck or anything rushed I was a nice long meaningful one to help me remember you." For the second time he took his gloves off and tucked them in his jacket pocket before bringing both hands to either side of Lex's cheeks so he was cupping his kitten's face.

    His hands were warm and because he never worked a hard day in his life they were also soft to the touch. Gently he ran his thumb over the boy's lips lightly. "Don't worry this is the last time I'll ever burden you with my touch so go ahead and look at it that way if it makes you feel better." Moving his right hand up he ran it under the hat Lex had on and through his hair to his ears. That's one thing he did miss, those lovely little ears of his. Tenderly he brushed his hand against them as he pressed his lips against Lex's mouth softly.
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  9. Alex couldn't help but snort and shake his his head in disbelief. "You are truly unbelievable, I had almost forgotten that... But now o clearly remember" he murmured, eyes wide. "'Educating my body?' Are you serious?" He spat. "I didn't need anything, not from you" he continued. "Especially from you, in fact I wish I had never even met you, and I thought that every time you were "educating my body"" he practically growled out at the other male. It was taking all his self-control not to lash out at Theodore. The other kind of had that affect on Lex, making him
    want to claw that overly smug expression off his pretty face. It had his nails aching just thinking about doing so.

    After Lex's little outburst and shoving Theodore back, he watched as the other's eyes turned dark and angry. He didn't back down however, not wanting to waver in front of Theodore. Lex gave him a sharp look at his taunting, "your disgusting" he muttered with a shake of his head at his 'sign up' comment. Alex knew he shouldn't be so surprise, he had been with him for so long he should know he would still be the same... But after a couple of years hiding and staying away from him, he had forgotten how truly big of an asshole the guy really was. Alex looked away when he talked about using someone, hands clenching into right guard. His stomach roiling, he felt like he might throw up at the thought of what Theo did to that poor man. He barely felt the other males hand on his cheek, trying to get his emotions back in check.

    Then Theodore brought up his parents and he felt bile rise up in his mouth. Alex could clearly remember that one summer when Theo had brought him to his father's grave. At first Alex thought that maybe Theo was perhaps geninuely opening up about his past.... He couldn't have been more wrong, and he didn't make that same mistake again thinking such things. He could still feel the scrape of the rough grave stone on his skin as Theo bent him over it and.... He quickly shook his head, face much paler at remembering that memory. It had been utterly humiliating, especially in such a place... It was a graveyard for one thing, and it had been so open... And to be on display like that. A shudder crawled down his spine as he sent a glare at Theo for bringing it up.

    To say the very least the younger male was surprised when Theo went along. Alex's eyes narrowed as he watched him take off his gloves. "You swear?" He asked, taking a small step back at Theo moved closer, still frowning deeply. He didn't trust the bastard one bit... But... Perhaps he meant it? Maybe he really would stay away once in for all, and all he had to do was kiss him... Even such a small action made him want to puke, but he didn't pull away when he cupped his face.

    Lex's eyes lowered between them as Theodore's fingers slipped under his hat. They brushed his caramel colored ears, making them perk up a little despite who was touching them in the first place. He couldn't help that they were sensitive, but he hated himself a little bit more for how easy they responded to Theo's touch. Lex tilted his face up, forcing himself to make his lips meet the others without a word. Ever so slowly, he leaned in, going up on his toes since Theo already had to lean down because of the height difference. Alex shut his eyes tightly as he continued to kiss the other male, after a moment letting his lips part for Theodore's tongue.
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  10. There was no doubt in his mind his kitten could mewl all day about how horrid his company was or how he hated every minute. Lies, all lies to help protect that good side of him. He supposed he should feel hurt, any normal person would be hurt if the love of their life was spewing such nasty words from their mouth but he wasn't a normal person. He loved the boys rage and wanted so much for him to feed off it and tip the wheels of balance once and for all. There were the only two superpowers on this earth that he knew of and once he got Lex to roll over to him completely they'd have the world in their lap. It was Lex's abilities that attracted him to the kid in the first place and that feisty attitude of his made Theo keep him around. Truth be told, in the very beginning he saw the boy as a threat and had planned to kill him but after only a few moments with him he found he couldn't, not in a million years could he kill his kitten. Hurt? Yes. Kill? Never.

    The boy could lie all he wanted about hating the sex but those lessons he gave his young body did show just how much he did need his touch. After five years he assumed Lex would be glad to see him! Such a silly little boy. Being called 'disgusting' by his lover was nothing more than a complement in his ears. "I swear, I swear." He repeated in a soft taunt wondering why Lex looked so shocked. He hadn't truly expecting Lex to go along with the kiss; he was hoping he'd get a slap to the face or something that would allow him to break his promise. Leaning down just a little further he found his lips curving into a soft smile as Lex tip toed his way up to him. In the good old days he would have lifted the boy and carried him to the nearest place to fuck. He had to keep his word though so he quickly dismissed the thought as he pressed into the kiss more, turning it a little rougher just as he liked it.

    Feeling Lex part his lips he hummed lightly. "Good, Kitten." He murmured before slipping his tongue inside and tasting the other. Still rough, his lips smashed even harder against Lex as he took a fistful of the boy's hair and tugged on it. Only two things ever gave him a boner, blood and Alexander. Seeing as how he had one of those thing close he slowly moved his hand from Lex's face and down the boy's abdomen to his crotch if only to rub against it and turn his body against him. He just wouldn't be himself if he didn't at least try to take things a step further. After a few moments he pulled away from their sloppy bruising kiss and moved his lips down his kittens chin to his throat. "That was exquisite." He murmured as he kept Lex's neck exposed by the firm grip on his hair. "I guess I'll have to move on now." The thought of being with anyone else didn't appeal to him at all and it showed in his voice.

    Grazing his teeth along Lex's tender flesh at his neck he gave rough nip before planting a soft kiss in the same spot. "How lucky am I to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to?" With that he pulled away from Lex and let those lovely locks of his go through his fingers. In one smooth motion he slipped his ring off his finger and took Lex's hand, placing the small golden ring into his palm before closing it. Taking another step back a ghost of a frown formed on his lips though vanished moments later as it was replaced with a look void of emotion. "Go do what you do best, Alexander." It was probably the first time since they met that he called him by his whole name. Just as he spun on his heels and turned his back to Lex there was a shrill scream that pierced the air behind the cat-boy. The boy that was so close to the water's edge finally fell in and was gasping for breath as he got tangled in the slimy weeds and roots of the lakes plant life.

    Without looking back Theo continued walking towards the parking lot where a random car pulled off the street and came to a slow stop in front of him. Without hesitation he waited till the driver came around and opened the door for him before getting in. By the time the boy was saved he'd be long gone.
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  11. Alex knew very well that Theo loved it rough, that was one of the first lessons he learned. So the younger male wasn't surprised at all when Theo dominated the kiss and shoved his tongue down his throat as his lips grew rough against his. The inner demons clawing at him were practically screaming with delight, relishing the roughness of the passionate kiss Alex was forced to share with the older male. A faint groan slipped from the male's lips as his hair was grabbed. Despite who was doing it, his hair was almost as sensitive as his ears and tail-- and Theo knew all his soft spots. 'Damn him' he thought venomously, though he didn't pull away, not wanting to do anything to break the deal.

    Alex growled softly as Theo's hand left his face and trailed dangerously low, but then the man had pulled away. Alex wiped his lips, glaring up at him as his neck was still exposed by the tight grip in his hair. Alex remained silent as Theo spoke, watching as he took his hand and placed the ring in his palm. Blinking up in surprise, his eyes growing even wide as he heard him use his full name before a piercing scream hurt his ears. His head shipped to the boys direction, shoving the ring quickly into his pocket before racing over to save the boy-- he would do what he did best-- save people.

    Alex ran into the water, ignoring the cold seeping into each pore on his body as he ripped at the weeds and roots tangled around the boy. Alex wrapped his arms around the wriggling, small body before ripping him out of the water and safely bringing him to shore. By then, Theodore had gotten into a car and had rode off... Leaving Alex behind...

    Hopefully for good this time.

    North Quilo (open)

    (Ignore the words cx)

    ~Couple Months Later...~

    When North first learned of his powers at age ten, it had been terrifying. He had accidentally frozen his pet cat, Mittens and then had to hide the cats body in his backyard so his parents wouldn't find out. They merely thought the cat had run away and gotten hit by a car or something... However that certainly wasn't the case. As he grew older however, he realized just how powerful he was... And just how alone he was too. He had never met anyone with gifts like his, so he just assumed he was one of a kind. He didn't mind that fact too much, though it did get occasionally lonely... Especially when there weren't many people who could handle his iciness at times. He had yet to meet that special someone who could match him in everything.

    So instead of wallowing in his loneliness, he had fun... By himself. With powers like his, he could do virtually anything, no one could stop the frigid cold he seeped through people's veins if they opposed him. No heat could melt it. North delighted in making a collection of once-live ice sculptures, whether it be of animals or humans, he had best of both worlds, and he did have quite the collection piling up.

    It was around midnight when the twenty year old decided on spending the night out. He was incredibly bored as usual, finally finding a place... A local convenience store. It was pretty much empty(he didn't want to cause too much of a scene), with only the cashier and two customers browsing the shelves as he stalked in. The young man had his pure white hair covered with a blue hood of his sweatshirt, black fingerless gloves hands shoved into the pockets of his black jeans as he strolled into the small store casually. He pretended to glance around for only a couple minutes before snatching a few candy bars and then stalking up to the cashier.

    "Is that all for tonight?" The cashier replied, looking bored out of his mind, only half paying attention as one ear was covered by headphones, while the other ear was waiting for North's reply. The cashier finally rolled his eyes to him after North didn't reply for a bit. "Um... That will be $3.50" the guy muttered, finally pushing the headphones down and staring at North oddly.
    "Hmm... I don't think so" North said softly, though a smirk was slipping onto his pink lips softly as he propped his elbows up on the counter, resting his chin in the palms of his hands as he leaned towards the cashier. "I think you'll let me walk out without paying a dime, and while your at it, give me all the money in that cash register too, or it's going to get a little frosty in here" he threatened, his voice lowering to a chilling tone.

    "I-I... I'm s-sorry s-sir, b-but I can't l-let you take anything f-for f-free" the guy was now stuttering his face now turning pasty and North's smirk turned into an icy smile.
    "I don't recall asking" he said in a pleasant voice though his expression said otherwise. Without even batting an eyelash the temperature plummeting so that you could see their breath now in puffs of white in front of their faces. While that was occurring, ice was crackling on the counter in thin sheets, going down before climbing up the chair the guy was perched nervously in and started eating at his clothes, sinking into the guys skin so that he was now shivering from the cold.
    "H-How..?" The guy's teeth now chattering together.
    "Give. Me. The. Money" North was now scowling, flicking one finger so the ice shot up both his legs, freezing them solid. "Or I'll paralyze you, maybe even freeze your dick off in the process... If you even have one" North smirked cruelly and felt rather accomplished when the guy actually whimpered pathetically.

    The guy started to shuffle his chair forward as quickly as possible with his frozen legs, scrambling to get the cashier open. All the while the young villain did not notice one of the customers had flipped out a switchblade after over hearing the conversation between North and the cashier, trying to go to the young cashiers aid and sneak attack North while his back was turned.
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  12. Very much unlike those first five years Lex had vanished, Theo didn't know how to go on with his life. In those five years he always told himself his kitten would come back. He never lost hope he'd find the boy again. The thing was he did find Lex and he got assaulted by such nasty words. The connection had vanished before in those five years but in the last two months it was as loud and clear as it used to be. He didn't know why it was so much more painful being able to feel Lex and know he was alive than feeling nothing at all and assuming he died. Having inherited an old newspaper company he had enough to keep him on his toes if he so wanted. Before going to see Lex that faithful day he had actually been doing a decent job of managing everything while terrorizing the city that paid his bills. Now only two months later and he hadn't been able to get out of his large lavish home at all.

    Physically he stayed at home while he traveled through other people’s eyes through the city. He practiced testing his limits, seeing how far he could go and how many people he could will before the connection snapped back at him. He had gotten better but his crime streak was dwindling dramatically. While before he killed at least once every other day now he was down to once a week if he was lucky. He was in a rut and his poor house keeper had to be victim to his bored games as he used her body and made her slowly chop herself to pieces then when her libs were gone she dug her own grave with her teeth until she bled out. To think she had served him faithfully for six years. The only reason he had gotten her was for Lex in the first place so the boy didn't ever have to lift a finger cleaning. Once he got some other poor bastard to take her body away from his house he went outside and decided to fill the subpar hole she dug back up manually.

    By the time Theo finished he was out of breath. The cold crisp oncoming winter air felt good on his lungs in a way that helped distract him completely from his kitten. Closing his eyes he pushed the shovel away from him and walked towards the front gates of his house, waiting until they opened before going out onto the sidewalk. It had been such a long time since he actually took a walk down the streets he lived on since he was a child. His manic pacing at home didn't feel as good as the cold air hitting his face and the sounds of the street. By the time he got tired of walking he was far from his home and closer to the slums of the city. Feeling a bit hungry he attempted to think of the last time he ate. When he realized the answer was 'yesterday' he summoned the nearest mind he found with a vehicle. Once the car slowed down beside him he searched the woman's brain.

    It seemed like he had stopped the woman on the way to the gas station that seemed to be connected so some sort of convince store. Allowing her to continue on her way he closed his eyes and leaned back in the passenger seat. When he finally felt the car come to a stop some time later he opened his eyes and looked around. The place was nearly empty. He'd just hitch a ride back. Allowing the woman to leave he put a certain destination in her mind before getting out and walking towards the convenience store. One, two three- Was that another head bobbing around in the back? Actually, it looked like that last head was shaking. Wait. Was the woman hiding? Theo tilted his head as he tried to see just how many people he had to deal with as he pushed open the door and walked in. The moment he let the door close behind him he let out a breath and was suddenly able to see his breath in front of him.

    Terrified eyes turned towards him from behind the counter just as a glint of something caught his eye. Tilting his head to the man only five feet behind the boy at the counter he rose a brow. "I'm not interrupting something am I?" He'd never resist a chance at watching two humans murder each other but this time something was off. With a closer look at the counter and the cashier he saw how pale the man looked. Putting two and two together quickly he took a chance. Clearly the guy with a knife was trying to get the other charming looking male. Almost as if the man with the knife realized his opportunity he stepped forward and rose his knife in the air just as Theo took his mind and the mind of the women hiding behind the other isle, too scared and too stupid to call the police. Making the woman stand up and the man put his knife down he turned towards the cashier to search his mind and catch up on what was transpiring.

    "What's your name?" He asked as he looked towards the boy with white hair. Despite him searching one mind and holding the other two all three victims were very aware of what was going on and could still feel every ounce of pain or pleasure. Using the man who so boldly had a knife in his hand he made the guy turn to the woman and slowly start carving an H in her chest then an E as she began to scream and cry out in pain. Casually while the man finished carving his name into the woman’s chest he began to walk through the aisles of the store. "You know, it's been such a long time since I've had chocolate milk." With that he opened one of the freezer doors and pulled out small bottle of chocolate milk. "Oh, what the hell." he took two before closing the door and walking down another aisle.
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  13. He white haired male turned in surprise as someone boldly walked in. An irritated sigh escaped his lips as North turned to freeze the bastard when he witnessed Theodore control the man who was just about to stab him in the back-- start carving letters into the woman next to him. Blinking in shock for a moment he didn't say a word before a hint of a grin broke out into his face, ice blue eyes glittering as they landed on the handsome stranger. "My, my, quite the gift you got there" he murmured, nodding towards the woman and the man as the lady screamed and the man look absolutely horrified at his actions. "I'm North" he finally answered as he shoved his hands into his pockets, as if on cue after his introduction, snowflakes began falling from within the store and the boy smirked more.

    "Are you done with collecting my money?" He asked in a lazy tons, turning back towards the cashier who was now frozen where he was at the sight of the man and the woman, and the snow. It must have all been rather overwhelming for some poor normal sap like him. "W-W-What?" The guy stuttered, teeth still clattering together loudly. North frowned, looking rather annoyed. "Useless" he muttered, flicking one hand out of his pockets and the cashier's body turned to solid ice before toppling in the chair and shattering into a million glittering pieces.

    "Oh well, best to do the job yourself if you want it done right" North shrugged, glancing back at Theodore before nimbly vaulting over the counter and quickly stuffing rest of the money into a plastic bag before swinging it over his shoulder. "Oh I'm sorry, that was terribly rude of me, what's your name?" He asked as he strolled around from behind the counter back to the front closer to the door now. "It's nice to meet someone like me, I never knew that there was anyone else so this is a pleasant surprise" he grinned up at the man, taking him in a bit longer before now that he had all that he came for. North watched as the man proceeded to take to chocolate milks and a smirk splayed faintly on his lips.

    It was quite exciting to meet someone like Theodore, someone like North, to say the least. All this time he thought he had been the only one... And this man had been right under his nose. How had he not seen him before? He certainly wouldn't have forgotten a face like his, that's for sure.
  14. "You know you're the first one to call it a gift." Theodore replied remembering all those times people called his abilities a curse. Taking a Twix and a bag of Doritos he walked down the last aisle. The man barely finished carving the X into the woman's chest when Theo felt her mind slip from his grasp as she fainted. Hitting the counter head first he heard a snap before he felt her mind suddenly vanish. Dead, what a shame. While he debated getting an extra bag of chips or not the man dropped his knife and walked towards a small corner of the store that held lighter fluid for barbecues. Breaking off the top of one of the bottles the man dropped it to the floor before reaching for another one. Slowly a pool of clear fluid pooled around the man’s feet as he started to unscrew and move all the bottles throughout the store until nearly the whole floor was covered in the flammable liquid.

    Reaching out towards a few snowflakes that seemed to fall from nowhere Theo grinned lightly. For once since the last two months he didn't think of Lex when he saw something beautiful and fragile. Watching as the ice melted on his hand he glanced back to North with an odd sort of fascination. Walking closer to the man he watched as he shattered the cashier’s body before leaping over the counter so nimbly. Theo's eyes went to North's ass in those few moments. That sex drive he never thought he'd have for another or get back for that matter returned and with a vengeance at that. Slowly his curiously amused gaze turned into a lustful one the longer he watched North work. If the boy was after money he could give him that and more. He could give him the world. His heart throbbed in an old familiar way. "No, no you had every right. I have no business interrupting you." He replied with a soft taunt in his voice when North apologized for not asking his name.

    "My name is Theodore." He probably should have said it was Hex but he couldn't lie to seemingly perfect younger man. He watched as the man strolled out from around the counter just as the last human alive in the store poured lighter fluid over his body and into his mouth. "Hex is how I sign my work." He nodded to the woman on the floor and walked along side North to the entrance of the store. He was utterly captivated by this man just as he had been with Lex when they first met. "Pleasant doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now." He could easily tell North there was another that he knew of but he didn't want to bring up Alexander if it meant he'd have to talk about him out loud. To think, for five years he rambled on about Lex to his victims if only to let others know how cute his kitten was or how soft his ears were. The thought numbed him for only a moment before he heard a sound behind him then screaming. "Oh, we better go."

    Taking North's hand in his he delicately placed a kiss on the back of his palm before leading the boy out and away from the store as it all slowly got consumed in fire. Just like he had done with Lex in the beginning he would try to charm this boy with touches and material things and if that didn't work then he'd start giving his mind the extra push it needed. With one hand in North's he slowly lead them far enough away from both the store and the gas pumps. Oh how it felt too nice to be able to hold a hand again without being disgusted. In his other arm he made sure to hold his goodies close, knowing if he dropped one there was no going back for another. "Maybe we should go back to my place and wash up?" He asked, having no filter or regard for privacy. Reaching towards the closest mind he found that was driving he summoned them over.
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  15. "Isn't that what it is?" North asked with a shrug. He had always considered his particular ability to be a gift once he got it under control. It was just too much fun making things freeze or making it snow. The young male often tried to test his lips see his far he could really take his powers. One time he even got a small blizzard to start in his apartment. Now that had been pretty epic... Though the cost for all the damages hadn't been to great, so he froze the landlord into a human popsicle. Just thinking about that had a grin fall onto his face as he gazed over at the other male.

    North couldn't help but look at the customer now powering flammable liquid all over himself and frown. God he hated fire, he would have to get out soon if he didn't want to burn with the rest of them. "Theodore..." He said, testing the name out on his tongue and found that he liked it, he liked it a lot. "That's pretty cool" he murmured, motioning to the woman with his 'signature' carved into it. He hadn't really thought of a name for himself, all he had thought about was the fun and the great power he now had.

    North's blue crystal-like eyes turned back on Theodore when he finally moved towards him after picking all the food he desired. He didn't move as his hand was taken and kissed delicately. A small smile crept up on the boys lips, sparks of mischief and some hints of lust in his eyes. 'Quite the charmer now isn't he? Even when doesn't have to be... With that face of his he could get away with anything' North thought with another grin. "Yeah, I'd rather not get toasty" he murmured with a look back at the man now covered in flammable liquid.

    North followed the man out, liking the feel of his own hand in another's. He felt himself leaning into Theodore slightly as they strolled down the sidewalk until a random car pulled up. "Alright" he agreed when Theodore asked to go back to his place. A small smile was still on his face as he continued to walk. A car then suddenly pulled up in front of them, making the white haired boy blink in surprise but shrug and climb into the car quickly.
  16. In retrospect he should probably be worried and even cautious of a man that could summon the cold with a flick of a finger. Hell, he had no doubt North could freeze his mind into a Popsicle before he could make the man stop. He couldn't constantly be in someone’s brain, that would take constant concentration and would get him beyond exhausted. The fair haired boy was a wild card at the moment but one that made his heart race and his mind think of something other than Lex. What he could do was take a piece of the boy's flesh and consume it as he did Alexander. Flesh would give him that constant feeling of being aware of North's feelings and if he able to get bone then he'd be able to easily track the icy boy with little to no effort at all. Barely even an hour with the guy and he was trying to make him his. He was already trying to trap the kid as he had done his kitten long ago.

    Just as a blue Honda pulled up to the sidewalk in front of them there was a small explosion behind them from within the store. The gas pumps were next and that explosion would be much louder when it did happen. Slowly the thick black smoke in the sky above the store got bigger and he had no doubt there would already be calls being made to the police. Someone would see his work. No, someone would see their work. He tilted his head to North when he felt the boy lean into him. Such a cute little thing, he couldn't wait to see tears in those lovely eyes. "Perfect." He replied as he opened the door for the kid and once he climbed in he went in after him and shut the door behind him. Instantly the car took off as he set his goodies down. Not a moment after the chocolate milk bottle rolled out of his hand was he moving on top of North and pushing he man back into the seats so he was laying long ways against all three shitting little cushions of the car.

    "I'm going to kiss you because I simply can't help myself." They probably could have kissed sitting up but Theo had a habit of making things more than what they should be. Leaning over North he moved his hand to the kid's icy hair and ran it through lightly. Every little touch made him think of Lex before he actually saw North under him. He had to say, running his hands through the boy's hair and not feeling a pair of silky ears was disappointing. What was he supposed to bite down on and tug at now? Taking a handful of hair in a fist he tugged it roughly before pressing his lips to North's just as hard. In the front seat the driver's glazed over distant eyes stayed on the road as if they weren't even there.
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  17. North quickly climbed into the vehicle, emptying his pockets quickly, but before he could even do anything else he was suddenly pushed on his back. He watched as Theodore climbed on top of him while he stared up at him from where he now laid across the seats in the back of the car. "I'm not stopping you" North replied when the older man announced he was going to kiss him. North practically trembling in anticipation. He didn't care that he had only known the guy for like five minutes... He wanted Theodore, whether they were in the back seat of a car or in a bed, he'd let him fuck him virtually anywhere.

    North's had fallen back once Theodore's wounded into his snowy locks. A small groan left his lips as they were pulled. Goosebumps already rising in his skin and a small smirk splayed out on his lips. He barely paid any mind to the driver, knowing they were completely out of it and unaware of what they were about to do. North met Theodore's lips half away, pale pink lips parting almost instantly. His tongue searching and clashing with the other males as their lips moved together roughly. "I hope you don't mind... I'm a bit cold" he practically purred against the older males lips, nipping at them after he pulled away only slightly to speak.

    His greedy hands ran up the man's chest, locking around his neck and slipping into his hair. North gripped the dark locks in his fingers, already moaning into the others mouth. "Now please don't think you have to be gentle with me, I like it rough" he growled again, teeth scrapping down the nape of Theodore's neck slightly as he ran his tongue across the other males bottom lip with a glint in his icy eyes. North was quite the tease, if it wasn't apparent already.
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  18. Easily he could poke into the boy's head and see if his words were genuine and because he couldn't help himself he did. The moment he slipped into the younger man's head he was assaulted by an array of emotions. A shiver went through him and the other's destructive and lusty thoughts. Letting out a soft breath he felt his heart swell and his grip on the man's hair tighten. They would be perfect together; they would be able to rule cities with only each other by their sides. All the hopes and dreams he had with Lex suddenly replaced themselves with lovely North instead. His boy's groan was like music to his ears and the way he so easily moved the way he wanted to without protest was far more than he could imagine. He had assumed the boy would fight him and try to resist what he loved just like Lex did. Boy was he dead wrong.

    Opening his mouth against their heated kiss he grinned lightly as their tongues danced and the taste of the boy filled his mouth. Not resisting when North broke their kiss, he panted lightly and hissed lowly when his lips were nipped at. Just as much as he enjoyed torturing and giving pain to his lovers he also loved the kicks, scratches, and bites he received in return. Every time Lex had scratched him some place visible in the past he proudly wore the wound and never tried to cover it up. "Do whatever you'd like, darling." Theo murmured in response as the boy moved his hands over his chest. Soon they'd be able to strip all their clothes completely and he’d be able to worship the kid’s body one kiss at a time. Trying his best not to come up for air he continued to kiss the boy as he move his hips against the other's if only to grind against North so the man could feel how much he was enjoying what was transpiring between them.

    The feel of his hair being taken in a firm grip brought a soft groan to his lips just as his hips thrusted against North a little rougher. He was throbbing; he couldn't remember the last time he got an erection much less once that so painfully needed to be tended to. Tilting his head back he complied with North's tugging and exposed his neck to the boy. Quickly he found he didn't regret submitting to the male as a sharp bite was placed on his neck before the pain was dragged down and against his flesh. Well, he had never came from just a little foreplay before but he supposed there was a first for everything. With the things this stranger was doing to him he didn't think he could last much longer. Feeling North's warm tongue against his bottom lip he opened his glossy eyes and looked over the boys features. "You're a dream I never want to wake up from." Everything felt surreal and he hoped to God this wasn't all some dream.

    Moving his hands to North's pants he tugged at them roughly enough to pop the button off before reaching into them and taking the boy's length. Pressing his lips roughly against North's jaw and nipped down to his neck as he gave the boy's cock a few strokes. Reaching and tugging down his own gym shorts he slipped his cock out of its confines before moving his hips once again against North's. Taking both cocks in his hand he jerked them off together as he buried a deep bite against the flesh of North's collar bone.
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