The Psychosis of Renfield



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The asylum of Mentis Christi. Abandoned, dormant and slumbering uneasily within the river of time. No-one ever investigates this horrid place, claiming to feel the overwhelming sense of death from the place. But who is to say that this place is truly abandoned? Once every year, some report to have heard the screams of the maniacal and injured, and tools of torture.

There are inmates in Mentis Christi. Those forgotten by society, used for experimentation and damaged mentally and physically beyond the boundaries of mortal wellbeing and understanding. However, tonight, of all nights, the inmates have been offered a choice. They may stay in their cells, safe from harm for an evening, or attempt to escape, and suffer the deadliest trials humanity could ever create. Will you stay in your cell? Or will you flee toward the idea of a better life?

This is a MASQUERADE, meaning you do not tell others who you are playing until the end of the game! It's more fun if you don't tell anyone!
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