The psychologist's psychopathic pyromaniac. Katrina x Salina.

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  1. This time two months ago exactly, Katrina Riddle was arrested in her own home under suspicion of murder. Which escalated to life imprisonment for more than enough crimes. Two months from that point, Kat was sitting in her cell. She hadn't had any human contact excluding her guards since a week ago. A week ago, the doctors had decided that Kat needed psychological help and analysis. She heard somebody wanted to know why women murder. Apparently Kat is the perfect case study.

    She sat on the edge of her bed, face stone cold as the guard flung open her door. They pushed in and rolled up her orange sleeves just to get the cuffs on. If this was a couple of months ago, Kat would of attacked them both by now, but she no longer had the energy. The guards tugged her up and out of her cell. By her assumptions, they were leading her to the psychologist, who would work out what exactly was fucked up in Kat's brain.

    Kat strolled out, a blank look on her face with a tinge of amusement. From what she had heard, she was a big deal. Hybristophiliac letters were rolling in, the press wanted to get the newest info on the 'Fire-Wire Strangler.' Everybody was both horrified and shocked by her crimes. The nickname was a little extreme, but it was amusing.

    They had tugged her down many corridors before reaching the final destination. One of the guards knocked, "She's here ma'am." The guard looked at Kat with a slight look of disgust; something she was used to now. Kat stared at her guard with a sickening smirk before back at the door again. This was a waste of time. Why not just let her rot in prison like the public demand?


  2. As her new subject was being brought in, Salina reviewed her file once more. She had of course heard about the "Fire-Wire Strangler", as the media called her, but they couldn't share information that they didn't have, such as her mental health. At any rate, this little exchange would prove useful, in one way or another.

    Every single time the fact that she had commited arson as well as her numerous murders, she shuddered. It might sound weird that she was disgusted more by burning things more than murder, but seeing that her left hand almost was burned off in an accident when she was little and developed pyrophobia because of that, she found it justifiable.

    As the door opened, her glove-covered hands put the file away as her subject walked in. She stood up and walked over to her, extending her right hand. "Miss Riddle. It's nice to meet you."
  3. As the guard opened the door, Kat was actually excited to see who she'd be speaking with. Even for a psychopath, you needed to conserve with others. She laced her hands in front of her, the chains of her cuffs made a noise in the silence as she was walked him. The guards took Kat into the room. Her eyes locked with the woman's. Nice to meet her? That was the first time somebody had said that in quite a while. But then again, this woman was a psychologist. Maybe 'Nice to meet you' meant, 'yay! Another weirdo to analyse!'

    The guards roughly manoeuvred her over into the seat. They began to chain her down. Kat ignored the outstretched hand for a shake. She couldn't exactly do so. She huffed as they finished attaching her to the chair. She wasn't exactly planning on attacking this woman anyway. There was nothing to set on fire either so, she had no reason.

    "We are right outside if you need us, ma'am." One guard spoke as they left the two together. Kat stared forward at the wall, her face blank. Once it went quiet, Kat opened her mouth, "Hello." Her voice was flat and monotone, just like her face. ​
  4. "I'm not sure that it'll be needed... But thank you." She nodded out to the guards as they closed the door behind them. Even though one couldn't guess from her professional appearance, Salina was very eager to get this underway. All the clients she had prior to this one could be summed up in two words. Simple and boring. She looked forward to a subject who could actually provide some insight.

    She noted the woman's unwillingness to shake her hand, much less show any emotion behind the meeting. As she was holding the notepad with the only hand that was able to grip anything, she gesticulated with her left hand as the exchange started. "So, Miss Riddle. While I had the luxury to learn about you before this meeting, I don't believe that you've had the same chance. So before we begin, is there anything about me that you'd like to know?" She asked as an opening move. This was, while seeming selfish and ignorant, her usual start for several clients. It helped her grade how controlling the person in front of her was, and thus it helped her to see what approach to the subject she should take.
  5. A small sigh escaped Kat's mouth as she blinked heavily before stretching out a bit. She wanted to yawn and stretch, but the shackles limited her movement. She huffed and placed her restricted hands in her lap as he finally made eye contact with her new friend. She asked Kat if there was anything she wanted to know. It mused her slightly, wasn't she meant to be interrogating her? Whatever, Kat's lips twitched slightly into some sort of small smile. It must be unnerving to see a killer smile, but Kat stared forward and let her shoulders shrug a little.

    "Your name?" Kat said, in a sarcastic tone. She sure wasn't feeling all that nice today. But she wasn't going to stay silent, she wanted conversation. Something she had craved for a while. Then another question popped into her head, "And, why am I considered a luxury?" Kat's small smile turned into a bigger one as she looked devilishly at the woman. An interesting thing to call a murderess, but Kat took it. ​
  6. While Salina was listening to her response, she cracked a small smile of her own. Only the basic name. It wasn't interesting in the slightest, but it at least told her that this woman didn't want to know more about her than she needed.

    Just as she was going to answer, the other woman asked another question, causing Salina to chuckle quietly. It was just a misunderstanding, true, but the fact that she took it the way she did was very interesting.

    "Well, my name is Salina. And I didn't say that you were a luxury, I said that I had the luxury about knowing your name prior to this meeting."
  7. "I wasn't sure Saline, psychologists are the weirder people." Kat said quickly. Then again, coming from her. Kat chuckled as she realized what she just said, but shrugged anyway. She leaned back and attempted to get comfy between the chair and her shackles. Her eyes wandered around the office. Psychologists were going to be the bane of her life, she felt.

    "Shall we just get this started?" Kat wasn't going to deny that it was a joy to talk to somebody new, but she'd prefer to talk about something that was of interest rather than 'What was your fatherly figure like? And how does that make you feel?' Kat could here the patronizing tone now. ​
  8. Salina chuckled a bit, herself. "True. We are. That's most of the reason I became one in the first place, really." She shook her head a little, trying to find a good opening question to get things going.

    "Anyway, I'm going to be straightforward with you. What triggers you? What is it that makes you feel like murder is the only solution? And, well, do you feel that murder is the only solution?"
  9. Kat shrugged and sighed, this woman was odd. But she was doing her job. Kat snorted at the question, "Murder a solution? Murder is a... A passtime. An addiction. Haven't you tried it?" Kat sat forward. She did a little heated when it came to discussing morbid sides of life. Or death. "I couldn't of stopped if I tried." Kat wondered if she was contradicting herself. It wasn't a solution, because she didn't have a problem. But it was an addiction.

    "Okay, it's not so much the actual murder. So maybe murder is the solution. It's the aftermath which is the addiction." She added, making sure she was making herself clear. "Have you ever seen a body burn? Have you smelt the smoky fresh-haven?" Kat worked herself up a bit. She took a deep breath in before leaning back, "I think you get me." Kat eyed the woman. She wondered how much she knew about Kat. Or anything of real use at all?​
  10. As Kat started talking, Salina began writing said things down. It was a very... Odd way to look at things, but then again, she was speaking to a serial killer. Of course she had to be twisted in one way or another.

    Then, as Kat started explaining further, Salina just stopped. Not because she was too horrified to continue or anything along those lines, but because her left hand suddenly gave in. It just fell limp, and her notepad fell to the floor. As she picked it up again, she muttered. "One could say that I've smelt the smell that is burning flesh, yes... But, to recap, you say that it's something inside of you that gets on when you kill?"
  11. "Inside of me..." Kat questioned it, her eyes wandering over the floor before she looked up, "I guess so. But as I said, the murder isn't the best bit. It's the aftermath."

    Kat decided to be uncharacteristically helpful to criminologists. Although, she did always think she'd be more like Jeffrey Dahmer than John Wayne Gacy if she ever got caught. But Kat never once believed she would. "That's when I can set them alight..." She said quietly, her eyes flickering like she could almost see the flaming body in front of her own face. ​
  12. Salina once again took her notes on the subject when Kat once again brought up the subject of fire. In a reflex, she clenched her fists... And immediately regretted doing so.

    She let out a short cry of pain as she dropped her pad, and mumbled something about raging elements as she bent forward to pick it up again. "Sorry... It's cramps or something, I suppose."
  13. When the clipboard dropped, Kat was brought out of her fixed gaze. She narrowed her eyes, wondering why the psychologist was acting so weird. Then again, she wasn't surprised, psychologists were weird. "Why'd hold it if you've got cramps?" Kat asked, sort of rudely as she went to touch her hair. She grumbled as the chains tensed.

    "Could you get these off'a me? I'm not exactly going to strangle you." Kat said, before realizing the lie in there, "I mean, you know my deal, I wouldn't, right?" Kat shook her fists, making the chains rattle together. It was annoying, Kat wasn't planning on doing any more murdering. Plus, there would be zero point in killing this woman if she couldn't burn her after.​
  14. "Well, I... Don't know what it was, but I just had a sudden pain in my hand." She said, trying to dismiss the topic. As Kat asked about her handcuffs, Salina just shook her head. "No can do. I have my own security protocol, you know. If I provoke you with my questioning, I'd be in serious danger." She shook her head. She didn't understand why she was even trying, being a serial killer and all.
  15. "Are you sure? Doesn't it say in my notes, my M/O?" Kat began to get all CSI-like. She knew she wasn't a world class criminal, just a horrifying monster that preyed on the innocent. "I guess you're right, I have nothing to loose by burning you alive in this room. They can't exactly kill me twice now can they?" Kat grinned, sounded oddly light about the situation. Now she was getting off topic, Kat wasn't really enjoying being psychoanalyzed by this woman, who obviously had a problem with her hand.​
  16. Salina mumbled out something else, this time about mad lunatics as she tried to come up with another question. "Well, how come that you started murdering in the first place? What triggered you to start?"
  17. "I wanted to know." She said quickly, her emotionless eyes attached to her psychologist. "She was just, there. Looking so beautiful... And it was the perfect opportunity just to, find out." Kat sighed, reminiscing her first kill, "I mean, I felt horrific afterwards but now I look back, it released me." Kat stared just past the psychologist and squinted, remembering the young, unknown party girl she strangled. ​
  18. "I see... Were you under the effects of anything that day? Drugs, alcohol, anything, really?" She asked as a follow-up. This was really one special case, and she'd just love to be the one untangling it.
  19. "Well, yeah. I was pretty drunk. I mean, it was a party." Kat clarified, "So I can recall specific details, but not the entire thing. I kinda tried to repress it. Didn't work, obviously..." Kat shrugged, looking around the room with a sigh. ​