The PSP and RPG/Tactical games

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What is it about the PSP? It doesn't get much attention, but its got so damn many niche RPGs and Tactical games. Remakes of Disgaea 1 and 2, Persona 3 Portable, Ys, and many others. The PSP is like a refuge in this RPG dry era populated by power armored space fuckers marines who can't go 10 minutes without violating an aliens mangled chest cavity. And a lot of the time, these RPGs that found their way to the PSP are incredible.

And its always the developers Aksys, Atlus, and Nippon Ichi Software (NIS). Am I the only one noticing this? Do the ensemble darkhorse developers go for this niche of a handheld near constantly or is it just the anime art styles constantly catching my eyes?

'cept Warhammer Squad Command and Dynasty Warriors Orochi.

Well I don't have all of those titles Chaos but I do know the PSP is definitely an undiscovered paradise of RPG games. Disgaea 1 & 2 I own on it, my brother has Legend of Heroes 1-3 on there. Plus there are other games I spotted in stores that I'd like but other things come first.
This isn't a place for fangasm, WMD. Open your thread praising 40K-games if you want to.

In other news: GTA AND MASS EFFECT FTW, FOO'!:cool:
I played Jeanne D'Arc on PSP. It was okay. Wasn't that amazing compared to, say, Final Fantasy Tactics.

Also played Ultimate Alliance 2 on PSP. It was dumbed down compared to the console versions, so as far as action RPGs go, that was a failure.
This isn't a place for fangasm, WMD. Open your thread praising 40K-games if you want to.

firstly, I'm not gasming on anything.
.... also, i was talking about the only really good games for PSP.

also, forgot my God of War: Chains of Olympus.
Well I got Ys: the oath in Felgahna, mm well it's alright so far. I would like to get the 1 and 2 to see what the whole story is about though.
I didn't know about Ys being put onto the PSP but I've been noticing it too.

Also, the first Persona was ported to it along with the first Lunar game annd the first two Star Ocean games. Nice part was the ability to finnally play the first one in English... :/
Try Undead Knights, great for the lulz + Acctual non bullshitted thought-out storyline.

it's a sad fact that most gamers are turning into a bunch of mindless Degenerates who's language will regress into nothing but flame speak, and all other people they encount shall be noobs.

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