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    • And in the 41st Millennium, the Imperium stands, a mighty bulwark of glorious Humanity against the myriad
      foes who would assail it. The Lords of Terra beat their breasts and dare all those who would think to assault
      this mighty fastness. “Our dominion stretches from one spiral arm of the galaxy to the other,” they cry.
      “Who dares to stand against the numbers of our armies, the strength of our fleets, the fury of our Angels
      of Death?”

      Yet, there are those who dare. For ten thousand years mankind has imagined itself ensconced within a mighty
      fortress, safe, warm, and protected. They ignore the truth; they are not so far removed from their primitive
      forbears, the savages who huddled around a flickering campfire and tried to ignore the hungry shapes that
      prowled just outside their feeble light. Far from a vast dominion, the Imperium is simply scattered lights
      against a vast and terrible void. And now, just as then, there are wolves in the darkness.

      The enemies of the Imperium are legion. They howl in the night and scratch at the gates as the pitiful
      masses cower in their beds. They pray to their long-dead god that the gates will protect them, but no gates
      can hold forever. The Imperium will fall. And when it does, who then will survive? What of humanity will
      last against the ages? The defenseless, leaderless masses of mankind? Or those few who dared to become the
      most dangerous monsters of all?

      Excerpt from THE APPROACHING NIGHT, declared Hereticus Extremis 811.M41

      This is a WH40K Black Crusade campaign. It will be in the Pschent sector, a homemade sector, between the Maelstrom and Dominion of Storms in Ultima Segmentum.

      A complex region as two smaller warp storms buffet one another seemingly in constant contest making travel of the region hazardous at the best of times with one exception. Between the two storms there is a trail of worlds that somehow remain placid within the warp allowing easy travel through the storms so long as one can evade the myriad of other dangers. Within both storms are dozens of worlds which have fallen to chaos and those on the edges or within this trail are under a constant onslaught of dangers from both within and without. Even with the grand threat of chaos there are always more threats arising, xenos traverse these stars at will, using the warp storms to cover their movements from their hidden bases or to allow them to attack worlds with impunity. Eldar forever moving the fates to their own ends, orks attracted by warfare, and even necrons and tyranids are not unheard of within the sector without even counting those native to the region who prey upon humanity.

      Yet the greatest threat is and shall always be the force of Chaos, the dread worshipers of Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle, and Slaanesh. Ranging from minor cults rooted out and destroyed by arbites to fearsome warbands with goals of forging their own Black Crusades to launch out from this Trail of Dust. Seeing this, humanity pressed by enemies on all sides. The forces of Chaos preying on all from within and from without. A dozen wars being waged at any one time with men and women dying in droves. With destruction and death around every corner I have but a single question. Which god shall you serve?

    • Rolls will be standard rolls, you get to assign your rolls to your stats though and get 1 reroll.

      Pick your Pride, Motivation, and Disgrace rather than rolling if you wish.

      Alongside the 1 item per infamy point you also get any number of common or lower items you want within reason.

      I am allowing equipment from all books not just Black Crusade, if it lacks a rarity talk to me and we can get one.

      Players will be anything, astartes, human, core archetypes, and advanced archetypes.

      You can pick your alignment at will instead of having to pay for advances into your god's alignment and at character creation you may change alignment though do not use this to meta-game.

      For people who may want something homebrew more than likely I will allow you to have it so you can invent your own thing and it will pretty much be a matter of agreeing on what it takes to get it. If you want something from fluff that is almost certainly possible and will just be a matter of statting it up and figuring out what it takes to acquire it.

      Also, I am a complete proponent of refluffing things, you want a female astartes we can refluff that as Slaanesh changed your gender or a fallen Sister of Battle who has some boons on her already to account for the equality to an Astartes. Something like that. You want a Manreaper that is not Nurgle aligned? We can refluff that and alter it a bit to fit your god.

      The weapon training trait is pretty poorly worded and overall stuff with it is weird. Everyone has weapon training with everything, even exotics.

      You can make an infamy check to add or remove mutations of choice, no matter once you decide to do this the mutation is added or removed. The cost though is that you gain 2 corruption and roll an infamy check with another +1 corruption for each degree of failure. This is you rejecting overt chaos from your body or calling attention to yourself from the chaos gods to beseech power. Be wary as the powers of chaos are fickle and do not like to be abused.

      As we are using advanced archetypes as well as cores archetypes there will be some changes to starting characters: This should result in roughly equal characters with equal corruption and roughly equal infamy.

      If you have any questions or concerns I am always open either in the thread or in PMs

    • Core Human
      5,600 exp 15 corruption +9 infamy
      Advanced Human
      1,000 exp
      Core Astartes
      4,100 exp 15 corruption +9 infamy
      Advanced Astartes
      500 Exp

    • Name:

      - WS:
      - BS:
      - S:
      - T:
      - AG:
      - Int:
      - Per:
      - WP
      - Fel:
      - Inf:





      Infamy Points:
      Corruption Points:

      Gifts of The Gods:

      Psy Rating:
      Psychic Powers:



      Experience Total

    • Characters and important NPCs will be here