The prowl

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  1. A defiant tower, spiraling toward the heavens themselves. A shadow black as night being cast on all those that dare tread beneath it's shade. Deep within this monolithic structure of onyx, a being ancient lurked. Valerna a name long since forgotten had stirred from her state of torpor. In her wake an army of Illithid, deep gnomes and spiderlings served her every whim of their own volition.

    With back resting against her webbed throne, luscious pinks lips contorting giving birth to a smirk that contrasted with her porcelain toned flesh. Eyes of crimson deeply peering into a molten orb that gently did cast an organgish hued light illuminating the dark recesses of this heartless chamber. From the ceiling a tentacled face entity descended, it's voice watery piercing not the space around them; rather echoing within the mind of their dark queen.

    "Milady, the ripple has once more appeared." He soke, confident that his insight would be valued. A mistake he had made several times before. Chuckling she'd undermined his thoughts, "Your power of observations pales in comparison to my own." Valerna hissed, her thoughts scrambling his own mind giving way to a migraine. "But of course..." He replied, bowing before her. "Forgive me. Shall we summon the hunters?" The Illithid questioned, it's tentacles writhing as slime dripped from it's jaws to the floor.

    "No, stay your vile hounds. I wish to relish this hunt myself." She replied, standing from her throne before rising her hand. The shadows bending and dancing to her will, as the once formless mass took the shape of a spiraling orb. "Just be prepared if I should call you." The dark queen replied before stepping into the belly vanishing from the creatures sight.

    A small town a hundred miles from the tower, nuzzled at the base of a range of tall misty white capped peaks. The locals unaware of the horror soon the face them, as from thin air just out of the guards sight she appeared. Her athletically toned and ravishing curves wrapped tightly in a set of dark leather that clung to her frame ever so eloquently. Walking down the dirt path she closed the gap between herself and the settlement, the local sentry tightly grasping his pike as she approached.

    "Halt!" He barked, his voice barely meriting her attention let alone a response. "Sleep..." She hummed, waving her hands as an amethyst sparkle danced up and down her slender pale fingers. The light entrancing the guard as he blankly stared into space before leaning against the wall before closing his eyes and drifting to a deep slumber. Uncontested she'd step through the gates, her eyes narrowing as she could sense the ebbing and flowing of energy within all the town inhabitants.

    It didn't take long for Valerna's keen senses to pick up on the unique pulsing of the young lady that for so long had entranced her. The weather worn wooden door of the local inn and bar creaking open as from the blinding light she stepped. The smell of self intoxication and the idle chattering of the locals proving to be more nuisances then enticing. Nesting at an empty booth she'd close her eyes, her fingernails drumming against the wooden table.

    Her own energy throbbing in perfect synchronization with the child's own, subconsciously this woman would sense the link. "Come child, sit with me." She whispered in her mind, giving her a deceptively inviting smile as those blood colored eyes peered at her.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.