The Proving Hunt

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  1. Welcome one and all to the In Character Page for the Proving Hunt RP. All rules , reccomendations, and sassy comments of Iwaku staff and mods are in full effects so be on your best behavior! I will hopefully edit this page tomorrow, when I have a few hours free, but for now I will just paste in the exposition from the sign up page and add a few other things so we can jump right into the rp! For now, just consider this page to be a rough draft.

    Also, heads up to anyone who wanted to make a character but still hasn't yet- if I have already talked to you or mentioned you specifically, feel free to jump in any time, just give your character some excuse for being late...


    You shrug off your worn traveling coat and swing open the oak doors to the Bawdy Dolphin Tavern. Immediately, a rush of smoke and sounds overwhelms your senses, combined with the lingering scent of mead and vomit. Reaching into your pocket for the constable's note, you cast your eyes around the establishment, looking for the group the gruff man had mentioned. The grizzled warrior had looked down at you somewhat wearily as he flapped a handful of parchment bounties in your direction. "It's been five days since the beast last struck the king's territory, but I have a feeling he's waiting in the mountain forests, keen for more human flesh. That monster's a clever one, unlike any creature I've fought before..."

    The constable had scratched his dark beard, deep in thought, before continuing, "Not one trace of a single victim of his remains. No blood, no bones, not a single sign of a struggle." He adjusted the bands of armor acrosshis chest nervously before suddenly grinning and slapping the bounty into your hand. "Not that I can blame you for wanting an adventure, things have been awfully bland around here. Once you meet up with the rest of your assigned hunting party, you'll want to head south if you're to catch up with the damned creature. Best of luck to you, mate. I'll get a nice raise if you bring back his head."

    Glancing back up at the bar in front of you, you peek through a haze of smoke and try to decipher the menu carved into an oaken cask. Baffled, you shrug and turn towards a grimy corner of the room. You notice, perched on an empty shipping crate beside a half-rotten table, a petty officer of the King sharing a chuckle with a few rough-and-tumble men and women.

    (You don't have to come into the game precisely this way, that was just flavor text. Go ahead and and meet the group, or ignore them, or give the bar another try, or anything else you like)

    ~Character listing~

    • Lilac-tea ... Alan
    • Azul ... Gnosis
    •Whimsy ... Ryia
    • anon ... Bel
    • daird ... Arrini

    And those who don't have a character yet...
    • Bebepiggles
    • TheFunsizeNinja
    • CR Stokes


    I wl be sending PMs to everyone tomorrow just to give people a heads up, and remind them this game still exists...
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  2. After receiving instructions from the male, Gnosis peered around the room for the party he was supposed to meet up with. From what he could tell, he was the only one that had arrived at this point. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked casually over to the bar taking a seat on a stool farthest to the right. "I'll take a pint of the strongest alcohol you have to offer.." He said gazing to the eyes of the bartender. "Right away, sir." In a few seconds he had a large mug full to the brim of his requested drink, and he wasted no time taking a swig. Gnosis had a bad feeling about this creature that was taking the lives of the innocent. Never had he come across an abomination smart enough not to leave a single shred of evidence behind, let alone nothing at all. Whatever this was, he hoped whoever was tagging along with him was prepared to deal with the threat accordingly. Reaching his slim digits into the confines of his cloak, he pulled out a small glass vial filled with a glowing purple liquid. He uncapped it, drank the entirety of it without hesitation. It was an awareness potion, instantly increasing the sensitivity of his senses. He did this so he could listen in on nearby conversations, and get a better look at everyone around, not wanting to accidentally miss his rendezvous with the hunting party.
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  3. Alan was intently studying the slip of parchment that the king's soldier had thrust into his grasp. He folded the wrinkled brown paper in half, then in half again. Frowning, he set the sheet down slid his hands along the bar across the creases he had just made, then unfolded the bounty again. Suddenly, light cut through the grime of the tavern as the large door opened, and Alan shoved the parchment hastily into his pockets as he glanced over his shoulder to observe the new arrival.

    Before he could completely turn around, a shocking sensation of being watched transfixed Alan's body. It felt like warm honey was trickling down the right side of his neck. Alan adjusted himself uncomfortably on the barstool and swiveled his neck slightly toward the direction of the warm, prickling feeling. It grew stronger, rising from a trickle to a small flow. He closed his eyes for a moment, then his cheeks pulled upward into a small smile. Without hesitation, Alan abruptly twisted to face the person across the bar who was watching him and waved hello, his hand fluttering jauntily.

    The man across the bar looked somewhat intimidating, with a dark hood obscuring half his face and a pale injury marring the rest. Alan's cheery smile became more of a nervous grimace. If anyone in this bar was likely to be a warrior keen on bagging the mysterious beast, it was this man, but Alan had hoped to work with someone a little less... leery.
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  4. After pretending to read the piece of parchment the man gave him, Bel tucked it away and looked back to the constable. "Has anyone else arrived?" Bel asked. After the man had told him of the two others that had already arrived Bel started slowly off towards the bar in hopes of maybe meeting the others but more importantly, getting some hot cider. Bel fumbled around for a bit trying to find a seat and finally after making a fool of himself he sat down and waved over the bartender. Bel ordered a large mug of cider and asked "Do you see the man down from me, He looks a bit like an adventure type? Anyway, his drink is on me." Bel was hoping that the other man would come over to him so that he would not have to walk over and try to find the adventurer and make a bigger fool of himself. Bel pondered having to find someone in a crowd by looks, chuckled to himself, and then proceeded to sip his cider and listen to the people in the tavern.
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  5. Ryia was not interested in the libations that the tavern offered. She walked with hurried purpose to the knight and accepted the parchment. Her stomach lurched with maternal concern. No signs of the victims, just inexplicable disappearance. Was there any strategy: any method behind the madness? Perhaps the monster's only criteria was the flavor of flesh. In either case, Ryia was not willing to idly stand by to be consumed, or to risk her daughter's well being.

    She tucked the parchment into her leather pouch, and took a swig of water from her flask. It would not do to marinate her mind with alcohol, and she hoped that the other adventurers would choose to be sober on their quest.

    Ryia scanned the room for the most able-bodied, as melee and combat were not her strong suits. Soon, when it seemed like the proper candidates would gather, she would announce her finesse in potion making. It would play to her advantage if she admitted her abilities, and would ensure she was seen as an asset.

    It was imperative that she get as close as possible to vanquishing this carnivorous beast.
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  6. Arrini entered the tavern and ordered a mug of the strongest ale in the joint. As she received her order, she looked over the assorted people, wondering who might be her compatriots. She saw a goodly mix of sellswords, knights, and other fighting types.

    "Here's a silver for the drink, and information on whoever else has taken the monster contract."
  7. Gnosis, darkred

    Gnosis sat at his end of the bar for a good few minutes, over thinking his would be strategy once he got together with his newfound companions. Soon, others arrived. They looked the sort to undertake such a task, one of the males even paying for his drink. Gnosis took that as a hint that he was in fact one of the ones he was looking for. Standing to his feet with his mug in hand he walked over to where the male (Bel) was sitting, taking a new seat beside him. "Good evening, I am Gnosis. I assume you've accepted the contract as well?" He asked to the smaller man. He watched the earlier spectacle of him stumbling about for a seat, and hoped this one wouldn't be as clumsy in the field when taking on the beast they would be hunting.

    Once he was seated he took another large swig of his alcohol, setting it down with a heavy thud. Whatever kind he was drinking, it was certainly tasty.
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  8. The intmidating cloaked man (Gnosis) ignored Alan and walked across the bar toward another simply dressed man. Alan had a gut feeling that these two men were assigned to hunt the local monster, like he was, and he was about to stand up when he heard a soft, flickering voice across his left shoulder.

    "...whoever else has taken the monster contract"...

    Alen twisted around to the other side of the stool and blinked a few times in shock at what he saw. A young woman, around his own age, was talking to the buxom barkeep. Her hair was a brilliant, mesmerizing crimson, and it seemed that her scalp was ablaze. The one aspect of the lady's appearance that caught his attention, however, was the tightly wrapped chainmail that wove around her torso and the gleaming sheath of a sword that swung gently from her waist.

    "Ah... Excuse me ma'am, " Alan murnured politely, twisting his hands deep into the pockets of his tunic.. This woman was far less intimidating than the other "hero types" on his opposite side, but she still not the type of common farmer or peasant that Alan typically interacted with.

    "I... Ah, I believe we haven't met before. My name is, uh, Alan. No, I mean, yes. Alan."

    Internally he cursed himself for not asking the lady's name first, as was typical courtly protocal for addressing a woman or one's superior.

    "Anyway, I was just overhearing you chatting with the bartender... Oh! On accident, I wasn't eavesdropping of course, but anyway, it seems like we've both come with a similar purpose."

    Hastily, Alan wrenched the bounty from his pocket and shook loose the careful creases he had made.

    "So... I think those men over there", he inclined his head appropriately, but one corner of his cap slipped over one eye, "I think they're here for the same reason too... But I'm not sure."

    Alan smiled tensely, with his teeth perhaps a bit too clenched, and thought, "I really hope she doesn't think I'm trying to court her, or I'll end up with the business end of that sword through my spine."
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  9. Bel, happy that his simple plan came together, turned to face the man that, unsurprisingly, smelled of alcohol. "Well, hello there Gnosis, my name is Oliver Belfry but you can call me Bel." He said taking a large gulp of his cider. "Oh, and you're right, I am here because of the contract, and it seems like we have quite the murderous beast on our hands." Bel said with a smirk.

    As they talked Bel told him about himself. He told how he had lived in a desert village and how he had been bit by a snake and lost his sight but that he was more than capable to defend himself. He told him that he was a snake charmer and how he had always been fascinated by the reptiles.

    "I only just arrived now but, we should probably check in with the others and discuss a... battle plan, of sorts." Bel was eager to find out how well his new found partner would do in battle and to more importantly show off to his new found companion.

    "Those two seem to be talking about the beast as well." Bel said while motioning towards Alan and Ryia "After you"
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