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  1. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining my fantasy group roleplay! By fantasy, I mean high fantasy, as in Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons, where fey creatures roam, wizards practice magic, and orcs get it on with humans... I don't have a specific time frame in mind for this game, so it can last as long or short as you want, just please roleplay your character out of the scenario if you'd like to leave.

    This is my first roleplay online but I have done similar roleplay-type experiences before, feel free to check my bio for more information. Anyway, I only ask that you send me a brief character sheet and any special requests before we jump right in and start playing.

    Sign ups are currently closed except for those people mentioned below.






    SO (if applicable)-


    Gear/Equipment (if you want to have any handy adventuring tools, tell me here)-


    Primary Adventure Motivation (why are you going on an adventure with my character? What do you hope to gain?)-

    Would you rather play more action-based or conversation-based-

    Anything else I should know-


    You shrug off your worn traveling coat and swing open the oak doors to the Bawdy Dolphin Tavern. Immediately, a rush of smoke and sounds overwhelms your senses, combined with the lingering scent of mead and vomit. Reaching into your pocket for the constable's note, you cast your eyes around the establishment, looking for the group the gruff man had mentioned. The grizzled warrior had looked down at you somewhat wearily as he flapped a handful of parchment bounties in your direction. "It's been five days since the beast last struck the king's territory, but I have a feeling he's waiting in the mountain forests, keen for more human flesh. That monster's a clever one, unlike any creature I've fought before..."

    The constable had scratched his dark beard, deep in thought, before continuing, "Not one trace of a single victim of his remains. No blood, no bones, not a single sign of a struggle." He adjusted the bands of armor acrosshis chest nervously before suddenly grinning and slapping the bounty into your hand. "Not that I can blame you for wanting an adventure, things have been awfully bland around here. Once you meet up with the rest of your assigned hunting party, you'll want to head south if you're to catch up with the damned creature. Best of luck to you, mate. I'll get a nice raise if you bring back his head."
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  2. I'll do my CS first, just to show people what I mean.

    Name- Alan Vayle

    Race- Human

    Gender- Male

    Age- 20

    SO (if applicable)- Haven't decided...

    Appearance- about 5' 10, with curly brown hair. His facial features are somewhat angular, with narrow lips and a small nose, and dark hazel eyes. He is usually seen wearing baggy brown pants, a plain peasant shirt, and a dark red newsboy-style cap. His fingers are fairly short and slender, and he has small feet. Physically Alan is of an average build, with somewhat muscular arms from his work as a woodcutter. What is not usually seen, and what he tries to keep hidden, are two very small antlers buried in his hair, as well as a little deer's tail that he keeps tucked into his pants.

    Gear/Equipment (if you want to have any handy adventuring tools, tell me here)- He carries a small axe on a belt around his waist, as well as a rough sack which contains a waterskin, a length of rope, a few days' rations, the King's bounty, and some spare coins

    Backstory/Personality- Alan was born in the fairly populated city of Moorsbridge, but his family quickly moved to the outskirts of the town. He lived a normal life as a woodcutter's son, and learned his father's skills of shaping logs and carving logs and twigs into small carved works of art. Eventually, he married a girl from the city and moved deeper into the forest as he hoped to make a new living, separate from his family, and dependent on no one else.

    One summer's night, Alan wandered deeper into the woods than he had ever been before. Perhaps it was fairy magic, or the work of some mischievous pixies, but Alan could somehow sense that in a clearing just ahead would be a tree with the most beautiful wood he had ever seen, and he knew that even in his unskilled hands this material could become a masterful carving that would assure financial success for life. As soon as he came across the plant, dappled in moonlight and shimmering with golden leaves, he whipped out his axe in a fit of awestruck madness and hurriedly chopped it down. Suddenly, he screamed in agony as two velvety protrusions of bone erupted from his skull and a mass of fur sprang from the base of his spine.

    The tree he had chopped was in fact an elder dryad, who in revenge for her murder enacted a curse of nature upon the woodcutter. He would carry the antlers and tail as a mark that his soul belonged to nature, and as part of his curse he was no longer truly human- part of him was now a fey creature. As a result of this small animals that are normally wary of humans flock around him, but predators can easily sense him. He is also forcibly vegetarian, and while he can use a fire it makes him very uncomfortable to chop down trees.

    Personality-wise, Alan is generally sociable and fairly calm but has a curious streak, possibly due to the interference of magic. He is an optimist, sure that things will turn out alright for him, and although he is happy to converse with others he is somewhat hesitant to make lasting friendships. He is unwilling to leap into danger without first considering the consequences. Finally, he is generally wary of magic despite also feeling a deep connection to it, so magic users both attract/fascinate and repulse him.

    Primary Adventure Motivation (why are you going on an adventure with my character? What do you hope to gain?)- Alan is desperate to find a way to escape from the curse laid upon him, or at least find a new way to live his life. He is going to hunt this beast partly as a way to get gold to send home to his family, and also partly because he gets the strange "fairy feeling" as he might call it whenever he thinks about the beast.

    Would you rather play more action-based or conversation-based- I am happy either way, whatever others may prefer~

    Anything else I should know- Nope!

    NOTICE: Please do not feel anxious to have so much detail as I have put onto this sheet, I have been working at this character for a while now and am trying to refine some personal details through this roleplay. Feel free to put more or less length as you like.
  3. I'm a devout DnD player. Are there any classes / races you'd like to include in your party? I can whip up a CS based off your story's needs.
  4. I don't think I need any specific race or class, feel free to play anything you like! (Also you may notice my character here has more info on the other sheet... That's intentional, ahaah...)
  5. If I do create a CS today, it'd have to be super basic since I have to study for midterms! I could probably refine it later on?
  6. What does "SO" stand for?
  7. Appearence (open)

    Name: Gnosis

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Class: Combat Mage

    Appearence: Gnosis when traveling usually dawns a black cloak, with various bells, and whistles along its make. He is of average height, standing at six foot flat. If one were to see him without his hood, they would see short, spiky black hair. His left eye is pure white, consequence of being blinded in a battle. He also has a long, jagged scar down that side of his face. He has strong masculine facial features, one might even use the word 'handsome'.

    Equipment: Gnosis carries a few small vials of different potions in the innards of his cloak, as well as a short sword.

    Personality: He is a quiet man, usually speaking to others when necessary, or to achieve a specific goal. He enjoys time to his self, whether spent reading books to improve his skills, or taking on difficult quest.

    History (Brief): Gnosis was born into an upper class family of wizards. His father Saul, began teaching him the ways of magic at a very young age. He was pleased when he discovered his son had a natural gift for the magical arts. Gnosis is by all means a knowledge seeker. He craves learning new things, namely different spells of different types, favoring necromancy, and destruction magic above all others.

    Motivation: Gnosis heard of the strange beast by word of mouth, and is perplexed as to what kind of monstrosity could be causing such fear, and panic in the community. He has decided to take matters into his own hand, and find out just whats going on.

    Anything else: Nah, bruh...
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  8. Sexual orientation. Doesn't have to apply if you don't want to use it. I don't mind if the CS is basic, this is one of my first times anyway...

    Also, Gnosis is accepted :D
  9. Name- Ryia Webb

    Race- Human

    Gender- Female

    Age- 45

    SO (if applicable)- Straight

    Appearance- An average, middle-aged woman who displays signs of fatigue. Her eyebrows are softly curved, without a seductive arch; they infuse her face with a down-to-earth quality. Her light brown eyes are accompanied with gray shadows, and seem both faraway and jaded, but are not without kindness. She has a straight, common nose, and a thin face. Her most striking feature are relatively full lips, with a wisp of an overbite. Her wrists and calves are slender, hinting to a waif-like youth, and yet the rest of her figure has curves that suggests experience with childbearing. Cinnamon colored age spots mottle her clavicle. She is dressed in a simple, dark blue smock of cotton.

    Gear/Equipment (if you want to have any handy adventuring tools, tell me here)- Potion books, a few wands of various woods and elemental properties, scrolls, glass bottles, vials, herbs, and a staff with a child-like heart carved onto its length.

    Backstory/Personality- Persistently tired, but good natured, she makes a habit of politeness and professionalism. She is very committed to the craft of potion making, and is always pursuing innovations in brewing and in herbal remedies. Ryia is known as a dedicated, efficacious herbalist who is skilled in her trade, and fair with her prices. Her transactions are carried out in a humble caravan, which doubles as her home.

    Primary Adventure Motivation (why are you going on an adventure with my character? What do you hope to gain?)- Ryia is hoping to gain further renown for her wares, in order to acquire more patrons. Currently, she sends a hefty portion of her income to her daughter, who is employed at a brothel, in order to improve her circumstances. She feels an immense weight of guilt that she was unable to intervene earlier, and that the orphanage where her daughter was once a ward did not positively impact her fate. Her primary objective is to acquire enough gold to fully pay the madame, and release her daughter from her contract.

    Would you rather play more action-based or conversation-based- A mixture of both.

    Anything else I should know- I don't think so ...


    This is the first time I'm playing a character of this age, and one who is a mother. I'll try to pull it off!
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  10. By the way, for those of you waiting, I'm waiting on one or two people who said they would send in their CS. I actually have communication with one of these people so I'm really just waiting on them, then we'll get started ASAP.
  11. Planning on making a character if it's okay with you ^-^

    It'll be up soon hopefully
  12. Feel free! I'm definitely going to make the IC page tomorrow, ready or not, because some of you have been perfectly patient. Just post it here when you have it done!





    SO (if applicable)-


    Gear/Equipment (if you want to have any handy adventuring tools, tell me here)-


    Primary Adventure Motivation (why are you going on an adventure with my character? What do you hope to gain?)-

    Would you rather play more action-based or conversation-based-

    Anything else I should know-
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  14. Appearance (open)
    [​IMG]This is pretty spot on except the horn crown thing

    Name-Oliver Belfry (Bel)





    SO (if applicable)-Masculine as heck (straight)

    Appearance-A middle aged tall skiny man with flowing dark brown hair and soft milky brown eyes and a tanned complexion. He dresses simply in thin clothes and sandals and seems to stare into the distance while talking. (See Image above)

    Gear/Equipment (if you want to have any handy adventuring tools, tell me here)-He carries a small pouch that he keeps a small leather bound book with no words in it. He has a long thin elegant looking sword. He carries a .He also carries around his snake around his neck (is a snake... gear?)

    Personality-A bit detached and dark but is a great listener and always has a solution to any problem you may have while always having a joke about it. He always has a flat look on his face and does not like to show outward emotion or involve himself emotionally in his, or other peoples, problems.

    A frigging long back story-skip to tl;dr if you do not want to read all of this :3Raised by a small village in the eastern desert which was in constant danger from raiders Oliver learned to fight and think quickly at an early age. At a young age there was a travelling merchant who sold him a guide pertaining to snake charming. From then on he was obsessed with getting snakes to dance for him. At age 12 Oliver was playing with the other boys near some rocks when a white snake appeared from behind the rocks and bit him in the neck. Oliver came down with a terrible fever and took quite some time to recover. Oliver finally did recover but he had lost his eyesight due to the venom and from then on seemed a bit... off. All the other boys were afraid of him and all of the adults were sure that something terrible had happened which was not apparently obvious. Oliver developed violent tendencies and seemed to care less for the ones he loved. A year later bandits raided his village and alas... they were weak from the constant struggle of raids and were all wiped out except Oliver who had hid in a bedroll. Blinded by sadness (and venom hue hue hue hue) Oliver set out into the desert searching for a glimmer of civilisation. After days of travelling aimlessly, Oliver collapsed with weariness. As he slipped into a deep sleep he dreamed of the white snake that had blinded him a year ago. When Oliver awoke he was suddenly aware that he could sense everything so much better, he could feel the vibrations of a moth trapped in a spider web, he could hear the sound of people laughing in the distance, and he could feel a snake resting on his arm which instead of fear, brought him comfort and sensed that the snake was there to help him. Oliver filled with a new energy set out towards the sounds of life. From then on Oliver travelled searching for a place he could use his skill set.
    tl;dr: is blind, has snake, has heightened other senses.

    Primary Adventure Motivation (why are you going on an adventure with my character? What do you hope to gain?)- Oliver hopes to find meaning for his life again. he has been lost ever since his family died and has had no sense of direction

    Would you rather play more action-based or conversation-based- Mostly conversation but I am open to anything

    Anything else I should know- I am very new to roleplay and this is my first thread I have replied to .-.
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  15. I would LOVE to join this. My dude is up there ^ I’m pretty new to this so I may have just mucked everything up but hey... I tried.
  16. I have confirmed sheets for
    And daird

    I have definite interest from
    And CR Stokes

    With piggles and ninja both holding a spot on the forums.
    I don't think I've missed anyone, and this seems like a fair number of people. I will be closing signups tomorrow morning but if I mentioned you here, you can still add your CS. Tomorrow evening, probably fairly late, I will make the IC thread in the appropriate area and set the mood for our adventure... If anyone doesn't have their character ready by then, that's fine, they will just have to jump right in in some heroic yet bumbling manner.


    Duh, I almost forgot to thank all of you for signing up! I apologise for how long it took me to get everything squared away, but now I am ready...
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  17. Name: Arrini Multan

    Race: Fire elemental

    Class: Spellblade

    Gender: Female

    Age: 25


    Appearance: Slim and petite, she has red hair and green eyes, like all fire elementals. She has a scar on her right cheek, and usually wears chainmail.

    Carries a longsword and enchanted spellbook, in which she writes down whatever she learns about magic. The spellbook magically opens to whatever information she's looking for, as long as she's written it down in the spellbook previously.

    Personality: Fun-loving and carefree, she is very gregarious and sociable. However, when there's fighting to be done, she takes a rather grim pleasure in combat.

    Backstory: Arrini grew up in a lower-class family, but she's been able to pull herself up by her bootstraps. She has served as a mercenary in several border disputes and earned a reputation as a capable fighter. She knows a lot of basic spells, but she prefers fire magic, seeing as it's easier for her to wield due to her heritage.

    Reason for joining: Saw the contract up in a local tavern and jumped at the chance to earn extra cash.

    Don't care whether we're action or conversation-based
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  18. So I can't join? Or...
  19. Crono, you can join a waitlist if you like. I would like to get the characters we already have settled in before we add new ones. There are a few other people who are waiting on coming into the game till later. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  20. I guess i will join the wait list as well.
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