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  1. This is our first take at a proper Sci-Fi RP.

    Meaning, we hope it fits the theme and all that. And we hope we're not making huge sci-fi faux pas anywhere.

    Yes, that too. You may find the link to the RP here

    The world is 20XX. Body and full-body modifications/alterations/enhancements are becoming more and more common in this day and age. Androids are around, but rare and few. The most androids you can find are those programmed to work in commercial areas; but beyond recognizing orders and instructions, they are still machines.

    While all this is thriving, there are always setbacks. You have your usual mix of pro- and anti-enhancements and whatnot; rallies, riots, protests and the sort.

    And then, you have the warmongers.

    While the world is still somewhat peaceful, there are tensions between countries. It's no longer a space-race, it's now the tech-race, and Japan's leading the race at the moment. Sooner or later, someone's going to bring in a big toy for everyone to play; and someone's bound to play it "with" someone.

    The story begins in Tokyo, Japan.

    The world resembles the Ghost in the Shell universe, only a little more backwards, with a mix of Deus Ex's augment elements.

    Said big toy happens to be a blueprint of some new weapon called "Project Vajra". However, it is still in its prototype stage, and its creator is now MIA. For what reasons, we know not. What we do know is that the creator did not intend to create this "weapon" as it was meant to be something different, completely unrelated to any sort of weaponry.

    Still, the creator's intention doesn't really help with the current situation due to being MIA.

    The ones who snagged the blueprint from the MIA creator intend to continue the project with whatever they can interpret from the plans.

    Meanwhile, the very first prototype of the supposed "weapon" is on the loose. Organisations involved with Project Vajra are currently pursuing this "weapon", to bring the "weapon" back to the lab for further research.


    Project Vajra
    Inspired by Buddhism's "Three Vajras", which consists of the "Body", "Mind" and "Voice, this philosophy became the key point in the creation of the supposed weapon. The project was originally under a different name, but due to circumstances (creator MIA & conflict of interest), the project was renamed as such.

    Its sole purpose is to create the most efficient weapon anyone could get around this era: an efficient strike team of androids, built purely from scratch with enhancements better than what current technology provides to the public, capable of completing objectives effectively.

    Enhancements are basically improvements to a human body by replacing body parts with machines that are capable of handling more stress compared to its natural state. Perfect vision, strong arms, legs that let you run/jump faster, a heart that can pump blood faster than the natural heart; you name it, they got it.

    However, given that this technology lets you cheat a lot at life (she said it, not me), governments all around the world has set restrictions to how many enhancements a person can have in his or her lifetime. Each human are only allowed up to 5 enhancements. For each enhancement, they must apply for a license to undergo the operation, with legit reasons.

    Such reasons are:
    - medical purposes and disabilities
    (athletes are not allowed to apply for this to prevent cheating)

    - age factors
    (if you are old and in dire need of an enhancement to get by with life)

    - work necessities
    (if you are working in a hazardous environment and such)

    - cosmetics
    (though the cost for this would be higher than the ones mentioned above, for obvious reasons)

    Of course, the world would not be complete without the illegal enhancements lurking around in the underground. If caught with illegal enhancements, they may be jailed or fined, or both (haven't decided if I want to go into detail with this law). This law, for both illegal and the legal enhancements, is standard for all countries in the world.

    Body Hackers
    People with illegal enhancements. A term used by those residing in the slums or the underground, away from lawful eyes.

    [More terms will be added as we go along with the story]

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​
    I am looking at around 4-5 players max (she can't handle a big crowd, is what she's trying to say), with specific characters. Below are some of the characters that I have in mind for this story, or at least, the sort of characters that would be preferable to this story:​
    The First Prototype (important)​
    - a fully-operational android​
    - has enhancements, top to bottom​
    - no built-in weapons whatsoever​
    - sentient, almost human-like​
    - on the run from officials​
    - appears human, not like the ones from I,Robot.​
    The Journalist​
    - human, unless you have any ideas. :P​
    - is currently trying to get a big scoop for a raise​
    - newbie on the job​
    The Colonel​
    - human, with slight enhancements (who knows how many)​
    - privy to Project Vajra​
    - no clear motives as of yet​
    These are just character suggestions, except for the First Prototype; that one is a character that I would prefer to be played by someone. (though it would be interesting if he was just an NPC, like Rhaegar Targaryen. Then you get different perspectives of him from different people, but never really the real one)
    ...well, I suppose I could allow that if it comes down to that. In any case, if you have any other types of characters that can fit in nicely in this RP, I would love to hear about it. (It's not often she uses the word 'love', you know?)
    Here is the character sign-up sheet.​
    Motives/Objectives (in the RP):​
    I believe that should be all for now. I will continue updating this post as we go along.​
  2. Character

    Name: (none as of yet)
    Age: 28

    Gender: Female


    Normal attire: White shirt and jeans/trousers/khakis

    Enhancements: Left Eye (due to an injury a long time ago. Old Model)

    Occupation: Unknown

    Not much is known about her; all that is revealed about her was the fact that she works at a brothel in Roponggi, Tokyo. She believed she lost her memories when she was already at the brothel, as she has no recollection of the past and how she got there in the first place. (Oh dear god, it's an amnesiac!)

    Throughout her time there, she was heavily drugged into a dazed state. She was unsure how long she had been there.

    The only vague memory that she could somewhat remember was the operation on her left eye; a mechanical eye replaced her eye due to an injury she sustained a while ago. She knew the reason why, but she could not recall what really caused it.

    [update #1]
    She worked in a lab once. Though any details of that were destroyed.


    A variety of basic skills; these include:
    - Wielding a gun
    - Using a knife in combat
    - Hand-to-hand

    However, her proficiencies include:
    - Deductive reasoning
    - Agility
    - Research/Investigative prowess

    Motives/Objectives (in the RP): Recover her lost memory, somehow.

    [ will update as story progresses ]
    ( Yay! )
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  3. Okay, here it is. Will probably change it a little when I'm back home! For now, I hope it's fine.

    Name: Anastasia "Ana" Husher-Green

    Age: 32

    Gender: female

    Appearance: a tall, English woman with straight, long brown hair and gray eyes, slender body. Has a scar on her lower lip that is quite visible.
    Show Spoiler
    Clothing/hair/body. No face whatsoever on the picture, because I couldn't find anything I liked! [​IMG]
    Enhancements: as a child, she had a major surgery that enhanced her hearing (she was born almost deaf, now the hearing is slightly better than average)

    Occupation: surgeon, specializes in bio-enhancements

    Biography: born to a family of bio-engineers, Ana didn't have much choice when it came to her occupation. After majoring in bio-engineering, she began working at a nearby hospital where she stayed for five years before leaving due to being offered a better job. Throughout the next two years she was working on different projects. In the meantime, she met a fellow surgeon who later became her husband. Right now she is in between jobs and stays alone in Tokyo, where she is supposed to apply for a job.

    1. basic: slightly enhanced hearing; wielding a gun; driver's license (motorcycle)
    2. proficiencies: able to keep her cool under pressure; vast knowledge about enhancements, mostly up to date; excellent surgeon/can take care of most wounds (given she has things needed to do so)
    Motives/objectives: to work as a bio-engineer again, to make her name count
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  4. Name: Kuroi Makihisa
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Enhancements: When he was young he was in a bad accident, He lost both his legs which in return they saved and gave back to him.
    Occupation: Journalist ( Hope you don't mind )
    Biography: Brought into the world as a middle class boy, he had the usual struggles of most. He was in an accident where he lost both his legs and his lung was punctured by his rib, he was close to death but they resuscitated him and enhanced his body involving both his legs and a new helpful lung. But he always had a knack for photography and stories, he always wanted to learn more about how people viewed the world and allow theres stories to be told to. He used to interview his parents as a little boy faking like he was a journalist. When he hit the age 19 and finished off his degree in Law and also in Journalism, He set off on a mission to find a job that would be willing to accept him. He is originally from Tokyo but he had went around the world traveling abroad looking for places to work, But that was a senseless waist of time. When he arrived back in Tokyo he found a job off the bat, and began working as the "Newbie" as they so called him. But he was working hard and was trying to get himself a raise and a better position.
    Abilities: he is trained in a few martial arts; He is a excellent in close combat with weapons along the lines of Knives, Daggers and any other form of martial arts weapon; He owns a Black Kawasaki Ninja 300; he has Enhanced Stamina and leg strength.
    Motives/Objectives: To expand across the world with his Journalism and his and others Point of view on the world they live in.
  5. Name: Aaron Kovalyov

    Age: 46

    Gender: Male


    Enhancements: Enough to lose count of them. Both, Advanced and Specialized military grade implants.

    Occupation: Former Colonel of the SEAL four, under the ground forces department, Aaron is now the head of security of the Project Vajra.

    Biography: A man of the army, he is been serving his country since he was young, devoted to his job thus leaving almost no trace of any personal issues in his record. Besides his name and some other meaningless details, really few is known about him and many stories roll around about him. Some people even say he worked with the KGB and that he has actually been in the space.

    Skills: The usual ones that comes with his job: Weapon handling, military parachuting, diverse martial arts training, combat diving... Someone said once he was even able to fire a nuclear missile from a submarine.

    Motives/Objectives: Still uncertain, but for now finding the MIA Scientist would be great.
  6. How wonderful; we have interesting players joining.

    I still wonder how it would look like putting all of this together.

    As do I. We have added another post to the RP thread, and perhaps a little overview on the current state of the city/world around that time.

    Until then, we await.

    With much anticipation.
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