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The Prophecy of the Stones

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~Dark Disney~, Jan 19, 2016.



  1. sounds interesting enough yes

  2. maybe

  3. no, but hope it goes well

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  1. Alright so yes this is based off an amazing book I read. Yes some of you may not have read it or are going wait what this is seriously a book? Yes yes here I will link you to a summary. Many things will be similar but many things won't ages will be different and kinda be mixed with a wrinkle in time. I just want to try it out.

    I ask you make a cs and be active if you do make a cs please be active. I do reply once a week if not more. I have a job and a hubby to be so time is consumed by that at times.

    The Prophecy of the Stones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Plot: A girl named Liane is ill with a a unknown deadly disease. Is lying in her hospital bed. She goes in and out of consciousness and awake or asleep she hallucinate a Fantasy world called Astiria. This is where 3 girls who have just turned 20 are kicked out of their homes all from different statuses and must work together to use their stones to save the world from darkness.

    the story will fall in and out of reality and Astiria. Liane will be a side character or. NPC not sure yet. more detail to come with ooc this is just an interest check.
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  2. that was me that voted "maybe" :D
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  3. Sounds interesting enough. I'll think about it.
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  4. it seems interesting, I might join <though I've never even hear of the book/s>
  5. yeah it wasn't very popular but an amazing book none the less
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  6. OMG YAAAASSSSSS I read that book! In fact I still have it in my room on my top shelf with all my favorite books! That's the book that inspired me to be a writer! Of course I will join!
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  7. yush much love
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  8. Sounds cool, but not something I am into fully. Good luck though^^ I will be stalking just in case my mind changes xD
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  9. could use a few more interested tag away my friends
  10. still seeking
  11. looking still for interest
  12. I'd tag more people, but I think you covered mostly all of the active people I've rped with :|
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  13. I'm in.
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  14. Sure, why not.
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  15. Fuck it, I'm in. I got nothing better to do.
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  16. I'll start this soon.
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