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  1. Liane

    Liane lay in her sunny hospital and she lay their staring off out at the window. Her uncle sat with her as she murmered lightly. Her fever had her hallucinating and her uncle barely listened to her. He just let her mumble away. The sun shone in her eyes and her mind went to a small meadow with only one tree in it.


    Onyx sat under a tree her eye's just wandered over the ever yearning field. It was yellow and never ending. She looked at it year after year this was he home. She was the poor girl her life was simple and she liked it like that Her friend Shaw sat beside her as the summer heat became almost unbearable, she however enjoyed her body seemed to soak it up. She turned when she saw her brother run up a hill. He sighed as he reached her NYC it's hot come on I want to go inside besides mother is asking for you he said. she sighed turning from the stiffeling heat. This was her birthday, yet she still had to take care of her sick mother. She ran down the hill waving to Shaw he had said happy birthday and walked off. She ran for her mother and didn't seem to stop till she was inside her house. She peaked in and sat on her mother's bedside." My dear sweet Onyx, it is your birthday and you are now old enough to know the truth. You have a birth right and prophecy about you. You will meet 2 other females at the great oak outside Moria. That is where your life truly begins. Here take this." Her mother said shaking as she handed her a velvet pouch." Mother I am not leaving you." She said. SHE was shaking as she took the pouch." Don't open it till midnight my darling promise me you will go promise me. It is your time to go as well a mine." Her mother said with a shaking breath." No mother you can't give up." She said and looked at her." Promise me onyx, you will go you can't ever come back." She said. " Onyx nods her head and wiped at her eye's. " I promise mother." She said. Her mother nods closing her eye's and breathed in her last breath. She cried begging her mother to come back. she sat their till it was about time to go. She took her pouch and made her way to the big oak outside moria. Shadow at her heals. she had a bag on her shoulder and she stood waiting unsure of what to do if the other's did not show.

    Ayiah sat in her study as she, read a book. she was in Fairytale with her master Ilisador. She looked up when entered and nods her head gently to him." Sir the council of 12 are getting closer." She said.

    Council of 12

    The big wood doors opened and a man stepped through." Verias your late." One man said. The othe sighed." I am here and you must know what today is. It is the day the 3 come together, we can not let them reach Fairytale or they will have a good chance of beating us. The man said and looked at the other 11.Then we must send a shadow and some of the army of darkness to stop them." They say the other's agreed
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  2. Emerald Payton O'Reilly"No!" Emerald yelled, marching over to the overseer "What do you think you are doing. I specifically said that the musicians are to stand over there" the bratty lady practically hissed, gesturing to an open area of the courtyard that was not really ideal to be standing in for an exuberant amount of time... which the musicians would most definitely be spending a lot of time in. "but miss, it is nearly impossible to not sink into the ground over there... it makes it very hard for the orchestra to play when they are sinking into the former swamp" Grimcluck, the overseer pointed out. not that it would really make a difference. "I don't care if it isn't convenient for them Grimcluck. It's my twentieth birthday party, and you only turn twenty once. Now do as I said or I will scream for papa. And he will not be happy with you Daniel" she smirked deviously, addressing the older man by his first name. As the older man grumbled something inaudible under his breath and began to readjust things back to the way Emerald had wanted them the selfish girl turned on her heel, satisfied and walked back into the large home she shared with her animals and her parents. The home that would be hers next year when she turned twenty-one. "Mother! Papa!" the dark haired beauty called as she entered the house, lifting her dress slightly as she walked up the stairs to avoid tripping on the skirt. "You really must do something about Grimcluck... he's just... dreadful. I mean- I'm sorry, what?" she stopped, mid sentence when her father began to talk. "You must listen, there has been a change of plans. Your party was cancelled, your father will explain everything princess" the girls mother said before walking off, it appeared as though she might have been crying, but Emerald didn't know for sure. Casting her menacing green gaze back up at her father she let her skirt scrape the ground again as she crossed her arms "father?" she hissed "care to explain?"

    A small while later, Emerald found herself tromping into the stables, shooting the stable boy a look that just might be able to kill "Where's Sunny. We need to leave, now" Em hissed at him as he ran off to get the recently saddled mare. When she appeared in front of emerald, the young adult attached the small silk bag to one of the leather holding straps on the shadow and mounted her trusty steed. Not bothering to acknowledge the stable boy again, Emerald found herself racing across the fields, leaving her parents and her beloved animals at the place she once called home. Some birthday this was turning to be. Now she was being kicked out and she would have to interact with two other people who were, no doubt, lowly peasants compared to her. Reaching the tree she had been told about, Emmy dismounted April Sunrise and looked around "Hello! Anyone he- oh, a lowly peasant. Don't tell me you're one of the three girls too" she muttered upon seeing the individual whom she would learn was Onyx.

    Jaqen de RebelSighing as he slumped back down on the floor after yet another failed attempt to break free, Jaqen looked around his damp, dark, dank, dirty cell, barred by the strongest would, rope and vines that could be found. Why was it that he always seemed to get locked up in the worst places? Sure, Jaqen had managed to break free of all of them eventually... But usually he was tossed into a cell with much less security. This one would most likely take him some time. Though hopefully not too long.
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  3. [​IMG]

    { Ilisador Wolf }

    The twenty-four year old had ultimately decided to live in Fairytale briefly, deciding it would be the best place to be at the given moment. And it was, considering all of the chaos going on around them. A chaos he had been chosen to stop at any cost. The army of light needed to be commanded, and he was the only one that could lead them through this darkness. With that in mind, he continued the small trek to the study as cerulean hues glanced over to the familiar figure upon entering the room- Ayiah. "I am aware of that. A plan is needed, otherwise we're at risk of losing the battle." He spoke.

    Besides, the heavy weight of this responsibility couldn't be one that Ilisador went about half-heartedly. There were various lives at stake here, placing everyone at a possible risk. The last thing he wanted was for the losses to outweigh the gains. "Perhaps it's wise to intervene with the councils' plan. They seem to quite active as of late." His eyebrows furrowed slightly at the thought and the possible implications behind the councils' actions. As far as he was aware, this wasn't good news for them- not with the increase of danger recently.


    { Adrian Samson }

    Being locked away for his ideals wasn't the first thought that had entered Adrian's mind when this all began. However, he couldn't agree with the ideals of his people. The slaughtering had to stop, and that was a thought not comprehended by them. Nonetheless, he had to clench his fist and move on, no longer allowing himself to be tormented by the thought of being called a traitor by the very people he grew up with. Once that thought left his mind, he finally forced himself to raise his gaze and glance back at the former town that once created plenty of memories. Turning his back on it now was necessary.

    Due to the ways of people, the brunet had managed to be resourceful enough to know how to cut through some of the vines and rope located around the jail cell. "Shit.." The low murmur escaped his lips as he ignored the immediate sting from the fresh cut. Despite the droplets of crimson, he continued to cut at the rope and vines. He needed to escaped from this place immediately. Remaining here any longer wouldn't be an ideal situation for him, regardless of how grand his father may be. There was no sympathy for him any longer. After all, who would care for a man that had supposedly thrown away the ideals of his people?
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  4. [​IMG]
    ~ Sapphire Isolde Voltarie ~

    Sapphire laughed happily as she ran through the field's of her families land. Her nieces raced quite a way ahead with their giggles filling the air as their little legs began to run as fast as they would take them. " Better watch out! I am going to catch you silly one's! " They squealed and made a break back towards the large waterside farm home that she felt blessed to call her home. It was than , Caito burst forth from tall grass with a happy howl as he fell into pursuit at her side. The wind played through her hair as she ran out from the fields to the clearer land as her bare feet met the warm grass below. Her eye's followed her little nieces as they bounded into their mother's arms in a fit of giggles. Her sister grinned over to Sapphire as she called out. " At least you made sure these two will sleep quick for me tonight. " Sapphire laughed as she crossed over to them whilst leaving a quick rustle to each of the little one's hair as they scurried away. It was than that Annalese gathered her into her arms and hugged her tight. " Happy Birthday my not so little sister.. I was supposed to tell you that mother and father wanted to talk to you privately over something." Saph made a small frown as she spoke up in a low mumble. " I swear if I hear one more word on marrying that stuffy princ.." Her words fell quiet as her sister swatted her light atop the head and upwards towards the stairs. Saph all but sighed before marching herself up the stairs and into her father's office in where her parent's would place a change on her life that would last a lifetime no matter what. A new destiny..

    Her mother led her out of the study with tear's beginning to stain her cheeks as she drew Saph in close to leave a lingering kiss to her forehead. It was than she pressed the silken black pouch into her hands before she walked off in hopes of ceasing her tears. Saph's eye's hazed a tad as she looked down to the ground as her fingers wound tight around the pouch. Quickly , she turned and found her way to her room to change quickly. Several moments later she emerged dressed with a satchel over her shoulder with the pouch held safe within. This was truly the last way in her mind she imagined her birthday to be.. She loved adventure but to be sent away like this was the last thing she ever wanted. It would mean escaping the prince's grasp and his determination to marry her. She descended down the steps in an instant as her reddened cape whipped behind her in the process. Once down the last step she found the stable lad standing nearby holding the reins of Zera as she swung her head side to side in a huff. Her fingertips glided over her mane as she pressed a kiss to the spot. " Easy girl... Easy.. We have a journey to head off on. " Just at her voice she soothed and steadied before Saph mounted with ease and with the reins in hand. With a solid flick they flew out the gates in a heavy gallop and over the fields. From the corner of her eye she watched Caito run solidly alongside.. Wolf or not he refused to leave her side no matter the given case. She followed her parent's direction to the tree and low and behold stood two other girls with their horses.. These were them? You could tell just from afar how different they were from one another.. At that , she dismounted Zera and led her over to the girls with Caito padding closely along at their sides. As she neared them a slowed smile came to curve against her rose tinted lips as she spoke up in a silken tone. " Hello there you two... Am I right to guess that you two were told to come here? If so well... I'm your third girl your looking for. " Here she was surrounded by a spoiled rich girl and a lower class girl. She was a mix of both and yet sought after by prince's.. Life was for sure playing a new hand and new people in her life. Two people who would become best known to her as Onyx and Emerald and in her eyes they were all but equals.
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  5. Onyx
    Onyx had been waiting, she cryed silent tears. When she heard footfall. she wiped her eye's and wanted to hide her grieving for the woman she called mother. She was lost with out her. She heard the rich girl looking down at her. She sighed and glanced at her with a glare. Another girl showed up. she nods to them and bit her lip. She tried to clear her throat to show she hadn't been crying." I am Onyx, let's look inside the bags it is past midnight." She said. She looked at the other's and opened the velvet purse slowly. She pulled out the stone. it was black and smooth. it felt warm in her hands and she felt like her mother was their. She felt warm and comforted. The power seemed to go away when she put it in the bag. she breathed and looked at the other girls." What do we do now where do we go?" She asked. She looked around they weren't loud to go home again.


    she looked at Ilisador as he spoke." We can not Ilisador, the stines. we need the Stones and only they can defeat the council of 12. They have already met and looked at the stones. They are in danger as they speak. We must find them and help them." She said as she stood and went to his Ilisador their in danger you know it they must find Jaqen and Adrian to get to the others in Fairytale. They must talk to Oonagh and stop the grim reapers strike or they will not be able to defeat the army of darkness and council of 12. we can't directly help them, but hints." Ayiah said to him.
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