The Prophecy: Chapter 1 - The Nightmares



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The nightmares...they seem never ending. I wake up sweating and panting at night, my heart beating so fast it feels like it would burst at any moment. They seemed so real... And they were. A few days after my nightmare, a murder is reported. It happened just like I saw it. A few of my nightmares don't involve killing, but of me being chased through the woods by wolves and almost falling in a deep hole, which seemed to be bottomless. Every once-in-a-while I see a little girl as I'm running from the wolves, but she is gone by the time I try and help her. Why do I have these dreams? Am I committing these murders? What do my chase dreams mean, and why is there a little girl there? I have no idea...but I plan on finding out, and soon.

My name is Jo Moore. I'm a simple high school student in a small town out in the middle of what seems like no where. It is the year 2011, and it's the middle of winter, everything is just covered in snow. The days seem to get colder, but maybe that's just me...


This is a roleplay about a prophecy that Jo can see unfolding by her nightmares. She wants to know why she sees these things, and if it means anything. It will be divided up into chapters, this one being about some of her nightmares and how her closest friend discovers what's going on with her.

Some things that will be greatly appreciated:
1) Please have your post in within 3 days max. No one likes waiting on someone to post for days on end. The suspense kills us.

Some extra things that we could squeeze in:

1) Romance. It could be straight, bi-sexual, gay or lesbian. I don't care. Most romance leads to...well you know what I'm getting at. We don't need it, but I could see that happening very easily in one of the next chapters.

2) A possible betrayal of one of the friends? I can see at least one person who wouldn't be able to handle keeping a secret like Jo's for very long, and go off telling the police about it.
~And anything else you guys would want to add in. Just pass it by me first.~

The Character Skeleton:


Grade: {This would be Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. Maybe even a Super Senior. And only for student characters.}


Appearance: {If you have a picture then please have some text describing the things that are less obvious. You don't need a paragraph if you don't want to.}


Misc: {Any extra information you would like for us to know. It can be anything from likes/dislikes of certain things, to crushes and anything in between or beyond that.}
Name: Jo Moore
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: Junior

Personality: Before her nightmares, Jo was sweet, hyper, and a fun loving person. Now she is depressed, stays quiet and sometimes avoids her friends.

Appearance: Around 5'8" tall, and 124lbs.

History: Her father and mother died in an accident when she was around 14, and she moved in with her grandpa after that. He died as well, and all her parent's money, along with her grandfather's belongs to her now. She owns an apartment, big enough for at least 2 people to live there. She lives by herself, not ever thinking about letting someone move in with her. Her best friend crashes at her place sometimes.

She was the lead runner in her track team, but quit after the nightmares started getting to her.
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Name: Jezebel Moon.
Grade: Senior.

Personality: quiet, rude, sarcastic. occasionally she attempts to be kind, but only to those who deserve it. she is quick tempered and is not afraid to fight those bigger than her.

Appearance:5"3 107lbs.
blue hair anime.jpg
History: grew up in the city, had a normal amount of friends. her parents were always worried about her safety, which encouraged her to rebel and dye her hair unnatural colours. always went to the local park to bird watch. She never was interested in school, so she never bothered to do her homework. But, when she actually put effort into the few assignments, she excelled and got surprisingly high marks. Jezebel barely scraped by and now is putting effort into her schoolwork so she can get into university to go into journalism. She is rarely interested in relationships, though she does like a guy that is calm, and relaxed. She currently lives with her parents, but is looking for a place to stay so she can get out and live, without her parents worried about her every move.

likes: silence, animals-especially birds-, dying hair, reading.
dislikes: noise, abusive people, dark colours, cats.
Strengths: great at writing and figuring riddles and problems out.
weaknesses: not great athletically, slow at running.
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Name: Renee
Grade: Senior

Personality: pretty out-going and bouncy, but gets upset and serious quickly.

Appearance: She is average height, so about 5 foot 6. Renee does have pants on, I promise you, they are dark blue skinny jeans. Maybe about... 130 pounds?
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History: Renee had been passed from foster home to foster home. Finally, she got adopted by her parents. Her mom loves her dearly, and so does her dad, in his way, but she cherishes it none the less. All her life she has always been pretty secluded from people since she always had to leave them, so when she gets the chance she will talk and talk. Recently, her personality has been changing though. She has begun seeing weird things around her..

Misc: She loves music and most the time will have at least one ear-bud in. Renee can't draw, but she tries anyway. Her passion is to dance, but she doesn't believe herself.
Out of curiosity, are you still trying to get characters for this? I may just have one in mind if you are. :)
Yes we are still looking for characters. We still need Jo's best friend, but you can make another character if you feel like it.
Name: Sybil Warren
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: Junior

Personality: Normally a calm individual, Sybil gets rather fidgety when there is a stressful situation, hates fights, a peacemaker if the situation calls for it.

Appearance: About 5'3'', 135ish lbs, normally wears boots that raise her another two inches to make up for her short stature.
History: Growing up with her great grandmother, Sybil was taught to read at an early age and has otherwise spent a quiet childhood until her great grandmother died of old age. Then Sybil was given to her uncle and aunt to be raised who did nothing to increase her interest in the outside world. Very much a bookworm, Sybil can be found with her nose in a book at any time. However, what most don't know about her is that she's always paying attention to her surroundings, even when a book is in front of her. She likes to spend most of her time during school watching and 'gathering intelligence' on the local goings on.

Misc: She spends very little time in the same house as her aunt and uncle, preferring to wander the city and learn more about the surroundings.

If you wish she could be Jo's best friend, otherwise it doesn't matter to me. ^^

And yes, Celestialis I did decide to join, if Sybil is accepted that is.