The Promise [Slice of Life Horror M]

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  1. If you are reading this, then you have been cordially invited to spend the weekend at Eternal Mountain. Further enclosed in this envelope is a catalog of the accommodations you will receive. We have chosen a close number of you to come out and make a better community. And maybe you’ll choose us to be your forever home.

    The Plot/Idea

    You have been beaten. Victorious. Hit a low point. You have hated your jobs. Loved your jobs. Felt you were worthless. Felt you were worthy. But you all have one thing in common.

    6 people have been chosen to spend the weekend at Eternal Mountain. And they have one thing in common. They are seeking a better life for themselves. Those who have tackled and dealt with depression, abusive relationships, are being offered to spend the rest of their life at the Eternal Mountain.

    Yes and there may be more than a few surprises.

    This RP is sort about outcast. Dispotents. People who are looking for a better life to get away from their cardinal sin whatever that may be.
  2. Interested~
  3. Very good. If you have other people who might be interested please don't be afraid to get the word out there.
  4. *shows interest*
  5. Fantastic, that's 4 people. I'll go ahead and work on the OOC, once I finish my two sheets. Than get you guys going.
  6. I'll get the OOC up tomorrow sometime, either nighttime or before work.
  7. Just going *cough*

    Woops that didn't happen.

    We need more members ladies and gentleman.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.