The Promise Games

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  1. Dear, whoever this may concern.
    You have been chosen from your long line of family to play in the Promise games. Know that refusing to join will result in the death of your family.
    You are to meet up at the forest of loss souls. You will meet your team mates when the game begins. Here are a few things you should know.
    1. When you enter the forest you will immeditaly lose all your powers. All you will have is you keen senses and battle skills to fight with.
    2. As soon as you enter the forest a barrier will be set. You will not be able to cross it until the game is over.
    3. You will be divided into either the Purple team, blue team, or yellow team.
    Aim to kill anyone who is not on your team
    The last person standing from each team will be declared the winners
    Note: that the game doesn't end until then. Congradulations and good luck.

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    Janince sat on the top of a large tree. Hidden withing the leaves and branches of the tree. Here she stayed waiting for someone to pass by. Her sense of smell and sight were strong. Unlike her sense of hearing. Her long white her was wrapped in a bun, only one piece dangled in front of her eyes. Her eyes were shaped like a snakes and looked like fire upclose. She continued to wait not making a slight move nor sound. This was her third time in the Promise games and she hadn't lost yet. This time she was in the purple group. The purple tattoo to to represent that gleamed on the right side of her arm. She hated this stupid game, but couldn't bare to see one of her family members going through it. The fact that they couldn't rely on there powers would have made it difficult for them. She came from a line of vampires which made the game difficult because even though she had fangs, they were useless here. Since her vampire powers were stricken away she was forced to drink water instead of blood, but she was still strong. She glanced down at the necklace around her neck. Gripping it tightly. That's when she caught a wiff of something in the air. "Someone's coming." She thought to herself as she gripped her dagger from shorts. Ready to strike.
  3. Kama froze for a few seconds, his entire body grew rigid as he tuned his senses around him. It frustrated him to no avail that his powers were stripped, being wolf born would certainly have its advantages in this world. Unable to see anything, he backed towards a large tree, his right hand grasping at his short blade. He wasnt deterred, this was as close to a natural habitat as he had wished for, back home he was an avid hunter, although he only killed for food. He still couldnt help but to enjoy the hunt. A low growl uttered from his lips, then he spoke. "Show yourself, and I wont kill you unless provoked." He spoke, scanning his surroundings carefully, quite frankly he didnt enjoy someone having a bead on him. He kept his tattoo hidden under a grey scarf tied around his right arm. Although this included the risk of being killed by a teammate, he didnt want anyone finding out about his alliance, unless they were on his side.
  4. Nicki's arms ached. Without her powers, the weight of her sowrd seemed to have trippled. She came from a long line of echidnas, women with the lower half of a snake. She gave a glance down at her legs, it was a rare sight to see her in this form. She rubbed her sore shoulder. On any given day the sowrd would be tied up and swong on her back but considering the circumstances she felt safer with it out and at her side. She recieved her sowrd from her father, a wealthy handsome man whom she adored. A smile played on the edge of her mouth as she stared at the gleaming silver handle with a crushed opal on the end. The sowrd was thick and the same width was constant till close to the end. A few vines hung in her face and she pushed them aside. She never had been in the games before but she was well aware this time would come and practiced daily. Maybe she could have practiced more but being still a babe of 17 she had better things to do that consider her family all those years ago. Stepping past the vines she whispered softly "Please god, give me the strength to finnished quickly and return to my family"
  5. Janince looked through the slight opening of the tree. She could tell by this persons voice that it was a male, but he kept his tattoo hidden. She remained hiddden in the tree and far up so that he couldn't reach her. "Show your tattoo and then I will show myself." She meant buisness, because if he wasn't on her team she would strike. She held the grip of the dagger tightly and waited for his neck move. She could hear someone else of in the distance. "Damn. I better make this quick." She thought to herself. She would be able to take one person on but she wasn't sure about two. "Well... I'm waiting." She said hoping to provoke him enough to move the cloth he wore around the tattoo. "If you don't show me i'll kill you either way. Your choice."
  6. A sly toothy grin crept across Kama's lips, he was abit amused at the boldness of this female. "You know, you talk a little too much for someone trying to hide." He sighed, untying the scarf around his arm, revealing a blue tattoo, he felt no need to hide it now, as he pretty much had an idea as to where she was located. "So there's more in the area?" He peered in the area of her voice, "Well? Are we not on the same team, or do you wish to risk causing a ruckus and attracting more to this area." Kama tightened the grip around his short blade, the anticipation exciting him. "Your move, my offer still stands though, reveal yourself and I wont attack. Unless provoked." Kama relaxed himself, he had little interest in "Games" He always played by his own rules, family or not, he knew the rules. ONE person from each team. That means one survivor on his TEAM. He'd be better off killing his own teammates or getting them killed, more so than harming the others... It was his last tactic in the previous game. A bit unorthdox, but it was his dirty little secret.
  7. When he removed the cloth Janince tried to get a godd glmipse but he moved causing the tree to block the color. "Dammit!" She thought. Witout hesitation she pulled out her dagger and jumped on top of him. She turned him over quickly only to place one of her legs on each side sitting on him. Even though she didn't have her powers she still had everything else. Including her weight. Vampires were like rock hard and heavy. The only thing that could effect her were few weapons, other creatures, especially werewolves. She glanced at the boy with her deep snake-like fire eyes. For a split secound she got caught in his eyes, his looks, but she quickly brushed it off. Placing the dagger so close to his throat that if he swallowed he would get cut. She glanced at his arm but it was covered in dirt. "Your kidding me." She said outloud. "Well you know i'm purple so what are you?" The blood that ran through him gave her the sent of a werewolf. "Is he really a werewolf?" She thought to herself. Making sure she watched every move. If he was then she prayed he would be on a different team then she.
  8. Her sudden movement caught Kama by surprise, he didnt think she'd be THIS bold. As she sat atop him, mounted, Kama kept his arms free and managed to slip his dagger between the two of them, then extended his arm and held the dagger against her neck just as she placed hers against his. Her scent filled his nostrils, "You're obviously at a slight advantage, but I sure you, you flinch to cut me will give me more than enough time to kill you as well... We'll both die. Your vampire powers dont work here, and my wolf powers wont save me, so deal with me, and I can insure we both will survive this god forsaken place." Kama sneered, before adding, "Im blue, and I remember you from the previous game. Your scent is pretty much the same, more seasoned but, all in all, the same."
  9. Janince eyes went wide when he said werewolf and as much as she wanted to kill him she knew he was right. With a grind of her teeth she reluctantly climbed off him. Keeping her dagger in her hand and her distance far. "What makes you think I need your help to stay alive. I've already won twice before, I know what i'm doing." She arched an eyebrow when she thought she heard something. She knew they weren't alone. Sooner or later someone was going to come from those bushes. She needed to move but she had to deal with this werewolf first. When she glanced back at him she noticed how muscular he was. He didn't need werewolf strength she could see he was already strong.
  10. Kama got up, quickly brushing himself off, he noticed her distancing herself. "If I wanted to kill you, I'd jump on you by now. Relax. You say you know what you're doing? Well, tell me, what exactly are your plans? Are you prepared to watch others around you fall? It happened once before, and the rules are the same, if you catch my drift." Kama turned around, taking a couple of steps before stopping. "If you're interested, meet me by the waterfall at dawn, this place is too dangerous to talk openly.." Kama walked off, his guard completely up. He knew well enough she could very well stab him in the back, so he listened for her to make a move, mentally preparing himself to counter if she were to attack him from behind. "I'll be going now, if you dont have anything to say.."
  11. Aryn sighed, stretching. His wings were useless here; he couldn't move them. They had somehow immobilized them, and would reverse it if he won. He moved through the forest quietly, quickly, on full alert for any oncoming attack. Being immortal, and dead, he knew how to survive these types of things, as he had won previous versions before. Years before, in fact. He glanced at the cloth covering his tattoo, which was a deep forest green. Jump into a tree, he settled in and rested his legs.
  12. Nicki could hear a rustling of leaves and a crunch of twigs other than the ones she was walking on. She stopped to get a better sense of the direction. "An echo?" She mumbled to herself hearing the sound stop. The sleves to her shirt fell back revealing the yellow tattoo placed on her upper arm as she raised the sowrd infront of her. "Who is out there?" She called not sure if it was just the anxiety of the game making her hear things. She scanned the trees above, not looking for anything particular. She spun herself around "Where are you?"
  13. Janince thought for a long minute while he spoke to her. When she finally came to she glanced up looking at his back. "Go then. I you at dawn." She watched as he dissappeard into the forest. With a sigh she stuck her dagger in the back of her shorts. She had a pouch there and knew it would be safe in it's place. For a long minute she only stood there, listening for anything else to come. She could hear other people stirring but no smells could hit, which meant they were to far away. She headed deeper into the forest with all of her senses at high. She had found one person from the blue team and so far that was it. As she walked she thought about what he had said. Of course she was prepared to watch others fall. She had been the cost of some others falling did he not know that? It seemed like she had walked for hours and it would be dawn soon. She climbed into the nearest tree and waited. The waterfall was in plain sight. She would wait for him in this tree. Just in case he brought others with him she wanted to be preapred. Wanted to able to see what was coming.
  14. Kama stood at the peak of the waterfall, from his vantage point he could see others coming his way before they spotted him. He was disappointed to say the least, working with a vampire, but he knew that in this Game, it didnt apply the same rules as back home. Kama took a step of the ledge, freefalling for almost 20 meters before landing on a boulder. To suppress his weight from causing the rock to fall, he landed on all fours, spreading the force to absorb the shock. Cautiously, he stood, scanning the giant rock, after he determined it was safe, he sat down overlooking at tree level and watching the path below. He gazed across the horizon, the sun peaking was indeed a sight he was familiar with. He wondered if she would even show, let alone aid him in their survival. "Hmmm, she'll find it quite difficult to find me unless she knows exactly where to look." An idea arose in his mind, taking out his blade, Kama spun it and held it in reverse grip, extending his other arm. "A bit risky to do if any other beasts are in the area but...." Kama shrugged his doubts and nicked a small cut on his forearm, blood lightly trickled to his wrist. He allowed it to flow for a minute before he took his scarf, wetting it with the waterfall's essence. He cleaned his wound, wetting it again, he smirked as the blood flowed down the river. "Every one will probably be drawn to the water now, this could be advantageous." He continually scanned the area as he tied the cloth around his small wound. It had already started to heal... He waited, scanning the area patiently...
  15. Janince had yet to spot the werewolf from the tree she was just about to leave when a scent hit her. If she still had her vampire powers then her claws would have grown three inches, her fangs would have shot out, and her eyes would have went pure red. "I thought the smell of a werewolf was suppose to smell horrid." Janince thought to herself as she took in his scent. He smelled so sweet she didn't get it. Quickly she jumped from tree branch to tree branch. She did this so gracefully you couldn't hear her. When she reached a tree in front of the waterfall. She wrapped her legs around one of the branches and swung beneath it. It caused her to look like a bat hanging in a cave. She could see the back of him sitting on a large rock. "So here you are." She said before doing a backflip off the tree and landing gracefully on the floor. "So here you are and here I am so let's just cut to the part where you tell me what you want." Her guard was up, her arms folded, and her eyebrow arched. She glanced at his arm where the cut must have been made and turned her face away from it looking down at the water. She was antsy to keep back to her hiding spot before dark.
  16. Aryn jumped down from the trees, tearing off the cloth that hid his tattoo. raising up his hands to show he was currently unarmed. Weapons were hidden under his clothes, of course, but she didn't need to know that unless she attacked him. Yellows and greens stuck together, he remembered. Just like the blues and purples always managed to. "Do not be afraid," he said quietly to her, just in case she was thinking of attack. "Peace?"
  17. Nicki managed a laugh and eased enough to begin thinking staight now that she knew where the other person was. Sadly she only was able to rely on visuals and could only fight what she could see. "Peace?" She repeated mockingly "And how could that be possible in such a game?" She questioned. She looked at his hands lowering her sowrd so that the end rested on the ground but she still held it with a tight grip with both hands. "Surely you did not come here to be executed? What is the reason you don't want to fight?" She eyed his tatto though the color did not matter to her, as long as she came out last alive she didn't care who she would have to cut down.
  18. "Quite simple really, I'll make sure youre the last purple to stand. I wont attempt to kill you, not the same deal for the others though, you can just wait it out, no rush." Kama folded his arms across his chest, as he turned to face her. "I'll also keep members of my team from harming you, BUT you must promise the same." He no longer brandished his trademark smirk, instead replaced by an intense expression. "Or you can just refuse my offer, as in this location it would be better served as a grounds for bloodshed, no one is in the vicinity." Kama looked on, focusing his gaze on her very next possible move. "Honestly, I dont give a damn, one way or the other, I plan on surviving this." He unfolded his arms, keeping his gaze on her. "Because after this, I really feel like hunting and killing every other freaking thing in this place." He didnt show it, but inside, Kama was salivating at the chance of blood. But he felt it was only proper to give at least one member of every team a chance to help his 'cause'. He was a bred killer, in more ways than one, honorable, yet brutal, raised in the old ways. And he was glad that he was chosen amoungst his family, because there was no way he'd not get the job done. Back home, it was because of the insatiable hunger of being a wild beast, here, its the insatiable hunger he misses, so he'd be willing to do anything possible to get back in his 'True skin'. "Well, what do you say?"
  19. (Mind if this one joins in?)

    Perhaps the only mortal on the playing field, Kristen Tannon entered the forest as quietly as she could, though she knew that those with keener senses would hear if they were near enough. On her sleek, athletic body The woman wore a black tank top made of heavy duty Kevlar, complete with a similarly armed jacket and thick leather pants, riddled with pockets and easy to move in. She was not afraid of bullets though, Oh no. Though Kristen was a mortal, she felt that she was at a slight advantage in this game. Her life was dedicated to hunting down and killing those with any sort of supernatural disposition. She's never had to rely on any powers either. Just pure tactical training and use of weaponry.

    Her light brown hair was not put up or pushed back, but it was short enough, only just falling to her chin, to keep her vision clear. Deceptively mature face basted powerful blue eyes, which were complimented by her cold demeanor. Though she was twenty-four, one would guess her at twenty-seven. She had an air of maturity and command that went past her years, making her petite form seem less so.

    Though she usually worked with a team, she felt she would do alright alone. If not, she would have died doing what she loved... fighting abominations. She had some good motivation too. Abominations had killed most her family, and now she was defending what little was left.

    She looked about her surroundings, the hair on the back of her neck standing stiff as the barrier went up behind her. This was it... there was no leaving now. Both hands held a crossbow, fitted with a silver bolt. She held it in front of her as she scouted a little deeper into the forest. She favored her crossbow, but if anything came too close she had two daggers at the hip, as well has her combat training. Luckily, no one had any powers to use on her, one of the reasons she felt she could do this alone.

    She came to a sudden stop as she heard two voices. A male and a female?

    "Peace?" She heard said. Kristen hunched down amidst the bushes, her weapon aimed at the area she heard the voices from. Yes, the other voice sounded female, but too quiet to make out the words though she strained to do so. She could tell though this one sounded confident. Kristen licked her upper lip in anticipation. If they were not human, they probably knew she was there. Did they have a yellow tattoo, as she did? She supposed it didn't matter, sooner or later they would all just about have to turn on each other. A glower came over her already serious visage. Would they come closer... or would she have to go to them...
  20. -Raine, A member of the yellow team let out a sigh, Raine was also a werewolf, And knew he was going to have to slaughter his own kind, What a Disgrace..He had not even gotten to know any of these people, He kept quite during training, The male stood t Six foot, Had the eye's of the beast even, A strange stormy gray, He had picked up small bit's and piece's of the speech the two not to far ahead were having, He was heavily armored, But very well athletic so he moved as if he were just wearing sweat pant's and a T-shirt, In his huge right hand was a Kukri, The sharp blade had a green substance spread over the tip, poison, And he had Shield in his left hand, Even had a mid-night black Katana at his Hip, Oh how the sponsor's loved him, But he despised them, He despised the game's, even tho this was his first time That did not make a difference to him, He was a skilled fighter, And somehow, If you knew him, It seemed, That the strength of the beast had fused with him naturally, But the teen was built like a brick wall, Sturdy, And meant to be standing,He continued on walking toward's the Two But when they came into view, Raine tapped his sword against a rock to give himself away He held his arm out,- ~Have you allready got a team mate from yellow? If so Strike me down, Because you sir,~ -He pointed to Kama, - ~Talk to loud, If not, Let me tell you something, Right over there, - -He pointed his sword dead on the girl Kristen,- ~A girl by her scent, Mortal two, Im suprised one of you have not sniffed her out, Take a moment, To breath in, Past my scent,I cant tell you how far on she is, But i watched her enter with silver bolt's, Stupid fool, Must not know that they do not work as well as mortal's think they do, They only work well when you are actually in that form, But ~ -He lowered his sword and shield, To his side's,- ~I want in on this Peace treaty for now,~ -Raine had short Spikey hair, And a flawless face, But his eye's stuck out, Deeming him as not normal to some, his hair actually looked like Pauly D's from jersey shore, He almost smiled at the thought of the T.v his mom had shown him picture's of, But he focused and looked at the two,-