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  1. Name: Azerty.
    Age: Created in 2048 (it's now 2053).
    Gender: Female.
    Occupation: Soldier (supposed to be).

    It was 2053 in Tokyo, Japan, the year that started off with a rather spectacular beginning. An event that was organised by the military of the country was going to be held and was getting a lot of attention by the population from other countries as well. As if the whole news spread itself throughout the world. Why? Because this was supposed to be the farewell of the first generation cyborgs who had served the world in good and worse. The first ones that were shut off because society thought of them as a threat despite having helped out humanity several times already. Throughout the many discussions that were being hold by the most important people, they were eventually shut down and being displayed in one of the military museums of Japan. Yet 5 years later, they decided to activate them for one last time, allowing them to take their farewells to the humans who they had been protecting for the years that they were still active.

    The building started to become fuller and fuller by as well Japanese people as foreigners who came to watch the exhibition. It was after all a rather emotional time for the people. Well, emotional... more like it was interesting for most of them. The security was rather heavy as the police were patrolling and even soldiers of the army were present who had fought alongside the first generation. For them it was probably harder to take their goodbyes but they knew that it was for the best and that they did not want to get into trouble with society. A voice started to speak through the speakers that were hanging on the walls. A voice of an older man. "Dear ladies and gentlemen. We have gathered today to take our last farewells from the first generation cyborgs. They have served their country well and it is now time to put them in an eternal sleep." The voice echoed throughout the building and with that one order, the cyborgs were switched on.

    Azerty her eyes slowly opened themselves. The first thing that she heard were the whispers and the first thing that she saw was a bright light shining upon her. Her ability to move started to react again, making her able to move her arms first. Noticing that she was wearing long sleeves, her eyes lowered and then saw that she was dressed up in an army suit. Yet there was something odd. As she would scan the room, she noticed people standing there which she had not seen before. Neither were they from the army or police itself, though there were some exceptions. Flashes of camera's were pointed towards her direction and besides her on both sides were other first generations were standing. A group of people pushed through to the front which made the army on guard and eye them dangerously. "They deserve to live!" One yelled. "They're human too!" Another one said. This made Azerty even more confused than she already was. She tried to figure it out by what they were saying and recalled what had happened before she fell asleep. Sad faces, reluctance, words of goodbye, saying that she did a good job. The realization hit her, but it was not as devestating as people would think it would have been for her. Ah... so this is the end. She thought to herself, but could not stop a sad feeling going through her entire body.
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    Name: Ryan Hima
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG] Occupation: Pizza Delivery Boy

    "Uh, here's your order sir." A male with blonde hair said before handing a man who had a decent athletic body build and dark brown hair his two boxes of pizza. "So I guess that you're already aware that you're five minutes too late huh? If so, then I don't need to get into an hour long debate on why my meal is free, correct?" The male customer asked rather casually, triggering no response from the blonde delivery boy afterwards. "Then I assume we're done here and do be sure to arrive faster next man." The customer concluded before closing his door.

    - 45 Minutes later at Pizza Parade -

    "That's the third one this week Ryan!! What's up with you!?" The blonde hair delivery man's boss questioned in an angry tone which provoked a response from Ryan without wait. "Well what's up with me is that around every two days, I'm ordered to deliver food to a person that's living in a hard to reach place. For example, the customer I just came from lived in an apartment building that's basically out of town. To make things worse, the apartment room number the customer lives in is so high up that it takes a good twelve minutes to reach. So not only do I have to head all the way over to the edge of town in order to reach my destination, I also have to quickly navigate through the apartment building and the flight of stairs that come wi-Excuses!!!" The blonde's boss interrupted. "I couldn't give two shits about why you failed to deliver on time!! As such, if you don't start delivering your orders on time then I'll have to find someone else who can!! Now get out of my presence!!" The boss shouted angrily with Ryan quickly making his way out of Pizza Parade.

    - 4 More Hours Later, En route to the exhibition -

    "Did you're boss chew you out again today?" A woman with dark blue hair questioned curiously while keeping her eyes on the road. Ryan was sitting in the passenger's seat while two other individuals were in the backseat knocked out. "Actually, I chewed him out this time." Ryan replied nonchalantly. "Wow!!! Like I believe that. So what did you do this time to piss him off?" She asked as she began to pull up inside a nearby parking lot. "Apparently you can read through me like a book but I'd rather save that for another time Ria. Right now, I've got to figure out how to save those people from being killed unnecessarily." Pressing his fingers against his head in a thinking position while he spoke. "Those people?? Ohhhh!!! You must be talking about those outdated cyborgs. Well good luck trying to explain to the army about how allowing complete death machines to run amok in our streets is a good idea." Ria noted jokingly before parking the car and getting out afterwards. "Hey!!! Stop snoozing back there and get out!!" Ryan shouted backwards before proceeding to get out as well.

    Afterwards, he quickly followed after Ria in order to continue their talk. "They aren't death machines, they were just doing their jobs. And it's hypocritical for the army to even consider doing such a thing when they were fighting alongside them!! If the first generation has to be killed off because they have successors then shouldn't the entire army be killed off for the exact same thing!?" The blonde responded in an unusually high tone, at least in comparison to his tone previously. "Woah golden retriever!! Slow your role there but I guess you're really serious about saving them huh? Well, I don't have those kind of answers but didn't you want to catch a ride to the museum? Because if you did then you should be going the other way ." The blue haired woman acknowledged, causing the blonde haired boy to quickly dash in the opposite direction.

    - Fifteen Minutes later, Exhibition Museum -

    Upon arriving at the museum, it was easily noticeable that the place was crowded with locals and tourists alike. Though Ryan expected a lot of people to come to this event, even he didn't expect this many to be here. "Ugh, all these people are gathered here as if this is some sort of fun fest." He muttered under his breath as he proceeded to carefully squeeze past the crowd of people. It would've been impossible to get through the masses had it not been for the blonde haired teen's lean shape. After taking a good amount of time, Ryan finally managed to get in front of the crowd. Catching his breath, the blonde fell to his knees only to take a moment to stare at the first generation cyborgs upon looking up. His eyes widened in amazement the second his eyes touched them, especially one in specific. "Ah!! That's Azerty?" Though Ryan had seen her multiple times on TV before, seeing her in person felt completely surreal. ...I'm not exactly sure yet, but I will find away to save you all before it's all over with. No one should be able to kill you off just because they don't see your life as important. He whispered lowly before proceeding to look at all his options.
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  3. Azerty looked a bit gloomier than she used to do but still proud because of the way she was now. Indeed, her life as a complete human had already ended a long time ago, but she wanted to join the project to make the world better than it was. She succeeded at that at one point but it seemed like it was not good enough. Not to mention which sacrifices she had to make together with the other first generation. Some lost another arm which needed to be switched with a robotic arm. She had to do a lot of replacements already: her arms were both robotic, one of her legs too and the right side of her stomach had been blown off in one of the wars she had joined in the east. It was not a pretty sight as some of the soldiers got nauseated upon the sight of it. She was really half human, half robot and it was lucky that she could still have something that did not completely make her out of steel. The cyborg on her left side, bumped against her arm with this look in his eyes as if he had taken peace with the army their decision. Azerty was feeling the same way and it was not in her place to actually go against the people their decisions since it was in such huge numbres.

    Some of the soldiers looked uncomfortable and kept sneaking glances at the first generation. Both with anger and pain as they did not want them to be shut down completely as if they were killing their own comrades. Of course not everyone thought like that which was a normal thing as you could not make everyone happy unless there is some kind of compromise that most agree with. A couple of agents had to push some tourists away to keep them at a distance from the cyborgs so they would not do something unexpected. Children meanwhile were looking at them with utter fascination as if they were seeing action figures in real life, especially the boys were the most enthusiastic and some nerdy people who loved the scientific creatures standing in front of them.

    ~ A couple of minutes later. ~

    It was interesting to see all kinds of people being gathered in the last hours of her life, maybe they could stay 'alive' until the end of the day if everything went well. That thought made her a bit relieved as she could greet the ones who waved at her or tried to take a selfie with her, of course from a distance. Yet there was this one person that caught her attention because of the way that he was looking at her. Unlike the others who were still protesting and showing their board with 'Save The First Generation' written on it. This one seemed more determined and it made her wonder what caused him to think that way. After all, they were only half human and if the device in her body gets destroyed, her life would end eventually. Though there were possibilities to get rid off it but that would mean that it needed to get out with surgery. So when the male mouthed to her that he will save her someway, she was a bit astonished by his words. Her eyes focused on this one person intensely as if she was hoping that he would actually find a way. And that made her be a bit shocked about herself since she thought that she had given up and taken peace with everything... Surely, it was such a weird thing to feel. To hope.
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  4. After taking a good minute to assess his available options, Ryan began to make his way out of the museum. He knew that the best chance he had of rescuing the first generation in one piece without being killed, was to crash through the museum with a vehicle large enough to fit all of them in it. Where they would go after that would have to wait until a later time. Right now, Ryan had to focus all of his efforts on getting his hands on a car of sort. He finally exited the museum, only to come in contact with a group of familar faces that were obviously blocking his path. "Not you guys again...what do you want this time?" Ryan asked with a sense of displeasure carried along his voice. One person of the group took a few steps forward while wearing a small grin on his face. The individual wore a tuxedo that was way larger than his size and had dark brown spiky hair. The most standout feature about him was the large hourglass shaped scar that inhabited the left side of his face.

    "Sounds like you aren't very fond of us currently, so I'll make this quick. We require your assistance in a matter of mutual interest. Well technically anyone would do but seeing as how you're here, we would prefer you to be involved over anyone else. So what do you say?" The man pulled out a cigar and proceeded to light it while awaiting the blonde's response. "The way we met doesn't feel like it was of pure coincedence so I doubt anyone would do. And I guess I'll give your offer some thought, but seeing how you guys run things, it won't take much thinking on my part. Still, I wish you the best Petro or whatever the name you go by nowadays, as well as the new set of rookies you have under your wing." Ryan noted before brushing past Petro and his group rather aggressively. "Give it a minute..." The man with the hourglass shaped scar muttered calmly before taking a another puff from his cigar.

    - 5 Minutes Later -

    Ryan stood before them once again with a pretty annoyed facial expression. "Fine! I'll hear you out but I'm not making any promises." The blonde haired boy said, causing the man known as Petro to dispose of the cigar rather quickly before turning to his people. "I want someone to tell both Beeze and Greta to get the cars ready while I need someone else to inform Kenny that phase 2 has begun. Everyone else can start getting into position." The man ordered before facing Ryan once more. "Ok well I'll make this quick. The second they prepare to execute the cyborgs, I need someone to pose as a distraction. That's where you'll come in. You'll toss some specially made flashbang grenades onto the stage and disorient all the guards. While they are all disoriented, my people will come in and save them and evacuate the area before anyone can think of reacting. This will occur only if everything goes as planned...sooo are you in?" Petro asked with a deadly glare aimed at Ryan.

    "You left out one little thing. When those flash bangs go off, I'll be messed up as well; meaning that I'll most likely get taken into custody by the army if I'm not killed first. And stop staring at me like that." The blonde teen noted before sighing. "Is that a sigh of agreement? See I knew you'd come around! Just take this earplug headset and these nice little party starters and start the show once I give the word." Petro said happily before giving him his large tuxedo. "You'll find everything I just mentioned in there but put it on for now and dig through it once you get inside the museum so you won't attract suspicion." The man noted as he began to walk off. "So I won't attract suspicion? You're telling me to go in front of the crowd while wearing a big ass tuxedo! And I never even agreed to this plan! Hey wait!!" Ryan yelled angrily as the man disappeared from view.

    - Seconds later, Back in the museum -

    Ryan passed through the crowds of men, women & children while wearing the large tuxedo that Petro handed him minutes ago with a skeptical look on his face. I'm not sure how this will work exactly but I can't give up now for Azerty and the other first generation's sake. Come to think of it, wasn't she staring in my direction the last time I was up front? ..maybe that's just some lie that I want to believe in order to make it all worth it. The blonde hair teen thought as he made it back to the front of the crowd of people observing the first generation cyborgs.
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  5. How many times her name was being called by the visiters were almost uncountable by now. Paparazzi, tourists, bloggers, vloggers, even the news was setting out their ecuipment in order to capture these last moments of the beginning of the technology area. It was weird to being thought about like that, as if she was an alien from outer space. Though maybe... if she would have been an alien, she could have returned back to her homeplanet without having to give up her life for unknown reasons. Neither was she a threat nor psychopath. She only wanted to have a place that she could call home since she had spend quite some time of her life in a broken family and in the military. It was actually sad if you would think about it that way but that was only the truth that was being said. The missing knowledge about how it would feel to have someone who you want to be spend the rest of your time with and someone who thinks the same way. She lowered her head and looked to the ground as she did not feel like looking in the eyes of the people anymore.

    However, when she felt a tug on her pants, her eyes immediately switched over towards the person who actually managed to touch her. It was only a kid, someone who seemed to be truly fascinated about her existence. She looked at him a bit confused as she did not know why he would even come over. Though she was being silenced even before she could say anything to him. "You're really cool." He said to her and unknowingly a smile formed on her lips as she thanked him in a whisper so only he could understand her. Yet, the boy was pulled away from her as they thought he was standing way too close to her. Because, after all, she was a dangerous species that could destroy humanity. Indeed. If she were to think that way and create an army in order to take over the world, she probably would manage to do that. But that was something that did not even occur in her mind. She did not know how she could hurt a child like that. Making humans a slave for what? For her own pleasure as if she was that kind of person...

    Xero bumped his arm lightly against hers as he felt like talking for the moment. She just nodded at him as she let him speak. While she was listening, several feelings would flow through her body as he was practically telling her what he was thinking about right now. The mentioning of his son came like a slap in the face for her since she did not know anything about it. These people were about to watch a father being shut off. The higher ups did not even want to listen to what people had to say who were against it. The repeating of the same sentence "they are made for killing, not for love" started to become annoying. And honestly, for the first time in her life she thought about something that she would have never thought of before: Why have we even protected to start with? Her eyes were standing a bit colder than normal and Xero noticed the slight difference in her, only trying to cheer her up with one of his encouraging smiles.

    ~ Minutes later. ~

    Azerty was being brought to the spotlight after half of the first generation was being presented. "Now we have Azerty. The first made cyborg in the world. Because of special attention she had been made in order to protect in times of war. She was created in 2048 and will be forever the pride of the world." After that was being sad by a man who was holding a microphone, she was gestured to move back to where she was standing before. It was like they were really taking their goodbyes from each other, as if this would be the last time that they would see the beauty in this world. But... how would it look like right now as it had been more than two years since she was put to sleep by the goverment? Actually four years if you would count her duty in war areas with it. Were there changes made in the world which can make it look even prettier? Or has it become more rotten?

    When a familiar face walked to the front of the crowd again, she did not know what to think or say as she noticed him wearing a weird suit that really did not suit him at all. He looked more suspicious than before but she could not actually lay a finger on it as to the reason why. Had he done something wrong? Did something happen to him? It really made her wonder to the point that she forgot that she was obviously staring in his direction. She shook her head and focused her attention on something else. Everything will be fine... right? She thought to herself, honestly hoping that he did not get into some sort of trouble like drug dealing or something. That would be really bad. Again, her protective instinct kicking in as a result of having been a soldier and police agent before...
  6. Ryan was busy trying his best not to attract any unwanted attention while remaining in front of the crowd at the same time. Any ordinary person would find it difficult seeing as how they would be the first ones to be noticed as a result of being ahead of everyone. However, the blonde teen wasn't just that ordinary person standing in front of the crowd, thanks to the large tuxedo he was wearing. Luckily though, the army soldiers on duty only glanced at him from time to time rather than taking any serious actions towards him. He figured was probably because of the amount of people that came to see the first generation that caused them to refrain from making any reckless movements until they could actually ascertain whether or not Ryan was a threat. Then again, that was all just a possible theory that had been thought of by a part time delivery man so it could've simply been something else.

    - From within the back of a van that is set in an unknown location -

    Petro could be seen looking at multiple tv sized computer screens that happened to be displaying what was occurring within the museum. Of course, each computer screen showed only a specific section of the area which was why more than one monitor was currently in use. "Hey!! Tenson!!! You're moving too close to the stage so get back!! You're attracting too much attention!! ...didn't you hear me!? I said to get back or you'll screw everything up!!" Petro shouted before focusing his eyes intensely on the screen. "Dammit!! He doesn't even have his ear piece on!" He sighed as he spoke, with his eyes searching around the museum for the person closest to Tenson right after. Unfortunately, none of the other members were close enough to stop Tenson in time, causing Petro to pull out a large blue book in response. "Everyone!! Prepare to initiate phase 3!! Phase 3 officially begins in 15, 14, 13, 12..." He began scrolling through the pages of the book while everyone else started readying themselves for the end of the countdown.

    - Seconds away from Phase 3 -

    Ryan began digging throughout the large tuxedo for the flashbangs as Petro could be heard counting downwards through his earpiece. Upon grabbing onto them, he started to take a few steps backwards so that he could began running for the front door as soon as the grenades hit the stage. However, the blonde hair delivery man knew that there was a low chance that he would escape but a chance of escaping was better than none at all. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6..." Ryan clenched the flashbangs tightly as Petro's countdown was almost at an end. Before things became tense, the blonde teen decided to look at Azerty and the first generation cyborgs for what could possibly be his last time. "2, 1!! Everyone transition over to your phase 3 positions now!! Tenson has deviated from his planned post and is likely consorting with the enemy, so the full scale operation is currently in effect!! Ryan!! If not already, toss the flashbangs onto the stage and begin making your way to the front of the museum immediately!! Kenny!!! I want you to meet Ryan at the front of the museum and report when you're together for further instruction!!" Petro ordered in an high tone, with his voice being carried across all of the group's earpieces.

    As soon as Petro gave the word, Ryan tossed the flashbangs onto the stage before instinctively shielding himself with the tuxedo right after. As one would expect, everyone within direct view of the stage was blinded to the point that they were screaming in pain. Almost as if it was rehearsed several times before, two large black suv's came through one of the walls of the exhibit like it was nothing to it. Seconds later, one of the two drivers quickly stuck their head out and aimed their attention at the first generation cyborgs. "Any body of metal that desires to live should hop in!! Unless you're only wish is to die that is!!" A male with short light brown hair and who looked like he was in his mid to late twenties yelled in an British accent.
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  7. Azerty was truly surprised by the sudden bright flash that stung her eyes but quickly adapted to the amount of light that she received. The terror of the people could be heard and even the military was not prepared on an attack like this. The other cyborgs looked at each other as they were at a loss for what to do now and just moved closer to each other as there was a chance that they should engage into a fight with whoever was trying to do something. Azerty was in front and with her arms parted as so she could react fast if something were to fly her way. The cyborgs started whispering to each other and then was the moment that she heard a voice coming from somewhere else who was saying that if they wanted to live, they needed to go now.

    Some of the first generation started to move in the direction of what seemed like big cars. Trucks maybe to be more exact. Azerty motioned for them to go on as it would not make too much of a difference if they stayed or went with those people. The worst thing that could happen is them being shut down. The youngest ones started to move faster as Azerty pushed them forward, Xero too since he could go look for his family whom he had not seen for so long, really hoping that he could find them someday. Though positive thinking could be a little upsetting at that moment as they could be betrayed too and be shut off anyway. The older members only started to move as the last ones but there was a lack of space inside of the cars which made some of them stop in front of the vehicles and gesture towards the drivers to just go on without them. Azerty was one of them as she was the oldest.

    The military started to move eventually which indicated for them to actually move forward and away from them. Though what she did not like to see was the poor children who were blinded of the flashbang. Yet she could not do anything for them since they were not in actual danger. She scanned the room, looking for a possible exit and noticed a little signboard pointing towards one of the emergency exits that they could use to make their escape. The people scattering though did not make it too easy to move around freely and sometimes made her almost trip over them as they were everywhere. She huffed and screeched against the wall as she tried to make her as small as possible and pushed the door open for the other first generations. One by one, they got out and Azerty looked back for one last time before going away as well.

    They decided to split up in groups and she made a run towards the park which was situated near the museum, lucky for her. Thanking her abilities for being able to run faster than the average human being and was able to get out of there without getting caught by one of the police or military. Hiding in one of the bushes as she tried to catch her breath. Indeed, she also was able to get tired of such tension and running as she was not a complete robot yet. Those with artificial organs had it way easier than her as she could not run for days straight. She leaned against the tree, making sure she was still hidden for the people who were walking around and placed her hand next to her so she would not fall over. What a day... She thought to herself as way too much had been happening...
  8. Once the blinding light faded, Ryan began running for the front door. However, since the crowds of people were in terror level red, it seemed unlikely that he'd make it through the front entrance without being trampled on. "Change of plans! I'm making my way out through the back entrance that those rescue people made available so don't wait for me!!" The blonde delivery man yelled through his earpiece while making his way to the makeshift exit. "No!! Soldiers are already in that area so find an alternative route!!" Petro warned urgently. Unfortunately, it was to no avail as Ryan continued on his designated path. His chances were extremely slim but this was the only escape route left in his mind that he could even think of making out it of. Any other exits faded from consideration seconds ago upon heading to this one. Once the blonde delivery man pulled up on the manmade exit, he quickly took off the large tuxedo as words of warning began echoing from the army men that Petro alerted him about. They had guns but backing down surely wasn't an option. Plus with the many people here, it was very unlikely that they would risk shooting them.

    However, Ryan's original assumption seemingly became false as the army men began shifting their stances to one more suited for firing. "I guess this is it!!!" The blonde delivery man yelled before closing his eyes while continuing to push forward. Weirdly enough, a bright white light attempted to break through his eyelids as if the blonde teen was making his way to heaven. "Arghhh!!!" Sounds leaking from the army men's voices came from behind him soon after. However, Ryan didn't open his eyes nor stop moving forward to even question how he survived the impossible. "Get on!!" His eyes opened immediately to the voice of a woman on a motorcycle before getting on without hesitation. After Ryan got on, the female driver sped off right after. "That was a pretty crazy thing you did back there and had I not toss those flashbangs down when I did, then you'd probably be eating a dinner's worth of bullets by now." She noted in an unusually joyful tone.

    "I figured as much but did Azerty and the rest of the first generation make it out of there safely?" The blonde haired delivery man asked, causing the female motorcyclist to shake her head sideways. "Apparently there wasn't enough room for everyone to get in so the leftover cyborgs just started making a run for it. Fortunately though, Beeze and Greta will be making a round trip for everyone else but that'll take a while. By now, they are probably long gone so our best bet is to head the base." The woman said calmly as Ryan placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well if you're heading back then could you let me out over there? I have something to do before I can even think about heading back." He questioned while pointing at a nearby sidewalk. "Well if that's what you want but just be sure to tune in for additional info on the pick up point or else you'll be on you own. And take any more stupid risks like the one you just took and its the cemetery for you so remember that." She notified before pulling over.
  9. Azerty slowly started to regain her composure as her breathing stabilized and her hands stopped shaking because of the sudden death run that she made earlier on. Honestly, the people who pulled that trick off were out of their minds as a normal person would not have thought about doing such a thing. And even with those flashbangs flying through the air and blinding everyone. That was the exact opposite of a peaceful event really. She let out another sigh as she rested her head against the tree and looked up at the sky which had cotton candy white clouds hanging in it. They looked like the candy and it made her want to get some but that was the least of her worries right now. The first thing that she would need to do now was to get out of this place unnoticed. But where could she go? It was not like she had a place left to stay over and the clothes that she was wearing was not exactly helpful either as they stood out from the crowd.

    She took off the jacket that she was wearing and pulled the blouse out of her pants which made it way too formal. Then her hands would go to her pants and ripped some holes in them as they were supposed to be fashion these days. Luckily she was wearing black pumps which did not need a transformation at all. She pulled the pins out of her hair so it would flow down on her shoulders and that way she could also hide her face a bit. She looked around the place for a while to see if it was safe for her to get out of where she was sitting and as nobody seemed to be in the eye of sight she slid out of the bushes and started walking on the path that was running through the park. It was bigger than she thought it would have been which was a good thing.

    Once she arrived at the centre which had an open place in the middle where a fountain was placed, she sat down on top of one of the benches that were placed around it. The people here did not know yet what had happened in the museum just moments ago and kids were playing happily in the water, splashing it towards each other with those gummy smiles of them. It made her nostalgic about her own family but those she would probably not see anymore. It was a saddening thought but it was just the truth, no need to cover it up at all. But she stayed cautious as the army and police would not give up so easily on the search for them and honestly she just wanted to stay away from all the organisations right now and just find somewhere to stay without too much trouble. The thoughts of being able to live a normal life started to flow inside of her head but she knew that there was almost no chance for that to happen since they would eventually find out who she actually is.
  10. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind the next time a dangerous oppurtunity presents itself. Still, thanks for both the ride and the save." Ryan said nonchalantly before getting off of the motorcycle. "That's it!? No what's your name or nothing??" The female motorcyclist asked in a surprised tone. "Nope and besides, I hear so many names nowadays that I'd probably forget yours anyway so see ya." He concluded before walking off. The blonde haired man wasn't sure on where he was heading and it didn't matter at the moment. Even though Ryan was willing to put everything on the line in order to save the first generation, being nearly killed wasn't something one could shrug off easily. He was just a pizza delivery boy after all so having to worry about getting killed on a daily basis was nowhere to be found in the job description. And to top it all off, everything still wasn't enough to save them all.

    "Ugh, I hate having to lose!! Especially in a situation like this! Damn it!!" Ryan shouted before punching a nearby tree in anger. Droplets of blood began raining down from the blonde's fist right after as a result; only for him to ignore it as if it was nonexistent. "Ryan? Ryan! Can you hear me? I know you can hear me so pick up will ya!?" Petro's voice traveled through the blonde hair delivery man's eard nonstop, making him remove the earpiece and store it into his pocket until further notice.
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  11. Azerty would let her eyes travel to her right hand, opening and closing it really slowly as she was checking if it was still working properly. It would be a real pain the ass if her arm suddenly stopped working, making her unable to do anything with it anymore. A limp arm was not exactly the thing that everyone really wanted. A groan left her mouth as she leaned back on the bench and it was like she was free but still chained as she had to hide from the army from this day on. Fantastic. She could have just stayed there in the museum, but her survival instincts kicked in naturally and made an escape for it after the others were brought into safety by these people who she did not know. Well, it could not be worse than having to die, or maybe it was. Making them mindless slaves who would do all the dirty work for them... She shook her head in disgust as she really hated that thought.

    She pushed herself up from where she was and walked further down the road until she noticed a somehow familiar face in the distance. Narrowing her eyes as she tried to remember from where he was from as she was making her way towards him. It was better to know for sure if he was a thread or not and if he was, she would just have to knock him out and make him forget about her. She slid silently behind the male and grabbed him, covering his mouth with her ice cold hands which was a result of not having been able to function normally for such a long time. Pulling him behind the plants and pushing him against a tree, his mouth still covered with her hand. "Who are you? What are your intentions for having done that in the museum?" She asked him seriously and maybe even a bit threatening. Loosening her hand a little so he could speak more clearly.
  12. Afterwards, Ryan sighed before looking downwards at his bleeding hand seconds later. "I guess taking my anger out on trees is not very wise of me." He muttered lowly while trying to force a small smile on his face. The blonde haired delivery man forgot that even though the plan wasn't completed fully, their plan still gave the first generation an opportunity to escape. Still, it continued to rub him the wrong way that only a portion of them could be saved for certain while those remaing had to or more so currently have to fend for themselves. "Excuse me sir?" A voice resembling that of a child's traveled through the air behind him unexpectedly. For a second, Ryan almost jumped in response to hearing the child but what exactly did he or she want? He turned around to face the kid with a relaxed look. Despite sounding pretty the child seemed like she was nearing her teens if she wasn't one already. "Yes?" The blonde man asked rather calmly.

    "Are you ok?" She responded while concentrating her attention on his slightly injured fist, causing him to turn to it as well. "If you're referring to this little cut then I doubt you get out very much but I'll be ok. If not, then I'll die and come back to haunt you haha!!" Ryan shouted jokingly but apparently the girl didn't find it amusing as she subconsciously ran back to wherever she came from. "Ugh, and now I'm terrible at conversing with kids!! Come to think of it, I was never good at tal-!!!" Before he could even finish, a mysterious individual snatched him up rather easily and covered his mouth with great haste. The blonde man tried to break free from the grasps but it turned out to be futile. Could it be one of the army men from earlier? It was very possible based but why was this guy's hand cold? Whatever the reason for it didn't really matter at this point since the person obviously was in the process of kidnapping him or worse.

    - A few seconds later -

    After a few seconds, he was pulled out of some bushes before being pushed against a tree, causing him to come face to face with his kidnapper. However, Ryan's eyes widened in surprise as his captor proceeded to speak. "Who are you? What are your intentions for having done that in the museum?" He closed his eyes for a second while the female proceeded to speak. The person in front of him was undoubtedly Azerty but why was she asking such a thing? The moment she removed her hand away from his mouth, the blonde delivery man wasted no time in speaking. "Is it not obvious? I did what I did back there because I didn't agree with what they were preparing to do and that's it really. It's not like I was going to just stand there and watch you all get executed right in front my eyes like that. But, why are you still here?" Ryan asked the girl rather calmly. Despite being kidnapped and interrogated, he was partially relieved at the fact that she hadn't been caught yet.
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  13. When she looked him in the eyes, she saw his eyes widening out of surprise... probably. Well, not anybody would expect to be jerked against a tree like that by a stranger. A cyborg on top of that. Maybe she could have done it a bit different and less intimidating but this was the only way that she could think off. Blame the military service for that as she usually needed to do these kinds of things. She let her hand slide down to her side as she did not think he would run away after all of this. Or she could be wrong too but that would only mean that she would need to run again from the army. A sigh escaping from her lips as she listened to the reason as to why he did that back there. He was the most succesful in his plan so it seemed as other did not even dare to come close to her and the others. It was a bit foolish as they would only battle with words but not with actions.

    At the question as to why she was still here, she paused and rubbed her hand over her arm. "I don't have a home anymore unlike the others. They still have families." Azerty said to him and took a step back so he was not almost squished by her against the tree. Just like a sandwich, but than different... Suddenly a sound could be heard as if something was growling. It took her a moment before she realised what was going on and wrapped her arms around her stomach as she was embarrassed that it came from her. Her face was flushed as she did not expect it. Shifting on her feet as she really wanted to fall into a hole right now. "Can you buy me something to eat. It has after all been more than a year since I've actually eaten normal food and not being fed by a tube." She said to the other, thinking it was better to not just hide it and die because she was starving herself.
  14. "I figured you'd say something like that. Still, not all families are made up entirely of blood relatives, if you know what I mean." Ryan noted as Azerty took a step back. He face flustered with redness after realizing how close she was to him just seconds earlier. When the blonde man thought about it, it made sense to not realize how much of his personal space she was taking up until just now, since he was snatched up by her unexpectedly. Then again, what kind of person would just snatch people up like this in the first place? Suddenly sounds of someone growling happened to travel through the area. It didn't resemble any types of animals that Ryan heard before but it was somewhat possible since they were in the park after all. Maybe the army decided to investigate the area and are using search dogs?

    "Can you buy me something to eat. It has after all been more than a year since I've actually eaten normal food and not being fed by a tube." Azerty asked, causing him to look at her plainly for a second. Ugh, I feared that a question like this would come about eventually. Welp, at least it's not as bad I thought...but it's still bad though. The blonde haired man thought before proceeding to respond to her question. "So you kidnap me and now you expect me to buy you food? Why would I ever do something as stupid as that? So let's see...Burger Muncher is near here. There's also that little Taco Cheezy store but they are across the street from one another so you can decide on which one, once we get there." Ryan noted as he began heading out of the bushes, expecting her to follow.
  15. Azerty blinked at what the other said. He was speaking the truth after all. Kidnapping and then asking for money was not such a logical follow up but it was just like that for the moment as she did not want to pass out because of the hunger. She patted her tummy while smiling as the other summed up some places to eat. She remembered those so that was nice though. Once the other started moving out of the bushes, she followed him sheepishly, but aware of her surroundings as she did not want to be jumped upon by one of the soldiers who were still looking for her. She could already imagine the annoyed expressions and the swearing between all of them. Even more as they needed to search for the complete first generation of all things who were not made to joke around with and be taken lightly.

    She noticed people passing by who were holding hands, which made her wonder how it would feel to do so. She glanced from them towards this guy who was leading the way to the food place. Sliding her hand to his and intertwined their fingers. It was warm and cozy, perfect if it was winter. A gentle smile appeared upon her lips because of it and seemed already happier than she was before as if she was still a little girl. "What's your name? I forgot to ask before." She asked him, forgetting the fact that she had just pinned him against a tree not that long ago. She did not mean to actually harm him but it was just to make sure he was not posing a threat to her or the others. Her eyes almost twinkling as she would look at him.
  16. Once Ryan escaped the treacherous grip of the bushes, he began making his way out of the park. His mind focused on which fast food restaurant was more expensive as he walked, with Azerty trailing from behind. Even though the blonde haired man was predicting his future food expenses, he wasn't the most poorest person known to the world. However, his pizza delivery job only paid so much. With that said, he had more hours than the average delivery boy, since most of his other coworkers were afraid to go into the dangerous neighborhoods. Ryan would probably be afraid as well if he wasn't used to being around such troublesome people but up until awhile ago, living near danger was the norm.

    As they were enroute to both of the food places, Ryan's cheeks suddenly became red as a tomato. He glanced at his entangled hand to confirm his suspicions before glancing at Azerty right after. As the blonde man glanced at her, his glance transformed into a temporary stare as the girl's smile ensnared his full attention. It sort of felt as if time itself had halted so that it could gaze upon her beautiful smile. Unexpectedly, Azerty began speaking which caused him to quickly regain his touch with reality. "Huh? My name? It's Ryan...and Azerty?" Ryan stopped walking before making an affectionate facial expression.
  17. Azerty noticed the blushing cheeks of Ryan as she looked at him again, a bit unaware of why he was acting that way as she did not think this was so weird. She had seen many people passing by who were holding hands, and she just wanted to do the same as them. It was a familiar feeling which she had missed in all those years, making her a bit lonely now that she thought about it but also glad that this guy was by her side. Someone who was still on her side and did not want to shut her down because she was posing a thread to civilisation. Her eyes roaming over the several shops that she saw and walked by, sometimes losing her attention to them before focusing back on the road in front of her.

    When the other told her his name after she had asked for it, she nodded happily as he did not think of her as a thread like some other people. Well, it was only normal to be a bit scared of her since she was stronger than the average human being, probably even stronger than a soldier. When the other stopped in his tracks, she did the same and watched him making that expression on his face. Only making her snort in response as she looked at him. "You're cute." She commented to him and giggled a little at the sight of him being like that. In the distance she spotted the hamburger joint on her side which the other had mentioned before. Pointing towards it before looking back at him. "That's the place you mentioned right?"
  18. "I'm cute?? That's a quick way to put it out there." Ryan noted lowly as the girl spoke once more while pointing at something in the distance. "That's the place you mentioned right?" She asked, causing him to look in the direction she was pointing at. "Yep, without a doubt." The blonde boy said reassuringly before moving in the store's direction. However, the burger shop seemed to have made some revisions to the exterior of the store since the last time he had been here. The reason for the change could just be simply that they wanted to have a more modern look in order to appeal to the younger generation. If that was the case, then that would a pretty smart move for Burger Munch.

    However, rival stores could and most likely would change theirs as well to stop a decrease in customers. As such, if all the other restaurants chose to do that, then all of the mid - older aged people would possibly remain with the food stores that decided not to alter their looks in favor of their fashioned/nostalgic tastes. Of course that's partially doubtful since it's mainly about the food at the end of the day. Ryan pulled open the door to Burger Muncher before holding it open for Azerty. While holding the door steady though, his pants began to vibrate, triggering him to dig into his pocket with his spare hand. The blonde delivery man pulled his phone out seconds later before proceeding to answer it."Hello?"
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