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  1. Hello everyone (or better... whoever reads this) !
    I've been thinking up a plot that I wanted to do and now I'm looking for someone who can RP this with me. So here it is:

    The life that everyone sees as normal might not be as you think. Have you ever even thought about what might happen once someone has made a decision which can put the technology a step further? Gigantic companies that want to invest in one person his ideals and ideas, strengthening of mankind that should be achieved by countless experiments. Once you have these thoughts in your head, it will be difficult to get away from, as well as the dreams that can be that exact truth. The clock never stops ticking and the world will not get better if you stay standing on the starting line. Scientists have put their sights on making the people healthy again who are irreversibly ill. People who cannot go any further without a hand full of hope because there is no medication which can cure them.

    The technology has advanced to the point that scientists can make one of the first cyborgs in the world. The process is complicated and must be developed to perfection to prevent for any danger to occur to the environment and also for the person who undergoes the transformation. The first creature is stuck with the people who have seen the news in the recent years: Azerty. Indeed, a name that you cannot easily find in the human world. The first years brought new cyborgs in, but with more and more gadgets and upgrades that you can imagine. The only problem is that because of this the first ones start to become neglected and it was not uncommon to see one here and there lying on the streets which were completely broken or shut down. A sort of crusade by the common people since they think the new cyborgs are less dangerous because they were programmed to help people. The first cyborgs are more used for military purposes.

    Azerty is eventually shut down by her owners and stowed in one of the museums that are still being exhibited to the public since she was one of the first of her kind. But not everyone thinks this is a good idea since everyone deserves a chance to live, both man and robot. Even some scientists and others who have had one of the first editions as well as their children. Each person has their own opinion about it. The army has decided to switch on the first cyborgs again before they are going into an eternal sleep, an event with enormous popularity and the possible farewell of Azerty. But no one can really predict the future since you make it yourself.

    And then is where your character comes in.
    If you think this kind off suits you, don't wait to send me a PM or make a comment below.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.