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    Plot: a bunch of teens get into some nasty shit which propels them down a life of violence, eventually joining a gang and doing hits. The story starts in highschool but there will be two to three major time skips which involve the characters later in life.

    Not interesting enough? Well listen here:

    The setting: The story is set in my home town with NPCs and my characters that I portray being based on ACTUAL people and many events are based on, or inspired by, ACTUAL events I have experienced or heard about through second hand account.

    What makes this thing unique?: SWIM and SWIMC have been through some shit. They saw the violence first hand and shared. It'll be down to earth and many accounts will have lots of relatable lore that's digestable and understandable, though some characters are exaggerated (though the drama involved with the NPCs is usually only exaggerated if it leads to murder. Sadly people in my hometown have more drama than a soap opera)

    What are we looking for?: Characters that are realistic. If you have a great imagination, understand this setting, or just think it'll be fun, we want you. We want decent writing quality, and no Mary Sues. Base your character ON YOU. This story is set in an area where there aren't job opportunities because it's BFE. With young adults who are portrayed as desperate, caught in a lower/middle class cycle in the bible belt and eventually flee to Atlanta to perpetuate gang violence and drug smuggling for profit. It's gritty, dirty, bloody and talks about a lot of illegal shit.

    So: Post your characters and follow the guides/rules to the character sheet (found under the code.) we need some more active users. If we get enough people, I might make a sister RP called "The Northern Kings" which will feature similar intertwining a stories and characters but for a different group/crew. Your bio must be accepted in order to post in the IC thread but I'm sure you know that by now.

    Feel free to ask me ANY questions :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.