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    October 9th, 2015

    Maddeline kicked her heels out of her car door, and stepped out in one smooth motion. She sighed deeply, eyeing Caleb's car. Spoiled little shit. He got the mustang because his parents gave a damn about him. Whatever. She was one of the first cars here and was pulled over at the base of the driveway- anyone else would have to park off the shoulder of the road. She input the driveway code, and left the garage door open for anyone else showing up to help him. She walked in, passing Calebs mothers's car, a silver Lexus GT470. She was a snooty bitch- at least that's how Maddie felt. Maddie opened the inner garage door which lead to the basement, and saw Caleb. Half the place was ready, the other half was soda cans and beer bottles.

    "Hey." Maddie said, rolling her eyes.
    "Gonna invite someone who I haven't slept with this time?"

    Caleb glanced at her, slightly offended.
    "Hey, it's my birthday. If you don't like my friends, don't come"

    "Oh trust me- I didn't. Your my cousin, if I could not be here I wouldn't be" She said, slightly smirking at her own remark.

    "ANYWAY- only a few of my friends are coming. Mom's letting Atheena stay tonig-"

    "Atheena? What the hell Caleb! she has a FIANCÉ!" Maddie said, exaggerating her hand motions. There was another reason she didn't want Atheena there- she had slept with her, too. It was a few years prior but it was real hush hush because Atheena was the ROTC commander or whatever and wasn't openly bisexual.

    "She had a fiancé. She's staying with me this time"

    "The fact that you say "this time" should prove that you're a fool. Don't drink all the rum when she breaks your heart. Again. Captain Morgan's is a hard commodity to find in a dry county. Y'know, it should say something that I can get you heroine and some dank a helluva lot easier than we can get booze"

    "Except I don't 'do drugs'" Caleb said, starting to get testy.

    "No, you don't do you? You only drink alcohol, use some chaw, take sleeping pills and go to the doctor for the smallest cough right?"

    "Yeah. Exactly. I don't do illegal drugs" He said, with a shit eating grin. He had thwarted her smartass remark before she could finish it.

    "anyway, who else is coming tonight?"

    "I don't know who all is coming tonight. It was an open invite for help on Facebook. Chill. I think Nate and Clay said they would drop by but they aren't for certain"

    "You think that they said they would be here? Now how does that work? Either dreamy-blue eyes and the pale nerd are coming or they aren't"

    "God, you have the hots for clay? Jesus. He looks like a skeleton half the time"

    "But a cute skeleton. Plus he still has all of his dad's pain medication from when his dad was busy, y'know, dying. Opioids can make up for penis size"

    "His dick is tiny because most of it is in his personality"

    "Ooh, good one. I'll use that sometime"
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  2. Aly took her time getting to Caleb's place. She took every backroad she possibly could, opening the throttle on the straightaways. She knew where the cops liked to hide and avoided those roads. Her grin spread wider across her face as the RPMs rose when she stepped on it. Her faithful Skyline responded with a roar as the pistons cranked out every bit of horsepower they could. She pulled the E-brake, sending the car into slide around a bend. All four wheels spun as the car drifted around the turn. Aly slingshoted out of the turn, racing down the last bit of backroad before she reached Caleb's road. Her emerald beauty was coated in a layer of dust when she finally pulled up at Caleb's house. She revved her engine to announce her presence before killing the engine. The brunette pocketed her keys as she made her way up the driveway. Caleb's ruby Pony was parked in her usual place. She wrinkled her nose at the sight of it. The late '90s and early 2000s were not kind to the Ford Mustang. She shunned the thing. "Are you ever going to get a real Mustang?" She called out. "That thing is a disgrace to muscle cars!" She always voiced her opinion about that car of his. "Get a '70s or earlier." She said. "Those are reall Pony Cars."
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  3. "It was open invite, but I figured that only people that felt invited would show up"

    "Don't be an ass, no one likes you anyway" Maddy said, cutting her eyes. She stood up, and took the moment to fish into her jacket pocket and pull a black mild out and lighting it.

    "Not everyone can afford to get whatever they want. Em is a fine car- she serves me more than well"

    "Except for when you want to get laid. I'm sure that's not something you have to worry about since you're trying to split marriages in your down time"

    "Ooh you're reaaaal funny aren't you?" Caleb said, with a grumble.
    "Guess I'll start early then..." He said, pulling out a fresh bottle of captain Morgan.

    "You little shit. You waited for me to light my cigar didn't you?" Maddy said with a growl. You can't hold a black and mild and drink at the same time. Well, not easily anyway.
    "Thanks for stopping by, Aly. Clay is coming- and since its dipshits 18th birthday I'm sure he's not packing just his weed stash"

    "He doesn't bring drugs to my house"

    "Don't be naive. He's a walking narcotic avatar. He is more of a mule than the Mexicans of El Paso"

    "That's racist" Caleb said, swallowing a double shot.
    "And that burns like heaven. Whew." He said, shaking his head.
  4. Aly chuckled at the squabbling cousins as she leaned against the wall, arms crossed over her chest. Most of her curves lay in her chest, some in her hips. Knowing a party was not far off, the hazel eyed brunette had dressed for the occasion. She wore a low cut olive green top with a nude colored cami underneath. Her well-endowed chest showed over the cami's neckline. Her jeans were light blue denim that hugged and accentuated her rear. She also doned her signature tan Timberland hiking boots. A discarded brass casing to .45 hung on a leather cord around her neck. Similar casings dangled from her earlobes. "Quit gabbin' like gossip queens and put the Captain down for two minutes and let's make this place worthy of a real party, shall we?" Aly cut straight to the chase.
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  5. "Sureeeee" Caleb struggled out. He might have had a few before everyone got there.

    Maddie put about the same amount of effort into cleaning up as she put into everything else in life- as minimal as possible. At first she tried to just push the cans and bottled into a trash can with her shoes, but eventually gave up on that and instead tried to roll the bottles into the half empty bag. In fact, most of her interaction with the trash bag was flicking her cigar's ashes into the bag.

    Caleb attempted to- and attempt was as close of a word for it as possible- chain together some glow sticks to hang down the cieling tassels. It looked roughly half assed- which was a major compliment to a dunk kid. But Caleb showed off a skill he had mastered during his mystery days in the city- his drunk face, actions and gestures were identical to his sober ones. His speech was slower, and he couldn't perform as complex of tasks- but he looked more like someone who wasn't trying rather than someone who was drunk. In fact, he could probably fool an on scene officer that he could drive- granting a sobriety test wasn't involved.

    "What made you decide to get all cute?" Maddie asked, half flirty in her tone of voice. She was obviously running her eyes up and down Aly's figure, and creating a heavily exaggerated pause so that Aly could catch her looking at her breasts.

    "Jesus, Maddie. The goal isn't to sleep with the whole school before graduation is it?"

    Maddie didn't respond and instead went back to "cleaning," when suddenly the sound of shoe scuffles and laughing came from the garage.

    Clay walked in- he was a scrawny fellow. He had graduated the year before and spent his time in college garnering money to spend on drugs on the dark web. Something about a Bosnian roommate who had the 'connections' or some bs like that. The boy to his right was Caleb's best friend- Nate. Nate was a genius but also a completely emotionless robot who currently had pupils dilated to the point of masking eye color.

    "Yo, Caleb, wassup Bruh" Clay said, stumbling into the room. Caleb turned around and burst into laughter.
    "Exactly what are you guys doing?"
    "Yo man; the party is tomorrow but your actual birthday is tonight. And hey look, you provided the bitches"

    Suddenly maddie's flirty nature disappeared.
    "Grow the fuck up, Clay."

    Clay laughed so hard that he cried.
    "Yo, Caleb get yourself a soda right quick. Y'all do it to" he said, pulling himself to the basement stares.
    Nate had a big grin on his face too- which was slightly unsettling to Maddie.
    Clay began to reach into his jacket pocket- which prompted Maddie to begin to speak.

    "Hey listen, if you're going to be weird just- le- what the fuck? Like...what? What is that" Maddie asked, her blue eyes suddenly widening.

    Clay had drawn a little baggie from his jacket and in the baggie was a slightly yellow, slightly pink, crystal chunk.

    "Dis is 100% pure MDMA my niggas" Clay said, laughing more.

    "Get that shit out of my house, you know how I f-"

    "Caleb. No man- I don't do crazy shit and I'm telling you. Do this man" Nate said, suddenly piping up.

    "Hey now! That's a whole like...5 grams easy! I think me and Ali should have some too!" Maddie said putting her hands on her hips.

    "Then have some man! It's free tonight because I got a special deal. Whew. Y'all gonna love this"

    Caleb suddenly looked worried- he was falling heavily into peer pressure, and recognized that he was. He started to look at Ali- he was pretty sure that she didn't do drugs either...but, alas, here everyone was in this basement. He started to google it on his phone...and then spoke up
    "Well it's non addictive and literally can only make you happy and excited for 8 hours straight. Damn. The comedown is a bitch but oh well I guess. Well, look at me? Never thought I would be here"

    "Oh don't be so fucking cynical. We called the knock-off shit 'molly' back when I still had friends. This is the real deal. It's like when you've been doing the synthetic shit your whole life and then you get ahold of real LSD. I'm lowkey excited to lose a few brain cells tonight"

    "It's actually not very rough on your br-"

    "Don't over analyze. For once in your life, do something stupid and fun that isn't atheena"

    With expertly depressing skill, Maddeline free hand measured a gram and dropped it into a Pibb soda can, and then repeated the process two more times. Without waiting for Ali or Caleb, she gulped down the entire soda. Her face twisted awkwardly.

    "It's....its bitter as fuck. God that's almost the way good cocaine tastes. That's fucking gross" Maddie said, shaking her body a little.

    "How long until it hits?"

    Nate shrugged.
    "30 minutes is what I clocked- I think" he said, giggling in inhuman laughter.
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  6. Aly had gotted used to Maddie's seemingly constant advances. She was about to chime in with a retort of her own when Clay showed up. Aly had her own opinions of the guy. He was constantly either drunk or high, and today he seemed to be a bit of both. "Am I the only sane one around here?" She asked, ready to smack some sense into someone. "If I want a high, I'll get behind the wheel of a beauty pushing at least three-hundred horses." She said. "Eight seconds is all I need." Her voice had become dreamy. Her fingers curled like a cat stretching its toes. She could go for the Quarter Mile now. "I'll leave y'all to that unnatural shit. I like my adrenaline rush, thank you very much." She said and continued picking up garbage from parties past. Sometimes she wondered why she hung with this crowd. Caleb was alright, a bit easy to push though. Maddie was a flirt, and Clay, well, she just wanted to knock his ass out. She didn't know nate much. "I didn't spot any five-oh on my way here if anyone thinks they can take me on the backroads." Aly dared. She hadn't been able to drive any of the classics from her father or grandfather's collection at the track in over a week. She needed some fuel injected fun.
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  7. "Take you in what? My 15 year old V8 that only squeezes 216 horsepower or in Clay's slow as fuck V6er?" Caleb asked. Suddenly he darted his head, blocking his eyes. Maddie did the same. She turned he lights down with a cool little light adjustment knob.

    "Th-hats much nicer. Holllly hell" Caleb said shaking his head as it started to hit him.

    Nate started cackling and randomly said
    "I really love you guys!"

    "We love you too nate" Maddie said, starting to fall under the spell of that magical chemical. Without second thought, since Aly passed on the offer, she down ally's cut too.

    Clay's eyes widened bigger than his mouth.
    "She normally wants to fuck everyone in the room! God, like what's gonna happen?"

    "The only deaths involved come from people dancing too much and not drinking enough w- where is the music??" His teeth began chattering.

    Nate blue toothed to the speakers and smiled, and music began to play. Everyone almost synced themselves to the music which was heavy trap. Looks like it was a party already. Caleb reached over to clay and took some more of the MDMA.

    "I think I'll take his tomorrow night with my girl"

    "Careful man it'll make you have temper-rowdy memory loss" Clay said giggling.
    "Y'all have fun- my ass has got a job to do bruhhhh" Clay said, responding to himself and promptly leaving.

    After a few minutes of awkard silence, Nate brought his hands to his face.
    "Bruh he was my rideeee"

    "I've got you fam" Maddie said with a hand raised.
    "The virgin can go home with the slut"
    She said, laughing hysterically.

    Nate laughed too, but in a different way.
    "You're not a slut. I think you're pretty"

    "Then a pretty slut I am. But a slut none the less" she said, before getting behind Aly and running a hand up her back, and across her ass, before squeezing by and opening the refrigerator to grab a water bottle.

    "I think I'll be needing this. Don't wanna get to dry" She said, running her tongue over her teeth in a half seductive manner.

    "Uh oh Aly! That's the stare down! Once you get that look, she ain't gonna stop chasing you until you give in or the sun comes up" Caleb said, laughing again.
    Nate stood, awkwardly blocking the door to exit as he struggled to stay standing.

    "That's a look many of us have seen when partying. Few have had the displeasure of escaping"

    "How sweet" Maddie said, sitting on a bar stool and spinning around and giggling like a school girl.

    "Holy fuck how did clay get this?"

    "Dark web my nigga" Nate said, using very informal grammar. Something he never did.

    "Isn't it funny that some of the smartest kids At central all meet at Caleb's to get fucked up? I mean, I'm not the sharpest light bulb in the shed," Maddie started laughing, noticing her mistake.
    "-but Caleb's really smart. You've got like a 3.8 GPA and are in all AP classes and Nate has a perfect everything and Aly's pretty smart too" Maddie said, shifting her gaze to each person respectively before gawking at Aly's breasts. Again.
    Nate started laughing at how poorly Maddie could hide her gaze.

    "If you were a dude, Aly would have slapped you a long time ago"
    "Yes please" Maddie said blushing.
    "God. Don't use my bed this time if you're using it again Maddie. I don't like sleeping on the couch or cleaning body fluids off the sheets. Oh fuck it, use it. I don't care, who am I kidding? You're my cousin, I love you"

    Maddie giggled.
    "I love you too Caleb. And I love you Nate- if you weren't so smart I wouldn't have been turning codeine into heroine for two years straight," She said giggling.
    Nate suddenly looked scared, and eyed Caleb.

    "Oh I knew it was you. No one else is smart enough to do it. Love you though bro, you've always been there. Love you too Aly. You're chill even if you don't always show up"
    Maddie and Nate chimed in unison.
    "Yeah we love you too Aly!"

    With that, Maddie got up and decided she hadn't been forward enough and was now awkwardly standing in front of Aly. She was only a few inches taller than her but she was standing in a spot that halfway cornered the girl and obscured her from the rest of the pre-party patrons. She then turned around, and placed Aly's hands against her hips for her, and began to grind against Aly. Her head was turned so that she could see Aly's reaction- but she couldn't see the faces of Caleb and Nate. Caleb had his index finger curved between his porcelain front teeth, as he bit down and tried not to laugh. Nate covered his eyes- not because Maddie was doing a poor job grinding, but being that he too was on MDMA just the simple act of grinding was like watching hard core porn in his head. He was blushing profusely- or maybe it was normal blushing but on his pale skin it looked more intense. It didn't matter, really.

    Odds are if she had been to Caleb's for a party or even to hang, she had slept with Maddie. Or Caleb. Caleb was just more discrete about who he slept with- and according to any girl that had been with both of them, Caleb was a lot better but Maddie was 'more passionate,' whatever that meant. Caleb just had a bad habit of getting attached or blowing up peoples phones because his ADD could get him worked up and paranoid. He always acted like he was scared of being alone but always pushed anyone away because he could be too clingy or would always bring up Atheena. Maddie on the other hand, was wild. Hard to tie down. She had a bad habit of not responding to texts- but was oh so good at making everyone want a second one night stand. The pair of cousins were strange indeed- which would explain why only a few considers them friends of theirs. They were always loyal to anyone close but they had a history of being on the wrong side of the law- even if they both had spotless records, they were always breaking the rules. For some that was a turn on, for others it was a major turn off.
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  8. "My baby's sixteen and she'll smoke any opponent!" Aly snapped back. "And I doubt either of you have done any performance modifications to your rides." She said. "The only one who might stand a chance is Maddie, if she drove a GTO." She added. "That G6 of hers is mighty fine, but it's nothing compared to even a new GTO. Those beauties are quick, even just a stock one." Anyone could get Aly going if they just mentioned a car or a race. The girl could even tune her own car. She worked part-time up at her grandfather's car lot and garage. She was trying to save up to get a carbon fiber hood and spoiler for her beloved Nissan. She laughed to herself as Maddie's gaze landed on her chest for at least the second time in less than an hour. When the older girl started grinding on her, she could hear Nate loose it. A sweet smile on her lips, Aly slipped by, trailing a finger over Maddie's collarbone. "You're gonna have to try harder than that, Maddie." Aly said, sashaying to the fridge. "I like the thrill of the chase." Few could turn from Maddie. Aly seemed to be one of them, but she did play into it a bit. The boys sure got a kick out of it. "So, who all's coming, or are we it?" She asked as she popped the tab on a coke.
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  9. Maddie turned around after being rejected and her face was twisted into a very upset shape. She shook it off- determined to get something if anything at all. She returned the finger trailing the collar bone but this time stopped to prop her fingers underneath Ali's chin.
    "You can chase me to the upstairs bedroom if that's more of your style then"

    Caleb was high as hell, and it was obvious he was struggling to get words out without laughing.

    "I think she was rejecting you, mad-mad-maddddie" He said, laughing more.
    Then he attempted to start conversation.
    "I have my heart set on a 2016 GT350R, personally. Not a damn thing wrong with a pony car that sets its sights in the 8000 RPM range with an all natural engine. To answer your question, I don't know. It was an open invitation for Any-anyone that wanted to help out for my birthday"

    Maddie shrugged.
    "I don't know much about cars. Never have, probably never will. I like ones that go fast. And anyone that's a good driver is sexy in my book"

    "That doesn't mean much. You've wrecked your Pontiac like...what, three four times?"

    "Deer are a probab-problem around here!!"

    Caleb's cheeks got rosey red as he continued to laugh.
    "Not even a fender binder. Em might be slow compared to that GTR but she's fast enough for me. For now, anyway"

    Nate began laughing hysterically, a lot more. When Caleb and Maddie turned to him, he simply raised his hand, and laughingly said,
    "I drive a Camry"
  10. Aly tapped Maddie's cheek lightly. "I don't do the chasin', girl." Aly said. "I don't like taillights in my way, but rather headlights in my rearview." Whatevershe talked about, Aly always had to throw is something with cars. The girl lived and breathed cars. She had to whistle and arch her brows at Caleb's comment about a GT350R. "Now that's a pony, alright." She said approvingly. "I myself have had my sights trained on the Hellcat." She sipped her Coke. "A car that can easily contend with the Lamborghini or Ferrari is a diamond." She said. "It's more affordable than any of those Supercars too. It would be a Supercar itself if it lost a little weight." She shook her head as she heard the wreckage stats. "That poor car." She sighed. "I've only ever locked myself out of my car more times than I care to count. But wreck it? I'd sooner die." She held back a laugh at Nate's comment. "A Camry?" Her voice held amusement. "If I were to drive a Toyota, it would be a Supra. "
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  11. "I only spend 20 bucks on gas every month though" Nate said pointing at Aly.

    Caleb laughed, and opened an empty wallet from his back pocket.
    "I spend 20 a week! And, I personally think there is nothing special about a super car. Just a fancy name. the horsepower is lower or the same as any American muscle that's worth a damn"

    Maddie stopped contributing to the conversing and was now pouting in a corner like a child.

    Caleb picked up his phone and his happy go lucky carefree expression changed completely.
    "No, I'm fine to drive. I'll be right there, stay put. Turn the car off"
    With that, he began to leave the house- his own pre-party, without an explanation. He was in a hurry too.
    "Fucking shit! Aly, you're blocking me in! Either move or get me up by Cracker Barrel; Atheena just got in an accident"

    Maddie perked up from her deadened state.
    "Is she alright?"

    "She called me to tell me she wrecked and that she needs someone to take her to the hospital. Now, let's go"

    Maddie shook her head.
    "Don't be dramatic if she was really hurt the ambulance would get her"

    Caleb was in a frenzy and didn't care. This was in reality the only girl he had ever really cared about. If she so much as stubbed her toe, he would break the bench that was responsible.
  12. Aly was about to make her own comment when Caleb's cell rang. She didn't have to ask what it was about because he explained. "I'll drive." She said, fishing her heys from her pocket. She ran out to her car and fired it up. She revved to warm the engine while she waited for Caleb. Once he was in, she slammed the car into gear and peeled out, tires squealing. "You sais Cracker Barrel, Right?" Aly asked as she flew down the road.
  13. He threw himself into her passenger seat. His face was clammy, and his hands were shaking.
    "It's inbetween the Cracker Barrel and Walmart, so yeah...I imagine it'll be easy to see. She said there were five police officers out there"

    His face was no longer warm, his laughter was completely gone and it appeared like his soul had left too. He was deeply concerned for Atheena's well being, and not being sober likely didn't help.
  14. Aly nodded. Her focus now was the road. She weaved through traffic as she shifted gears. She saw the flashing lights. In no time. She slowed as they neared. She didn't need the fuzz on her tail. She pulled up and parked, mot yet killing the engine. "This is as close as I can get." She said. "We push through on foot. You've gotta really stick to your sober act. Its showtime." She said, killing the engine and hoping out.
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  15. There were actually six police cars and the wreck could be seen from a quarter mile back. Laying on the pavement was the 5'4 girl. Her jet black hair was up in a bun and she was still wearing her Cracker Barrel work uniform. Her khakis were stained with blood as was her apron.

    Caleb looked crushed. He ignored Aly and dead sprinted to Atheena, crouching down and leaning her head up.
    "I meant to make it out tonight for your birthday babe. Sorry"

    "Hey, it's still 11:30. You're fine" Caleb said, returning the quip. He investigated her face- looking at every minute detail. The blood was coming from her left knee and her nose.

    "Babe...they pulled me out of the car and I can't stand up very well right now, can you turn it off for me?"

    She was delirious, but he complied. He reached into her ugly Saturn SC2 and turned it off. It was formerly a three door car- now it...had no doors. That's when he realized the car was still in drive when he turned it off. He didn't care- except the car was so fucked up that it couldn't even roll itself on idle. The front of the Saturn was bent into a U shape. The motor was exposed, the doors were flung from the car, air bag was half deployed and the engine block was split in half, half of it laying around the car. The other vehicle was an SUV- and Caleb quickly shielded his 'girlfriend' from the crash. From Aly's view she could see- a middle aged soccer mom, dead on arrival, and a wounded dad in the front seat, two crying kids in the back. The SUV ran the red light and got into a head-on with atheena's tiny little Saturn. The Saturn's engine block rammed through the much higher setting SUV, killing the passenger instantly.

    "Hey babe, Aly drove me here and we're gonna get you to a hospital okay?" Caleb said, picking up the frail girl with meticulous care.
    She may have been hurting and in need of help, but her frailty was highly situational. She had been through five foster homes, was a former prostitute and a cocaine addict all before age 15. Caleb dated her for a year, cleaned her up, made her worth something, and then she left him for her fiancé of two years now. Her fiancé was a US Ranger, and was currently in training at Texas. Everyone around town knew she was back with Caleb but no one had gotten the heart to let her fiancé know that yet. Or maybe she was playing Caleb too. No one could tell. The girl was a loose cannon- bipolar and schizophrenic both. But Caleb loved her unconditionally regardless. Admirable. Or naive. The girl was as beautiful as they came, but she could be rather evil too. Anyone that ever crossed her always found their lives in compete ruin. She had a way of playing the perfect mental chess game to get anything she wanted and destroy anyone she wanted out of her life as well. Maddie had 'learned' from Atheena how to do the same, Maddie was always just nice enough to spare most of her enemies a life lesson.
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  16. Aly was slower to approach. She hung back to let Caleb go to the girl's side. She looked pretty bad. She had to give the girl a smile for caring about her car, even if it was beyond totaled. It couldn't be rebuilt. The frame was shot. "Get her in the car. But be careful." Aly ordered. She went to start the car and open the back door. "Lay her in the back. Sit with her if you like." She said.
  17. Caleb picked her up and laid her across his lap in the back. She made a half giggle and asked
    "Does my makeup still look good?"

    Caleb was shaking, obviously scared to the core about the 'love of his life' being so badly injured or at least looking that way. Maddie had been wrong- the ambulance didn't show up because she was okay, they didn't show up because there were only two ambulance vehicles in the entire town and the entire SUV family from the crash would take up both of them, with one of them being DOA as is.

    "Yeah, your makeup looks great babe. Baptist Heath is closest"

    "I don't have health insurance Caleb"

    "I've got it"

    Atheena perked up, her hollowed nose from years of cocaine abuse still bleeding.
    "Babe it could be a few hundred dolla-"

    "I'll pay for it. Don't worry about it. Let's just get to the hospital okay?"

    He called the hopsital and prepared her information and his own medical insurance information. Caleb had worked at an out of town machine shop (illegally) over the summer and had health benefits and a sizable bank account that was about to disappear.
  18. After the couple was situated in the back seat, Aly took off for the nearest hospital. She drove fast, but not so fast as to catch the attention of the police. She pulled up at the ER entrance and parked. She got out and opened up the back door before going in to fetch an ER doctor to help get Atheena into the hospital.
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  19. Caleb packed her in, set her on the bed and they IVed her. About 4-5 minutes into the morphone kick, Atheena started crying.
    "Baby, you still hurting?" Caleb, standing, ready to get a doctor.

    "Honey...I...I slept with Jessie and Bradley"

    Caleb's fist began to clench, and he took out a liter.
    "Do what?"

    "Baby...they...they both fucked me...we were drunk and I've been wanting to tell you-"

    "He is back at my house with Nate. Right. Fucking. Now" Caleb said. Maddie must've texted that to him- the kid likely showed up while they went to the hospital. Atheena kept crying, and unlocked her phones showing him a photo. Caleb rolled his right sleeve to reveal a very trivial tattoo with ornate symbols and a gang sign in the center. He lit the liter, and traced his tattoo, tears falling from his eyes either from the burn or the emotional pain.

    "Get me back to the house Aly. Right. Now"

    The person speaking didn't sound like Caleb. The voice was wrong. Different. Short, cut, and very very angry.

    "Caleb I'm sorry...I love you baby I'm so sor-"

    "Marry Trevor. Don't speak to me- ever again. We're done. The bill is paid for, find your own way home" Caleb said, leaving the room with the door open. His right arm sleeve still rolled up exposing an Atlanta Kings tattoo. He had run away from home years ago- for two or so years. They always said he ran with a crew but no one knew if it was legit or not. Caleb was a model kid and citizen on the outside- he seemed like a straight person, too. But if he was in a gang, it likely wouldn't end well for Jessie.
    He dialed up Maddie on his iPhone.
    "Jessie still there?"
    "Yeah he's still waiting to tell you happy birthday?"
    "He doesn't leave until I fucking get back. You understand me?"
    "Caleb..? Ugh...yeah...I love you, cuz"

    Caleb hung up the phone, and white knuckles his case- the plastic screeching in agony until it cracked.
    "I said lets go"
    He said, not even turning around to Aly. This was not the person that everyone had known for four years- this was akin to a monster cracking a shell and coming out of its metamorphosis.
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  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Caleb’s birthday was first, he wish he could get out of it. The whole party, the whole slew of friends that would be there. And when he said friends, he meant Caleb’s friends. He didn’t really want a part of that any more. He put down the eyeliner stick and fixed his hair a bit. Looking at himself, with these gray blue eyes. Pale skin. Some people suspect that the paleness to his skin was makeup, part of it sure, but he’s always been vanilla. He also was not listening to the stereotypical “devil” music as his parents called it. Instead he cranked up the tune of Here[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He understood the message of the song and just wish his life was simple like that. He knew this party was no good, but he had to go. That was the funny thing about image, you lose it, if you’re just the party pooper. Fixing the collar of his button down shirt and touching up the paint of his long, manicured nails. He turned down the stereo. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Opening the door, he headed out of his bedroom. He lived in a single floor house, with one of those long hallways. One room was the master bedroom, a bathroom, one guest room. But they did have a basement. Which was a big recreational room. Closing the door carefully he turned only to be ambushed by his mother. She was a fair hair blond too, her arms were cross. She was looking at the blood red lipstick and the dark eyeliner.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Caleb’s birthday,” he informed her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I know,” she told him, “You swear to jesus you’re okay?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Well I don’t swear to jesus,” he raised an eyebrow he darkened with his eyeliner pen, “That’s very unChristian of you mother. And if you mean bathing in demons blood and singing Amen to the Devil no. And if you’re talking about sticking a couple of dicks in my ass. Then no on that too.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You don’t have to be so crude,” she tells him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I have to find more interesting ways of telling you no, till you understand it,” he told her, “Gotta go to Caleb’s now.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You be okay,” she says with concern.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I’ll try,”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He wish that meant more to her. Instead of assuming he was gaying or dancing naked under the moonlight, bathing in sheep's blood or something. She’d ask him what’s wrong. She’d be there. They’d be there, both parents would be there. He didn’t want to go to Caleb’s couldn’t she see it. He had huge secrets. Couldn’t she see it?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Maybe they could, but they always asked the wrong questions. The questions he had honest answers to. Slipping past her, Reese grabbed his car keys. He honestly hadn’t deserved the car his parents bought him. It was black Honda Civic that Aly kept trying to get him to tune and be a fucking ricer. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Or tried to get him to race it. He opened the car door, turned on the ignition and began to back out of the driveway. Before getting fully on the road to get to Caleb’s, which technically Caleb was only, what 15 minutes away? He turned on the radio, sticking a CD in. A CD he made with all of his MP3s and empty CD DVRS. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Everyone probably give him shit for the stuff he listened to. They thought he should be listening to music screaming in his face. Except that Gabe fucking ruined that poser shit. Beside he had always believed music was for you to have a good time. And good time could be any genre of music. When he was a little out of his neighborhood, he parked his car.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He called it his hiding space. Because to be fair he needed the courage to even stomach Caleb. Opening the glove compartment taking out some sudafed. Just so they wouldn’t consider him a complete and total downer. It was his secret to not actually hating every single one of them. Three or four would keep him going for the night.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It’s why so many people thought he was crazy. But he hid because he didn’t want to break his parents heart and he honestly didn’t want to do it because he knew what his parents would say and think about him. Yet he was in a pickle with the friends he chose and refused to let go. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It wasn’t an instant high, which gave him time to drive over to Caleb’s. And the high itself was never good. He also felt a little schizo on it and a little crazy. He managed to get to Caleb’s house though, right as he was having an oh shit moment was the high was beginning to hit. He didn’t want to drive that high. That wacked out.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Caleb!” Reese shouted, heading up to the house door, and knocking on the door, “You fucking asshole. Open the door.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Except that he was pretty sure it was unlocked if Caleb was expecting people over. Except, that the tweaker high was not allowing him to think this far into it. [/BCOLOR]
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