The Profesionals: high school/criminal gang/Assasin rp

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  1. This RP will be broken into three huge sections. This RP is gonna be based off the shit that my cousin went through (or some of it, mixed with my rough life too, and then finally story telling)

    Section One: End of Senior year of high school in Kentucky. It's about hustling drugs and women.

    Section Two: Life as a two-bit gangster in Atlanta. Less hustling, more violence. Meant to be a lot more sad

    Section Three: Gang formation; this group is a bunch of cut throat assassins basically. You go from a pickup truck driving kid to a 30 year old with a GT500 and a few hundred thousand dollars buried in the yard.

    The basic idea is that backwoods, rural kids have few life opportunities. Taking advantage of certain loose laws in KY, they start a life of crime with alcohol, the tobacco and eventually drug smuggling in the schools. Then, they move to Atlanta and join a "legit" gang. Finally the group starts their own gang, where they follow through with assassinations for a lot of cash. Think GTA V only more realistic and set in the south rather than Los Santos.
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  2. I'm game. My girl is a car-girl, a girl who loves the high-octane thrills. She can shoot too. She'll boost any car you want, within reason. It has to be worth stealing.
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  3. Oh god your character is me in real life, just swap the stealing with trafficking, lol
  4. Lol. I love cars. I'm not bad with a gun either, 12 gauge in specific. I stand at 5'2" and weigh about 150. The 12 guage is enough to make take a step back, that's why I really lean into it, brace myself for the recoil. I'm no markswoman, my brother is the marksman. Sighted his hunting rifle in with 3 shots. Clusters a nice bull's eye with a crossbow. Not the best with a compound bow though. Of its got a scope, my little brother is sure to aim true. I haven't done much shooting, but I can hit pretty close. As for cars, I love them. I'm afraid to drive though. Afraid I'll be too much of a leadfoot. I enjoy the sound of a revving engine, the roar of an engine as you really get on the gas. The way the G-force pins you to your seat. I can feel every bit of the car, even just riding shotgun. The vibrations fron the rotating cam shaft, the spinning of the tires, the way a car pulls. I can feel where it wants to go versus where it's being steered.
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  5. I was hoping to get one or more person to join up
  6. I can play multiple characters, but only one will be my main focus. The other(s) played only as needed.
  7. Alright. Out of curiosity, have you ever committed crimes in real life? If you have, Rping this is going to be really fun.

    I'll get it set up here soon.

    EDIT: She's up and running. Maybe here soon some others could join in.

    A lot of these people and events are based off of or inspired by things that have...well...actually happened to me or I've been through. The locations I talk about can actually be found on Google maps, so if you need to understand the locations and stuff more, you can always do that.
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  8. Thanks. No, I've never committed any crimes. I have a spotless record. I live such a life vicariously through movie/book characters. It doesn't mean I haven't played such thoughts out in my mind, though I'll never act on it. Some people live the life, others only fantasize it. Sometimes I scare myself with my thoughts and ofen do not allow myself too much time to think to much, so deeply.
  9. I've had a very adventurous young life, to say the least. And so has my cousin.

    I will say though that his life was more violent and mine less so. From 14-15 he disappeared in Atlanta and came back with tattoos and a completely different personality. He doesn't talk, we don't ask. We are just glad he's back.

    He's admitted a few scary things we dare not repeat after one two many drinks. I'm just a former junkie; harmless, really.
  10. Some people are unfortunate to lead such rought lives from the start. I guess I was blessed with my boring life, even if half my family is insane.
  11. Haha, well, we both had plenty of ample chances to be normal but we both have a history of making life harder than it has to be on ourselves.

    I mess with slightly less scary/more legal things now. Things that hopefully will keep me from doing stupid things again. In theory.

    Weed isn't my thing though. Tried it, it's fun, but probably never again.
  12. My parents were always strict. Plus, i guess ive always been weary of consequence.
  13. I stopped caring a long time ago. My whole family is libertarian though, for the most part.

    Even when the cops are helping us we are pains in the ass. I hate having to be that way but around these parts the cops think they are the judge. It's because our ghetto area was changed from a small city to a district of madisonville. They took away the Earlington police department, so the MPD has been swamped. They just assume the command of being the big bully law enforcement and many people are let off or overlooked due to police over sight. I've seen half of our police force at drag racing competition- racing their dodge chargers that they've suped up, lol
  14. I think it's that way everywhere. Here, cops turn thier lights on so they don't have to stop at traffic lights. No turn signals either. But they'll sure crack down on ya for the littlest thing. Humans, as a race, have become corrupt, entitled. That is how I see it anyway. Others may see the world through different eyes.
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