The Privateer (OCs)

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  1. War...war never changes...

    Every country enters a war at one point, and history is written by the victors. But there is a war that none know of. One that is fought behind enemy lines, at home, in the shadows. Spies and agents have been utilised by all since the dawn of civilisation to gain technology, information, and even kill...

    Now the race is on to find and recruit one special agent, the best some say. Trained by MI6, she went rogue after a mission and became a lone wolf. Killing and selling information to the right price, she is a woman who serves no flag, earning her the only known title 'The Privateer'.

    But the Privateer has earned herself the greatest prize of them all, a secret reserch data that everyone has been wanting for decades. What this data truly is, is a mystry to all only knowing its dangerous. Each country has responded by sending someone to either kill her, or recruit her to their force.

    Many find themself on the hunt of a lifetime, in a chase that spans across the worlx. That takes them to the highest peaks and the deepest depths in order to find her. But will this rogue agent prove too much?

    (This takes place in the year 2045. So go crazy with what kind of high tech things you have. I will of course have to approve.)

    Australian Secret Intelligence Service
    Canadian Security Intelligence Service
    MI6 – United Kingdom
    Inter Service Intelligence – Pakistan
    Research & Analysis Wing – India
    Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation – Russia
    Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure – France
    Mossad – Israel
    Ministry of State Security – China
    Central Intelligence Agency – United States
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