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  1. high school. its big. so big that if you fall down the stairs and land on your butt people would know about it in a few secons. people love high school they think its fun best place in the world. well this person has not meet me and has not meet this privet school. to add to this the privet school has vampires and demons in it. their the night class and the humans they are the day class. its funny how the humans dont know that vampires and demons are real. but hey not my falt. the school wishs are that no human knows about the vampires and demons. thats what the watchers are for they keep the sceract form coming out. only three watchers the headmaster wish for not many humans to know.

    oh and by the way I'm Count Count Darkula

    School uniform:
    Style 1 is day class, Style 2 is night class
    maxuma 3 vampires:

    max 3 demons:

    Humans as much as you want:

    put what you look on top.
    power: (only demons and vampire)

    dark black eyes.

    Name: Count Darkula
    age: 18 and will always stay 18
    Race: Demon/Vampire the only one in the world
    power: Darkness
    personaltily: silent but when she dose speak she is sweet.
    Likes: music and art
    dislikes: everything around her
    bio: she lived wth her father. count dracula and his bride Meria. i have stopped growing at the age 18. she had hated comeing to schoo. because she normaly gets some crush from some guy. everyone loved the vampires and the demons it is crazy.
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  2. Name:William hunt
    power: Can control other emotions
    personality:He is quite shy,smart and kind also stays calm in all situations
    likes:gentle music,quite spaces
    dislikes:Loud things,To many bright colours
    bio:William grew up with his family in london and moved to the new school. His accent is strong and most people tend to avoid him as he hardly talks

  3. welcoem to Gods Angels and Demons High school.

    ^^: still thinking of a name